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The Fall of Eden

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* DeathStar sets clones down
* Jackieness blinks and opens mouth... approaches clones
* Kaelan uses Jackie to touch clones.
* Kaelan is now known as Seraphna
* Jackieness draws clones into mouth
<DeathStar> That's 2
* Chaintan tosses out that movie
<DeathStar> 3
<Xanatos> Awooo
<ChadWinters`> Oi
<DeathStar> 4
<DeathStar> 2
<DeathStar> 1
<DeathStar> -0-
<DeathStar> 10-637.6.3
<DeathStar> Location: Underground Base, Level Black Ops
<DeathStar> 6* Ben works in the central area of the black office command office, the team with him. Also there is Striker Ops offices Kaori, XO, and Hess, and anyone else who hasn't picked a unit and needs a character in this scene
<DeathStar> <Ben> Using the compass we have we have been gathering a few more of the crystal shards. <Zephyr> We believe there is others in space. Which the Strikers seem eager to handle, Taiga proclaiming they are the space team
<DeathStar> 6* The Striker Ops, having a fancy uniform, in constrast to the Black Ops having no uniform to mark them
<Seraphna> * Lisa yawns and stretches a bit, recording the meeting despite having moved to active. In a suit that should fit a boy.
<Xanatos> 6* Cole peers over at the outfits and the then glances down to himself.
<ChadWinters`> Luckily the compass can track them down if they are out there.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel adjusts her uniform slightly.
<Seraphna> * Reese wears plainclothes, having had to make an effort since most of his wardrobe is uniform kit.
<DeathStar> <Ben> It took some time to figure out how to use it. Apparantly you have to ask it questions
<DeathStar> <Ben> And it moves in the direction
<Xanatos> <Kane> Oh? Fascinating.
<DeathStar> 6* Katherine, the alternate Katrina, jots notes
<Chaintan> 6*Hess stands in wet swimsuit and hoodie hastily pulled over, clearly plucked recently from pool
<Seraphna> Reese> So it's limited to directions?
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Apparantly.
<Seraphna> Reese> "So we just ask it where Destiny's plot is or somethin'?"
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "If Team Striker is handling the space missions, what about the rest of us?"
<ChadWinters`> But it's better than sifting through countless data to try and find instances of the shards.
<Seraphna> Luci> "Yeah I guess it is."
<Sara> * Kaori glances at Hess
<DeathStar> <Ben> Whatever dirty missions Cheryl needs us to do. *She glances at Kaori and Hess* I would typically say that she doesn't want the others to know, but the policy is that that the teams can have free flowing members
<DeathStar> *He
<Chaintan> <Hess> so becareful in our selection?
<DeathStar> <Ben> So I will stick to the dirty missions. Marcus' team is apparantly handling the main earth missions.
<Seraphna> * Lisa, even
<Seraphna> Lisa> "I'm no stranger to going underground, so I moved to this team."
<DeathStar> <Ben> Well, I wouldn't worry about that. Basically, you two are assigned to the Strikers, yet you can join our missions. Or Marcus'. If needed, Zephyr can assist Lorelei's team or Marcus'
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Helps that we are literally underground."
<DeathStar> <Ben> So there's no need to hide our mission dosier from each other
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Well yeah."
<ChadWinters`> Think specialized with the ability to branch out.
<Xanatos> <Kane> A very open policy for a black ops team. 6* He muses.
<DeathStar> <Ben> Hence me saying taking dirty missions that might be frowned on by the others, which normally would be kept quiet *he shrugs*
<DeathStar> <Ben> Hard to keep it from your team, or the others
<Sara> <Kaori> Well, we are trusted anyway *she notes to Hess quietly*
<Xanatos> <Cole> I guess if anyone has a problem they can take it up with management?
<ChadWinters`> Depends on the lines that need to get crossed, Kaori.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Not like we are going to nuke an alien race or something and you have to keep it quiet from Taiga. *she laughs awkardly*
<Chaintan> 6*Hess nods
<DeathStar> <Ben> Yes. Of course
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Easy to keep things from others. You all barely know me." *she waggles her eyebrows*
<Chaintan> <Hess> though whoever sends out these notices for us to meet could you not say URGENT? on the datapad
<DeathStar> <Ben> I didn't. It was just to over an update on events
<Chaintan> 6*Lifts up one of her feet and notices the puddle she's formed
<Seraphna> Thena> "Sorry Hess." *she sets down a tray of tea*
<DeathStar> 6* Adeline busts in suddenly
<DeathStar> <Adeline> I did it!
<Sara> * Kaori glances at Hess again subtly, blinking
<Xanatos> 6* Kane glances up, arching a brow
<Seraphna> Thena> "Thena did not plan that... that explains it?"
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "There is who you need to blame, Hess."
* ChadWinters` and Cel glance over at Adeline
<Chaintan> <Hess> I'd like to not drag the pool with me
<Xanatos> <Kane> You did it?
<Seraphna> Thena> "Wait... when did Thena get apprentice secretary?"
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Yes. I have learned why no one remembers .... you know who.
<DeathStar> *she pauses, eyeing others here*
<DeathStar> *Ben arches a brow, and Zephyr studies her*
<Xanatos> 6* Kane pauses and stands up quickly, stowing his datapad.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "...It's hard to remember anyone named "Youknowho.""
* ChadWinters` turns fully to her now, his arms crossing
<DeathStar> *Adeline bounces on the balls of her feet*
<DeathStar> *all giddy*
<DeathStar> <Ben> Is there something we should know?
<Chaintan> <Hess> please dont do that you might slip
<DeathStar> <Adeline> *whispers to Kane* We might need others
<Xanatos> <Kane> Is this somethign we can act upon now? 6* he asks Adeline
<DeathStar> <Adeline> It's something with the big bads
<Seraphna> * Lisa peers between Adeline and Kane slowly.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane muses to himself for a minute and then nods, stepping to Adeline's side.
<DeathStar> *Adeline nods and rolls Chad's chair out of the way a bit, rolling her own to take his spot, plugging her device in*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Which Big Bads? We get arched by everyone."
