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Life on Kumen

Life on Kumen can be hard. There are two dififerent cities technically - Kumen Tech City and Kumen Paradise Dome. Each Quadrant can have it's up's and down's, but I will only discuss life in general for the City, then the Top and Middle Class for Kumen Tech City, and then Kumen Paradise Dome. To learn more about the Slums, see that section.

Life in General on Kumen:

Since Kumen Tech City is about 1.5 the size of Shanghai, and has three levels, it is a massive city. While only the Top Side gets true sunlight from Kumen and Geyze's star, as well as 'true' rain from what was terraformed of the planet in the dome. Kumen Tech City is in a thin dome, just enough to keep the atmosphere and life giving air inside. Shuttles and ships are able to pass it without breaching, and the design of the dome can take attacks without piercing it. It is a flexible invisible field that was designed by the CoreSector Corporation from the Homeworld. The generator from it comes from inside the CoreSector Corporation's HQ itself.

The Top Side is only for the Elites, the nobles, Politicians, and those that are part of the Corporations where the true power lies. The Top Side, or Elite Top, has every luxury, fine resturants, fabulous apartments, their equipment is kept up to date, their roads are well maintained, their vehicles, hover car and street car, is well maintained, the monorails are better equipped. Everything runs smoother and looks better. All the money goes into the buildings, theaters, museums, and the Corporation buildings that are located here.

The Middle Sector, for the Middle Class citizens, are not too bad, especially depending on what Quadrant you live in. Despite looking up at a platform ceiling, the technology makes it look like a sky, the same as for the Slums; there are wonderful clouds and usually a day sky is set up unlike the Slums. And in some areas, there is many open areas to go directly up to the Top Side, once you pass the check point, with your vehicles if you have it. Down here in the Middle Sector, things are more work based, and there are factories and what not, but there is also a lot more shopping and things focused on keeping the largest population/work force happy. While the Slums has probably more people in it by a small margin, the Middle Class has about the same amount, and a lot is put into making them happy.

The life of a Middle Sector Citizen is quite good, and the police here is not overworked. With cameras working and Corporate Security, it is usually safe here unlike the Slums, and while the Top Elite have it better and more justice, there is no argument for what they do have. Some say it is even better to be in the Middle, but they would be lying. The Middle Class has everything set up to keep them happy and distracted - trains, monorails, malls, movie theaters, etc.

As far as politicians and what not, people are allowed to vote every 5 years on politicians and judges. However, all of them are in the pockets of the Corporations who run the Quadrants. The politicians and judges just maintain the law and order for the Corporations and maintain the civil obedience of the City. They keep the wheels running for the Corporations, but the politicians answer to the Corporations. If a politician tries to go too far off the reservation, they just go missing.

Top Sector:

The Top Sector is a beautiful area. While there are some factories and research labs, mostly they are kept separate from the Elite and Nobles. With the huge size of the city, that is not a problem. Artifical lakes and forests have been planted up top for the rich to partake in and they have their own private housing as well as lavish apartments when they do live in apartment buildings. The rich rarely work and instead spend their days finding ways to have fun - and there is plenty to do in entertainment. The sectors have the best in music, plays, museums, acting, movie theaters, etc. There is even hidden Red Lights, in the form of Escort Services, in which Lilins and Asmos are in high demand and can ask for their own small fortunes. Or Mark 8 Biotects, for the few that can be found.

For pets, the finest Fauna are kept up here, serving as maids or servants, and in many causes companions, though this is frowned upon in elite society. They are considered "mistresses" at best.

The Senate Hall is located in CoreSector Corporation's area, as not to be bound by any of the other Quadrant's demands. However, they have offices in each quadrant, and two Senators are voted in from each Quadrant, including the CoreSector Corporation's. Judidical offices are located in each Quadrant, called The Courts, and the High Court is located in the CoreSector Corporation just like the Senate.

Middle Sector:

The Middle Sector, as described above, is a little less impressive, but many of the rich flock to it for fun, or even further below to the Slums. Just like the Escorts, there is a Red Light District in the 5th Quadrant, in which licensed Sex Workers, much like the Escorts, perform their trade. It is a booming business and the licenses cost a lot. Smaller Red Light Districts appear in other quadrants, but the 5th Quadrant is famous for it's Red Light District. The Middle Sector has it's own theaters and museums, of lesser quality, but it is none for being edgier, and having rougher stuff like race tracks, faster sports that have no safety nets, boxing, baseball. All the activities and sports of today take place in the Middle Sector. While death sports may take place in the Slums, legit sports happen in the Middle Sector, and many of the Elite and Middle Class come to take and place bets.

Like the Top Sector, there are some forests but no lakes. Regulated rain fall matches the sky and day/night cycle they have going for them here. Also like above, they have they share the same Senate Hall and High Court since the CoreSector Corporation Quad has no Top/Middle level per say, or I should say, has no divides, it goes all the way up in it's pyramid designs and buildings. They do have their own Courts in each Quadrant.

Only the Slums has no representation in the Courts and must go to Quad 5 to be represented in their area.

Fauna here typically are more servants and workers, seen working in resturants or in other areas, or as people's pets due to the loss of pets.

Kumen Pleasure Dome:

Attached to Quadrant 3, the only way to reach this city is via monorail train that travels 120 miles and takes roughly 15 minutes. With no space ports located in Pleasure Dome, this is the only way in and out and the Pleasure Dome City is a true Dome. The Dome inner walls have holograms that simulate what they believe the Homeworld to be like, with blue skies, puffy clouds, and a nice sun, and they have beaches, and a huge body of water to go surfing and boating. The beaches there are fabulous in their construction.

The workers there are hired to serve the needs of the rich and elite that go there for relaxation, and only the most beautiful are hired to attend to them. It is literally a beach paradise and the buildings are set up after the old stories of beachside hotels, with a board walk and stores. There are entertainment places and animals to ride, cloned and grown just for the occassion - horses and other beasts, some taken from Geyze.

The Pleasure Dome includes sex workers, and other pleasures as well for those who do not just want the beach. VR hook up is there as well as the Net, but options are located for the more preverse Elite and it is believed that the City serves every need, no matter how preverse or dark. Since no Slummer or Middle Class can get in, no one has confirmed it. But dark stories have been told about what all they take there to serve the Elite.



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