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Mykel Endarr


Character Info

Name: Mykel Endarr Callsign: Blade Race: Dragoon
Age: 18 DOB: 8/15/5972 CE Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Platinum Blonde with single streak of black (off center right) Hair Length: Shoulder (pony-tail)
Height: 6'3" Weight: 193 Build: Moderate-Lean
Cup Size: N/A Moral Center: Neutral Class: Duality Trans-Warrior [Iron-Blade Summoner / Telekenetic / Sub-Class:



Health: 5 Endurance: 4 Reflexes: 4
Speed: 4 Charisma: 2 Luck: 4
Special: 5 Counter: 4 Combat (Melee): 4
Energy: 5 Stamina: 4 *Willpower: 5
*Perception: 2 *Intelligence: 1 *Mana: 5
*Strength: 5 *Transformation: 9 [Bond Pool: 5 of 5] *Mind: 7
Mod Capacity: 16 Action Points: 12 / Durability: 6 Limit Breakers Capcity: 1 (Maxed)
Elemental Core: Fire Weapon: Low-Level Armor: Mid-Level
Level 22 3000 of 3500 until Next Level Next: Other Unique Mod [Roulette 1, Mod Cap 5 or Mod Po 5, Roullete 2, Choices 1, Unique Mod 1]


Race Specials

1 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to form an energy shield for +2 Durability
3 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to restore +3 Health Points

5 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to form their dragon form without a bond partner present. Must still be bonded.

Not available
Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Cord-Wrapped Handle Medium Length Scimitar Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Father's Armor An older legacy Legionare armor, this armor is passed down in the family and is said to be able to block all fire attacks Mid Level Armor [+4 durability, Fire Block]
Item 3: Duster Longcoat (Crimson) Functional and stylish Low Level Armor [+2 durability]
Item 4:    
Item 5: N/A    
Item 6: N/A    
Item 7: N/A    

Mods (23/23)

Class Switch Time Lv. Max This instantly switches between classes.

Transformation Lv. 1 [3]

This upgrades your Transformation Stat from 7 to 8 (only if it is 7)
Transformation Lx. Max [3] This upgrades your Transformation Stat from 8 to 9 (only if it is 8)

[7 Mind Used, 4 Mana Used, 1 Will Used, 4 Trans Used, 1 Strength Used]

Iron Body Lv. 1 Using magik, they enhance their body to make it tough as metal, giving them plus +3 durability and allowing them to take more damage while fighting and casting summons. [+3 durability]

Iron-Spirit Lv. 1 Allows the Iron-Blade to enhance their body using the Spirits, increasing their power. They become a glowy red hue and can increase the strength of three stats of their choosing by 3 points for 5 turns. [5 turns+]

Leviatation Lv. 2

Allows you to lift up objects the size of people; this allows you to lift up your teammates and float them up to ledges and places.


Leviatation Lv. Max

This allows you to throw objects fast if need be, including objects - even to use as weapons. Pick up a sword and throw it, etc.

Psi-Blade Lv. 2 Forms pure energy from your hand of psionic energy to stab into people to do damage; if stabbed into head scrambles brain and stuns the person. Only counter points can stop the damage. [10 HP Damage, Brain Stun damage]
Psi-Blade Lv. Max [2] If you stab it into a person's brain you can shut down their brain for a short time, effectively killing them if they do not stop you, taking them out of the fight for a time until their mind comes out of the coma. Psi Blade Limit Breaker. [Mind Coma]

Body Augment Lv. 1 [2] Using the spirits, increases the power of one's legs to double jump off obstacles to get to higher places. [Remains in effect forever]

TransWeapons Long Range Lv. 1 Allows long weapons to be transformed out of nothing. Can take 1 hit until they break. Can fire only 10 shots.

Quickness Lv. 1 This allows an Iron-Blade to move much faster in order to do their combat, the spell allowing them to move much faster in combat by increasing their Speed by 2 points. It lasts 10 turns after taking 2 turns to cast. No matter if their speed is 9. [2 turns-, 2 Speed Stat Increase for 10 turns+]

Weapon-Buff Lv. 1 This chant allows the Iron-Blade to buff their weapon with an elemental of their choice. [5 turns+, 1 turn- Cast Time]

Pyrokenetics Lv. 2 Allows you to fire off a torrent of flame at an enemy, burning them badly, if there is a flame source. [7 HP damage, Flame Damage, 1 Turn- Time]
Pyrokenetics Lv. 3 Allows you to manipulate fire that is already around, like Mage flame, or fire burning, to dance around to your control and allow you to make it dance and move like you wish for a certain time, cutting people off and allowing you to escape. [Flame Dance/Control, 15 Turns+]

Telekenetics Lv. 3 This allows you to hurl larger sized objects back, like car sized objects and push several people away from you at once. [1 Turn- Time]
Telekenetics Lv. Max This allows you to slam an attack/special move back that is about to hit you, protecting yourself, without needing to do Counters. [Block Attack/Special Move]

Attack Moves

True Force [2 stamina restore]
Attack: Psionic and Elemental Energies are combined before being launched at a target using telekinesis [10 HP Damage]
Defense: A hardened coccoon of psionic energy forms around Mykel abd 3 others close by. [Barrier matches current HP]
Misc: Mykel's skin becomes charged with psionic energy guided by nearby spirits, the energy being pre-emptively triggered to push away incoming attacks. [Blocks one attack/special move]

