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Classes Expanded is just so you can get more information on each of the Classes that I did not want to cram into the Rules section of Step 2 and possibly scare you off. Everything listed there will be listed into the Classes here, along with more details and information you might need.

A general reminder, when getting mods from your Class, and other classes, is based on the amount of points you have in each Stat. So if you have 5 points in Perception, that gives you so many mods. Some classes blend together and require two types of Mods, so also keep this in mind. All the information in the Mods section will let you know what each mod takes to get it.

Note: Sub-Classes, when unlocked, are the same as the Classes below. You just are able to pick another Class and it serves as your sub-class. You should wisely pick a sub-class that serves and aids whatever Class you picked. It will be weaker than your main class since you will not get many mods for it like you did your Main Class.

Jack of All Trades

Shadow Thieving







Transformation Warrior



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