The Alien Wars 6:

The Fall of Eden

Session Start: Sun Jan 28 17:00:03 2018
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<DeathStar> 4
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<DeathStar> 10-637.6.28 - more than a week after Reikana got her goo suit
<DeathStar> Location: The Underground Base
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<DeathStar> 6* Darien, since returning, has mostly been in a makeshift office, going over files and mission reports, keeping to himself. Vesta from the Marcus team frowning and keeping an eye on the office. But today's mission is now on that team, but on Ben's tema
<DeathStar> 6* Ben goes through some reports quietly, checking over the crystals they have been finding lately
<Seraphna> * Lisa peers through paperwork, yawning.
<Seraphna> * Thena refills Ben's tea.
<DeathStar> <Ben> Hm. Based on what Kaori learned from the other side, it is likely that Destiny is up to something. We should keep the crystals on lock down if at all possible
<Xanatos`> <Kane> I can start drafting schematics for a secure room.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "I think Dr. Carmichael requested a seperate storage facility for them. Something about keeping them stored with tons of possibly evil artifacts not being a good idea."
<DeathStar> <Ben> Right now we have it in the security room with all the other dangerous items. Though we had to put up more shielding around the brain
<ChadWinters`> You assume someone of Destiny's power couldn't materialize in to the room.
<DeathStar> <Ben> If he wanted to he would have done it long ago
<ChadWinters`> Maybe's waiting for us to collect them so it's less work for him. 6He leans against the wall.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "It's possible his power isn't as great away from the Centerpoint Core that we fought him at."
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Maybe he wants them here and together."
<DeathStar> <Ben> I think you're over thinking it.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Maybe he's just toying with us.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> We can account for that, at least place counter measures to slow him down if that should happen.
<DeathStar> *Ben leans back in his seat* The fact is he gave Cheryl the keys to Centerpoint to use for decades
<DeathStar> <Ben> So time clearly means nothing to him. Or did before we moved beyond the parameters of the previous trials
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "To what end?"
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Whatever he's up to, I don't like it."
<DeathStar> <Ben> Two, he gave us the crystals for ages. So whatever experiment he's doing, he either can't, or won't, initiate it himself at this point
<ChadWinters`> Most likely because he's in new territory. He'll probably be more methodical and cautios with his moves.
<DeathStar> <Ben> If I had to theorize, he's not part of the flow of time as we see it
<Seraphna> Lisa> "True, even he admitted, no one's gotten this far before. For once he's not omniscient."
<Xanatos`> <Kane> I do wonder how much we've set him back in his goals, if at all.
<ChadWinters`> We haven't seen or heard of him since Kane. I'm sure we've set him back somewhat.
<DeathStar> <Ben> It's possible. For now though I want as much security on our crystals.
<DeathStar> <Ben> The other side did mention they learned to gain some power from their crystals as well.
<DeathStar> <Ben> So we might want to look into that later too
<Seraphna> LIsa> "Right... well Kane and I can put our heads together and secure that place like some fort that people keep valuable stuff in."
* ChadWinters` glances between Ben and Kane. 1"If we could lock their energy signature down we might be able to put a damper up to make them hard to find.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Oh? Yes I would like to run some tests if that's the case. 6* He says to Ben, nodding in agreement with Chad's idea.
<DeathStar> <Ben> Hm. I see no reason why you can't. *he pauses and eyes the computers acting up, a bit like when Cran was using resources. He rolls his chair over to his main terminal*
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Problem?
<DeathStar> <Ben> Cole, Kane, Chad. Can you go up to the main level and go to the main frame? Take Ash with you
<DeathStar> <Ben> We got major slow down here
<Seraphna> * LIsa tilts her head. Reese peers in, coming in from training.
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane nods and stands, moving for the elevator.
<ChadWinters`> I know Adeline's been testing the system lately. 6He pushes off the wall, moving out to go to the main level with Kane
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Isn't she still in bed?"
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Are we being hacked?"
<DeathStar> <Ben> Possiblely. That's why I want you all to check the mainframe
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash moves with Kane
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole, sitting off to the side, lifts his head. Pushing his long white hair back he rises and moves after Kane and Chad, a dull thud resounding with each step.
