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Life on Geyze


Overall Life on Geyze:

Life on Geyze is varied depending on where you live at on the planet. The current atmosphere on Geyze is varied and healthy, except for certain factions that dislike each other and are in a state of cold warfare. The Legion/Amazons continue to have raids against each other, with the Amazons stealing men from the Legion, and will take males from anyone that enters their territory period. The Naturalists dislike the Hapians and what they see is a distortion of Nature, but they are not out right hostile yet, though some push for it. Especially with the Kumen situation heating up.

Geyze in general is typically a beautiful place, with longer spring like weather, short summers, long falls, and short winters outside certain places where the landscape is different - such as the Spiritualist's mountains where it is colder year round or the Dark Lands where it is constantly twilight and unusual plant life grows.

The Geyze Council, which consists of the Hapians, the Legion, the Amazons, the Daemons, the Ents and Venus, the Monks and the Summoners, and the Naturalist, meet twice a year to debate things, though this has only begun in the last few years - before that they met once a year. The Hapians see themselves as the Chairmen of the Council, but lately the other groups have been working to wrestle control of the Council. With 9 groups, it is fairly balanced vote wise. And now with the Geyze Academy being formed, it seems they might be coming together - though the Academy might be a tool anyone of them could try to exploit against the other.

The Spirits maintain the land and it is always plentiful with food - trees grow with fruit and people can grow from the land if they farm and tend it. Lesser Spirits roam the lands and can be seen almost everywhere, while the Great Spirits themselves typically remain in centralized locations in their faction zones. And the land is rich in fertile lands and Spirit Fossils from when Spirits pass away.

Life in the Hapian Dynasty:

The Capital:

The Hapians definitely feel superior compared to other people. Their landscape is greatly varied compared to many, and due to this the Hapians enjoy a wide range of nature and spirits. Their capital is a technological achievement and those who live there are amongst the most densely populated in the entire planet. The city is very condensenced, about the size of Los Angles, and parts of it even bleed into the spirit dimension to allow the usage of the spirits.

The people who live in the capital have grown dependant on their Spirit Tech as they call it, and their buildings are a mixture of what could be Steam Punk and Plants, with the buildings intertwined with giant plants, sometimes the buildings built into the plants, and giant pipes and other structures intertwining, so the spiritial energy from lesser spirits can be channeled through it. This allows them to have lights, power, lifts, flying carriages and more. The Lesser Spirits then can go into the plants to recover and be switched out with others in the Spirit Dimension so they are not killed or hurt. Machines that need Spirit Fossils are also built throughout the city and consume them when needed - and lately more and more Kumen Technology can be seen around the city.

Similiar in someways to Kumen, only a Spiritual Steam Punk version, the Hapian Capital has refined it's people to be noble, dependant, and refined an air of culture. The people there are completely dependant on their Spirit-Tech and dress in fancier clothes compared to the rest of the planet, wearing tailored clothing that the tech can produce, looking like something from the Victorian Era. The Hapians keep werebeasts typically as servants or pets to keep them entertained, in the style of the Kumenites. If they can, they try to buy Fauns as well.

The castle of the queen, which takes up a large bit room, is known for it's define culture and arts itself, with the ability to maintain itself under siege for years with all the food, supplies, people, and weapons inside. There are even schools and hospitals inside as well. This is due to the fact that it designed after the Tower of London, somehow, and the Spirit Realm is mixed inside to provide more confusion and room.

The city has a dozen schools of refined arts, museums, and more, and teaches all about the Great Light Spirit, and there are a ton of sculpted art about her everywhere. However, many wonder about the rate the Hapians use the Spirit Fossils compared to others in Geyze. There are white dragons located around the capital.

Pipe City and Spirit Melding City:

Pipe City serves the function as both a fortress and a factory - built up north away from most villages not shown on the map, Pipe City is a healthy place that uses materials, like Spirit Fossils, from the ground and the power of the spirits to construct all the pipes needed in the various cities. In fact, the city itself has a lot of pipes much like the capital to power the fortress, giving it a unique Mario 3 World 7 feel in that all the pipes run along the buildings, with Spiritual Energy running through. This makes it a healthy place to live in, even as construction is being run to make more to ship out on carriages - actual horse drawn carriages.

A rather large city, Pipe City is famous for it's fine construction work and attention to detail. Built side ways with a large wall around it, and about four stories high, and two stories underground to do their mining, they always make sure to give back to the ground to repair what they take. They do construction and mining work for six months of the year, then repair and restore Geyze with the Lesser Spirits for the latter half. This is suppose to ensure that Spirit Fossils taken are replinished, or at least set up to be replinished. Though many question how this can be.

The City is divided into the worker half, the defense half for the fortress, and finally the civilian half. Each of them getting their own benefits. The civilian half, depending on if they are only living there, gets a certain amount of rations a day if they have no stores or businesses and contribute nothing. If they do, then they get more in addition to what their store gives them. The worker half gets the most coins, due to Pipe City being their work. And the defense half gets in between, except in times of war when they get the majority.

The Spirit Melding City is where Spirit-Tech is perfected, seeing which Lesser Spirits work out with new Tech they create. A rather large city, since Hapians who go there test out and work on things, and the latest in tech is used on buildings, a lot of thinkers, researchers, and workers live in the cities, as well as their families, and those who run stores, and so on. It has a lot of schools, research centers, libraries, and more. Actually more of a normal city compared to most, it has the same look as the Capital in many ways, but less Spirit-Tech is used here except the bare basics, though the people do dress like the other two cities in Victorian Age clothing and use flying carriages.

Focusing on new Spirit-Tech, they do not want a lot of the old around to interfere. The villages that are not marked on the map that are around the city try every year to send their brightest and best to the city to be accepted into their schools to learn.

Ian City:

A defense city against the Daemons, it is built in the desert and has little Spirit-Tech due to the heat. The people there dress more in Arabic style clothing, or two piece clothing. The city, stretched outward in one or two levels around an oasis, and having a tall wall around it, is built with shade and defense in mind, and has a lot of plants and trees built around it for the Spirits. In the center of the city is a large pillar of glass to reflect the sun, for the Great Spirit of Light to provide power, reflected into the Watch Tower.