<DeathStar> *Katherine shrugs*
* ChadWinters` is rolled away.
<Xanatos> <Kane> I have a daughter. She vanished and no one remembers her, Adeline has been helping me search for her. Please listen as I will need some assistance on this.
<Seraphna> * Thena takes notes. "Adeline knows of person Big Bads hid... code name 'You know who'."
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Ohhhh..."
<DeathStar> *Zephyr leans by Hope*
<DeathStar> 6* Adeline pulls up Cheryl's entries to Kane
<Seraphna> * Lisa frowns and thinks about that, trying to remember, since she grew up around the mansion and Lemon.
<Xanatos> 6* Cole leans forward slightly, looking confused.
<Nyaomi> * Hope peers at Zephyr, rubbing her shoulder
<DeathStar> <Adeline> We know a person called Jenny existed due to the fact Cheryl sent logs about her to a personal file by Dad.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> And no one else did
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<Seraphna> Lisa> "And that's where we know we had to forget. Jennifer would NEVER live that one down."
<DeathStar> <Adeline> It lasted up to her seventh year of age. Now, she should be about oh, *she points at Hess* As old as your mom if things stayed on course
<Seraphna> Lisa> "So she could have been a Zodiac if she'd been around. Seeing as Taiga recruited all the kiddies that age."
<Xanatos> <Kane> Destiny, for all his annoyance, did tip me off to this. I twisted our time in the turn to get the information being shown.
<Seraphna> Reese> He was either trying to psyche you out or lead you on something.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Oh, I think this big bad told you all nothing but truths
<DeathStar> <Adeline> In order to hurt you more
<Seraphna> Reese> Psyche us out.
<Xanatos> <Cole> Truth hurts.
<ChadWinters`> Depends.
<Seraphna> * On the training floor, Truth sneezes.
<Sara> <Kaori> So even with the universe trying to make sure people exist, someone can be erased...
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Now. *she points at something* I began to research about this
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Records, Lemon heself, there was no sign of this Jenny Chiika existed
<ChadWinters`> More hidden if anything.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> BUT. Some records cannot be erased
<DeathStar> <Adeline> I had Vodka do a scan on Lemon. She gave birth.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Yet now that name is disturbingly familiar."
<Xanatos> <Kane> You did? 6* he looks impressed
<Seraphna> Reese> "Well that explains the creepin' about making notes and stuff."
<ChadWinters`> So what did you come up with?
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash peeks in and slips into the group, smooth-like
<DeathStar> <Adeline> So I began to dig deeper. It is my belief when Jenny Chiika was around age 7, in retaliation against you Kane, she was kidnapped. You ask I went through all the computer files on the base
<DeathStar> *Ben eyes Ash, shaking his head, especially on this Black Ops mission*
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Who did Kane piss off?"
<DeathStar> <Adeline> The shapeshifters
<DeathStar> *She brings up one monitor they missed*
<Xanatos> <Kane> The Dark One Human Hybrids.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "What'd you do Kane, insult their shapeshifter hive mom?"
<ChadWinters`> We did ruin they're plans a few times.
<DeathStar> *it shows a camera of them using Cheryl to get past the security and up to Jenny, using some sort of time distortion to freeze her, then setting off a mind device to wipe the mansion and base as they warp out with her to cover their tracks*
<DeathStar> <Adeline> I cannot figure out what the two devices were they used. The mind wipe or the time device
<Seraphna> LIsa> "...We need to create another shield frequency for that."
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... if they have that, I cannot begin to imagine what damage they have been doing
<Xanatos> 6* Kane leans forward, staring at the footage.
* ChadWinters` leans forward, studying the footage.
<DeathStar> *Adeline bows*
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Thank you, thank you
<Seraphna> Reese> Seriously, they could be screwing with all our lives and we'd never know it.
<ChadWinters`> Not bad.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> I believe it will be easy to restore the memories with some enzymes and alpha waves
<DeathStar> <Ben> This is disturbing.
<DeathStar> *he frowns*
<ChadWinters`> Agreed Ben.
<DeathStar> <Ben> No wonder the other leaders might have been changed
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Eh, it's a tuesday
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Until we can counter that, we are still vulnerable
<Xanatos> <Kane> Deeply distrubiung. But I am still filled with a sense of pride, Adeline you have done excellent work here. 6* He pauses and then grabs her in a huge.
<DeathStar> *Adeline pauses then blushes*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "so how do we deal with this?"
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> I have no idea
<Seraphna> * Lisa hands Adeline a lollipop.
<DeathStar> *Zephyr turns to Kaori* Any ideas?
<Xanatos> <Kane> IF I could figured out the details of the device I could perhaps make a counter.
<ChadWinters`> Well, we know it's possible. Just means we need to amp up our security.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Anyone who does a good job gets this. Ben got one earlier."
<DeathStar> <Ben> ... *pop*
<Xanatos> <Kane> Perhaps this treatment will illuminate more holes in our memories that we weren't aware of.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> We are a standstill unless we can trace them, or locate them.
<Sara> <Kaori> Hmm...
<ChadWinters`> For now, I can have one of my weapons start doing research on technology that mimics what happened in the footage.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> I was hoping maybe Kaori could. I thought I saw her change the color of her shirt the other day with a hand wave
<Seraphna> Lisa> "She has fashion powers?"
<Sara> <Kaori> M-Maybe.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane glances over at Kaori curiously.
<ChadWinters`> You think becaues she's tied to Center point she might be able to wave her hand and make the answer appear?
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Well the mind wipe technology is hard to counter. We might can fix it if we know about it. The warp, if it happened near us we might could track it but that was long ago
<Sara> <Kaori> I am willing to try... if what I should do is clear.
<Seraphna> * Lisa clicks her tongue.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hm. Maybe. I think for now maybe we should visit Billy. She might can help us.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "The time anomoly."
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Unless you all have another way to track this tech
<Seraphna> Lisa> "They froze the kid right? I don't think that kind of quantum anomoly just goes away with time."
