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Qui Sa


Character Info

Name: Qui Sa Callsign: Queen of the Amazons Race: Nymph
Age: 17 DOB: 6/14/5973 CE Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Hips
Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 Build: Athelic with Curves
Cup Size: C Moral Center: "Some-what Bad" Class: Caster Mage / Sub-Class:



Health: 5 Endurance: 7 Reflexes: 4
Speed: 4 Charisma: 5 Luck: 4
Special: 7 Counter: 5 Combat (Melee/Ranged): 4
Energy: 4 Stamina: 4 *Willpower: 7
*Perception: 1 *Intelligence: 1 *Mana: 7
*Strength: 4 *Transformation: 4 *Mind: 1
Mod Capacity: 16 Action Points: 12 / Durability: 8 Limit Breakers Capcity: 1 (Maxed)
Elemental Core: Water Weapon: Mid-High Armor: High Level
Level 23 3500 of 4000 until Next Level Legendary Weapon Next (+20 Mod Point, Clean Up, Great Summon, Mod Cap 5 or Mod Po 5, Roullete 2, Choices 1, Unique Mod 1, Unique Mod 2)


Race Specials

1 Nympho Move: When in the water, they are rejuvinated slowly. For every 2 turns in the water, a single stat point is restored. (except Special, Stamina, or Action Points)
3 Nympho Move: When it is raining, can restore full health.

5 Nympho Move: Can use the water in the atmosphere to condensence around you as a shield. +3 durability

7 Nympho Move: Can make it rain storm and cause it to form lightning to strike about.

Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Spirit-Tech Gun Qui uses it as her weapon to fire off blasts of magical spirit energy to damage targets. Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Native Queen Armor An Amazonian fabric worn by the Queen of the Amazons, it is scantily clad but somehow powerful. High Level Armor [+8 durability]
Item 3: Amazon Spear Relic A strange spear that can do massive damage due to the runic designs on it. Mid-High Level Weapon [4 HP damage] [+2 action points]
Item 4:    
Item 5:    
Item 6:    
Item 7:    

Mods (6/27)




Revive Lv. 1 [3]


Restores someone to life within 2 turns after their death. Have to lay hands on them. They come back with none of their moves and all of their stats are at 1 until they rest. Cannot ressurect yourself. [2 Turn Time Limit Use]

Revive Lv. 2 [3]

Restores someone to life within 3 turns after death. Have to lay hands on them. They come back with half of their moves and their stats are at half until they rest. Cannot ressurect yourself. [3 Turn Time Limit Use]





Attack Moves

[1 stamina restore]

Blast [1 stamina restore]
Blast (Attack) Qui blasts her enemies with a powerful magik attack of water that can sometimes knock them back. [4 HP damage, Knock Back]
Blast (Defense) Qui can use her magic to blast a weapon or magic attack about to strike her, canceling it immediately without need for counter points. [Cancel Out]
Blast (Misc) Qui can use her magic blast of water to propel herself up high to reach places that she can normally not rach. [Double Height Propel]

Special Moves


Magic Dust [1 stamina restore]
Magic Dust (Misc) - Qui uses her magic to throw out dust into the air, making the air more moist and begin to rain in 10 Turns+ [Rain Fall in 10 Turns+]
Magic Dust (Misc) - Qui uses her magic to throw out dust into an enemy's eyes, blinding them temporarily and slowly start turning them to stone 10 turns later if they do not do something. [Blindness 5 Turns+, Stone 10 Turns-]
Magic Dust (Misc) - Qui can use her magic dust to throw out and make the ground begin to turn soggy and turn into a field of mud about 15 in diameter to trap foes. [Field of Mud, 10 Turns-]

Limit Breakers

Lv. 1: Gwen and Qui reunite briefly to attack with both their elements against an enemy, striking with their opposingt elements to create a powerful clashing blast, then strike with their weapons while being sprung back against each other, causing a colliding attack. 20 HP Damage, Fire/Water Damage. - 25 ACT

Beliefs and Goals

Qui's beliefs are hard to define, especially with much of her life wiped out due to bonding with her brother and being surpressed. She has had to find a new belief system from new people, like Miyuki. Her belief is that kindness and strength do not have to be divided and that one can be both kind and strong. She is also trying to make the Amazons something new, though she is still trying to figure out what that is.

Her goals are still changing every day, though right now her goals are to free the men from their bonds, and help them become part of a new culture of Amazons that can be respected throughout Geyze, as well as make everyone proud of her culture.

Background History

Gwen arrived at the Academy under unusual circumstances, and his background has been kept under wraps by the higher ups. It is known by the students there was much controversy in allowing him to enter at first before his skills allowed the higher ups to relent. Despite that it seems the Amazon Tamae has it out for him and even the Legionares want him to a degree. Despite this, Gwen never talks about his past and simply works hard at his studies and training since he arrived.

However, mastering his duality abilities, a startling development arrived when in class - when switching between his class states one day, a Nymph female appeared with no knowledge of Gwen, also calling herself Gwen. After much examination, and the two looking very similiar, it was determined she was indeed a real Nymph, and the two seem unaware. When the male Gwen returned, he seemed to have no knowledge of the other either.

Eventually, it was discovered the other girl was his sister, who was bonded to him to protect her life from assassination. Through a lot of trials, they were able to split the two and Qui, his sister, eventually took the throne and became the new Queen. Gwen was made her right hand, due to his loyality, and given control of his own male and female unit, and given a rise to power and the Amazon women who was derided him was forced to respect him. And he was given a position to make changes.

Qui remained behind to rule the Amazon and make her power base more stable. Facing subtle threats from the Legion, who wanted to marry her and get her power, and others, Qui has had to maintain her strength, all without remember her past, due to the fact the bonding with Gwen has robbed her of all her memory, essentially making her a new person. Who was she?



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