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Conduct Rules:

1) Players need to be cordial to each other.

2) Those who are disruptive/pick fights with each other, get argumentative or carry on during sessions will be asked to leave the room they are doing it in. Session time is session time. If you are upset, you can wait until aftr the session.

3) The GM's ruling is absolute in matters. He will listen to your case, but whatever he decides you need to accept.

The GM:

Since the GM was hesitant to do Duality: TAW6, there are few rules in place that players need to abide. If these are not abided, then Duality will come to a quick end.

1) I will call on co-GMs to help take off the load. People will volunteer when the call goes out.

2) I will take 2-3 nights/days a week to play games.

People will ask/make sure I am taking the time to play games. I may say it's okay if I haven't today, but make the effort to check. On game days, I do not mini. There will be no complaining or fussing. Note, this is not skipping sessions. This is about minis. Game Days is when I play video games over RPing minis. I can give up the option of doing a game day to mini, but that is my choice. I do not want whining about my game days.

3) After each Chapter, I may opt to take a break of a week or a day.

4) Reserve how much you ask me questions on game days regarding the RPG. I will happily answer them on mini days and Session Days.

The Schedule:

1) Duality will be RPed on Mon and Sat from 7:30 PM EST until 9:30 PM EST.

2) Except for special sessions, this will always be the time. I may take break days for personal crisises even when a chapter break has not occurred.

3) I will no longer try to work my complicated doctor appointments around the RPG anymore.

The Channels:

#TAW-Original - this is the main mini room the Fall of Eden characters

#TAW-Academy - This focuses on the Geyze Academy's mini adventures.

#TAW-Club - This is for the Theater Club of the Cypher Noir characters.

#TAW-Aquarius - This is the main mini room for the Ship characters.

The Original TAW5 Characters:

I know the big question for many of you is what about the Originals? Well, I will try to answer that as best I can.

1) You can still RP the Originals in #TAW-Original for one thing.

2) There will be ties with the Originals still in Duality but it might not be obvious or right away.

3) "Can I name one of my characters after like the kids from TAW5?" Yes. But they cannot remember anything about their family or the TAW5 stuff. After all, if you read the history for Duality, no one recalls what happened 200 years ago. So lets say that Chain played Bigsby or I played Luma or something, they would have no memory of Cheryl or Umi or any of them or the events of TAW5. For the most part it would appear they simply looked like said characters.

4) "When I see a character from TAW5, should I assume it's the same character?" Maybe. I don't know. That's up to you. And between me and the player. Or if it's one of my character, between me and me.

5) "This is still the end of the TAW series of RPGs, right?" Yes. This is the end of the second set of trilogies. It will wrap up everything set up in TAW4. Just by focusing on new aspects and characters. So any Original characters will be hard to spot at first, or if at all. And the connections hard to make.

6) "So if I wanted to play a child/daughter/ of my character, I should discuss it with you?" You can! But just remember what I stated above and what it means to play said character. You're doing a gamble if they will later tie into their TAW5 lineage or not at all.

Session Logs:

1) Players who want to do logs can ask after session and they will be given that session.

2) However, next session that player must let another person go and have a shot at asking for the log, so that they can have a chance at exp. If no one asks for the log after 10-15 mins after the session, the person who went last time can simply ask the channel if anyone intends to do it and if no one indicates so, they can take it.

This is a good way to get exp, so I encourage a rotation of players try this out.

3) A player can hold up to 3 sessions in reserve max before they have to do them. They can hold no more than that since that is denying other players a chance to do logs and gain exp.

4) If the sessions back up to 6 waiting to be done (not counting those people have in reserve to do), then I will put the RPG in hiatus. With us doing 2 every weekend and then a weekend for FoE, that should be about a month for backup. That gives everyone a month before back up occurs.


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