<Sara> <Kaori> Okay... but if you come up with anything for me to do, I will do my best
* ChadWinters` shrugs as he leans back. 1"Without knowing what its based off, it's going to be a guessing game.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "We do have Billy's daughter over in the Striker group."
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Seeing as it is time. Heh."
<Xanatos> <Kane> Billy would be a good first step.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Well we have a few things to try. We'll try the quantum thing and Billy
<DeathStar> <Ben> Right. Lets have Myria do the one thing
<DeathStar> <Ben> The rest of you, lets have Reikana take us to Billy
<DeathStar> <Ben> And for goodness sake, get Hess dressed. She passed our from the cold. *he throws a blanket onto her* Poor thing
<DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
<DeathStar> Location: The Dark, Frightening Castle of Billy
<DeathStar> 6* Lightning flashes at a normal suburb house
<DeathStar> 6* A two story house and large backyard.
<Xanatos> <Cole> ...this a normal thing here?
<DeathStar> 6* Katherine studies it
<ChadWinters`> Unfortunately. Yes
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Actually this is a pretty nice day.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "She bought a machine. It sout back."
<DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hehs and walks up the drive way. As they walk, scary decorations pop up
<Sara> * Kaori moves along next to Zephyr, raising an eyebrow
* ChadWinters` walks along behind Zephyr, sunglasses and a hat on.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash blinks "Huh, that one's new.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane adjusts his coat and glasses, trying not to seem too tense and serious but failing a bit at that.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "I actually prefer grandma's mansion back in Tokyo, but she wouldn't let mom set traps."
<Xanatos> <Cole> She seems funny, putting up scary jokes.
<DeathStar> 6* Katherine knocks and the scariest of all, Billy opens the door wearing a middle class suburbian housewife outfit
<DeathStar> <Billy> Welcome~
<Seraphna> * Lisa waves.
<DeathStar> <Billy> Are you here for some candy?
<ChadWinters`> Billy. 6He nods to her
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Mom, they need someexpertise."
<DeathStar> <Billy> Again?
<DeathStar> *she holds out a flower pot full of candy*
<DeathStar> *Katherine blinks since it's June*
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "...that's not the special candy, is it?"
<DeathStar> <Billy> As if I would share that.
<Xanatos> <Kane> Yes I'm afraid we do. Can we have a moment?
<DeathStar> *Elder Billy seems to be back at the old homestead in Tokyo*
<DeathStar> <Billy> Come in, come in. *she pinches Kaori's cheek*
<DeathStar> *Katherine steps in and peers around*
<Sara> <Kaori> Ow. *she looks confused*
<DeathStar> <Billy> You look cute enough to eat my dear.
<DeathStar> <Billy> Candy?
<DeathStar> *she holds out the flower pot*
<Xanatos> 6* Kane bows his head and steps in
<Xanatos> 6* Cole glances around as he steps in.
<Seraphna> * Lisa steps in and peers around. "Been a while since I was last here."
<Xanatos> <Cole> Cool...lightning thing you have going on.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash takes one for Subufu and steps in
<kalonZombie> 6*Then thinks and grabs another piece for Kumiko
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *walks in*
<DeathStar> *Katherine looks around. The house seems to be filled with ordinary things, despite Billy's antics. A book case filled with dark literature, and some normal stuff, like romance, a kitchen for normal meals, the living room has a normal holovid, and an orb for something else*
<DeathStar> *the hallway leads to the bed room for the family, each with their own tastes, and the downstairs seems to have a darker atmosphere, while upstairs has strange lighting*
<DeathStar> <Billy> Thank you. What can I do for you?
<DeathStar> *Adeline hurries in, holding a device from Myria* I'm here
* ChadWinters` glances around as he moves with the group, he then nods to Kane
<Sara> * Kaori accepts a candy
<Xanatos> 6* Kane pauses and then glances to Adeline.
<Seraphna> * Setsuna walks by for the kitchen, yawning.
<DeathStar> *it's a giant piece of candy. Billy-Elwyn Chocolate inc*
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Myria whipped up a Quantum tracker.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane goes to say something but just pulls out his datapad and pulls up the video of Jenny being abducted.
<DeathStar> *it has Omega Coke label on it*
<DeathStar> *Billy watches it, her outfit turning into her gothic look*
<Xanatos> <Kane> The Dark One / Human hybrids took my daughter, freezing her in place as you see and then setting off a device to wipe everyone's memory in the base.
<DeathStar> <Billy> I see. I am not sure how much good I can be. But.
<DeathStar> *Billy muses, then touches Kaori, Kaori glowing a bit* But there
<Sara> * Kaori blinks
<DeathStar> <KAtherine> *scans Kaori*
<DeathStar> <KAtherine> I am detecting nothing different
<ChadWinters`> I assume you either woke up something latent in her body or amped something? 6He looks at Billy
<Xanatos> <Kane> I don't understand.
<DeathStar> <Billy> Just gave her body the ability to sense Dark Ones if she tries to use her abilities properly. Assuming they do work
<DeathStar> <Billy> Not sure if it will detect hybrids
<DeathStar> <Billy> But it is the most I can do
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "I'm tired of all these jerks making us look bad!"
<DeathStar> <Billy> Think of them as another race
<Sara> * Kaori closes her eyes, pondering all of this
<Seraphna> Luci> "We could call them like, "Bad Ones" or something."
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Anyway, dad, Bad Ones, Dark Ones, Hybrids, I suggest we go back to the mansion
<kalonZombie> <Ash> DarkER Ones
<Xanatos> <Kane> Yes, agreed.
<Xanatos> <Kane> Thank you Billy.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> With the Omega Tracker, we can follow the quantum trial
<DeathStar> <Billy> Of course
<Xanatos> <Cole> Omega Tracker? Fancy name.
<ChadWinters`> If there's one left.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Myria insisted.