The people there are usually looked down by most Hapians, since they are darker skinned from living there so long and do not dress in Victorian Age type clothing. Their accents are also a little faster and different than the rest of the Hapian Dynasty. Trade is a big part of the area, especially with the Daemons while the Dynasty is trying to be friendly with them, and this is the city where the Daemons come through. A few even live in the city, and the people have let down there guard toward them unlike the rest of the Dynasty. Many of the Hapian werebeast live here as well, if they are not pets.

Village of Light:

Built in the middle of a forest, like the Ians, they are not like the rest of the Hapians because they tend to the Great Spirit of Light. Overseeing the shrine, the Hapians here have no Spirit Tech and their clothing is made from the forest itself - furs and leaves. Their village is small, built from trees and the landscape, and they tend to the trials of the Great Spirit of Light. While Aska will show up in the capital to guide the Empress, it is here she resides for Summoners to contact her.

The Village of Light is a small place, and they like to keep it that way - preferring to only let those who truly wish to walk in the path of Light to join. They are usually ignored by the rest of the Dynasty. White dragon eggs are hatched here.

Unmarked Villages/Cities:

There are a ton of villages and cities not marked on the map. They are just not important. Some have tech-spirit, many are a mixture of Victorian Age clothing to living off the land. The Hapian Dynasty is like any country, where the elite in cities live one way, and those out in the country side live another way. The Space Port, run by the Kumens, will not be listed, nor the Academy's land here.

The Dark Lands:

Daemon Capital:

The Daemon Capital, sometimes referred to as Eus, is a large network of structures. Black, with spidery-web like substances connecting them that is also black, but strong enough to walk upon - serving as catwalks, these buildings stand at various heights, anywhere from 1-2 floors all the way up to 15 stories. The buildings and floors are connected to each other with these substances, allowing Daemons to move to each structure easily in various neighbors, since the Capital is divided into such neighborhoods.

The Neighborhoods, as they are called, allow the Daemon races to live amongst their own kind - if they wish. Despite there only being 3 playable Daemon races, there are in fact many. There are Oni, Inugami, Vampires, Adi, and more. Each neighborhood in the capital allows the Daemons to have their own tastes and stores, fancies and housing, so they can partake in what they desire. The werebeast live amongst them and escaped Fauna that have married into werebeast culture.

Finally, the Main Block is an area where there are a mixture of Daemon, as well as stores and shops, such as harems, sex slaves, fighting arenas, and so on. While the Daemons do not usually take sex slaves, if they are attacked or if someone goes into debt with them, the Daemons will give the person the option of instead of dying, to become a sex slave or a servant, such as a maid, to work off their life debt that way. The Main Block is fancier, with the buildings here still being black designed, but looking more gothic in design, with statues and beautiful, creepy artichtect, like something out of Dracula. Taking up the main portion of the capital, it leads along the middle area of it, while the Neighbors spread out along the sides.

The Main Block also has schools, libraries on Daemon culture, and more. Growing along all the buildings, including the Neighborhoods, are luminescent vines and mushrooms, providing lighting at night and during the twilight. And in the center of the Capital is The Tower, which is where the Daemon Empress and her family lives, as well as workers, and Advisors.

Standing at 30 floors, the Tower overlooks the entire Capital, and Daemons can enter at certain days of the week to petition members of the Daemon Council, voted on by the Daemons - each race can have a member on it - and the Daemon Council reports to the Empress and her Advisors. If they still wish it, twice a month they can petition the Empress directly. The Capital also has a colliseum, directly at the base of the Tower so the Empress can watch from her balcony, where lethal and non lethal battles take place. The Lethal Battles only happening twice a year to keep Daemon deaths down.

There are a few dragons located around the capital with dragon riders being prized Daemons. There are Black Dragons.

Forest City and Oceanic City:

Two different type of cities compared to normal, the Forest City is located deep in a dark forest. The Dark Forest, as it is known, is your traditional, twisted demonic forest, but it is also full of life and embraces nature. Full of unique monsters, some tame, some wild, and plant life, much like The Great Forest all the way to the west, as well as vines, it has it's very own ecosystem, that the Daemons that live there have embraced, as well as other races who have moved in. Typically always dark, the plant life there illuminates it into a beautiful, paradise like place that is stunning, with fireflies that move about, glowing plants, monsters that glow and other things. It is one of the most beautiful locations on Geyze outside the Great Forest due to the sheer beauty of it. Dragons are birthed here.

Forest City, which is located inside it, is built onto the trees, as well on the ground level, near the river bases. Daemon Nymph and Dark Elves, who are elves that enjoy living in dark places, are the primary two races that enjoy the Dark Forest and live there, but many other races also live here. Much like TAW5's citywhere Rachael comes from, they live near the river and tree tops, the Nymphs being very happy here. Wearing two top pieces provided from the forest itself, it is a little paradise of color and life. Other than some of the monsters being hostile and having to avoid them, many of the people who live in the forest can live there forever without having to come out. It is one of the richest areas in Spirit Fossils, which they protect at all costs for their mages, the only thing they use them for. The Great Dark Spirit also resides here and it is their duty to protect it with trials.

The Oceanic City is a port city that the Daemons built to provide trade. Using giant Behemoth monsters that look like monsterous whales, they are able to travel across the oceans inside them, where it is spacious. Having built into these monsters cabins and indoor places, these monsterous whales some of the safest 'ships' on Geyze, provided thick layer of protection and the Behemoths can attack back, avoid and go into the depths of the oceans. The port city itself is one of the few cities exposed to normal sunlight and the Daemons who live here are those who do not mind it, the buildings a mixture of the typical Black Daemonic structures, as well as the port side cities you'd see in any typical medieval Geyze city. Many other races who enjoy living in the Dark Lands sometimes set up residence here and it is filled with other races, and so there are many medieval building structures that are normal as well, giving the Oceanic City a split personality type feeling.

The people here are mostly traders, and there are a ton of shops and suppliers, with ships of various kinds docked at any given time, and a lot of taverns. Many Daemons ply their trade here, hoping to get fresh blood - sometimes literally.

