The Duality Wars:

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The Tech-Runner Wars refers to the ongoing espionage battles between the Corporations and the useage of Tech-Runners, and other agents such as Shadow Thieves, Psions, and more to inflitrate the Corporations by each other to get information that is vital and bring it back to the Corporation that wants it to use it against them. Typically to research it and develop it before the original Corporation does. While Tech-Runners have been around for a 100 years, since 5890 CE, it has only been the last ten years this has gotten to be called a 'War'.

Tech-Runners have in the last 50 years, after developing their skills and mods, and learning how far they could push their bodies and what constitutes as a Tech-Runner, and adaptibility with the Net, began to divide into sub-groups of ideals and groups, many teaming up under certain Corporations for jobs and most working mercenary to make a killing. Many people who turned to being a Tech-Runner lived in the Slums since the high of using the tech was not like anything else and hooking up to The Net was quite pleasurable. Plus the jobs Tech-Runners are paid are quite high - Corporations often seek people in the Slums over Tech-Runners in the Middle Class for the sheer purpose of deniability and privacy. Due to the fact there are little working cameras down in the Slums anymore.

And so many are found down there that are not on the pay-rolls. However, that means Tech-Runners have grown into cliques, groups, or formed into solo wolves or teams that work toward purposes. Some are even known to do terrorist acts against the Corporations while searching 'for the Truth'.

'The Truth':

Spraypainted on many buildings in the Slums, and sometimes even found in the Middle-Class areas, is the symbol for Truth, or the words Truth in a circle. In Tech-Runner circles, it is believed that the truth of the Homeworld has been covered up by the CoreSector Corporation and that there is more to what happened. Since so many people cannot remember events that took place 200 years ago, they think there is more going on and that all this is one big simulation in the Net and everyone needs to wake up. Hence, the Tech-Runner groups belonging to Enlightenment wish to bring everything on Kumen down in flames, and kill everyone, to wake everyone up out of the simulation and learn what the Truth is. Others believe that Kumen Tech City has secrets hidden within it by the Corporations and that the Tech-Runners have to seek it out.

The Tech-Runner Groups:

I will discuss some key Tech-Runner groups that are known publically before going into the over all Tech-Runner War concept.

Enlightenment - Wishes to destroy the entire city and the people in it. Will use people for a time, but sooner or later, you will likely wind up dead. They pay will, but at the same time might end up just renigging. They are the ones who use the symbol of Truth on the walls. They hire other Tech-Runners to do their dirty work since they are hunted so badly.

Seekers - The ones who write Truth on walls. They believe that Kumen City hides a secret for all Tech-Runners to find. They work with the Corporations only to try to steal data while doing it for themselves. So far they haven't been caught in the war. But it's a known secret and it's only time.

Crackers - A group who loves to crack any kind of information. It doesn't matter what it is or where it is, they love to get their hands on it. They are some of the best Tech-Runners and are famous for it.

Ghosts - The ghosts are named so because you never detect they were there. The group comes in and out of your files and you never once detected their entry. Perhaps the best and deadliest group.

Code Geiss - A lone Tech-Runner who is known as the most skilled Tech-Runner alive. He works alone and not much information is on him. He always moves and no one has seen his true face due to his mods.

Choir Breakers - The final top tier group - they are known for being good at causing a lot of destruction in their wake. Usually used when the Corporations, or other groups, wish to do a lot of damage between themselves.

Cypher - Your group. One of the many upstart groups that does low level jobs and tries to stay out of the way of the big dogs and Corporations.

Tech-Runner War:

The Tech-Runner War began around 5980 CE, though likely it began a few years before discreetly, it became full fledged open and blown between the Corporations by that year. It refers to the useage of Tech-Runners and other entities to break into Corporations by rival Corporations to hack information or steal information for them. It is not known which Corporation traded the blow with who, but by now it is common practice. Around this time, Enlightenment also began to cause their destruction and quickly moved onto the wanted list.

As the 'War' has continued between the Corporations, more Tech-Runners have been pulled into it, some for money, some for fame, some by the Corporations themselves against their will simply because they need more cannon fodder and denability to use against their fellow Corporations. Since if a Tech-Runner or Shadow Thief or other agent is found breaking into a Corporation, it usually means death without a trial.

The CoreSector Corporation so far has not stepped into the entire mess and allows the espionage to continue. With some Corporations growing weaker and stronger, they have remained quiet, and not have moved their Security forces to get involved yet. What this means, no Tech-Runner knows yet, but everyone knows that the CoreSector Corporation Security can do whatever they want, whenever they want, so they avoid pissing off the big guy.

Each Corporation is said to pay differently, so many Tech-Runners hope to be picked up by different ones. But in the end, who is the good guys? Also, it seems with the desire for Spirit Fossils racking up and the hunting for Spirits, many Corporations are turning their eyes toward Geyze and many are beginning to believe the cold war is going to go hot - and soon. Either with all the Corporations teaming up, or each one going for goods and being against the others. So far every Tech-Runner is waiting to see where they will end up in this.