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Character Info

Name: Kito Callsign: None Race: Fauna
Age: 4 (Looks: 20ish) DOB: 10..20.5985 Birth Planet: Kumen
Eye Color: Red Hair Color: Red Hair Length: Waist
Height: 5'3" Weight: 110 Build: Slender

Cup Size: C

Moral Center: Neutral Class: None



Health: 6 Endurance: 7 Reflexes: 6
Speed: 6 Charisma: 3 Luck: 4
Special: 7 Counter: 4 Combat (Melee): 7
Energy: 1 Stamina: 1 *Willpower: 4
*Perception: 4 *Intelligence: 3 *Mana: 7
*Strength: 7 *Transformation: 7 *Mind: 1
Mod Capacity: 16 Action Points: 11 / Durability: 2 Limit Breakers Capcity: 1 (Maxed)
Elemental Core: Fire Weapon: High-Level Armor: Low-Level
Level 75 (Sealed) Level 25 (Current)  


Race Specials

1 Tail Move: Spiritual Fire (Sucks 2 Stamina from target)

3 Tail Move: Elemental Manipulation. They can manipulate the elements of their elemental core on their enemy if they share it for a time.

5 Tail Move: Allows them to heal damage +4 HP Damage

7 Tail Move: Going Native - Allows the Fauna to communicate with the Spirits to gleam information and truths otherwise unseen.

Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Hapian Royal Sword A sword made of metals blessed by the Light Spirit High Level Weapon [7 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Hapian Armor Lightweight armor for quick movement Low Level Armor [+2 Durability]
Item 3: Neekito's Fragment Remains of her sister. Seals her Use: Unknown

Beliefs and Goals

Beliefs: I do not know. I am lost. So I serve others. I believe that I can find what look for that way.

Goals: To seek true love to make my dead sister happy.

Relatives: Neekito, who is gone but one with me.

Background History

Kito was "sisters" with Neekito, who were bought by a Hapian royal that was in line to marry Celes. They were trained since cubs to learn how to defend him and became deadly assassins and fighters, learning every moment of their 4 years of life to battle and take down his enemies. The strongest body guards ever, their lives changed when they came across Vyvy and the others during their mission to the Hapian Castle. Invited along, and not needed while their master made the moves on the Hapian Elder Princess, they decided to travel with them in order to learn about being servants to the princess once she married their master, so they became handmaidens to Sasha Hapian, the princess' sister.

Traveling around and serving her and the team, they became involved with the group's struggles and issues, which eventually led to them wishing for their independence, which Celes helped to pay for after becoming involved with the team as well, falling in love with Liana. Free from their old master and serving Sasha now, they devoted themselves to her and the team, which led to a fateful battle up north in the Legion against a rogue Magi. Trying to defend the Kaiser, Neekito gave her life, dying and her body destroyed. However, before this, she learned that their lives were artifically shortened to make them stronger and more powerful, so Neekito made a deal to condesnce her life into a fragment, which was passed to Kito after her death, so that Kito's life was doubled.

Now, Kito finds her struggling with trying to fulfill her sister's wishes for her to find true love, while being lost and alone and wondering if she has a place with the group.



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