Winged City and Water Canal City:

Winged City is known as such because of the wings on Lilin as well as Daemon who can fly. Built on the Daemon Grasslands, which is filled with roaming monsters and strange plant life that can attack passerbyers, the Lilin, in order to protect themselves, built their city on an inclined heights, along a series of rocks, sometimes several meters apart. For the Lilin, who, for a few can fly, and most can glide, this just meant gliding across to the next part of the city, this was ideal, they began to construct the city there. The Winged City is a beautiful city in the grasslands, with the twilight, beautiful purple sky above and grasslands with the glowing plants and trees down below.

The buildings, built to look asetically pleasing and wonderful to look at, are spread out across as series of cliffs and rocks, many one story to 10 stories tall, in various colors and statues built along them. Being sex Daemons, they have opened various harems. Because there are so many various Lilin Clans, the Clans each have their various markets, and the City is divided into the Clans' territory, and the City's color zones detonate which Clan owns which. The richest Clan, the Lilin Qui, colored purple, own a good chunk of the best sex harems and Red Light type Districts, with any sorts of races - having humans, werebeasts, Fauna, and so on - from ages of 10 to 50 to meet any sort of appeal. Each Clan, the colors being purple, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and so on.

Both the Lilin and the other Daemon clans that live there have made there to open many schools. While the Lilin teach things like sex education and make sure all Lilin are incrediblely smart in all areas, such as conversation, refinement, and culture, the other Daemons have made sure the education system has included everything schools should include. There are also art schools, dressing schools, and more due to the influx of so many new races being a Lilin City.

The Water Canal City is a Nymph City, through and through. The first city attacked by the Hapians long ago, it is built along a river. Built both on the edge of the river and partially under water, the Nymphs city is a beautiful city with blue colors and an aquatic feel, having pools of water even in the one above ground. A friendly people, they invite people to live in their city, having expanded it so people can enjoy the beauty of it. The city is much like Venice of Italy in Earth, the buildings built with all the canals around it, and some of the buildings sinking into the water. And the Nymphs actually live in the buildings under the water a lot, while some live above ground as well. Considered a city of love due to the Nymph beauty, they often have parties, enjoy themselves, and do more.

The races that live there enjoy the museums and other things that go on, and under the water, in the caverns, is an almost Little Mermaid type City feel. Living in both places is laid back, as the Nymphs do not like to oppress people and wish to get along. They are friendly to all who wish to live with them.

Desert Fortress:

Built in the desert, various Daemon who can both handle the heat, as well as are strong handle the fortress. Built up with dark black walls that can attack with tentacles and instead a gaping monster void, it mostly has Daemon Asmos like the Capital. Since they trade a lot with the Ian Fortress, they have relaxed a lot against the Hapians, but in the back of their minds, they do not drop their guard, knowing that the Daemons will need to deal with the Hapians, either through politics, or in battle one day.

The city is always hot and the Daemons here who do not care for heat that much typically wear two piece armors or clothing. The fortress is three stories high and a two stories underground for the monster. It is one of the few places where you can see the blue sky. Dragons roam the sky here.

Unmarked Villages/Cities:

There are a ton of villages and cities not marked on the map. They are just not important. Daemons of all kinds live throughout the land, in different environments. But they all are loyal to the Empress and want what is best for their people. They all have different opinions on the Spirits and each race, with some treating each other differently - Imps typically being used as knowledge lackeys. Life however, unlike Hapians, is typically the same either in the city or a village.

Amazonion Kingdom:

Amazon Capital Themyscria:

A beautiful paradise city made like Ancient Greek in many ways, the Amazons styled their city to be appeasing to both the eye and soul of the women who live there. Built at the base of the large lake, it is also the home of the Great Water Spirit. The buildings are all built like the Ancient Greek buildings, or in many ways, like Paradise Island from the Wonder Woman comics. There is a huge training arena where women train daily to keep in shape, and they use various monsters to fight again, or each other to keep in shape. They hold monthly tournaments, and yearly tournaments called the Annual Tournaments. Fighting to the death is not allowed.

Due to the laid back nature and beauty of the lake, it has a serene feel. Water flowing throughout the city in the form of canals, the women are made to study literature, compose poety, learn about the art of warefare, learn how to be independent, learn how all the things most colleges would teach in a medieval setting, as well as some of the Kumen courses they could get their hands on. They also teach women about men, how to disable them, to sex them to get their seed quickly, as well as courses on the female body since they have a high population of lesbians.

Since the Amazons can only hold land, typically two women marry to share grant shares of land. There are indeed stores and resturants in the capital, and it is encouraged. However, anything that demeans women like sex clubs or the such is frowned upon, though there are some under ground female run, female only sex clubs if one knows where to look in the capital. On the flip side there are dance clubs and ways to enjoy themselves, since the women have to let off steam.

Since education and schooling, as well as fighting is a big part of their lives, the Amazon culture is divided into two parts. The Civilians, those who once they finish their education remain in the Civilian Sector, running stores, maintaining carriages and the horses, overlooking buildings repair and other things. And the Warriors, those who go on to fight in the army. While everyone must train to fight from the age of 5, the army does not make the women join except in times of great war. Mandatory training ends at the age of 16. Even women who join the Amazons must undergo at least 5 years of training.

Women who devote themselves to the Great Water Spirit are held apart in many ways; they are consider the Spirit Priests. They learn a different art of fighting from a young age of 3 and are meant to be kept pure under any circumstance, unless the Great Spirit wishes to partake of their body. They live in the great temple in the lake and only come out to gather supplies they need, though often the supplies are delivered.

As far as men go, they are both slave labor and sexual labor. They are there to provide seed for babies. If a male boy is born, the woman has the option of keeping him and raising him. This leads to three options - she can raise him to try to get him part of the Elite Male Warrior Unit, which only accepts a few men on it. The EMU is a group of male warriors that are loyal to the Amazons and fight for them, but are overseen by the best of the Amazon Warriors. Or she can try to manuever him toward sexual labor - but get him hooked up with women she feels will treat him best. Aka, not be spread around like a tool but seek love for him. Or, if all those are used him make sure he is assigned to labor that is less hard on him. There are times when this has happened so it is encouraged for Amazonion women to give up male boys to a group that raises them.

