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The Duality Wars


To the left are the list of mods within each class. Each class has within it several choices, such has Shadow Thief having two choices, the Rogue Shadow Thief and Ninja Shadow Thief.

The All choice in each of the Classes is open to everyone to pick mods from, allowing you to add variety to your characters. As long as you have either Mod Points or the Stats that partain to that All category, you can pick Mods from it. Just keep in mind your Mod Capacity.

A note for the mods - if you see things like Lv. 1 or Lv. 2, that means you have to keep taking points in that mod to get the higher levels (they stack). Later on, when you reach Lv. 15 for your character (not the mod), you will have the option of deleting the lower mod levels if you wish to do so.

You can use any level of a series of a mod, as well, so that means you can use Lv. Max, then Lv. 1, then Lv. 2 since they are all separate mods. But once you hit Lv. 15 with your character, you can dump any Lv. of the stacking mods, meaning you can keep Lv.3. and Lv. Max and get rid of the two previous levels to free up slots toward your Mod. Capacity.

If you see a () beside a mod that is how much of a stat it restores. So if you see (2) that means it restores 2 to that stat .

If you see a [ ]next to a mod that means it costs more than one point to buy. For example, [2] means it costs 2 points to buy that mod. Either Stats or Mod Points.

If a mod takes turns, it will be listed in the mod description as well as <3 turns+> if it is positive for lasting 3 turns in your favor or <3 turns-> if takes 3 turns to active or you have to wait 3 turns to use the mod.

Each time you use a mod, it is used up for that session until the next one (or if it is a two parter, until the next time the character can rest.)


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