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Life in the Future


Mainland A:

Life on the Suizen Mainland is the best of the mainlands. The land is varied and has many Native cities that the Suizen Factions leave alone. The Native cities are poor becausw they wish to be left alone and independent and are typically run down, village like. While some are modern because they accept C'en Law and administration, all must follow a yearly check up and have passes to travel.

A shuttle system allows travel from all C'en appoved city to city and across the mainlands if you have a pass, or other C'en planets. Human cities that want to be left alone must walk on foot or use other transportation.

Aurit and Fauna are treated equally and things like the sex business is gone or driven underground in Native cities. If C'en authorities find such offensives, it can be death.

The Capital, which is built on the ruins of the old Kumen city has many orphan children about and camps set up around it. The C'en set up a feeding service to take care of the various sectors and offer the children a chance to join their citadel faction, and become part of the system and get passes. Many Natives simply remain there because of the old ruins and die, hence the child pop. or due to the Rebellion that took place 10 years ago where many tried to attacek the C'en, which left many kids parentless.

The C'en allow the kids the run of the sectors of the old ruin while feeding them. The Capital itself it a large crystal city where all the factions meet and do government and the Suizen citadel is at.

Mainland B:

Life on the Zhen Mainland is rougher for the Natives. Being the warrior class, they do not allow many Native cities and those they do are in harsh lands. The Zhen contantly meddle in the Native cities in their lands, making sure the people have passes and their paper work is up to date. It is rumored they even use male Native labor workforce since it is beneath them. They however do allow Natives to join their Faction which gives honor to their family, which can bring them to the main Zhen cities.

Mainland C:

Life on the Uminities Mainland is relatively easy for Natives. Uminites constantly work on new technology with the Crystal and allow Natives to make cities with relatively light passes and checking up on them. They readily accept converts as well. However there are rumors that Uminites experiment on Native cities and on the land to further the Crystal tech, though they deny this. It issaid that they they wiped out a Native city before. Thus, Native people are wary sometimes moving there.

Mainland D:

The Priest Mainland. No Natives are allowed to live on there unless they join the Faction. No cities have ever been allowed to be built, period.

Mainland E:

Forbidden Island. This Island is said to be a Prison Island, though is speculated to be a Fortress or the Palace of the C'en. Since no Shuttles fly over it, no Native knows. And any who goes there is put to death.

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