The slave labor tends to be hard work that needs to be done - building, field plowing outside the capital (and this is done in all cities mostly), and so on. They are given the proper rest and what not, since men are treated like horses - you cannot abuse them. They are well fed. In the rare cases of a woman wanting one male, it is allowed though eyed strangely.

The capital is also home to the Amazon Order, which is made up of the 24 women who help the Amazon Queen rule. Her large palace is located to the north in the city.

Blue Dragons are raised here.

Fort City Hel, Fort City Cass, Fort City Neron:

Each of the fortresses are essentially the same. Designed as defensive fort cities against the Legion forces, they are made for the Amazons to live within and train. Made with Spartan like designs of fortresses, they are built with the best supplies they can manage - rock, water, lesser spirits, fusing together to make beautiful Greek like statues, rock, stone walls that go up to 25 feet, and have only one gate in and out of the Fortress. They also have four sentry towers along each of the forts.

Each of the forts have only women, not allowing male slave labor lest people sneak in supplies. If they have to take in male prisoners, they have underground prisons to hold them until they can ship them out to nearby villages or the capital. There are trade stands as well as some stores, entertainment bits, and training arenas. But for the most the forts are made up of mostly Amazon warriors and few civilians. Lovers that are not warriors may occupany and live there, and they are usually the ones who tend to the stores, as well as those who wish to help allievate the stress of the warriors on duty.

The inside of the forts are typically beautiful, with statues of the Water Goddess. They also have each have 1 school for youngsters who may be born during their stays, which last up to a year before rotation occurs. The buildings and homes are lined up along civilians and warriors, so that barracks are not a problem and there are no crowding issues. And each fortress has beautiful ponds in the middle of them for bathing and communhial swims.

The fort's general HQ is located high up in an overlook post so they can see the entire fort, as well as miles around, but is protected by a slant to stop arrows or attacks from coming into the windows. It is several stories tall and goes underground for protection.

Life in the fortresses can be trying and difficult, but the women there are prepared to serve the Kingdom and with the Legion on the other side, often they go off on raids from these very forts. Keeping animals, carriages, and weapons in the forts, it is a lively place, but it can be crowded with little to do outside what the stores provide. Often sex clubs are found hidden as normal stores.

Water City Hellenic and Water City Oceania:

Both the port cities look very much alike. With the Great Water Spirit's power, Amazons have the power of the sea at their fingertips and their ships are known to sail fast, quickly, and get to their destinations with little trouble unless they have angered her. Their ships are beautiful wooden boats in the shape of serpents, with large sails, and can carry tons of supplies, as well as up to 300 Amazons in their largest ship.

Their port cities are kept clean, unlike many in medieval Earth would have looked like. Made up of stone ports, each of them have up to 50 piers for ships to come and go, encouraging trade. This is the only place a male can arrive unharrases as long they remain on the pier itself. And with proper papers from their government. Since the Legion has tried to sneak in before, Amazon warriors patrol the piers at all times. Beautiful wooden warehouses are built to store the goods, and there are taverns and stores located all around.

Like many cities, the Amazons that live in these cities are much more relaxed, especially Oceania since it is hard for the Legion to even reach it and Amazon villages along the coast typically spot their ships before they can make it. Both cities have beautiful marble like buildings, but built in the Greek style. With an East and West side, the East side of the city, after the large port, is for the Warriors, which they have a large garrison in both locations, but unlike most cities, the West side, the Civilian Sector, runs the ports due to the nature of them.

This means that anyone who wishes to make it big in the Amazonion Kingdom should typically seek out the port cities. There are manson sized homes, beautiful styled buildings, and the males who work here and not on the piers typically have it much easier - serving as butlers, lawn decorators, or store shop helpers. Many sons of Amazons fill these roles. Port Street, which runs down the center of down, splits the divide and all the shops and taverns and clubs are located here, and many races and kingdoms peddle their well here, and if the Hapians want to sell their goods, they can do so for a tax.

Due to the cleanliness of the port cities, everything is nice and maintained, with the roads being paved, and water spirits everywhere. Shops are well maintained, the taverns all beautiful as well as the inns, and the clubs some of the liveliest outside the Capital.

Oceania, since it is less lax, has even more clubs, including underground sex clubs, and parties. Many of the Amazon Warriors in their side over look it since they partake in the fun.

Plains City Dina:

Located on the grasslands, this city is a basic homey village built off the materials of the grasslands and serves as an observational post for those who come up from the Hapian Dynasty. It is a small city, and it is built with simple materials from the landscape - while maintaining the look of the Greek style. Raising horses is their primary function and teaching people to ride along the plains. Many from the cities come out here to learn from this city since it is wide open and have the best horse riders. Country folk, they do have their warriors and fighters, and they have a make shift training arena to teach their girls from a young age.

Having no clubs or entertainment, they only have the most basic of shops, and the people here find fun with each other under the stars. Males are mostly used to do field work and take care of the horses. And if push comes to shove, they are expected to pick up a hoe to defend their village like anyone else. If one shows exceptional talent, he is sent up to the capital. For the most part, they are country folk. Lately they have set up huts for Amazon patrols for Kumenites.

Unmarked Villages/Cities:

There are a ton of villages and cities not marked on the map. They are just not important. Amazons wear two piece armor, made up of leather, when they are on patrol. The armor is shaped to fit them and blessed by the spirits as not to chafe. When in a war, they will wear Amazonion War Armor, which is a stronger armor. Their clothing otherwise is greek like and relaxed. The males for the most part wear shorts and go bare chested due to the short summers and winters. Only when it is very cold due they get furs to cover up with.

Legion Republic:

Legion Capital Pyyhric:

Built at the base of a mountain with a lake of lava , the capital is built where the Great Fire Spirit lives - inside the Fire Temple inside the fire lake. Despite the intense heat from the lake of fire, the Great Fire Spirit protects the capital from the blaze, making it feel normal. The city is built like the old Roman buildings of old in style, if a comparison can be drawn, and a lot of beautiful scupltures and buildings are drawn out. The city is sprawling in design, with lots of homes and buildings built along it.