<DeathStar> *Ben pauses, opening his mouth, then closes it, wondeing if Cole plans to fix that*
<Seraphna> * Lisa leans back and yawns a bit. "Good luck mod squad."
<Xanatos`> <Kane> I don't believe Adeline would tax it like this. 6* He waits for everyone that's going to get it and hits the up button, eyeing Cole.
* ChadWinters` glances back and Kane at Cole and Ash, then glances at Kane. 1"This won't get awkward at all."
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "...right." *spoken as the trio head to the mainframe*
<ChadWinters`> *minus first kane*
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Eh.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "We could always make Cole walk into Tabetha's lab to get that fixed, Ben."
<DeathStar> 6* Katherine, the alternate Katrina, is with Kaori up near the Mainframe, trying to get Kaori's game to work
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Hm. I am not sure why it is slowing down
<Xanatos`> <Cole> What? <Kane> Your armor is making a sound. <Cole> Oh, yeah it's not right.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Five minutes in there and she'll probably add a paint job."
<kalonZombie> <Ash> You should get the upgrades and you'll be quiet as a mouse, like me.
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane squints slightly and then, once they're on the mainframe floor, steps out and moves for it.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Flames and a half-naked pinup on his armor."
* ChadWinters` moves alongside Kane. 1"Wonder what's taxing the system that much."
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash moves for it "Alright honey, talk to me."
<DeathStar> *Katherine peers as people move up near the mainframe. The only people on the floor other than Katherine is likely Vodka in the medical bay, Adeline in the medical bay, and Kaori who is there getting her game to quit locking up
<Xanatos`> <Kane> ...what are you two doing here?
<Seraphna> * And possibly Jennifer in her eternal struggle to keep Adeline in bed.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> The computer games here are slowing down
<Seraphna> * Lisa monitors the systems in the office, frowning a bit.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Yeah we may be getting hacked. 6*Ash moves to check the mainframe, electing not to plug himself in to talk directly to the computer, since he might get himself hacked that way
* ChadWinters` moves up to the mainframe, eyeing the monitor to see what's taxing the system
<Sara> * Kaori shakes her handheld
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Are you taking up our resources with a game? Or have you been playing them here all along without issue until recently?
<DeathStar> *As Ash touches the Mainframe, not even jacking in, the computer systems suddenly start running normally*
<kalonZombie> <Ash> ...I fixed it.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Oh my. Ash has the magic touch
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole arches a brow.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> What'd you do?
* ChadWinters` glances at Ash. 1"That's not right."
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Is it hard to believe I'm just that good, Cole?
<kalonZombie> <Ash> It is. I'm answering for you.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Yes. Very.
<ChadWinters`> Kane, run a scan on the system to see if anything that was causing it to act up, left something behind
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash runs a diagnostic on himself
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Looks like they fixed it?"
<DeathStar> *Ash's system looks improved by 100%*
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane pulls out his datapad, then pauses and eyes it, then the machine.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> I need someone else's datapad.
<Sara> <Kaori> That is so suspicious.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> ...Okay, I apparently got an upgrade.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Should I take him apart and study him?
<kalonZombie> <Ash> I'm just gonna... put myself in a quarantine until we can get like... Gor to look at me.
<ChadWinters`> We should shut him down to run diagnostics on him.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Yes that thing that Chad said.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> You got an upgrade. From touching a machine that was acting up?
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Yes.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Yes, don't touch me, I don't want your improvements.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> I find it very weird and suspicious myself, so I'm gonna go down to the lab and shut down.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Hm. That would be wise.
<ChadWinters`> Probably best if you shut down here and we move you.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Yes, that's an excellent idea. I'll notify Ben. 6* He takes Cole's datapad and begins running a diagnostic on the systme.
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole backs up and stands well away from any machine, looking paranoid.
<DeathStar> *The system looks normal, but sections have strange errors now and again*
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Well, I do weigh a lot and Cole probably shouldn't touch me.
<DeathStar> *Katherine turns to Kaori's game machine*
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Which is why I was gonna head to the lab first.
