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It has been 100 years since Session 135. The year is either 6091 CE if you go by the old dating system or 100 AF (After Fall). The people of Kumen have mostly been frozen in crystal for over 70 years as the invaders terraformed and dealt with Geyze. About 20 years ago they released the citizens of the capital to a completely new world that had been drastically changed. The people of Geyze had been movef up to Kumen and the world of Kumen had been made into a liveable world somehow, despite the lack of spirits, which should have been impossible.

Below is a world map for Kumen. There is currently no World Map for Geyze since no one has been to it since the Fall.

A = The Main Land of The Suizen

B = The Main Land of The Zhen

C = The Main Lans of The Uminites

D = Isle of the Priests

E = Forbidden Island

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