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There are several types of races in the The Duality Wars universe. Below are a list of the various races you can choose from. I will include which classes they are best suited for as well classes they are not that great in (if there is such a thing) to help you pick. But in the end, it is entirely up to you. There are no hybrid races in this RPG. You can BE a hybrid character, but as far as traits go, you have to pick one parent race or another to go by for characteristics. For example, if Taiga were in this RPG, she would have to pick a Kitsune or Dragoon despite being a Kitsune Dragoon. (Since there is no Kitsune listed, she would Fauna's Fox Girl or Dragoon)

Some races are also better suited toward certain mods and abilities. This is for you to discover and tinker with. If you want to go against the type, please do so. As far as characters there in The Alien Wars 5: Trinity or The Alien Wars 5: Shards of Time, please see Questions and Answers.









Daemon Asmos

Daemon Nymph

Daemon Lilin




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