<kalonZombie> 6*He starts moving for the labs, being careful to touch as little as possible
* ChadWinters` rubs his temple.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> *c* Ben, we're going to have Ash shut down and run a check on his system, the slowness stopped as he touched the machine and then his system showed improvements.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha eats a sandwich in the labs, eyeing several creations she has under sheets.
<DeathStar> <Ben on comm> Did he shut down right away?
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Virus' are the worst.
<ChadWinters`> <C> He refuses to. I think we should just dismantle him right now to save the trouble.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> *c* No...he said we wouldn't be able to move him.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Look, if Ben says for me to shut down now, then-
<kalonZombie> 6*He shuts down
<DeathStar> <Katherine> *she studies Ash, then nods* I'll get some equipment to carry him below
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<Xanatos`> <Cole> *c* Oh hey he did it. I'm not touchign him.
<DeathStar> 6* Katherine studies Ash, eyeing a datapad
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I am detecting something
<Seraphna> * Tabetha peers at her creation, then Katherine.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "It's not Roboenza is it?"
<Sara> * Kaori tilts head as she watches
<ChadWinters`> What is it?
<DeathStar> <Katherine> What?
<DeathStar> *she eyes Tabetha*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "...Nevermind."
<DeathStar> <Katherine moves away from Tabetha*
<Xanatos`> <Cole> IS it a virus we've dealt with before? 6* He calls out, outside the lab.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Well it's not the Maverick Virus, if I were to guess. We don't have Sigma here and he didn't go violent."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I don't know, but this is spreading through him rapidly. In fact I say it is spreading in the base now. *she holds up the datapad, which likely has it now: Σ *
<ChadWinters`> I don't recall Virus' being a huge issue for robot's or....reploids here.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha then stares.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> ...that icon is Sigma.
<ChadWinters`> The reports stated he was in your turn. 6He looks over at Cole.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I say in an hour he'll have 100% been taken over by this symbol
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "...Godsdamnit."
<DeathStar> <Ben> And this is in the base computers?
<Sara> <Kaori> Yes, the greek letter. Sigma. *she tilts head the other way*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "How did it get in?"
<Stretch> *Damian moves over against the wall, looking at the tech heads* The capability for a virus to affect both organic and synthetic is highly unlikely
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane rubs his chin, thinking for a few moment.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> *she sighs and rubs the back of her head* "The Maverick Virus mostly just affects reploids but it can invade systems too."
<ChadWinters`> It's possible he caught it in the turn he spent time in when Destiny scattered us.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Hm. It is likely it came in through that rip that brought her. *she points at Blue*
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I didn't really deal with him in my time. 6* He notes, his face pressed at the door cracked open.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "So why is it only acting up now?"
<Stretch> Damian> Is there any instances of this Maverick Virus affecting organic life?
* ChadWinters` glances at Katherine. 1"That's possible."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> If I had to guess, it took that long for the virus to get strong enough
<Xanatos`> <Kane> So how do we isolate it?
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "No, biomechanoid but not organic."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I am not sure, Mr. Kane. The Maverick Virus is highly ... contagious
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "There is a treatment for the virus..." *she frowns and considers* "It involves cleaning the core if I remember rightly. I have notes from Wind's reality."
<ChadWinters`> Is it possible to purge it from our systems?
<Stretch> *Damian nods and moves to sit at a stool to the side* My specialty is with organic-based viruses and such
<Sara> <Kaori> So, what, is my handheld going to start shooting lasers at me?
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Well, it might become part of Sigma's body.
<DeathStar> *she muses*
<DeathStar> <Katherine> The whole base might
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "So how do we clean out the system?"
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "It's possible he's trying to ressurect, yes."
<Xanatos`> <Kane> And we're certain that this spread of Sigma is related tot he maverick virus?
<Seraphna> * Lisa frowns and sighs.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> From my research, yes. It is him
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Sigma IS the Maverick Virus."
<DeathStar> *Cheryl walks in quietly behind them, arms crossed*
<Xanatos`> <Cole> They used to send people like me away just at the threat of being a maverick.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> So do we destroy Ash and the computers?
<Xanatos`> <Kane> ...I have a lot of data I don't want to lose.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "I mean... we could destroy Ash's body and I can clean his core and give him a new one."
<ChadWinters`> It would probably the be safest move.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Though I do have physical backups, but I wonder if I've backed them up since she arrived. 6* He glances at Blue.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Ash will survive as long as I can preserve his core."
