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The World of Kumen:

The World of Kumen has changed greatly in 100 years. Terraformed while the people of Geyze and Kumen were in crystal, it was reshaped and brought back to life. While the natives of the two planets have only had between 20-30 years to get used to the new planet, the "Invaders" as they are commonly called by the people of Kumen and Geyze, have been allowing Races from other parts of the Crytok Empire they have taken over for decades.

Kumen is divided into three main continents, and each of the Invaders Factions peacefully control them. The only exception is the Capital on the mainland of the Suizen. The Capital has all the factions. For more on them, see the Future Factions.

The Capital is the old Kumen City and the new Capital is built on top of it. Many of the Native Population lives in the Slum area inside it. For more on why, see Life in the Future. While there is plenty of green land and farm land about, the Capital is the one tie to the old way of life, plus the one place where people can be most easily acknowledged by the Invaders.

Each Mainland is different anf has different rules, and different Main Cities. The only place Natives are not allowed to travel, and cannot attain Travel permits is Forbidden Island. It is believed to be either a Fortress or a Prison lsland.

The Invaders:

The name of the Invaders is called, offically, the Ce'n Pon. Or Ce'n for short. Each division of them seems to worship a different god/thing, and they find the Spirits to be an affront, giving lessons against them. Strangely, since they are able to heal worlds without Spirits, there is come power to their words. Their Gods are kept hidden except to those who agree to walk the path, but they do accept converts from the Natives of the world of Kumen and Geyze, rising up people to power.

They also make sure the people who insist on living in the Slums, or who are orphans, have food. Some orphans ended up that way because the Invaders took several people 20 years ago during what was known as the Rebellion. Despite this, the children of the people were never harmed.

The Invaders themselves seem to have a few different Races. The Grunts being the unbreakable Bones aliens, then the Priests who keep their faces hidden. The high ranking/normal citizens tend to wear masks to keep themselves hidden for now, as well.

Occasionally a C'en will fall out of favor and end up in the slums. These ones look much like Aurits or Faunas, leading to speculation.

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