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Vyvy Yimh

Senbonzakura - cover by Lindsey Stirling

Character Info

Name: Vyvy Yimh Callsign: Fairy Race: Dragoon
Age: 16 DOB: Unknown Birth Planet: Kumen
Eye Color: Pale Blue Hair Color: Silver White Hair Length: Chin
Height: 4'11" Weight: 86 Build: Waif
Cup Size: C Moral Center: "Some what" Bad Class: Duality Trans-Warrior [Summoner - Salamander and Celsius / Paladin] / Sub-Class:



Health: 3 Endurance: 3 Reflexes: 4
Speed: 4 Charisma: 2 Luck: 6
Special: 5 Counter: 6 Combat (Melee): 6
Energy: 7 Stamina: 5 *Willpower: 9
*Perception: 1 *Intelligence: 1 *Mana: 5
*Strength: 5 *Transformation: 9 [Bond Pool: 5 of 5] *Mind: 1
Mod Capacity: 23 Action Points: 13 / Durability: 2 Limit Breakers Capacity: 1 (Maxed)

Elemental Core: Earth

Spirit Core: Dark

Weapon: Low-Level Armor: Low Level
Level 20

2000 of 2500 until Next Level

Make Moves Stronger Next [5 stat]


Race Specials

1 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to form an energy shield for +2 Durability

3 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to restore +3 Health Points

5 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to form their dragon form without a bond partner present. Must still be bonded.

Not available

Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Moonflower Blade

A blade forged in the Dark Forest.

Special: Bares the mark of Shade in ways. Can deal dark magic. Or is it the touch of Shade on Vyvy?

Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Formal Wear A set of clothing woven from high-grade synethetic fibers Low Level Armor [+2 defense]
Item 3: Dark Fruit Shadefruit Restores +4 health
Item 4:    
Item 5: N/A    
Item 6: N/A    
Item 7: N/A    

Mods (20/28)

Class Switch Time Lv. 3[2] This lowers the time to switch between classes from 2 turns to 1. [1 Turns- to Switch Dual Switch]
Open Body Offers the useage of one's body to the spirits. This mod is always in effect.
Truth This makes others tell the truth one time unless they high defense against it. The GM will determine if and how much it will cost to try to battle it and lower the amount of truth one has to tell Vyvy.
Willpower Lv. Max [3] This upgrades your Willpower Stat from 8 to 9 (only if it is 8)

9 trans / 7 will / 1 mod / 4 str

Holy Strike Lv. Max This move can be used to hit an enemy with a one two normal attack [4 HP damage, Stun Lock]

9 of 20 Summoner Mods / 2 of 20 Paladin Mods

Warrior's Faith Lv. 2 [2] The Paladin heals himself for 6 HP. (6 HP)

Holy Shield Lv. 2 The Paladin uses a shield of magik to protect themselves in combat, taking damage for them. +3 durability

Transformation Lv. Max [3] This upgrades your Transformation Stat from 8 to 9 (only if it is 8)


Great Summon Lv. 1 - CELSIUS Summons your Great Summon for attacks for 10 turns. This is the GM taking control. [10 turns, 1 Turns- Casting Time]
Great Summon Lv. 1 - SALAMANDER Summons your Great Summon for attacks for 10 turns. This is the GM taking control. [10 turns, 1 Turns- Casting Time]
Great Summon Lv. 1 - UNDINE Summons your Great Summon for attacks for 10 turns. This is the GM taking control. [10 turns, 1 Turns- Casting Time]
Great Summon Lv. 1 - SHADE Summons your Great Summon for attacks for 10 turns. This is the GM taking control. [10 turns, 1 Turns- Casting Time]

Spirit Blast Lv. 1 This calls an army of lesser spirits to begin blasting their various elements, or normal moves/attacks on an enemy, doing whatever damage they can manage. The more spirits in an area, the higher the damage toll will be. It takes a few turns to call out and organize the lesser spirits. [1 Turns- Cast Time]

Attack Moves

FAIRY CLAWS [1 stamina restore]
FAIRY CLAWS (Attack) - Vyvy uses a bladed weapon to strike a critical opening - attack points or counters can stop this. [8 HP damage]
FAIRY CLAWS (Defense) - Vyvy uses a bladed weapon to parry/block an incoming attack move or special move, opening to a counter - attack points can make this move harder to counter.
FAIRY CLAWS (Misc) - Vyvy can uses a bladed weapon to disable a mechanical door or disrupt a device.

EBB AND FLOW [1 stamina restore]
EBB AND FLOW (Attack) - Vyvy strikes using the rhythm of movement between her and her opponent, making it difficult to avoid or counter. [8 HP damage]
EBB AND FLOW (Defense) - Vyvy becomes increasingly difficult to find an opening in by matching her attacker's movements - this makes it so for two turns an attack point is needed to strike her.
EBB AND FLOW (Misc) - Vyvy can use a rhythm-based movement to quickly pass over normally damaging terrain safely.

