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Future Factions


The Suizen Faction (Mainland A:)

The Suizen are considered the ruling class faction. They are the government and make the laws with the other Factions. They have a particular God they worship that the others don't and rituals the others do not. Many Natives with to join this one since they think it is the easiest, but when skin is seen, there are ritual tatoos seen. For more information on them and their land, click on their name.

The Zhen Faction (Mainland B:)

The Zhens are considered the warrior class faction. They are the commanders of the grunts with the hard bones, as well as the ships and other technology dealing with defense and battle. Their God is one that deals with combat and betterment, and they are the most diverse, able to use various skills and abilities.

The Uminites Faction (Mainland C:)

The Uminities are considered the technology class faction. They are the science developers, and those that use the crystals in new ways. Their God is one that drives them to experiment, even on themselves. Their land is always changing and the most advanced.

The Priests Faction (Mainland D:)

The Priests Faction zealously guards their true name. They worship the crystal and their God. Their island is made up of few natives, and their forms are hidden in robes at all times.





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