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Geyze is a beautiful world that has been around for many, many thousands of years. It's exact age is unknown, but if Kumen is a dead world, then many think Geyze has been around for a long time, even if it's culture is in a medievalish state. One of the worlds still devoted to the Great Spirits that hasn't been disrupted by the many Empire changes, due to it's location in the Delta Quadrant, it has been relatively unscathed and many make trips out to meet the Great Spirits there. However, due to the state of the world, the people there, and races, are not united.

Spread amongst factions and some kingdoms, the people of Geyze find themselves at odds with each other as often as they work together for the Great Spirits and the greater good. While none of them would work against the Greater Spirits, many of them clearly want to get each other's Great Spirits and control the most land. Here, there are many different races, dragons, werebeasts, humans, Daemons, as well as Magi, Summoners, Warriors, etc.

Spirit Fossils, which are made when a Spirit dies, is used as fuel for many things - including the fuel that Magi use to produce their magik, and Summoners can bring about their Summons, unless they have an Open Body link with the Spirits. It also runs all the Spirit-Tech found on Geyze. However, the people of Geyze never use or kill living Spirits to produce more Spirit Fuel to run their stuff, living in balance and nature, even if they have their own conflict.

Recently, due to the fact the Kumenites have begun to covet the fuel of the Spirit Fossils, formed an Academy to train and prepare warriors from all the Kingdoms to deal with problems from within and out, the Headmaster unknown so far. The Geyze Council being the only know who knows who runs the Academy and the true reason for it's formation.


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