<Stretch> *Damian glances at Cheryl warily* Is it wise for those who have a biomechanoid component to their physiology to be close to a known carrier?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> I'll be fine.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "WE've never had a case of a Dragoon going Maverick. And some faced Sigma directly in the past."
<Sara> * Kaori looks around at all the chaos and frowns, sad that the same technologies that allow the world to have video games also allow such fear
<Stretch> *Damian nods* Just voicing concern for something that could happen
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "We'll be sitting ducks down here with the mainframe offline though."
<DeathStar> *Ash begins to spark to life, Sigma bringing Ash online*
<ChadWinters`> That's not good. 6He points at Ash
<Seraphna> * Tabetha frowns and pulls out an EMP cannon, aiming it.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Ash is awake
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Always keep this handy in the lab."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> So far that is still Ash
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Woahhey!
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Ash, you're still infected."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Infection rate is only 60%
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane steps back and slides his hand into his coat.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Okay, sure, I'll just... shut down again.
<Jackieness> <Myria> *peeks up over a lab table with cutting tools in each hand*
<kalonZombie> 6*He tries to shut down
<DeathStar> *Ash remains awake*
<Stretch> *Damian shakes his head and moves off to the side, getting out of the line of fire*
<kalonZombie> <Ash> ...Put me in a cell capable of withstanding my plasma spear.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "It would seem Sigma's taken control of your shutdown proceedures."
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Now.
<ChadWinters`> Looks like it's overriding your systems.
<DeathStar> *Ash's's body grows a tendril, attaching to Kaori's handheld*
<Sara> * Kaori jerks
<kalonZombie> <Ash> I'M NOT DOING THAT THAT'S NOT ME
<Sara> <Kaori> Hey! Give that back!
<Xanatos`> <Cole> OH that looks bad. 6* He closes the door
<Seraphna> * Tabetha charges the cannon.
<Sara> *she hits the tendril repeatedly with her cannon
<Stretch> Damian> And what about your capability to teleport?
<kalonZombie> <Ash> The base is guarded against that, I couldn't teleport if I wanted to.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Hm, I can shut it down
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> But I'd be afraid of the infection escaping
<Jackieness> <Myria> *leaps and stab stab stabs at the tendril*
<ChadWinters`> Except this virus is slowly taking over the bases' systems too.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> But then he could leave, yeah.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Can you please? This cannon will fry parts of his systems."
<kalonZombie> <Ash> I like my systems!
<DeathStar> *Cheryl taps a device on her arm*
<DeathStar> *Myria saves the handheld*I
<DeathStar> *the heldheld growing a tendril to try to attach to the terminal here*
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash teleports to a cell
<Sara> <Kaori> Ack! It already got it! *tears stream from her eyes like waterfalls*
<Stretch> *Damian grabs an electrical cord and yanks it from the back of a centrifuge, dropping the sparking wires against the tendril*
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I think destroying Ash's body will do little unless you 100% destroy him. It was said Simgma could grow back from a single piece
<Jackieness> <Myria> "I must save the bas...." *leaves and puts the handheld out of its misery with stabs*
<DeathStar> <Kathrine> We have to think outside the box
<Sara> <Kaori> !?
<DeathStar> *The handheld sparks and dies*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "I'm not murdering Ash, the core can be cleansed, I know it."
<Jackieness> <Myria> "MYRIA THE SLAYER!!!!"
<ChadWinters`> We could give it a robot body to take over, then destroy it.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "We just need to get it out of his body."
<Sara> * Kaori growls almost ferally and points her cannon at Myria. "YOU. BROKE. MY. HANDHELD."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> And why would he not take over both?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> How would you force him to go into just the one?
<Xanatos`> <Kane> I'm locking down this system. So he won't be able to get out at least. 6* He starts to do that.
<Jackieness> <Myria> "It was possessed!"
* ChadWinters` scratches his jaw. 1"Find a way to make everything uninhabitable.
<Sara> <Kaori> YOU. BROKE. IT. *she fires*
<Stretch> *Damian whistles softly to himself since he was the one who fried it with electricity* Give him the appearance of a new host that has superior capabilities to Ash?
