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Ellie Tigerheart

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Character Info

Name: Ellie Tigerheart Callsign: Heart Race: Human
Age: 17 DOB: May 29, 5973 CE Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Violet Hair Color: Dark Brown Hair Length: Back of Neck
Height: 5'3" Weight: 98 Build: Slim
Cup Size: Flat AA Moral Center: "Some what" Good Class: Soul Summoner



Health: 4 Endurance: 4 Reflexes: 4
Speed: 4 Charisma: 4 Luck: 3
Special: 5 Counter: 2 Combat (Ranged): 4
Energy: 4 Stamina: 4 *Willpower: 7
*Perception: 4 *Intelligence: 1 *Mana: 7
*Strength: 4 *Transformation: 3 *Mind: 4
Mod Capacity: 23 Action Points: 12 / Durability: 1 Limit Breakers Capacity: 1 (Maxed)

Elemental Core: Wind

Spirit Core: Light

Weapon: Low-Level Armor: Low Level
Level 23

3800 of 4000 until Next Level

Legendary Weapon Next (4 Stat, 10 Mod Points, Clean Up1, Sub-Class, Roulette X2, Upper Summons, Choices 1, Unique Mod 1 and 2)


Race Specials

1 Circuit Move: The user enforces a weapon to have 2 more Action Points.

3 Circuit Move: The user enforces their body; they can take 3 Durability Hits.

5 Circuit Move: The user can double the damage do on their moves for 2 moves.

Not available

Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Composite Bow

A bow made of multiple materials for sturdiness.

Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Armored Uniform A uniform with armored plate reinforcement. Low Level Armor [+1 Durability]
Item 3:
Item 4:    
Item 5: N/A    
Item 6: N/A    
Item 7: N/A    

Mods (13/28)

5 Willpower Used, 5 Mana Used, 1 Charisma Used, 2 Free used

Great Summon Lv. 1 - Sylph Summons your Great Summon for attacks for 10 turns. This is the GM taking control. [10 turns]
Great Summon Lv. 2 Allows you to make a move set with the Great Summon (attack or special). [this mod is always in effect and cannot be removed]

Spirit Blast Lv. 1 This calls an army of lesser spirits to begin blasting their various elements, or normal moves/attacks on an enemy, doing whatever damage they can manage. The more spirits in an area, the higher the damage toll will be. It takes a few turns to call out and organize the lesser spirits.

Spirit Bomb Lv. 1 [2] The Soul Summoner calls out the Lesser Spirits of Inferno, Ice, Plasma, Lightning, and Mud, combining them together to make a vortex of spiritual energy, then launches it a party of enemies. The destructive force of the combined Spirits will do an explosive amount of damage to the group of enemies, and any party member that is next to them. [10 HP damge, 1 Turns- Casting Time, Clears Out All Lesser Spirits in the area for 10 Turns for all players - Can Hurt Players]

Soul Power Lv. 1 The Soul Summoner is able to buff the party from attacks against another Summoner's attack moves/special moves once. [1 null attack/special move party]
Soul Power Lv. 2 The Soul Summoner is able to buff the party from attacks against another Summoner's attack moves/special moves twice. [2 null attack/special moves party]

Cure Lv. 1 Restores mild HP. Cannot heal themselves. (1 HP)
Cure Lv. 2 Restores more HP. Cannot heal themselves. (2 HP)
Cure Max [2] Restores most HP. Cannot heal themselves. (4 HP)

Stat Inflict Lv. 1 Use poison on 1 target. Unless they have defense or can somehow use Action Points with a move or Stat, they will gain -1 HP every attack move or every 5 moves. [-1 HP every attack move or every 5 Turns+ until healed or 20 turns]

Animal Talk Lv. 1 This allows you to speak with animals. Just ordinary animals. They might give you clues into what is going on with the world around you. This even works on synthetic animals on Kumen. And I'm certain they need a lot of chitchat.

Attack Moves

Winds of Change [1 Stamina Restore]
Gale Shot (Attack) - Ellie summons wind spirits to enhance the force behind one of her arrows, letting it fly fierce and true. [10 HP Damage, Wind Damage]
Gust Barrier (Defense) - Ellie summons wind spirits to protect herself from impending harm. [Reflect 1 ranged attack or cancel 1 melee attack]
Tender Breeze (Misc) - Ellie summons wind spirits to make herself or an ally lighter on their feet. [+5 Speed / 10 Turns+]

Believe in Myself [1 Stamina Restore]
Arrow Rain (Attack) - Ellie fires several arrows into the air with a carefully-calculated trajectory, knowing that at least some will reach their mark. [7 HP Damage x4 Each. Can be blocked each time if reflexes are 4. Can use Action Points x your reflexes to equal 4]
Bow Whip (Defense) - Ellie directly attacks the enemy's hands with her bow, attempting to stop them from using their own weapon. [Attempts to disarm an enemy. Higher Chance of success with Counter Points.]
Persevere (Misc) - Ellie desperately braces herself for damage, knowing she has no other choice. [+3 Durability for 5+ Turns]

Special Moves

Spirits' Whims [1 Stamina Restore]
Flame Wrap (Defense) - Ellie summons inferno spirits to wreathe herself in a searing whirlwind. [Burn upon physically touching or melee attacking Ellie. 5 Turns+]
Cold Snap (Misc) - Ellie summons ice spirits to freeze an enemy in their tracks. [Stops or slows an enemy's movements for 5+ turns]
Lightning Cage (Misc) - Ellie summons lightning spirits to generate a cage of lighting around a target. [10 HP Damage and Lightning effect once if the target moves]

Bag of Secrets [1 Stamina Restore]
A Perfect Miss (Misc) - Ellie carefully aims what looks like an important shot, then misdirects by firing arbitrarily behind an enemy to divide their attention. [Distracts an enemy momentarily unless they have an ability to stay focused or locked on target]
The Little Things (Misc) - Ellie concentrates closely on what someone is doing or saying, allowing her to detect lies or misdirection, although it will not necessarily reveal the truth.
When All Else Fails (Misc) - Ellie attempts to force a lock open using an unusual trick, but this has a high chance of breaking the locking mechanism regardless of success, unfortunately raising any applicable alarms. [Counts as a lockpick attempt, but will usually ruin the lock afterward]

Limit Breaks


Lv. 1

Beliefs and Goals

Protect those who have none to stand up for them. Find someone who loves me for me, and find the place where I belong.

Background History

Born in Hapian, Ellie was raised on fairly traditional values. Unfortunately, problems within her family resulted in her leaving to find her own path, leaving her a wanderer. On the other hand, this gave her a strong connection to those who, like herself, have no home, as well as an affinity for animals and spirits. Ultimately, a friend directed her to the Academy, and she figured that she could at least try to make something of her life by joining it and learning to harness her inner talents.


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