DRAGON'S MAW [2 stamina restore]
DRAGON'S MAW (Attack) - Vyvy uses a tighter, more aggressive style than usual that is relentless in its threat area, making it nigh impossible to dodge without taking a lingering wound even if the attack doesn't land directly - 2 action points are needed to dodge it and 1 counter point in addition to strike back. [2 HP damage - or scape to leg so 1 stat is lost to speed or strength]
DRAGON'S MAW (Defense) - Vyvy's close-in stance makes it so that even if she takes damage, she doesn't let them off unharmed themselves, often resulting in similar wounds. Counter point is needed or action to get away without harm. [4 HP damage or 4 stat depletion]
DRAGON'S MAW (Misc) - Vyvy's grip and tenacity make it so that she can break or snap certain levels of bonds on herself or others, or break a standard door.

Special Moves

AEGIS HEART [2 Stamina Restore]
Aegis Heart (Misc) - Vyvy creates a link to one ally, taking three occasions of damage for them. Taking damage equivalent to half of Vyvy's own Health breaks the link even if only time has been withstood.
Aegis Heart (Defense) - If defending someone other than herself, Vyvy takes half the damage (if it is enough to kill her, this move will seek to activate any stamina she has to activate the below move before killing her).
Aegis Heart (Defense) - Vyvy can nullify up to 3 damage.

INDOMITABLE [2 stamina restore]
Indomitable (Misc) - Vyvy is an exceptionally hard to kill dragoon. One of her natural stigmata-like abilities makes her able to recover from wounds better than others. [She recovers 2 health in dire situations.]
Indomitable (Defense) - Vyvy enters a state before death which she can continue to function when she should be physically unable. It only lasts for two actions or movements even if her health is at zero. This gives healers/ressurection mages time to get to her also. She cannot heal herself during these two turns.
Indomitable (Misc) - Vyvy has an extremely resistant body to diseases and ailments and can attempt to purge them from her system if she is conscious of its presence in her. This won't work on ailments of exceptional calibur.

KARMA FANG [2 stamina restore]
Karma Fang (Attack) - Vyvy can lash out and deal increasing damage the lower on health she is. [3 HP damage increase per 2 she's lost - lasts five turns]
Karma Fang (Defense) - Vyvy performs a brutal counterattack that adds half the damage she takes from an attack to damage returned to them. Ccan be blocked each time if reflexes are 4. Can use Action Points x your reflexes to equal 4]
Karma Fang (Misc) - By agitating wounds she has, Vyvy increases her combat effectiveness for the next action she performs by half the amount of damage she has received.

Limit Breaks


Lv. 1

Beliefs and Goals

Vyvy has trouble believing in people... after all, the person who gave her the most of her humanity and self-worth was murdered because she might be a useful tool or weapon. The contradiction in this fact is that her previous pilot was happiest when she lent herself to that humanity and allowed herself to be with others. Since escaping to Geyze from Kumen, she found herself fleeing into the Dark Forest, lost within its deepest depths where she met Shade, the Great Dark Spirit and her inner ring of nymphs that tended her shrine and home there at the forest's heart. The gentle nature of the nymphs and their carefree attitude reminded her of her pilot, instilling the desire to protect them. She became a friend and guardian to the nymphs from the wildhearted monsters of the forest, rekindling a desire within her to protect others. She seeks peace for the weak and harmony with the spirits in memory of her first pilot and friend.

Background History

Vyvy Yimh is originally a dragoon from Kumen, and she would tell you the same if asked. She isn't very fond of Kumen, as her memories only stem back as far as the death of her first and only pilot. Because of abilities unique to her, she was a sought after commodity by VIPs and companies. This led to the eventual murder of her pilot, despite Vyvy's sensing the killing blow and stepping in the way, a bullet passed through her left eye and straight through her pilot's heart from a high calibur rifle. Thanks to her hearty dragon's body, Vyvy recovered and sadly her pilot did not. In the vein of her pilot's last wishes, Vyvy fled the companies and people seeking her, and the very planet itself to Geyze where she frantically made distance from the port and her instincts took her to the daemon's region.

She fled into the Dark Forest, where pursuers wouldn't be keen on following and there she grieved and attempted to regain the strength as a person her pilot worked so hard to instill in her. Encouraged to become her own person, follow her own whims, dreams, hobbies, vyvy was naturally enamoured by the Nymphs she found within the heart of the Dark Forest, their carefree lifestyle reminded her of her pilot, and there she stayed to rebuild herself mentally and befriended the Great Dark Spirit.

When she began to notice that pursuers from Kumen persisted in even entering the Dark Forest to find her, she panicked and fled from the Dark Forest to draw them away from her new "family," leading to the doorstep of the Academy and the sanctuary they could promise from Kumen enterprisers looking from her. The price at which it came with was of small consequence to her for the safety of her new friends, and the hard worker she is is quickly evident. She sometimes longs to visit with the Dark Forest, but must do so secretly lest prying hands desiring her await or threaten them.


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