<DeathStar> *Katherine jerks at the battle going on*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "You mean like a sort of... Maverick Anti-Virus?"
<Jackieness> <Myria> "EEEEEE!" *ducks and covers*
<Xanatos`> <Kane> KAORI
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Fight poison with poison."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Well..
<Stretch> *Damian dives to the side, getting knicked with shrapnel from the impact* Down Girl!!!
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I have been studying this blue haired reploid
<DeathStar> *Cheryl lifts Kaori up by her collar8
<ChadWinters`> Or infect that system with several virus' 6He looks over at Katherine
<Sara> * Kaori growls and flails
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "What's up Kat?"
<Stretch> *Damian dusts himself off and looks to Cheryl* Should I sedate her just a bit?
<Seraphna> * Lisa dangles her game system in front of Kaori.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Fight virus...with virus. 6* He muses, thinking that through.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> It seems this reploid might have been a rest reploid of sorts. It has some interesting rest programs in it. We might could use her body to create an anti virus
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Rest? 6* He pokes his head back in.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Let's do that, then we can use it to sort of... herd him into an isolated system."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> It's hard to describe but her systems seem to be designed to heal other reploids
<Stretch> *Damian moves to check on Myria*
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Here Kaori. Latest games and everything."
<Xanatos`> <Cole> What if Sigma infects her?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> I think Freyja has a child reploid also too, doesn't she? Does she have any capabilities we can use?
<Sara> * Kaori is not sated. At all. That handheld was her everything. She had it possibly even since she was born.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Allouette?"
<Jackieness> <Myria> "Shhhhhh... I'm invisible." *crouched behind a table*
<Sara> * Kaori growls and kicks and screams.
<ChadWinters`> We should find ways to try and slow it down until we can come up with a permanent solution
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> *to Kaori* We will talk to Avatar and get it repaird
<Stretch> *Damian pats Myria on the head* I think Cheryl has the young one under control for the moment*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "She'll at least have intimate knowledge, she actively lived with the Maverick Hunters."
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Ben can bring them in.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I will try not let that happen, Cole.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "I... might have an idea on slowing it down for now."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Alright. Two teams. Time is running out for Ash.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> So can I leave or should I be checked for the virus before I leave?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Get this Alouette. The other team work on the Blue haired reploid and use her systems for your anti-virus
<Jackieness> <Myria> "It was possessed, right? You saw it!"
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I will examine you
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<Stretch> *Damian nods then points to the ripped out electrical cord*
<DeathStar> Location: Lab
<DeathStar> 6* Katherine looks over the naked reploid, doing scans and bringing her schematics up.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha is bringing up her OS coding for Ash, since she built him from the ground up using Cole parts.
* ChadWinters` stands across from Katherine, eyeing the results on the displays
<DeathStar> <Katherine> As you can see, her systems are designed to supress dangerous errors and quell them, as well as calm system errors so that a reploid can be stablized
<DeathStar> <Katherine> You might can use this to create a Maverick Virus cure
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "She's a form of medical bot for Reploids... interesting."
<DeathStar> *the timer on Ash ticks down, total infection at 80%*
<Seraphna> * Tabetha nods, bringing up the coding for the virus, Ash's template and Blue's schematics and starts writing adaptive code based on all the data. Something that actively retards and "sleeps" the Maverick Virus so that it becomes inert.
<ChadWinters`> Question is, how. 6He crosses his arms.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Use what we have, that's how."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I just hope it works on the computers as well
<DeathStar> *she points at the monitor, where Sigma's face is appearing*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "I'm using Ash as the innoculation template, with that I can make a universal one, but I need to be sure it works."
<Xanatos`> <Kane> I wish I had spent some time looking into reploids, but since that was Tabetha's thing I just left it alone. 6* He notes, eyeing some of the code.
<DeathStar> *And the words X...X...X...*
<Jackieness> <Myria> *pads in and places additional viruses on standby* "I have here a wide selection! Human, Cartel... even Tsivirxsh!"
<ChadWinters`> We could try to force her awake or just plug her directly into the system.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Kane, if you can construct a coding window for a reploid with the name X, that'll be our trap."
