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If you are interested in making a Gear for yourself, here is what you need to know. It will be added onto your bio as your personal gear. Much like the characters, the Gear has it's own stats, though it's a little different from character stats. You have 10 spending points you can apply to a Gear. 1 spending point equals 10 stat points and each stat begins with 1 spending point allocated (giving everyone a baseline 10 stat points in each stat).

The stats run up to 100 on each stat. As the RPG progresses you can upgrade after certain events but it will not be often, so choose wisely how you want type of Gear you want to make.

Here is how the stats work:

Power - This is basically Strength. How powerful, your Gear is. The damage output.

Energy - This is the amount of energy for special attacks. This is for the element attacks you choose for your Gear. It does not have to be the same element as your character. It also allows you to use whatever special moves you have. Every 10 energy you have, a special move can be done. Power and energy work in tandem. Your energy attacks can't do a lot of damage output without Power.

Armor - This how much damage you can take in a battle. It is calculated by the GM, but if an enemy is powerful, lets say, one powerful hit takes off 10 armor off per hit, or the weaklings 5.

Speed - How fast you in space. This for dodging, juking, evading.


Weapon Type: You fill in the type of weapon your Gear will use. Energy Blaster, Drill Arm, Normal Whip, Energy Whip, etc. Up to you.

Element: The element your Gear uses can do damage wise.


So the starting stats look like this since 1 point equals 10.

Power: 10 of 100

Energy: 10 of 100

Armor: 10 of 100

Speed: 10 of 100




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