<DeathStar> -Spinning Omega Coke-
<DeathStar> 6* The team is in an old empty room. Apparantly Lemon never filled it up. Hess is likely with them again if Chain is up to it
<DeathStar> 6* Adeline fiddles with the dials
<DeathStar> 6* Katherine adjusts her body suit, looking nervous. She holds her energy sword
<Chaintan> 6*Hess is
<Xanatos> 6* Cole stands by Katherine and gives her a nudge with his elbow and a reassuring smile.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Be ready. *Adeline mumbles about something faint, then fiddles again*
* ChadWinters` unholsters one of his guns, flicking the safety off.
<Seraphna> * Lisa nods a bit, hands ready to shield the group if something goes wrong.
<DeathStar> 6* Bea, B34, walks by holding a high school GED, having been off screen to go to school. She runs to find her partner to tell her
<Xanatos> <Kane> Now once this kicks off, I want you behind me Adeline....also don't mention to Lemon that you're doing this.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel stands off the side, holding her two short blades out
<DeathStar> *pausing long enough to grab hug Lisa, then continue*
<Sara> * Kaori looks on her guard
<Seraphna> * Lisa blinks a bit in surprise, but then resumes her guard.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *rests a hand on the grip of one of her pistols*
<DeathStar> <Adeline> I have it. The location is... that is odd. It is not that far away
<Chaintan> 6*Hess prepares Holy Volley premptively
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Europa.
* ChadWinters` raises an eyebrow
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hm. We have had stuff go down there before. *She tries to recall*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Sounds like we need to get a shuttle."
<Xanatos> <Cole> Europa is another planet?
<DeathStar> <Adeline> We could daisy chain teleport there.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Moon of Jupiter."
<DeathStar> <Adeline> To the moon, to mars, then Europa
<ChadWinters`> Then let's get going.
<Seraphna> * Lisa tries to think what that location was important.
<Xanatos> <Kane> I'm updated our status to Ben. 6* he says, lowering the datapad.
<DeathStar> *20 mins later, after straining the teleporters, they arrive on a barely terraformed moon of Jupiter. The giant gas ball of Jupiter looming in the sky*
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Pretty.
<DeathStar> 6* The area seems to be a research moon. There is very few people living here
<Xanatos> 6* Kane squints out, adjusting himself to test gravity.
<DeathStar> 6* The shielding here adjusts to gravity as best it can to earth gravity, but things go badl
<DeathStar> *whelp*
<Sara> * Kaori wobbles
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Did I gain another 500 pounds?
<DeathStar> 6* There is a few buildings here and a rover to drive around. The moon is slightly smaller than Earth's moon*
* ChadWinters` peers around, pulling out his datapad as he scans the area.
<Xanatos> <Kane> Which way does the tracker point?
<Chaintan> 6*Hess looks down, finding it pretty ok
<Chaintan> <Hess> hmmm
<DeathStar> 6* Adeline studies it
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Hm, it seems to be northward, away from the main complex. I think we might need to use the rover
<DeathStar> *Zephyr hops into it and Katherine gets into the back
* ChadWinters` moves over to the rover, checking to see if it'll power up.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Who wants to drive? I have a bad history
<DeathStar> *it flickers and powers up*
<Xanatos> <Cole> Is this stealing? 6* he gets in the back.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel moves to the rover, eyeing the roomage situation.
<ChadWinters`> Yes.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *climbs on to the rover*
<Seraphna> * Luci peers around and gets in. "I'll need to focus if we need to shield the car."
<Xanatos> <Cole> So...we just do what we want on this team?
<DeathStar> *it will fit up to 8-10 people*
<Xanatos> 6* Kane lets Chad drive, getting in the passenger seat.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> It is borrowing, not stealing. Plus we are government
<DeathStar> <Katherine> *pats Cole* We did worse in our time.
<Xanatos> <Cole> Shh, don't tell them that.
<ChadWinters`> Semantics. 6He buckles up.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> If we have too many people I can just teleport to you guys when you get there.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel clmbs in
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Play a bit of brain Solitare and Minesweeper.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> *sits on Kane's lap* Becareful of teleporting here. Try not to end up in Jupiter
<DeathStar> *she is likely teasing him. Maybe. Yes. Likely*
<kalonZombie> <Ash> I'll be fine. I haven't missed a teleport target yet.
<ChadWinters`> We all in? 6He peers in the back
<Sara> * Kaori is in
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Unless traps are here to fling snoopy teleports up there where they can never return
<Xanatos> <Kane> Yes, let's go.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> *she eyes jupiter*
<ChadWinters`> Lead the way Adeline. 6He starts driving forward
<DeathStar> <Adeline> 1000 klicks northeast. *as they drive, they go over a lot of rocky terrain not fully terraformed other than the air.*
<Xanatos> <Cole> Nice view. Kinda quiet too, I like that.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Now might be the time to try to sense for any hybrids - ambush might be bad
<ChadWinters`> Kaori, you're turn
<Sara> * Kaori closes her eyes, trying to convince the world to show her what they need to see
<Chaintan> 6*Hess ripples onto roof delicately and sits
<DeathStar> *the random number generates, is it an even number, or an odd number?*
<Sara> *odd?*
<DeathStar> *is it above in 1 - 5 or 6 - 10*
<Sara> *is it the former?*
<DeathStar> *I phrased it poorly. Do you think the number is in the 1 - 5 range, or the 6 - 10 range*
<Sara> *still guessing the 1-5 range, though*
<DeathStar> *Kaori is completely enlightened. The Hyrbrids are closing in to ambush in merely minutes*
<Sara> <Kaori> ... an ambush is coming
<ChadWinters`> From where?
<DeathStar> *from everywhere*
<Sara> <Kaori> I... think maybe everywhere
<Sara> * She frowns
<Xanatos> 6* Kane pulls out his pistols and nods to Adeline.
* ChadWinters` clicks his tongue. 1"At least we're in the right spot.
<Xanatos> <Kane> Get with Lisa. She has shields.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> We're getting closer.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash waits for someone to let him know where they are
<Jackieness> <Josephine> " many do you think?"
