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Kumen Quadrants

The domed city of Kumen Tech is circular, and outside the monorail that is on the upper levels where the elite are located, the only exits are the three space ports - one in the Slums, one in the Middle Class section, and the one in the Elite Section. The city, despite these sections (Top - Elite, Middle - Middle Class, and Bottom - Slums) are divided into seven quadrants and an "eighth" which is the CoreSector Corporation HQ's headquarters, since they oversee the entire operations of the city and the other 7 Corporations pay their respects to them like a Godfather.

Each Corporation basically runs a quadrant of the city and focuses on a particular aspect, though many overlap in their businesses due to the Corporations all wanting a slice of the pie. So each quadrant has a Top, Middle, and Bottom to it as well. The Quadrants are divided up usually by check point fields that you have to show your ID - basically your DataReader, though due to the size of the city - it is 1.5x the size of Shanghai, you can easily find ways through the checkpoint fields if you know how to do so. Check points are also typically required to move vertically, from the Slums up to the Middle Sector up to the Top Sector, except in certain Quadrants or Buildings that rise up very high. See more on DataReaders in the Tech/Item Tab.

The structures of most of the divides are disc shape, and the buildings go up through the disc shaped, but you will find that the security in the buildings to be very incredibly hard to go through. Other times, the buildings simply stop at the disc divide. And a new one begins on the top of the disc and so on. Other times there are gaps in the discs to allow some sun light to go through to the Slums, but only in a few Quadrants. It depends on the Corporations. I will break down each Quadrant to give the players a better idea what it is like for when mission times come, and if they want to do research. Below is a map of the city. The Quadrants will also include pictures of their own to give you an idea of what those areas may look like.


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