The Palace of the Kaiser and the Senate are built up high, overlooking the city, and from there those with the most coin and/or strength are also up higher. The city's declining feature is a sign of power and strength in the Republic. Legion Warriors can move up and down in the city's landscape based on factors such as achievements in battle, accomplishments in the civilian quarter, marriage, wealth gained through stores or trading and so on. Only men can own land and hold positions in the government - which includes more than the Senate, since there are other facilities such as Road Management, Building Projects and so on.

At the bottom of the incline are the buildings and homes for the normal - those who are not in the army and do not have a lot of wealth. Just being in the Legion Army guarentees having better homes and buildings and being somewhat up in the incline, so many join the military for that reason alone. At the bottom are the civilians who do not join the army and are not married to an officer. For them, they have to find other means of getting gold and surviving. It can be rough down in what is known as the Common Quarters, and sometimes the Local Forces, not army members but hired officers by the government who manage the capital, have to handle deaths and fights that break out down there.

The majority of the city, though, is open to all, giving everyone an equal opportunity chance. There are museums, schools of various kinds of learning, philosphies, and more. And it is all free due to the taxes collected. One is allowed to attend school free until the age of 14. After that one must pay to keep attending the more advance courses.

Stores, trading, inns, and taverns are down in what is known as the Main Quarter, which is open to all. This area has everything can be found - clubs, a roburst nightlife, including sex harem clubs with all sorts of races, including Amazonion slaves which go for high prices. If one has coins, one can find it in this area, as the Legion has a lot of corruption in it's belly.

Overall though, if you are part of the army, or own a store at least that is doing well, your life style is fairly well. But the Common Quarters can be a rough place to live for people due to the over crowding and buildings being crowded together.

In the center of the capital is a huge colliseum to entertain people, where anyone can challenge monsters or each other, and special events are held every few months. The Kaiser attends regularly. Training arenas are also used to help Legion Warriors keep in shape.

Women for the most part tend to stores, shops, entertainment clubs - they can run all of these. A lot of women, wives of the rich and powerful, are known to direct their husbands with their womenly ways, the power behind the power. Also, there is a female warrior group that is over seen, but there is only the one unit and it is over seen by male generals. Much like the Amazon's unit. For the most part though women do domestic jobs, but they are not slaves. They are able to earn coin but not keep land.

Red Dragons are raised in the lake of fire area.

Fortress Bael, Fortress Athen, and Fortress Nero:

Designed for defense, the Fortresses are much like the Amazonion fortresses. Built out of marble from the volcano and the Great Spirits help, they stand massively, at over three times the size of an Amazon Fortress, and have six watch towers, set up with catapults to lob fireballs at the enemies. Inside the fortress is a firepit to get said fireballs. The forts are designed with comfort in mind, but also military purposes. Homes are built for families and the warriors have their own places, hence the huge size, and the design is to make it confusing for an enemy that breaks through, so it is designed with twists and turns on the roads. So unlike the capital, the streets, while large enough for carriages and movement, when it comes to the quarters section, has no straight streets or one ways, but is constantly turning and moving, and that takes up more than half of the fortress.

Another good chunk of the fortress is the cells, which is underground, the armory, the horse pens and carriages, and the training arena. The HQ of the fort generals is underground, but he has an observational point in a building that is disguised as a normal building.

Finally, each fort has what is known as the Trading Quarters, where shops and entertainment is at - this is where the rest of the fort is dedicated to. Here, shops that sell things to help the soldiers can be found, clubs for fun and games - where women dance and show their goods. And women who are willing to come and put out for the men are given more gold than others. Soldiers are put on fort duty for a year and a half and are rotated.

Trading Post and Fortress/Trading Post Cannae:

The city known simply as Trading Post is a small, well guarded city that is big enough to used as trading with the Hapians. Having built up over time, it has grown into a diverse society with a ton of races, especially those who come to visit the Legion and shows in the style of the city. With some of the Roman look, and a mix of everything, it is a haphazard of looks and design. With the large marble walls around it, and two gates in and out, the main central area is an area of stores, shops, taverns, and more, but along the main street is a Market for people who want to sell their goods on the streets for a tax.

The homes and barracks of the warriors guarding it is to the west and south, while the citizens and people who run the city shops and trade are to the north and east, and they live in nice homes of various designs, some Hapian there, some Naturalist there, etc.

Trading Post/Fortress Cannae is much the same way, but it is large and serves as a fortress. It is different that it is more open to people and has two gates into it, with a large trading center in the middle. Life in both areas is much easier than the most cities due to the friendly and open atmosphere, and the fact one can raise families easier. Women are known to work easily in stores and shops here, and daughters can be seen learning in their mothers' footsteps in the various trading techniques.

Port City Epirus and Port City Spart:

Designed much like the Amazon port cities, the Legion port cities are different in many different ways. Having a Roman style in many ways, their port cities are more crowded and rowdier, like many medieval cities you'd find on Earth. While the style and beauty is there, the Legion ports are rougher. Having much less piers, about 20, and their ships being smaller, yet having more weapons, their warehouses are also tinier as well.

Having a huge army presence due to the Amazon's navy, their barracks are located near the piers, as well as the homes for those who do not live there. After that, the rest of the city is mostly shops and taverns as well as clubs for the soldiers on duty and live there. Having a rougher atmosphere, the taverns and inns stock up rarer and harder stuff than the Amazon port cities, and one can find a lot of fun in a Legion port city, but also lose their teeth. The shops and items sold are also more illegal and rougher, and they allow traders to peddle their goods along the main street for a fee each day.

The clubs that take place at night are rough and the women that agree to do so get paid well, able to earn a good amount. Many are Legion daughters or women who live in the city, having grown up there all their lives. Many who grow up in these cities enjoy the rough days and party nights. The soldiers patrol the city for too much trouble.

Border City Rostra:

Before anyone realized what was in the Great Forest, the Legion built this city to protect against what might lurk inside due to the number of men who had gone missing in it. Due to the fact is is located so far out from the main Legion Republic, and once it was discovered beautiful plant people lived inside and this is the city that they visit, Rostra is mostly laid back compared to the other cities.