<DeathStar> *at that moment, large, medievial dragons appear and rampage close, and other monsters from ancient lore attack. And they are massive*
<DeathStar> *there is about 8 of them*
<Xanatos> 6* Cole stands up on the back of the rover, his hand folding down on themsevles and back in to his arms as minigun barrels push forward. He blinks and gapes at the dragons.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> What the hell?!
<Xanatos> <Kane> ...the hell?
* ChadWinters` eyes the ones infront of him, looking for the best path to avoid them as he drives forward
<Xanatos> 6* Cole jerks his arms up, miniguns spooling and firing outward at the closest dragon to their left rear.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I-Is that a dragon? And a cyclops? And titan?
<ChadWinters`> It would appear so
<DeathStar> 6* Prepare yourself Chad Winters
<DeathStar> Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Down, Down, Down, Up, Right, Right, Down, Left, Down Up, Right
<DeathStar> 5
<DeathStar> 4
<DeathStar> 3
<DeathStar> 2
<DeathStar> 1
<ChadWinters`> durldrldrldrldruuudllurudl
<DeathStar> -0-
<DeathStar> *the rover skids along and spins, all the monsters lost except 1, the dragon. Up ahead the complex is seen*
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> There. *she fires a dragoon bustah at the dragon*
<DeathStar> *Katherine fires a rocket launcher*
* ChadWinters` 's eye flicker back to their normal color as a slight bit of blood drops from his nose.
<Chaintan> 6*Hess fires the Volly
<Xanatos> 6* Kane tosses out a few small disc drones that fall back into the dragons path with explosions.
<DeathStar> *the dragon roars and falls downward. Adeline reaches and presses the foot down and drives for the complex, drivin hrough the door*
<DeathStar> *the rover screeching through the hallway and hits a doorway*
<Seraphna> * Lisa throws up shields over the others and the car.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Wheeee!"
* ChadWinters` grabs Adeline so she doesn't go flying through the window
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Hah...hah..
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel slams forward in to the person in front of her
<Xanatos> <Cole> Oh hold on, not ready. 6* He bounces around in the back.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Ungh..ow
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *moves out of the rover once it comes to a stop, drawing a pistol*
<ChadWinters`> Little warning next time. 6He wipes his nose, clicking his tongue at the blood.
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Got worried when you were bleeding
<Sara> * Kaori is holding on to one of the roof handles from the crazy driving
<Xanatos> 6* Kane pushes shakes his head and begins to climb out of the rover.
<DeathStar> *Hess is gone*
<ChadWinters`> Apparently I have less time to use it now. 6He grunts as he unbuckles himself and opens the door
<DeathStar> *from the roof*
<DeathStar> *Zephyr steps out and shakes her body for kinks* Too old for this
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Let's keep moving."
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel climbs up.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> W-We are missing someone. The girl on the roof
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Hess is gone?"
<DeathStar> *Adeline hops down and looks around. *
<ChadWinters`> Not that I was planning on it. Instincts might have kicked in. 6He frowns slightly as he peers at Katherine. 1"It seem's Hess isn't with us anymore.
<Sara> <Kaori> Hessie... *she looks around frantically*
<DeathStar> *there is a girl shaped hole in the wall they hit*
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> There
<Seraphna> Lisa> "I think she went that way."
<Sara> <Kaori> ...
<Xanatos> 6* Kane checks his pistols and then moves to check on Hess.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Look like a good place to start then..." *heads through the Hess-shaped hole*
<ChadWinters`> Let's keep moving foward, we're bound to run in to her.
<DeathStar> *Katherine steps through*
<DeathStar> 6* Adeline hops through and Zephyr slides in*
* ChadWinters` moves through carefully, Cel moving in after him
<Sara> * Kaori hops forward, staying close to the front
<Chaintan> 6*Its a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Hess shaped walkway
<Sara> <Kaori> I swear to god if you guys killed my girlfriend
<Xanatos> <Cole> Why..uh...was she on the roof anyway?
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Sorry. I'll be your new girlfriend. In 10 yaears
<DeathStar> 6* As they walk, they would see something odd in the hallway. Caccoons
<ChadWinters`> Sitting on a roof of a fast moving vehicle usually isn't something I'd call tactically sound
<Sara> * Kaori fumes
<DeathStar> 6* All through the hallway
<Xanatos> <Cole> If it was 'being cool' thing I totally get it.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Hold up... this is creepy town."
<ChadWinters`> Kane.
* ChadWinters` pulls out his datapad, scanning the coccoons
<DeathStar> 6* Zephyr pauses and touches a caccoo. Pulling her hand away, sticky substances on it.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane tchs and quickly moves up to the first caccoon tryin gto see inside it.
<DeathStar> <KAtherine> I think Hess landed somewhere in this
<Seraphna> Lisa> "This is super creepy."
<DeathStar> 6* As Kane leans inside, it begins to pull him insisde
<DeathStar> <Adeline> Papa!
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel moves to grab Kane
<Xanatos> 6* Kane gchs and reaches out to try to grab something.
<Sara> * Kaori walks, taking only brief glances, looking for Hess
<DeathStar> 6* A slurping sound as Cel holds on as it tries to reach in and pull him in
<Seraphna> * Lisa frowns and covers him in a shield, then uses it to push him free from the thing.
<Chaintan> 6*On queue Hess slides down webbing upside down and blows at Lisa's hair from the back before skittering back up
<DeathStar> Left, ight, Left, Right, LEft right
<DeathStar> 3
<DeathStar> 2
<ChadWinters`> rlrlrl
<Xanatos> rlrlrl
<Seraphna> rlrlr
<DeathStar> *they break him free*
<Seraphna> l
<Sara> * Kaori moves after Hess
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "I'm wondering if the people they were impersonating are in these things."
<Xanatos> 6* Kane pants a moment then nods to Josephine.
<ChadWinters`> That are they are the hybrid's themselfs.
<Xanatos> <Kane> I think so. Thank you. 6* He says to Cel.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel nods to Kane. 1"Anytime."
<DeathStar> <Zepyhyr> It is possible.
<Xanatos> <Cole> do we check without getting sucked in like he almost did?
