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Rada Olgin

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Character Info

Name: Rada Olgin Callsign: N/A Race: Aurit
Age: 27 DOB: June 14th, 5964 CE Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Dark Teal Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Short & Wavy
Height: 6'1" Weight: 150 Build: Lanky
Cup Size: N/A First Appearance: ??? Generation ?



Abilities: 2 Strength: 1 Speed: 3
Mind: 3 Godhood: 1 Element: Inferno




Item 1: Adjustible Wrench A simple, unassuming wrench crafted by Rada via manifestation. Quite heavy and suitable for striking blows. It's a little worn down at the edges, but that's fine. Besides, only a poor craftsman blames his tools. Primary Weapon
Item 2: Compass and Protractor A timeless device for measuring angles and drawing arcs. Rada has taken the time to craft this finely, and has become adept at using it blindingly quickly. It has a sturdy, weighty feel in the hands. The needle point of the compass is a versatile tool in itself and could even be used for self-defense if necessary. Secondary Weapon
Item 3: Welding Gear Protective clothing made out of a thick, durable synthetic cloth that insulates the wearer from extreme tempuratures, toxins, and sharp objects. While clearly not intended for any combat scenario, in theory it should be suitable against some attacks, particularly elemental damage. Primary Armor
Item 4: Vernier Caliper A device designed for the precise measurement of small objects. Rada's self made, most prized tool. Instead of using a digital implement, Rada prefers to keep his eyes sharp by relying on the Vernier scale. It has little combat value, but as a practical tool its potential is bounded only by capability of its user. Rada can be found using it frequently to examine various things. Inscribed in small letters is a quote: "A life is measured by deeds, not time." Misc.




Microadjustments: Rada makes a quick assessement of distances and angles to avoid an incoming attack, or to assist himself or an ally by ensuring a direct hit. Effectiveness based on how well Rada can view the situation. (Requires a measuring tool, such as a ruler, protractor, or caliper.)
Disassemble: Rada makes a guess about the structure of an object and removes a small part of it to disable it. However, Rada does make some assumptions, which can backfire even if the disable is successful. (Requires a modifying tool, such as a wrench or screwdriver.)
Charge Transfer: Rada loads a tool with a charge, sending a strong shock to the next one to touch it. Can damage enemies, but this can also hurt Rada additionally or instead if used in a hurry. Doing this will destroy the tool without fail. (Requires a manifested tool.)


Beliefs and Goals

We exist to understand life and improve it. I might take dangerous risks to learn more, even if it involves the lives of others. But I don't want to hurt anyone. I abhor violence, but I'll defend myself. The natural world is valuable and worth preserving. I hate squabbling over ideology.


Background History

From a young age, Rada has always been obsessed with tinkering and discovering new things. Rada only learned to manifest relatively late in his life, at 18, when it finally 'clicked' for him. Because of this, it isn't something he does instinctively but instead has to actively think about. He was born and raised on Geyze, but has parents from Kumen. He even spent some time in the Tech City briefly, but those are both things he is loathe to talk about, for whatever reason. Although he despises the conflicts on Geyze and holds most of its leaders in contempt, he loves the natural wonder of the planet and vastly prefers it to Kumen, and wants to someday explore it all. He worked on the old spaceport as an apprentice, but since its destruction and relocation, he works to restore it as a proper engineer in his own right, and would like to reshape it, if only in a subtle way, to suit his beliefs. His appearance is meek and a bit frail despite his height, but he can be stern and even rather blunt if challenged. Still, he can have a surprisingly soft spot for people with the 'right attitude' (whatever that might be), and small creatures like foxes and cats.


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