A small city, with a simple wood wall built out of the trees in the forest, the city has a simple small trade system with the Great Forest, and as such there are tons of plants, and beautiful floral all over it, and the buildings are all made of either marble or trees. The Legion soldiers and family here are more laid back due to being so far back and are friendly with the Ent and enjoy having them as guests, and many Ent and Venuses live in the village. It is a pleasant, laid back village with many interracial relationships

Unmarked Villages/Cities:

There are a ton of villages and cities not marked on the map. They are just not important. The Legion Warriors in the Republic enjoy a good fight, but there are also cultured and educated in the cities. The women are the ones who run the shops and stores, and appreciated for their beauty in clubs and more. The villages, being in the country side, are more like Rostra and some do not even have soldiers in them anymore.


Forest Naturalist City:

Built inside the forest, the Naturalist Capital - also called Nature City - is built entirely from the forest itself. All the materials needed came from the forest and a medium size city was formed, built from wood. The people that live there are in tune with nature, using what comes from the woods or fielding and plowing. Having cut down a section of the forest, they now plow and scavange from the forest itself to survive. The city is itself is like a traditional forest city, only slightly bigger, with running water, mills, fields, wooden walls for protection, advanced building walls like something out of a medieval period, systems for getting rid of waste with the spirit's help, and more. The chief's house, a mansion like building, is in the Upper Quarters.

Divided into Quarters, the Upper Quarters are those with more coin and run shops, are more in tune with nature and the spirits, push their agenda, and so on. They are what you would consider naturalist officals or nobility in a way. The Middle Quarter is the shops and stores, the supply shops where the grain is kept, and the spirits places. The schools for the youth are located in this area of the city, where they teach about all the spirits as well, especially Sylph. And the Lower Quarters is where all the normal civilians live.

Each household has to save a place for a spirit if they wish to float in and stay. The city is designed with plant life and small trees since they were cut down to encourage the spirits to gather around them and various plants that the spirits seem to like as well. Men and women work together to culture the relationship and people sit around and work with them day after day. outside, the fields are grown with the spirits help.

Nearby a group of Priests over see the temple to the Great Wind Spirit. While living in a Naturalist city like this, one most respect the harmony of the land and work with the spirits, offering your body some of the time if a spirit asked. This was meant for only older Naturalists. In this way, they are like Voiders. There, also, Green Dragon eggs are cared for as there is a small green Dragon populace.

Trading Post and Port Village:

Built on the principles of the Naturalists, the Trading Post is made from wood from the forest below, and designed the same way as Nature City, only smaller. There to trade, the Trading Post thrives on trading and stores. While it's design is exactly the same as the Nature City, they allow stores, shops, and trading in the street in greater volume. Having a school there, in the hopes of converting people that come, and making sure people preach to traders that come, the Trading Post is a smaller version of the City.

The Port Village in turn is built from crushed rocks and wood, and has about 12 piers, and warehouses. Built so that ships can dock and that the Naturalists could send out their small shipping fleets out, as well as preach to more about the need to be one with Spirits. Designed in the same style as the others, outside the fact the warehouses exist, and it is like the Trading Post. Plants, trees, and a school exists.

River City and Walled off Village:

River City is named so because of it's positon on the river. Built with mud houses that were baked into hard clay and whatnot, the people here have no school due to living on the river and enjoying being one with nature. Their city is small, almost like a village, but due to the river they do have trade and boating that goes down the river. Farmers mostly, they focus on raising horses, animals, and field work, and being one with the spirits. Life in River City is focused on enlightenment with being one with Geyze through hard work and raising life.

The Walled Off Village is a bit different in that they have built high stone walls around them due to their position between the Hapians and Daemons. Despite being allies with the Daemons, the city has built their defenses up. They have also done so because all the do is focus on their enlightenment in allowing spirits to possess them and want no interruptions if they can help. The city is divided in half, with part of the city being open via a gate to allow people who enter the Naturalist region to get supplies and rest in the only inn in the city and stay at the tavern. There is also a single store. After that unless people wish to stay, you are encouraged to go on. Set up in an abby like setting, the Naturalist priests practice, and if they accomplish the enlightenment go to the forest to protect the Great Spirit.

Families who grow up in the village, which is small and the population low, typically move on due to there being little to do.

Unmarked Villages/Cities:

There are a ton of villages and cities not marked on the map. They are just not important. The villages in the Naturalist region focus on their nature loving and spirit enlightenment, while raising families and trying to enlighten others who come through.


Monk Heights City:

The capital city of the Monk Order, the city is located high up on the mountains. Designed like Nanda Parbat from DC Comics, which is like a giant monk monestary city. Massive in size, with several buildings and styled with Indian like Tibet influences, it has a high population of Monks who wish to train and learn the arts of Chi and Chakra. The city itself has the main monestary training center, where the monks train with the older Monks, as well as several other divisions that train them in the other arts, such as lesser summon training as well as other arts. A good portion of the city is devoted to schools and education, to train the mind as well as the soul.

The rest is made for the civilians who have made the journey, or family members of the Monks. There are shops and stores, as well as trading posts. As far as entertainment goes, there are inns and taverns for those who come and visit, as well as dancing centers for those who wish to train such as young women who do not wish to be monks. However, it is a very chaste environment and there is not much to do. In the end, many leave that do not wish to be a Monk.

Due to the cold winds and longer falls and winters, lesser spirits with fire abilities are kept on hand to keep things warmer and the buildings are designed to deflect the winds.

Summoner Heights:

Built around a massive castle, the Summoni Capital is a city built around the base of it. The castle itself is where the true Summoni, as the original Summoners call themselves that practiced the original arts from long ago and not the Rogue Summoners out there, teach today. The Summoni Order is strict and gives out the missions they feel Summoners should undergo and while they let their Summoners live in other cities, they must always return back to the castle every two years for face to face reports. Other wise they can accept by carrier their orders every four months.

The castle is massive, holding tons of rare tomes, and Summoni train their for 7 years before they are allowed to go off on their own. If they train from children, they are not allowed to leave until they are 12. It is here that the High Summoners reside.

The city itself is a mixture of hopefuls that will attain the ability to summon, families of the Summoni that live in the city, and more. Schools and places of education exist in the city, being a place of learning and gathering of knowledge of all sorts. The Summoni gather any type of tome or information they think is important, and encourage Magik users to approach them. Stores, shops, and taverns of all kinds exist, as well as clubs, both dirty and exotic, and clean and fun are there.

