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The Kumen Colony was founded in the year 10-620 under the original Alpha Quadrant dating system. Which was around the year 5790 CE (Crytok Empire) dating system, the dating system used under the Crytok Empire system when it took rule over the majority of the Delta Quadrant. For more information on that, see the World History Tab. The Kumen Colony, now referred to mostly as Kumen Tech City, due to the fact that the colony is a huge sprawling city and only one of two cities on the entire dead surface of the planet. The second city is for the rich and elite as a get away - called Kumen Paradise Dome. The two cities are connected via a long monorail tunnel and the second city has no space ports to reach it, to keep the rift raft out.

Kumen Tech City has grown vertically due to the construction and shape of it under the dome that protects from the thin and toxic atmosphere that the terraforming never quite succeeded in getting rid of it due to the fact the supplies from the Homeworld (Earth) stopped when the Jump Gate broke down in 5823 CE. Divided into seven quadrants, with the city built almost on top of each older layer, the bottom quarter of the city is known as the Slums, the Middle Part is for the Middle Class and important Workers, and the Top Half is for the rich and elite, who get to see the sun light and sky that the dome produces. There is almost a constant rain fall and prepertual night in the Slums due to the fact of how the City processes it's air and water, as well as the Terraforming machines being run through the bottom half and allowing the atmosphere for the Rich to be worked out, getting rid of the Toxcity for them.

And in the center of it all is the CoreSector Corporation's Pryamid Headquarters, the 8th quadrant that has no 'slums' per say.



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