<ChadWinters`> We could put a tracker on Lisa and push hersinside
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Find a full one?"
<DeathStar> *one caccoon begins to open and inside is a strange monster, much like one they faced earlier*
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Scuze me Weapon Boy?"
<DeathStar> *it begins to skitter toward them, roaring and hungery*
<Xanatos> <Cole> Wait...
* ChadWinters` pulls out his pistol and shoots at it's head
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Look out
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Heads up!"
<DeathStar> *it falls over, bleeding and Zephyr firs*
<Xanatos> 6* Kane pulls up his gun to aim then pauses and muses.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel pulls out her blades, sliding in to a defensive stance
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Damn... someone scan that thing."
<DeathStar> *it limps off*
* ChadWinters` fires another shot, aiming for it's leg now
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Or what's left of it."
<Xanatos> 6* Cole runs forward to leap and tackle it.
<DeathStar> *it twitches, whimpering*
<Xanatos> <Cole> Got it!
<DeathStar> <Creature> *whines like a monster dog*
<Xanatos> <Kane> ... 6* He frowns and moves to kneel by it, scanning.
<ChadWinters`> Best to kill it.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Not yet.":
* ChadWinters` aims his datapad at it, scanning it also
<DeathStar> *it seems to be from some alien planet they haven't run into yet. Perhaps further into the frontier*
<Chaintan> 6*Hess looks around from her upward position for just how many cocoons there are and if anything else is slithering for them
<DeathStar> *very durable skin, regenative*
<DeathStar> *there seems to be dozens and dozens*
<DeathStar> *at least in this one hallway. There is another hallway off to the other area*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Scan for human signatures."
<Chaintan> <Hess>guys....we have two roamers
<Chaintan> <Hess> and I'm fine thank you very much
<Sara> <Kaori> ...I can't help worrying
<ChadWinters`> I dont' recognize this species. They seem to be adding to their collection.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane tries to stun the creature to knock it out, not really sure what to do with it.
<ChadWinters`> Someone have a blade to cut open another coccoon?
<Xanatos> 6* Cole holds up his katars.
<Xanatos> <Cole> These work?
<ChadWinters`> Sure.
<ChadWinters`> I'd like to know if these are what make the hybrids or if this is them storing species for improving themselves
<DeathStar> *Zephyr scouts about*
<Xanatos> 6* Cole lets Chad and Kane deal with the unconcious(?) monster, moving over to cut open another caccoon.
<DeathStar> *down the hallway, there is a flying creature, going for Hess*
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel moves with Zephyr, not wanting to split people up too much
<Seraphna> * Lisa frowns and forms a shield around Hess.
<DeathStar> 6* While another caccoon has a scorpion like creature going for those opening a caccoon*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *turns and fires at the scorpion*
<DeathStar> *they would find in the cacoons another monster. It wiggles to go at Cole*
<DeathStar> *each caccoon seeming to have a different monster. Adeline works on the scans* No humans n them
* ChadWinters` aims his gun towards what he thinks is it's head and fires a shot for it
<Xanatos> 6* Cole acks and slashes out.
<ChadWinters`> DNA Storage most likely then. We should destroy this place on our way out.
<DeathStar> *Katherine throws her sabber at the monster with Cole, while the scorpion jerks and goes still*
<Xanatos> <Kane> ...good. 6* he says under his breath, standing upright.
<DeathStar> *the flying one stings at the shield around Hess, then goes for Kaori*
<DeathStar> *the puppy like monster lays KOed*
<ChadWinters`> Adeline, can you use that tracker to see where it runs to?
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Let's move one."
<Xanatos> <Kane> Further in would be my assumption.
<Chaintan> 6*Hess swats at it with the back of her hand
<Seraphna> * Lisa breaks the shield around Hess and flings the shards at the flying thing.
<Sara> * Kaori just plain wishes it was gone
<DeathStar> *the flying stinger goes down, twitching by Kaori. Twitch, dead. Adeline leads the two to the second hallway, that looks less Alien like but more research like. It is white, sterile with compartments all over the wall with buttons*
<DeathStar> *there is small windows to look inside and a computer system*
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Ah. This is more normal. *she moves to the computer, typing*
<Sara> <Kaori> ...a computer, huh
<DeathStar> <Adeline> *sits, resting*
* ChadWinters` peers around, moving to a computer and looking for a port
<DeathStar> <Katherine> PAssword protected
<DeathStar> *she works with Chad to hack it*
<Seraphna> * Lisa keeps an eye out for more monsters.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane glances between them hacking it, then moves to help.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> *she peers in the small windows.* These compartments are full of liquids, and-- -people are inside, frozen
* ChadWinters` plugs in and begins to work on hacking with the other 2
<Xanatos> 6* Cole peeks in a few as well.
<Xanatos> <Cole> Creepy.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel peers in towards one of them.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> *as she works, she muses* It seems to be a cryogen system. For people with life threatening diseases who wanted to be frozen
<DeathStar> <KAtherine> Until it was cured
<Xanatos> 6* Kane perks up at the sound of people and once in would go throught he identification records.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Apparantly this was a medical research facility once
<ChadWinters`> So they took the base for themselves.
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<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yes. <Adeline> They likely changed her identity KAne. I would like for a 7 year old, who came here a few decades ago
<Seraphna> * Lisa frowns more. "How many of these people here now are actually here for that reason?"
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Impossible to say. But if we pulled them out without knowing...
<ChadWinters`> Hard to say. 6He begins to download/copy all the information he can
<DeathStar> 6* A doctor steps in
<DeathStar> <Doctor> What are you all doing in here?
* ChadWinters` turns, quickly aiming his pistol at the Doctor. 1"Who are you?
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel turns on her heels, eyeing the Doctor
<Xanatos> 6* Kane ignores the doctor, nodding to adeline and expanding his search criteria to a 7 year old.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Let's just say that this is a raid."
<DeathStar> <Doctor> Doctor Richards. I oversee the patients here. And who are you? *Kane would come up with 2*
<ChadWinters`> Under who's orders?
