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Logan Babcock

The Last Shadow Puppets - Bad Habits (Audio)

Character Info

Name: Logan 'Loop' Babcock Callsign: Race: Human
Age: 28 DOB: March 11, 6963 Birth Planet: Kumen
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Hair Length: Short
Height: 6'1"" Weight: 183 Build: Muscular
Cup Size: Moral Center: Neutral Class: Jack of all Trades



Health: 4 Endurance: 4 Reflexes: 4
Speed: 4 Charisma: 4 Luck: 4
Special: 4 Counter: 4 Combat (Ranged): 4
Energy: 4 Stamina: 4 *Willpower: 4 (Keep at 4)
*Perception: 7 *Intelligence: 4 (Keep at 4) *Mana: 4
*Strength: 7 *Transformation: 4 *Mind: 4
Mod Capacity: 16 Action Points: 10 / Durability: 3 Limit Breakers Capcity: 0 (Max)
Elemental Core: Earth Weapon: Low-Level Armor: Low Level
Level 19 1775 of 2000 until Next Level Roulette 2 (Clean Up, Sub-Class, Roulette 1, Mod Cap X5 or Mod Points X5, Mod Point X4)


Race Specials

1 Circuit Move: The user enforces a weapon to have 2 more Action Points

3 Circuit Move: The user enforces their body; they can take 3 Durability Hits.

Not available

Not available
Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Energy Axe   Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Padded Leather Coat   Low Level Armor [+3 durability]
Item 3: Holdout Pistol   Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 4:    
Item 5: N/A    
Item 6: N/A    
Item 7: N/A    

Mods (13/27)

Shadow Doorpicking Lv. 1 This allows you to hide in the shadows are you attempt to pick doors and get through them. Corporations and high level security buildings have doors that require a lot of talent. Note, at this level you cannot get through Corporate doors. This is strictly for standard security doors of businesses. Action Points guarentee success.

4 Perception, Jack 5 (3 Tech, 3 Fighter), Int 3, Str 1,

Shadow Lockpicking Skill Lv. 1 This allows you to hide in the shadows and lockpick chests, drawers, and boxes without being seen. The Level 1 means that you are easier to detect and have a level 1 lockpicking skill. Those with Perception 5 can detect you, or are those that are lower willing to spend Action Points to try to nab you. You can use your own skills and AP to avoid.
Shadow Lockpicking Skill Lv. 2 This allows you to hide in the shadows and lockpick chests, drawers, and boxes without being seen. The Level 2 means that you are harder to detect and have a level 2 lockpicking. Those with Perception 6 can detect you, or are those that are lower willing to spend Action Points to try to nab you. You can use your own skills and AP to avoid.

Warrior Sense Lv. 1 * Allows the warrior higher senses and makes it harder to sneak up on them. With this mod, any attempt to sneak up on is nulled as the warrior will hear it one time.

Hacking Implant Lv. 1 Allows for far away hacking with your implant in a location of your choosing. [Range - 100 meters, low level equipment]

Camera Interference Lv. 1 Allows you to interfere with cameras in a general area

Double Jump Lv. 1

Allows you to double jump off a wall




Augmented Weapons Lv. 1 The hidden weapons inside a Samurai can be deadly. Depending on what type of weapons you have inside you - blades, guns, etc. When you unleash them, you will do double damage with your normal attacks for 10 turns. [Double Normal Damage, 10 Turns+]

Netrunner Lv. 1 * Allows you to put your physical body into the Corporation Net [You retain half your Stats]

Hidden Weapon Lv. 1* The Samurai keeps their weapons hidden in their body and this allows you to keep them hidden from most local scanners so you can get past them without raising alarms.

Absorb Damage On Your Ground Lv. 1 You can absorb one 3 HP attack.

Armor Buff Lv. 1* This grants the Barbarian a permenant +1 durability to their armor. [Permenant +1 durability]

The Tank Lv. 1*
This allows you to, once activated, to take 1/2th the damage from physical attacks you normally would take. This lasts for 15 turns. All damage the GM states, you simply cut in half. If you get something like 7 HP, roll down to the lowest value of 3 for you are a Barbarian. [1/2th Damage Intake, 15 Turns+]

Attack Moves

-Cleave- [1 stamina restore]
Cleave[Attack] - Slash axe out wide to deal damage to up to 3 targets in close proximity. [7 HP]
Cleave[Defense] - When time correctly it can deflect enemy fire. [Guessing a number between 1 and 3 or doing a roll dice between 1 and 3 will reflect it back into the enemy. Otherwise it will just deflect]
Cleave[Misc] - Can be used to break, targeting shield/armor. [Depends on the armor type, can use action points or roll for successful. Perception can sometimes help if the dice is within one #]

-Trojan- [2 stamina restore]
Trojan Hack[Attack] - Used Hack Implant to target cybernetic and potentially stun affected item by catching it in a infinite loop. If successful, would last for a few turns before code can route around the loop. [The higher intelligence, the better the chance (since you're capped at 4, using items or mods to boost the chance). For higher enemies you can roll]
Trojan Hack[Defense] - Uses Hack Implant mod to predict next attacks with success chance equal to mod level up to 40%
Trojan Hack[Misc] - Temporarily increases Hack Implant mod by 1 level.

Special Moves

Cybernetics [1 Stamina Restore]
Cyber Legs[Misc] - Increase Speed temporarily
Cyber Eye[Misc] - Records scenes for playback and can scan for tech items
Cyber Lung[Defense] - Can filter out some gas toxins and resist being poisoned in that way.

Custom Grenades [2 stamina restore]
Gas Grenade[Attack] - Drops a grenade that emits a green gas dealing damage over time. [4 HP over 4 turns or 10 mins]
Flash Grenade[Misc] - Drops a grenade that emits a bright flash and loud sound to blind and deafen. [Can deafen those without tech that shields eyes/ears for 2 turns for 3 mins]
Sticky Grenade[Misc] - Grenade that pops into a dense, viscous gel that hardens quickly impairing or maybe creating something to use to climb.

Limit Breaks

Demonic Angel




Beliefs and Goals

Beliefs: Logan quite simply believes in making money and doing a good job.


Background History

Logan's story isn't unique. A single mother brought him up, kept him fed and clothed while having to work multiple part time jobs to do so. At the age of 14 he started taking odd jobs to earn money so he could buy the things that he wanted. The jobs were easy, crawling through a vent to get past security to then let a team into the building. Tailing a person and writing down their habits and movements. Or even penetrating weak systems to get the data or information requested. Loop didn't ask questions, he did the job, got the money and moved on. This caused him to get a somewhat known reputation amongst those seeking discrection. By the time he was 17 he has made a modest amount of money and was ready to start taking on more difficult work, this led to him joining up, temporarily, with many different Runner groups. Do the job, make his money, and move on. Throughout that time and up to the present he stayed with his mother. After he resupplied and bought the things that he wanted he would give the rest to her for food and bills. 3 years ago she died from an unknown virus, officially putting him on his own. With jobs getting riskier and less rewarding he had to move to a cheaper place, but he knows it can't sustain. There has to be a change soon, he needs to find better work.


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