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Here are the following races in The Alien Wars 6.

Humans: Humans are located all over the galaxy. They are the primary species on Earth, it's colonies, the Cartel, and on PAX. Humans life-spans are typically about 130 years if they make sure to visit the doctor regularly and get treatments. A human's breeding period is typically when they reach puberty from the age of 14 or 15 and it will last until about 65. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They are known for their determination and willpower to fight through any challenge and environment they may be faced with in life. Their tenacious nature has earned them the respect of other races. Unfortunately, some humans represent the worst of humanity: they can be greedy, prejudice, and self-centered. It seems humans lean more towards rape and pillaging than other races, especially against female aliens. They still have a long way to come in the world.

Famfrits: Famfrits are a race that is limited in number these days and they are primarily located on the PAX and the Iron Paw now. After the 20 year period that has passed, their numbers have risen from 10,000 during The Alien Wars 5 era to a healthier 100,000.

Famfrit life-spans are typically about 360 years if they make sure to visit doctors regularly and do not over-manifest. A famfrit's breeding period is typically between the ages of 42 and 210. They are typically smaller and frailer than humans, with thinner bones, and have elf like ears. However, a new form was unlocked by their matron, Megumi Zhenmei, and now they have cat ears and two tails. Many have chosen to take on this look.

Their eyes are catlike and either green or yellow or blue or red. Their hair colors vary, from blue to pink to green to purple to even the rare color of white. The shades of these colors vary and can be pale or very vibrant. They are known for their intelligence and manifestation abilities - able to change the body's makeup and create crystal like objects. Their natures are typically curious and shy.

They sometimes have the bad reputation as being whoreish, due to their culture. Famfrit mothers teach their daughters about sex when they reach the age by actually having sex with them, sometimes. Even siblings will teach the younger siblings through sex, depending on the family. It's considered necessary due to their long lifespans and natures so that the young will not seek out alternative means of release with males. Because they age physically 1 year every 3 years, that means their development and hormones last longer than other races. To help the younger Famfrits get through this period of hormones that last 18 years, this is why the females in the family help the younger females.

Their natures are also very catlike and they have cat qualities about them - certain foods will excite them and strange shiny objects will distract them. Ringing a bell will drive a Famfrit crazy trying to paw it. They are a relatively harmless race that enjoys hunting like cats do, but lack a vindictive nature. They can be very judgemental, but typically it is because they have morales and family values, believing their way is the right way. But they are known to adapt.

Progenitors: The Progenitors number in the handful now. Their leader is Erevis Zhenmei, who, while trapped in a human body, is possiblely the strongest Progenitor due to the simple fact she is of a royal bloodline. Progenitors in the past were not a peaceful or kind race, so Erevis and the Progenitors with her have turned their backs on the old ways.

A normal Progenitor will live for hundreds and hundreds of years; half-Progenitors, or those trapped in human bodies, will age normally, though due to their true energy forms, it is possible for them to transfer to a new body with the right technology. They are capable of breeding almost the moment they are born. Their true forms are that of hyperspace beings, though they take on human forms that look and act differently. Due to Erevis' tinkering with the new Progenitors, they can also mate in normal means without burning away their mate with hyperspace. The personalities of the Progenitors are not defined due to the limited number, and each makes his or her own way through life.

Dragoons: The Dragoons and Guardians are of the same race, though there are differences. Dragoons were made by humans using Guardian DNA mixed with Human DNA. The Alphas and the Next-Generation Dragoons were created using this method. Their ages are usually locked genetically after a certain point. They were rapidly aged to reach this point, then locked in and will remain that age until their death.

While Guardians age 1 year physically for every 5 years, and live to be 400, the ages of the Dragoons are actually unknown due to the fact they do not age and they are half-human. Dragoons come in all shapes and sizes, and genders. Most Dragoons, to help identify them, are given unique hair colors or eye colors, such as purple hair and purple eyes, or strawberry hair and red eyes. Some look normal like humans are - since even Guardians look humanlike. Of the 26 Alphas made, there are only 12 left.

Of the Next-Generation, of which 100 were made, there about 95 left. And the Guardians number in the 20,000 range. NGD and Guardians are capable of breeding, NGD being capable immediately and Guardians when they reach the age of 70. Dragoons and Guardians are able to bond with a person, forming a mental link with them that joins the two mind and thoughts. While each is separate, the Dragoons will sometimes take on some of the personality of their pilot, the person they bonded to, due to the fact of the intimate nature of the bond.

With their pilot, Dragoons can form into giant mechanical mechs called Gears, and even into dragons. This makes them incredible in combat and able to travel through space. Dragoons do not need to breathe and some can go days without sleep due to their energy reserves.

Their personalities are all different, though Dragoons typically have a strong sense of duty put into them and will work themselves to the bone to achieve this duty. Self-interest doesn't always factor in when they are faced with duty and if they have a mission, they will gladly hurt themselves to achieve it.

