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The Star Corps, sometimes nicknamed the Starship Corps, or Starship Corporation/Star Corporation, is one of the more unique and hard areas if you do live in the middle class and upper levels. Having the largest quadrant, the Star Corps is one of the most powerful of the 7 minor Corporations. Their focus on several unique aspects: Starships, Ship Components, Robotic Components (needed for Biotects), as well as their most famous thing: Warfare hardware, which includes weapons, battle armor, battle mods, gunships, and Spirit Fossil experimentation on ships, wepaons, and more. Due to all this, they have some of the tightest security checks between not only quadrants, but also their vertical levels.

Their most vital research is all located on the Top Level where their main Corporations are located. They typically hire their own security due to the nature of their designs and work, not trusting outside merceinaries and Tech-Runners in these facilities. The top facilities are where there you will find the valuable theory data and plans, as well as creation on: Ship Data and Creation and weaponary. They also keep the hidden data on unique and rare Biotect and Robotics here only.

The other things located up here is a private space port for the testing of their shuttles, not open to the public, and the monorail that is used only by the elite and rich that live on the Top Levels of all 7 quadrants to go the Pleasure City.

The Middle Class Level usually houses less important research and the brunt of the work force that does the tedious work and every day to day work and grinding of the gears. Handing and building, putting together of all the components and sending it up. The security here is usually a mix of in-house security and mercenaries that are on the pay-roll for years.

As for the slums, they are completely enclosed with the disc unlike Quadrant 2 due to the nature of the work the Star Corps works on. People live there mostly due to the sheer size of it and the luck of the draw, the fact that the Star Corps, needing a work force will sometimes pull people off the streets during busy months to work and then put them back down in the Slums with pay, and the fact there is a lot of shady back end deals and shops down there if you need weaponary. There are always missing shipments from the Star Corps that winds up down here and if someone needs the latest weapons or tech, even if it's usually busted a little, the Quad 3 Slums is where you come to for it.

The place has a high human population of various ethinicities.

Star Corps is run by a Dragoon named Cloud Starstriker, who is believed to be 32 despite looking 18 due to how Dragoons stop aging. Her second in command is a Werebeast Wolf named Cecil who is 30 as well. They both run the company with a board of directors, who's names can be looked up and some who are hidden.

There are over 12 facilities in the Top Level, and over 15 on the Middle Level. 7 of them are connected. There are no facilities in the Slums. The HQ is located on the Top Level.


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