The city is divided into the scholars, the shop keepers, and then the poor and hopefuls. The housing is divided by this as well, with one needing credientials to move into better housing. If one is married into a Summoni, one lives in the Noble District with the best housing.

Due to the cold and winter winds that blow up there, spring and summer being less than fall and winter that last longer, the cities are designed to deflect the cold winds and buildings are designed with lots of fire pits. Lesser Spirits that have fire abilities are constantly on hand.

Mountain Entrance Village/Mountain Path Village:

The Monk's Mountain Entrance Village and the Summoner's Mountain Path Village are similiar in many ways. The Entrance Village is the only entry way into the mountains with both the Monks and Summoner's capitals, and as such is a well trend village by people who wish to go see either group. Of course one could try to scale the mountains, but that is dangerous with the cold.

The village is designed so one could simply walk down the center of it and go up the mountain trail, but it also has several taverns and inns, as well as shops. There is one club, run to entertain people, but it is rather chaste due to it being a Monk city. Due to the fact it is at the base of the mountain and many people might need various things, the Monks allow all sorts of races to run various shops and stuff, so the village has various types of shops due to the various races there.

There are no schools, only a Monk training ground and place for them to focus their chi and chakra. The village is like something you might find in Japan out in the country, a small little way side village.

The Path Village is a little different, and much smaller, because it is on the path up to the mountains that hold the Magi City Ruins. Since many Magik Users, and those interested in history, travel up to the city to investigate the fallen Order, the Summoners have maintained a village there. Compromised of more shops and taverns, as well as more clubs of various kinds, it is a village that caters to the needs of people making the trek since once up there, there is nothing to help people. It is much like the Entrance Village in that it allows all sorts of races to run shops.

There are no summoner training schools there though and one has to continue on to the Heights. Dark Blue Dragon eggs are kept here.

Both areas are less cold due to being sheltered against the mountain and the seasons down here are less extreme, being longer falls than anything.

Seaport and Portside:

The Monk's Seaport is a study port city that is made up of various building materials. Looking much like a Japanese village port, it is designed to accept trading and ships, and has only a few piers to accomodate the trade. Fishing boats and a few trading vessels have been built by the Monks to go out and gather materials. The Monks also use the port to send their people out on the Monk Training Expedition. (see below). The village is comprised of a few warehouse for storage along the pier, a few shops and stores, as well as a few taverns and inns along the main streets of which there are only a few, and there are no clubs or any sort of entertainment outside one, known as the Seaport Club.

The main housing is to the east of the main town, and that is for those who live there or settle down after arriving. The housing is like your typical Japanese style home. The actual Monks get the best housing, styled after country side manors, and the rest get smaller and smaller houses depending on what they contribute to the village.

There is a small Monk training center to keep the Monks sharp that live in the port.

The Summoner's Portside is similiar in the style and look and number of piers and ships. It's few main streets are filled with more stores and clubs, however, to try to bring in more Summoners to stay, and bring back Rogue Summoners to the Summoni order. The housing in Portside is more or less equal, with Summoners having the bigger housing, and merchants and store owners having the second biggest. The rest of the people who live there have the same size housing, but as long as they contribute in some manner, they do not have small housing.

There is a Summoner school to train Summoners and prepare them to see if they have the talent to go to Summoner Heights.

Village of Spirits:

The only village of the Voiders, and where the Great Void Spirit resides, it is a simple village that has hardly anything to offer. Only the bare bones of buildings exist so that the body does not die, built from lumber, stone, and other materials. They have no real leadership structure, other than having a Chief that they follow to keep order and maintain the trials for the Great Spirit.

The village is made up of buildngs that the civilians live in, an inn for travelers that desperately need to stay, and tavern that only provides food for the entire village and those that stay. They get their food from planting the fields. The rest of the time is offering up their bodies to the spirits, even when they are not asked, and encouraging a bond. They also work on ceasing all emotions for they believe that is unnatural - they believe one has to enter the void of emotions.

The Great Temple is built into the mountain and the village is built before it. Not surprisingly, many youngsters flee from the village as soon as they can.

Unmarked Villages/Cities:

There are a ton of villages and cities not marked on the map. They are just not important. The villages in the Spiritualist region mostly line up with the thinking of above. There is only the one Void village. The villages that are scattered about teach their own Monk techniques to youngsters, eventually sending children if they have great talent to a city, and the Summoners have their own bits in their cities, sending kids to the Heights if they have the same.

The Monk Training Expedition is where Monks need to go out after they grow up and learn about the world, doing great deeds and achieving things with their powers, saving people, accomplishing things, and whatnot, for 10 years. They need to overcome 12 inner trials and fears, and show the world the power of the inner spirit. To do this they need to find a cause of some sort.

Great Forest:

Ent Plantville Capital:

The capital of the Ent's side of the Great Forest, it is a stunningly beautiful place to live. The Ents, a beautiful plant people who look female, enjoy beauty and the Great Forest is known for it's beauty in general. The Dark Forest, known for it's dark beauty and being one of the most stunningly beautiful places on Geyze - you can read more about it above - the Great Forest has it's own natural beauty. Giant trees, colorful plants of a rainbow of colors all around, vines with red and purple and yellow flowers, and more. The Great Forest is alive and one enters it, they FEEL alive.

And so the capital of the Ents takes this into account and you can feel the beauty and nature. Built into the trees themselves, and along them - not only at their base, but along their sides, at their tops, along their branches - between them from the tops, the middles, and more. Their city is truly unique. Not wanting to harm the Great Forest, the Ents have built their homes along the massively huge trees that are the size of 20 story buildings, and have created vine catwalks between them, allowing a crisscrossing of beauty since the vines have flowers and other colors. In some instances, where the trees are hollow, they have built into them in sections.

The city itself is a large space of land that is built along the trees, with various levels along these trees connected to other trees, and branches touching other branches that are tied together, allowing walkways. It is structured so that various societies of Ents can live together in Districts. The 'nobility' or leadership District lives in the middle - the safest - place of the city, and this is where the Ent Leader's place is located. A massively beautiful section of trees that are connected together, with built platforms along it that form large huts the size of houses, that are decorated with colorful plants and other pieces of nature, and having animals that like to run it, it is like a plant castle amongst the seven giant trees that make up the Ent Palace.

