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For character creation in The Alien Wars 6, you have to follow these rules in making it. Characters are divided into three generations. The First Generation, the Second Generation, and finally the Third Generation. All new players will fall into the Third Generation.

Now, for older players, you will need to transfer over older characters from each of the three generations. During sessions, you will only be able to use 3 characters per generation of your choosing, but you need to make sure you convert them first using this creation process. In minis, you can use as many as you want.

Here's how the conversation process works. You will get points to put into categories. The categories are

1) Abilities - These are your moves. Your attacks and other special abilities to do things, like Miyuki's monster fox and what not. You get 7 per character and they can be anything you want. So you need to spend 7 points in abilities to have 7 moves. Spending an ability point also lets your character do an above and beyond move that you can talk with the GM about.

2) Strength - This measures strength, hit power, lifting things, pushing things, all sorts of things. There are 7 slots here too. Spending strength point lets you do a beyond and above strength ability, like Megumi used to do.

3) Speed - This is how fast you are, how quickly you can reach something. The higher your speed, the faster you are than people. Spending a speed point lets you skip things like OGs or pull off feats of ability that can hurt your body. There are 7 slots.

4) Mind - This is how powerful your mind is. This lets you possbily read others' mind if you want or defend against mind attacks. Or this could simply be how smart you are if you choose, being a doctor or a genius instead of a psionic. Spending a mind point lets you do genius surgery or powerful psionics that you can ask the GM about. There are 7 slots.

5) Godhood - The potiential for greatness. Outside the old gods, which need this to show their godhood, too, this shows your potiential for accessing powerful relics and abilities. This is the only points you cannot spend if you choose to invest. The GM will let you know when this activates. There are 7 slots.

That is a total of 35 slots.

The First Generation gets 24 points to spend. They are maxed out level wise.

The Second Generation gets 17 points to spend. Can gain more up to 24.

The Third Generation gets 10 points to spend. Can gain more up to 24.


How Abilities Work: You write and make your own moves. Each point you put into ability lets you create your own move, like in the old days. I might tell you to temper it down if it's too outrageous. There is no numbers or anything, you create what you want. Now, when you spend a point to do something incredible, you select a move to take off the board.

How the Other Points Work: If you spend points in the other areas, outside Godhood, it slowly weakens you overall as far as how you should RP. If you have it maxed out losing one isn't a big deal, mind you. But it might be the difference between oh and ah since each time you spend a point to do a radical stunt, you're wearing something out. Think like Megumi tearing her muscles.

As far as items and stuff goes, I'll house rule that as I go, to make sure people don't go too crazy.


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