Mind over Matter [1 stamina restore]
Attack: Mykel pulls any available weapon (not locked down) to his side [up to 15lbs] and launches it at his opponents (bladed weapons prefered - will be spinning). [7 HP Damage]
Defense: Mykel pulls any available object to his side [up to 8bls] and uses them to create a barrier between himself, his allies and their opponents. [Blocks up to 8 HP damage]
Misc: Mykel uses his telekinetic power to increase his own speed and reflexes for a brief time .[+2 speed and reflexes / 2 Turns+]

Spirits Dance [2 stamina restore]
Attack: Mykel super-charges the spirits augmenting his weapon(s) and strikes mercilessly at the enemies pressure points to incapacitate them. [-2 Speed and -2 Reflexes Stat]
Defense: Mykel summons fire and wind spirits to his side to create a vortex-barrier of flame around him to drive back aggressors for a time. [Inferno Barrier +3 Turns, Weak to Mud or 7 HP damage]
Misc: Mykel calls forth spirits to assist him by increasing his natural Dragoon healing capability to heal himself of injuries over a given amount of time [+2 HP after 3 Turns once]

Special Moves

Ace in the Hole [2 Stamina Restore]
Misc 1: Mykel coveres his weapons in psionic energy while spirits empower them, causing both neural and elemental damage to any enemy struck. [6 HP Damage]
Misc 2: Mykel forms pure psy-blades in each hand that are infused with elemental energy, attacks caused increased neural and elemental damage. [10 HP damage, Disrupts Neural thinking if no protection and can drop target for 5 Turns+]
Attack: (Requires long-ranged weapon) Fires 3 consecutive volleys of 3 simultaneous psionic arrows at either 1 target or multiple targets. [7 HP damage per volley,. Chance to counter each arrow is possible.]

Telekenetic Mastry[2 stamina restore]
Atk: Mykel pushes his telekinetics to the extreme, forming a set of hands out of the local surroundings (or pure psionic energy) to grab and smash an enemy to the ground. [8 HP Damage, 1- turn cast]
Def: Mykel projects a psionic form of himself towards his enemies, the projection detonating once it’s in range and stunning those caught in range. [Stuns those with a Mind of 4 or less. Can be countered with Counter points. Stun lasts for 2 Turns+. Can be shook off with certain stats spent]

Limit Breaks

Psi Blade

Lv. 1: The Psi-Blade can form a massive stream of psi energy from the user's hand to attack three people at once, doing psionic damage to their minds, dropping their stats to 0 and dealing 10 HP Damage. - ACT 30



Beliefs and Goals

Belying his Legion heritage, Mykel is calm and composed almost all of the time, a trait his father fostered in him. His father, as it turns out, is the only topic that will bring about strong emotions; especially since he doesn't know the fate of his father or who may have possibly betrayed him.

As a Dragoon, he accepts that bonding is a part of his future (albeit he doesn't know what the process is), a future he hopes can be lived quietly without conflict...a fools dream and he knows it. For now he is happy to have safe haven in a place where his choices will be respected, and if he can find out what occured to his father he'll be content.

Goals: Improve himself, learn more of his psionic capabilities; find out his fathers fate.

Background History

Mykel was born to a Dragoon and partner couple within the Legionaire Republic at Fortress Athen. The act of childbirth however was too great for the human mother and she died leaving the infant in the hands of a father who was at the mercy of the Legions. Fearing for his son, he traded away the only thing of value;his own life and service, the stipulations being that the boy would be raised along side other children normally, he would not be pressed into any type of service if he didn't chose it himself, and he would not be approached for service until he was 18 years old. Any training the boy would go through would be on an as-requested / chosen basis by the boy himself. The father chose to name his still infant son in the oldest of dragoon traditions, after an angel: Mykel.

As Mykel grew over the years several things brought concern to his father; first, he chose to be trained in close and mid-range combat, something that seemed contrary to the nature of his spirit-minded son. Second, Mykel seemed to have no thirst for fighting even though he was training for it, he would come home frequently with scrapes, bruises or other injuries but never a mark on his hands or knuckles. And finally, when Mykel was eleven, his father found him in their home making a trail of fire follow his finger; this confirmed a deep fear the father had, Mykel had inherited psionic abilities from his mother. Fearing what would happen should the Legions find out he made Mykel swear to never use those abilities, limiting his practice with his psionics to the privacy of their own home.

A week before Mykel's 18th birthday, his father was sent on a mission; he was the only member of the team that failed to return. Mykel's father had never kept secrets from him, he knew of the deal between his father and the Legions for his safety; he also knew that he was no longer safe in his home, with that realization he grabbed what few possessions he wanted or needed before quickly leaving and setting his destination for the one place where the Legions could never touch him...the Academy.

Mykels distrust of the Legion has been turned inside out and upside down since his addition to Unit 6, working with a Senators Son and their subsequent missions. The news of his relation to the Legion’s Guyus Family and that his father kept it from him is to this day a hard thing for him, but he seems to have accepted it. He has tried to stay out of the family issues, though his wiggle room seems to be getting less and less with each one. Throughout these turmoil’s Mykel has had the support of the Whisperlight twins, forming a bond with Alita and planning on including Ceilia as soon as it’s possible.
With the relative freedom to explore his abilities that the Academy has afforded, Mykel has been steadily advancing his telekinetic capabilities, even getting some guidance from Isis in developing a few of his techniques. With the formation of the Hapian Alliance, Mykel fears that the time where he can avoid getting dragged into family matters is close to ending. Being a member of the Academy he’s supposed to work towards peace, Mykel is afraid that to attain that he may have to cross swords with his family. He’s also afraid that if it comes to fighting his family that he may not be able to finish the fight.




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