Other nobility have smaller versions - the plant huts typically look like giant houses, strung together to be sturdy so that one can put in furniture and things that Ents like to collect. The doorways and windows in it allow them to look out and the walkways from tree to tree allow them to step out and walk to another tree.

The next District is the Civilian District, where all the homes are at and this is the main one - each tree able to hold several homes along the base of it, the walkways crisscrossing and connecting to each other's homes, typically neighbors or friends.

From there, the Base District is where all the stores and shops, as well as inns for weary travelers. They also have Dance Clubs, since Ents love music, having designed their homes for the wind to blow music, employing plants that ring out notes. They also have taverns, the saps of certain plants very potent for drinking. The animals of the forest provide food for various species.

The atmosphere of the capital is one of working together and peacefulness. Many of them also enjoy traveling to the Dark Forest, reporting that is a wonderful forest. A good population of werebeast lives with them.

Sunflower Village:

Built on the ground unlike the previous Capital, it is a section of the forest that is more opened up and has a field of sunflowers. The Ents that live here are very into them, some even having Sunflowers grown into their clothing and parts of them. Their village is built up with trees and strong vines to provide walled protection against various monsters that are out there. Their homes, vined houses that are typically the size of very large huts that can fit many things inside it - like Millia's village in Xillia 1 - are grouped together with no district. The Sunflower Village works together, growing their food and substance.

They have stores and inns, welcoming other races to join them in their love of Sunflowers, and they include taverns, and clubs. They have all forms of entertainment at the village. There is even a section that allows growing other flowers. Since the village is complete equal in it's design and is circular, there is no much to say. There are Brown Dragon eggs here year round due to Brown Dragons living in the forest.


Located at the sea, the Ents have built their port city into the Great Forest's edge, using the giant trees located there. Clearing a space of land at the edge of the sea, they have knocked down dying trees to form the piers, and being so large they formed enough for the ships and the piers. Having the largest ships in the land, able to carry tons of cargo and people - up to 500 on their ships, their piers are able to dock up to 35 ships.

The city itself is built into the base of the trees and up along it. The warehouses are built along the base, and using the insides of the Great Trees for storage, with the vine huts built along it to protect the entrances to the trees. Along the sides of the trees and tops, like the Capital, the Ents have built their shops and inns, taverns and so on, including dance clubs and sex clubs, hoping to entice visitors to mate.

To help people move along, there are vine stairways up along the streets. Further into the city, at the back sides, are the homes of the Ents that live there full time, and they are always willing to build people that want to move in new homes. The Ents who live here are very open and free with their bodies.

Forest Village:

Built to greet people who enter the forest, the village is a simple village that is both ground based like Sunflower Village, and in the trees like the Capital. Using trees as a wall of defense, there are four gates of entrance, typically always open for those who approach unless they look like trouble. The ground part of the village has the inns, the taverns, the stores, and the clubs. Like the Plantport, they are very open here with what they do in clubs, looking for mates with those outside the Great Forest.

The homes of those who live in the village is in the trees, the designs based the same as always. If any race shows an interest in moving into the forest, the Ents are always willing to build such a home, either on ground level or along the trees. They are also happy to let races open shops.

Dark Plant Valley City:

The capital for the Venus Plant race, their part of the Great Forest is a little different. Further into the forest, where it is darker, and due to the plant life being different - more monsterous and whatnot, the Venus have evolved differently. Dark Planet Valley is located in a valley in the Forest where the light does not reach, but beautiful glowing moss illuminates it a purple glow. Along this part of the valley, there are various tentacle vines that attack intruders sexually, and quite a few monsters that also attack unless the Venus call them off.

The valley is filled with glowing trees that look to be blue, some red, and are not as tall as the Great Forest's trees outside the valley. The Venus build their homes, made of wood and vines along the trees, using it as a light source. The valley is divided into various sections: The Strength Sector is where their leaders and those who have proven to be strong in various ways - strong in fighting, strong in the market with their shops, domianting other shops, strong in running taverns, or so on. This is where the Venus Ruler lives, in a large mansion, that is four stories tall, and has several glowing trees inside and around it.

The next area, located on the east side of the valley, is the Warrior Sector, where the warriors live with their families. Their homes are larger than most, and they get the first pick of the food and mates that they want. This takes up a good portion of the housing. The West side of the valley is made up of the Civilian Sector, which includes those who run shops, taverns, inns, clubs, etc.

The south area is where the Venus run their schools, which surprisingly the Ents do not have to the public - only to their rulers and higher ups, since so much information is just shared amongst them. Everything is taught, from mating, to fighting, to basic education, to running things is taught in a Venus school. Including hunting.

Due to being more open up to the public now, and not wanting to kill their mates, the South Sector also includes shops, inns for races that want to visit, dance clubs to lure them in since the Venus are more exotic than the Ents, especially with their tentacles, and more.

Living in the Valley is a trial, but it is also more rewarding in many ways. The Venus are like the Daemons in many way, calling out for strength, but they also respect beauty and the desire to take what you want in life. The most common chef in a bakery can rise up to be nobility if he can become the best at it.

Dark Vine Village:

Located at the edge of the dark part of the Great Forest, the Venus who live here are surrounded amongst the tentacle vines, having tamed them. Using them for pleasure as well as part of their daily lives and homes, Dark Vine Village is located in a part of the Forest that is surrounded by purple lighting from the mushrooms and glowing trees. Building their homes against the trees, the Venus use the dark vines to construct their homes, so that the vines can actually move inside their houses, and outside to strike at intruders.

The village is rather small, and the housing is made up equally, though to become chef, you must still keep the basic tenants of having the will to become the best at something. The village votes on what they consider that to be every two years.

Having the simple things like stores and inns, the village prides itself on the entertainment being the vines and each other.

Unmarked Villages/Cities:

There are a ton of villages and cities not marked on the map. They are just not important. The villages in the Great Forest, on both sides, follow the guidelines of each races' fellows. As far as the hybrids go, where their hidden village is located is unknown. Since it is unlikely that Ent and Venus will stop mating, there will always be Aents out there.




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