<Xanatos> 6* Kane checks the names on each of them, then grabs their locations in the facility.
<Xanatos> <Cole> We're military buddy, so you've got some explaining to do.
<DeathStar> <Doctor Richards> Under who's orders? The medical research board
<DeathStar> *He moves over, eyeing them hacking into the computer*
<DeathStar> *Adeline looks into one girl, then her background* Try Patient 39
<Xanatos> 6* Kane nods and then steps out, around the doctor.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "What medical research board allows the breeding of alien species around patients?"
<ChadWinters`> You realize you have an infestation on the base?
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "How do you explain the illegal bioagents down the hall?"
<DeathStar> <Richards> Lab B is rented out to another team. They are research cures for people
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<Seraphna> Lisa> "With undocumented alien species."
<ChadWinters`> You share these faciltiy. With people you don't know, who do research on nothing you know about.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Again, illegal bioagents."
<Sara> * Kaori moves over by Hess as she watches the conversation
<DeathStar> <Richards> *he shakes his head* And you do illegal raids without a warrant. How am I suppose to believe you.
<DeathStar> <Richards> I am going to the director
<DeathStar> *he moves off*
<DeathStar> *Kane finds said patient easily*
<ChadWinters`> I think that's our cue to leave.
<Xanatos> <Cole> He's not exactly wrong. We don't have a warrant do we?
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> What's a warrant?
<DeathStar> *she rubs her head*
<Xanatos> 6* Kane steps into the room and moves up to the cryo...thing.
<Xanatos> <Cole> that a joke? Are you razzing the new guy?
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *moves after the doctor and tries to clonk him on the back of the head*
<DeathStar> *Adeline helps shut it down slwoly*
<DeathStar> *the doctor goes down*
<Sara> <Kaori> This is black ops. The entire point is that they do the stuff that others can't or won't.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *drags the doctor back into the lab with her*
* ChadWinters` moves to access the camera system. 1"Adeline, scan the doctor, make sure he's human.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane does a scan, specifically checking dna markers, comparing against lemon's and his own.
<DeathStar> *Adeline moves over to the doctor*
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Looks like the doctor had an unfortunate fall and bumped his head. I'd say we were hallucinations. Kane, you might want to get their security feeds too."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> This will take a few moments for her to wake up safely
<ChadWinters`> Kane's not here. I'm working on the security feeds.
<Seraphna> * Lisa taps her comms and tell him. Totally.
<Seraphna> LIsa> "You too then."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> *she uses IVs and plugs it into the girl. Kane would get a 100% match*
<DeathStar> <KAtherine> I am using what medical skills I have but it may take a bit
<DeathStar> *As Adeline kneels, the doctor raises, forming a spiked hand and stabs Adeline through the chest*
<DeathStar> <Doctor> I was goign to do this quietly
<DeathStar> <Doctor> *he lifts Adeline and hurls her at a tank*
<Xanatos> 6* Cole jerks.
<Xanatos> <Cole> Holy shit.
<Seraphna> * Lisa growls and leaps at the doctor, hitting him with a Shield Punch.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel jerks, her body arcing with electricty as she moves in towards the Doctor.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "So am I." *points a pistol at the back of his head and then fires*
<DeathStar> *Katherine and Zephyr turns*
<ChadWinters`> ADELINE!
<DeathStar> *The doctor turns Ridiarum to take the shots*
<Seraphna> * Lisa pushes a hand on it's chest and starts forming a shield inside the thing.
<DeathStar> <Doctor> Heh. You think I will go down so easily. *he lifts his large fists and smashes power valve for the lab*
<DeathStar> *then smashes Lisa's head, sending her flying, then limps off painfully*
<Xanatos> 6* Kane goes to say thank you but he turns and glances back in the direction, eyes widening his running back towards Adeline.
<Xanatos> <Kane> Stay with her! 6* He points back to Katherine
<DeathStar> **Katherine nods and works. Alarms begin to go off*
<Seraphna> * Lisa groans as she lands, forming a shield to cushion her fall and grunts, slowly picking herself up. "Get... the kid..."
* ChadWinters` fires a shot for the back of the Doctor's head, aiming the bullet between a crack
<Xanatos> 6* Cole forms his katars again and leap and stab into the doctors back if possible.
<DeathStar> *Zephyr slides outside and fires a dragoon bustah wildly*
<Seraphna> * Lisa moves to Adeline to tryu and get her out.
<ChadWinters`> Kaori, try to use your power to stabilize Adeline.
<Xanatos> 6* Kane searches for Adeline quickly.
<DeathStar> *the doctor seems to be heavily damaged, turning into a flying creature to go. His form twitching, hard to form*
<DeathStar> *eyeing Cole and Zephyr after the hits, he lifts off*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *unloads her pisotl into the half-changed doctor*
<DeathStar> *Adeline bleeds, her heart pierced*
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Hopefully I got a shield in his liver or some shit..."
<Seraphna> * Lisa frown and forms a shield bed for Adeline. "We need a healer!"
<DeathStar> *Katherine begins to bring Jenny's tempt up*
<Xanatos> <Kane> Oh god. Oh no. 6* he works to do what he can to stop the bleeding, injecting healing nanites but...the heart is pretty sensitive to damage.
* ChadWinters` taps his comm, trying to get a hold of Ben.
<DeathStar> <Ben on comm> Yes?
<DeathStar> *The flying doctor crashes somewhere over the hill. Boom*
<Seraphna> * Lisa mumbles and watches the nanites, forming small shields to attempt to keep Adeline patched for now.
<ChadWinters`> <Comm> Get a medbay unit ready. We've got an injured we're working on stabilizing.
<Xanatos> 6* Cole after the crash to make sure he finishes the job.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "What's the call now?!"
<DeathStar> *Adeline mumbles stuff, blood out of the corner of her mouth, sounding Spadeish. Who knows what the damage has done to her right now*
<DeathStar> <Ben on comm> Understood
<Xanatos> <Kane> Stay with me. You'll be okay. 6* He tells her, staring to panic.