Guardians are typically more reserved and suspicious of others, preferring to be among their own kind. They are highly intelligent and have a sense of honor. Now that Guardians have separated from EarthGov and become independent, their future is one of the unknown.

Kitsune: Kitsune are fox spirits that are half-human as well from Japanese lore. Their entrance into the Prime Reality was due to a relic from the multiverse being found and opened. Since then, due to Cheryl's tinkerings, there may be even more Kitsune out there somewhere - mostly because Cheryl married one.

Kitsune are normal humans until they reach a certain age and their powers awaken (unless they are birthed into the families of powerful beings, like the Nues). Typically their fox ears and tail appears, and their hair color chases and their eyes become fox like and yellow. It does vary, though - Lorelei, Cheryl and Chii's daughter, was born with her fox ears and tail and they are blonde. Elwyn, the daughter of Freyja and Iceheart, can have her ears and tails (3 of them) appear at will.

Kitsune are very spiritual and elementally focused and can use this spiritual energy to guide them. Each Kitsune's powers vary, a bit, depending on their background and personality. Since they are like normal humans, their breeding habits are the same, except that once a human awakens as a Kitsune, their lifespan increases incrediblely - up to even a 1000 years or so, depending on how much their spiritual energy is inside. The stronger the Kitsune is, the longer they will live. So far, the most powerful Kitsune seem to be both Elwyn, Lorelei, and Miyuki.

Erusians: The Erusians are a strange people, made of two species that are intertwined genetically. The normal Erusians, and the majority of the population, are the Myhr, and appear to be human except for the fact they have elf ears as well. They are stronger than humans and capable of using their energy to even accomplish blasts sometimes, though it's a rare. For the longest time they were ruled over by the minority species, the Yloi. They are blue skinned humanoids that have psionic abilities and guided the Erusian people like royality.

Their enemies were the Tsivrixsh and so war waged between the two races for years. The Erusian people today are now equal after a major Civil War, with the miniority race now in charge of the government. They are closed off and their Ascendency is no longer expanding, and runs along the border of the Tsivrixsh Empire. Their personalities are different - the Yloi are arrogant and view the 'larger picture', while ignoring the details of the smaller people. They believe themselves to be the proper guardians of the Erusian people due to the fact they were genetically altered to be weapons. The Myhr are more laid back, though years of 'repression' have made them bitter toward the Yloi. Toward other races, they are eager to meet and grow more in knowledge, but they have a militaristic undertone due to being the second-class race for so long. Their views are of the short term and smaller picture.

Tsivrixsh: The primary antagonist in The Alien Wars 4, the Tsivrixsh Empire is a complicated race. Tsivrixsh are humanoid, but they are completely blue with glowing red eyes, and the males are completely bald. Females have long, black hair, and look like the Erusian Yloi in some ways except for the red eyes. Tsivrixsh live for 200 years typically and are fully mature at the age of 4 due to their accelerated growth rate. This is because they are a warrior race and the young need to be able to pick up a Xvash as soon as possible to expand the might of the Empire.

Tsivrixsh are arrogant and view themselves as superior to other races, and spent hundreds of years engaging in war with other races and taking them over. They are very militarisitic, but consider themselves honorable. The majority of the Tsivrixsh will only fight battles that are worthy of their honor, and when taking over a planet, will refrain from killing opponents too weak to fight back. Though there are some that do not share this view and they caused the great slaughters in the name of the Tsivrixsh Empire.

The Empire was defeated by EarthGov during the Dark War and since then have been rebuilding slowly. They have stopped attacking neighbors it seems and have taken on a new charismitic attitude under Emperor Kyun. They now devote themselves to helping others it seems, offering them charity and aid, such as helping the Guardians.

However, the majority of Tsivrixsh retain their warrior attitude, so it leaves many wondering just if this is a new ploy by the Tsivrixsh before an attack comes. Also, many Tsivrixsh now work as mercenaries, hired by various people to do jobs. A small number of them are located on the PAX while the majority are found in the Empire.

Atleans: Atleans are a race of Reptile-evolved humanoids with varying tones of pigmentation color, markedly splotched with ebony black patches which come from their genetically rooted clans. A varying and explorative species, Atleans are numerous and can be found living among most other species, at least those that tolerate alien life or are unaware of Atlean existance. Human like in appearance, they even were able to infiltrate and live among human society for thousands of years. Atleans derive their name from their capitol city of Atlantis, once located on Medai, their homeworld, but now a sizable mobile city ship which quite notably, is not covered in a dome. Rather Atlantis is now a ship name given to whichever ship in the Atlean Fleet that currently houses the active government, a Council consisting of Elders from each of the four primary clans. The fifth clan is so rare and recluse they are not actively represented, as no one has dared step forward to claim the seat.

They have always supported the PAX and the Suisen Empire and a large number can be found there.

Gitari: The Gitari are a species of rabbits. Kalon can do his own entry here.




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