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The Net-Ron Corporation is known for many things, most of which is making spirit and mage mods for the public and trying to crack the secret of them as well as Spirit Fossils. They have made great strides in their mods and learned more and more, such as creating Mana Crystal knock offs to a degree, and people definitely come here for Mana Crystals when away from the Mana Resource rich planets, but their hope is to mass market summoners and mages by learning how to infuse normal ordinary beings. So far the experiments have only produce short term results before the people's inner circuits blow out for humans or worse for other species. They also have made great strides in other areas, such as Psion mods, and Gladius tech. They are one of the leading runners of Gladius Tech outside Star Corps.

They are also desperately trying to solve the mystery of the Spirit Fossil problem and have many factories developed into developing them into various things, such as making sure they work with Tech-Runner properties, and their mods. The other Corporations often turn to Net-Ron for their goods, which makes them a target.

However, lately they have been looking into making a Biotect who can do magik and summon abilities, since they should have the abilities. The Mark VIII's being the testing grounds, they have been spending billions into the projects. No one knows how close they have gotten or if they have produced any subjects. So far Net-Ron is going into the red, but their CEO promises great results on the horizon on all fronts.

Their Corporate facilities on the top floor are located in 9 different locates, and there are 11 on the Middle Class level. 6 of them are connected. There are also 3 of them connected down to the Slums as well. Due to their research into Magik and Summoning, they have brought over a lot of Mana Resources and have produced artifical Mana Resources in this one area. Though it is not quite as good as the real deal. However, they are known to lose their experiments, which they have branded Rogue Magi after the legendary Magi on Geyze. So they have hired people who are capable of going after them, be it Psions, Tech-Runners, or other Magik Users. Due to this, all levels have seen interesting things. Only certain Corporate Facilities research such information - you will have to discover which. Just like which ones look into Spirit Fossils.

Around 30% of the area is opened all the way up, to allow the magik and summoning experiments to achieve full abilities, but this also means that they lose alot of their experiments into the Slums. However, if they get too far away from the Resources, they lose their power without Mana Crystals. The problem there is the Black Market in the Quad 7 Slums. Supplies go missing a lot and due to the troubles, a lot has made it down into the various shops and areas. Styled after Japan in some places, a Tech-Noir version of it, you can find lots of Black Market magik and summoning supplies around, as well as items and shops if you know where to look and can avoid the Hunters, which is what the Net-Ron Corporation sends after you. The Hunters are either Tech-Runners, other Mages, Summoners who can still use their summons, Shadow Thieves, or Psions, anyone who has been deputized by the Corporation to take on the rogue Magi and bring them back and stop their rampages due to the faulty experiment.

The CEO of the corporation is a Darkoni named Twilight Ron'qu. Not much is known about her or her age, though she appears to be 12. She has no partner. Her board of directors are all easily looked up.


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