<DeathStar> *Cole rushes out of sight to do battle*
<DeathStar> <KAtherine> I got her. *she peers at Adeline> Moving her will do a lot of damage. Are we willing to risk it?
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> We can try to teleport directly there
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "And the facility?"!
* ChadWinters` clicks his tongue. 1"It's going to be our best bet. Kaori's off with Hess somewhere"
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> We have to hope we can come back later. That or Adelinw
<Xanatos> <Kane> ...Ash. He can teleport, someone get him.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "I've got her on a shield... but.. damnit..."
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> I don't think he can teleport all the way to Earth. One moment
<DeathStar> *She touches her ear* Ben, get a lock on us.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> I need you to use the emergency teleport, no matter the risk
<Nyaomi> <Necia on comm> Working on it. Winters' grand daughter's on standby
<Xanatos> <Kane> I'm so sorry Adleine.
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<DeathStar> 6* Later that day
<DeathStar> 6* Lemon sits in medical bay, peering at Jenny, who is still seven, due to the cryo freeze, then at Adelinen, who is in ICU
<DeathStar> <Lemon> I am unsure how to feel. I remember a daughter I lost. With another on the walking edge
<Xanatos> 6* Kane sits by her, head in his hands, dried blood on him, he stares at the ground.
<Nyaomi> * Fiora sits, sweating as she maintains her telekinesis to hold her both super steady and to stop blowflow and damaged tissue from unraveling as the actual work is done or she needs to be moved to minimize the disturbance.
<Seraphna> * Jennifer runs tests on her, making sure she's okay, between that and assisting with treating Adeline.
<ChadWinters`> This is on me, Kane.
<DeathStar> *Vodka uses her healing abilities
<Seraphna> * Lisa seems gloomy, probably as the shield blaming herself for someone getting hit on her watch.
<DeathStar> *Jenny opens ehr eyes finally
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "She's awake."
<DeathStar> <Jenny> ... Mmmm? *She peers around*
<DeathStar> 6* Ren sits outside with Hess and Kaori
<DeathStar> <Ren> You two okay?
<Xanatos> <Kane> I allowed her to come, I made her my partner in this. I didn't train her properly. Yes you fucked up, but it isn't soley your fault. 6* He pauses, not one to curse often.
<Xanatos> <Kane> Apologies for my language. 6* he staps up and moves over to Jenny's side.
<ChadWinters`> None needed.
<DeathStar> <Vodka> *stops* Her body is healing surprisingly fast.
<DeathStar> <Vodka> With our various talents, she should be fine
<Sara> <Kaori> I'm okay...
* ChadWinters` peers through the window at Adeline
<DeathStar> <Lemon> Jenny. <Jenny> Mom? Things look different
<Xanatos> <Kane> ...must be something to do with her cloning process. But thank you Vodka. I...6* He breaks off his train of thought, glancing it at her.
<DeathStar> <Lemon> There is a few things that have changed. Jenny, I want to introduce you to your father
<DeathStar> *she shows him Kane. She stares at Kane, confused*
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "I can run a test if you wanna be sure." *she winks at Jenny*
<DeathStar> *Ren gives her a hug*
<Xanatos> <Kane> I...I'm sorry about my appearance. It has been a long day. 6* He pulls his blood stained hands behind his back, but there is a bit on his face.
<Seraphna> * Luci moves to the lounge and frees up some booze.
<Seraphna> * Lisa, damnit
<DeathStar> <Jenny> *she nods a little* I thought dad was a great war hero who died. <Lemon> Well, it seems I was mistaken. Well, around here, we all come back 3 times at least. *she rubs her head*
<Xanatos> <Kane> In your time I did die, but...things have changed. For you as well, rest up and we can discuss it later. But...I am pleased to meet you.
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "He got better. It happens."
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> I am concerned about one thing
<DeathStar> *she sits behind Chad*
<Sara> * Kaori looks at Hess
<ChadWinters`> Which one thing?
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Even saying she was distracted to do the Spade thing about seeing the future, she should be able to read minds a little. She was clueless he was a Bad One
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Which meant they can't be read mentally
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "At least not surface thoughts."
<ChadWinters`> It depends on what she read if she read anything. If it's nothing, then that's an anomoly
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> True. I am curious when she gets better what didn't clue her in
<ChadWinters`> Then maybe something good came out of it.
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "They're trained to avoid detection. Scrambling psionics is probably the first trick."
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "Wasn't Johnny able to do something similar in the past?"
<ChadWinters`> Even that's a sign, Jennifer.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> She is smart. I think she would have picked up something that would have made her feel uneasy
<ChadWinters`> Even I have ways of blocking psionics
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> She walked over completely oblivious. Hell she thought he was unconcious I think
<Xanatos> 6* Kane lets out a breath and moves to sit by Adeline.
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "Maybe they don't block their thoughts so much as... put up fake ones."
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "Like a disguise for the brain."
<ChadWinters`> Even that isn't easy.
<DeathStar> *Jenny watches Kane, interesed, whispering to Lemon and smiling shyly after Kane*
<Seraphna> Jennifer> "Neither is becoming a monster that cna change into just about anything."
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> We'll figure it out. We have to
<DeathStar> -END-
<DeathStar> Anyway *paw paw* Hoep you enjoyed it
<DeathStar> Next session is the Strikers
<DeathStar> And Strikers
<ChadWinters`> It was good
<Xanatos> DS: Stabbing children since the beginning of time!
<DeathStar> I saw a chance
<DeathStar> And took it
<ChadWinters`> Mwuahah
* Jackieness pops up behind DS with open mouth
* Nyaomi pours ketchup on DS
<DeathStar> Aieee
* Jackieness eats the DS
<DeathStar> *eaten*
<DeathStar> Even though when we return next time to Reikana
<DeathStar> We will see hints of the search of Darien
<DeathStar> I meant to have it some tonight
<Jackieness> :o
<DeathStar> But got sidetracked with child stabbing
<DeathStar> So 85-86 is the search of Darien in addition to the sessions that focus on the characters
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