<DeathStar> *Somewhere, X is eyeing the screens confused*
<Xanatos`> <Kane> X? Hm, okay. 6* He begins to do that.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Use a male prototype."
<Jackieness> <Myria> "Huh... that was Triple X... maybe the virus is just into dirty videos."
<DeathStar> *Katherine deadpans*
<DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Try showing him those too. Leave no stone unturned."
<DeathStar> Location: Tokyo, Japan
<DeathStar> 6* The other team arrives at Erevis' area, where Freyja is located
<DeathStar> 6* Alouette is holding her toy, learning the history of this reality
<Seraphna> * Jaime passes her some more data crystals on the recent history.
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole steps off of the shuttle, glancing around. Xan is in the backyard area, eyeing out at the shuttle.
<DeathStar> *Alouette eyes the strangers appearing and hides behind Jaime*
<Stretch> *Rea is standing watch quietly near the house, looking at the shuttle quietly*
<Seraphna> * Reese waves as he gets off the shuttle.
<Seraphna> * Jaime pats Alouette comfortingly.
<Nyaomi> <Freyja> That's...more visitors than typically
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole gives a whistle as he approaches.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Sorry to bother you all, we need to talk to Alouette about the maverick virus.
<DeathStar> *Ben walks down the ramp and over to Alouette*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *steps off of the shuttle and looks around* "...Tokyo again."
<DeathStar> <Ben> Thanks for the help. *he lifts Alouette up*
<DeathStar> <Alouette> E-e-eek?
<DeathStar> *Ben heads for the shuttle, humming*
<Seraphna> Jaime> "I think they need your help Alouette." *she walks with her to keep her company*
<Stretch> *Damian walks off right behind Josephine, eyeing Ben so callously kidnap a child*
<Xanatos`> <Xan> Uh, what's going on now. 6* He walks over, looking concerned.
<DeathStar> <Ben> So what is your reploid ability? What do you know about Sigma? We need to know quickly
<Seraphna> Jaime> "THis is Ben, he's Jen's brother."
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Ben, easy, she's a kid.
<Seraphna> * Jaime seems to be trying to get Alouette to stay calm.
<DeathStar> <Ben My timer says the infection rate is at 85%. If the rabbit lived here I'd grab him too
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "We could have just called ahead."
<Seraphna> Jaime> "...Mr. Nue? He's with Taiga's unit right?"
<Stretch> *Rea moves over towards Ben* Aye, take it easy Ben...and explain yourself before Alouette's adopted Mother decides to do something unsavory.
<DeathStar> *Ben sets Alouette down, who gives up trying to escape the iron grip* If we run fast enough Freyja will be unable to stop us. Now talk to the nice Cole. Tell him everything
<DeathStar> *Ben puts it on Cole now, and gets up to the pilot controls
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole kneels by Alouette and smiles and wives.
<DeathStar> *Alouette turns to Cole accusingly*
<Seraphna> * Reese sighs and moves to sit.
<Xanatos`> (waves)
<Seraphna> * Jaime gives Alouette a reassuring hug.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I'm a reploid!
<DeathStar> <Alouette> A pervert Reploid~!
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *boards the shuttle again* "Were we just meat shields in case mama bear came running?""
<DeathStar> <Ben> Josephine. This is why you're so high ranked
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Eh? No. Can you come with us and help? We're dealing with Sigma and he was before my time.
<Stretch> *Rea sighs for a moment before going to stand behind Alouette to give her reassurance*
<DeathStar> *he grins*
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP*
<DeathStar> -Location: Back at Ash's cell
<DeathStar> *they have learned that Sigma typically can't be beaten until they learn whatever weakness he's chosen. He always changes it. That whatever body he picks is not his true form - is the virus itself. The true form is the virus
<DeathStar> 6* That Alouette's power is that she is like Rogue. She needs a power source and she can steal it/copy it.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha raises a brow. "...She could copy Blue's power."
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash tries not to think evil thoughts
<DeathStar> 6* Katherine and the others come in after making an anti virus. However, the problem is getting Sigma to leave the body to make him vulnerable
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> So we need to make him go into virus form
<DeathStar> <Katherine> We can.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Any clue of how they did it before?
<ChadWinters`> Any ideas on how to make that happen?
<Jackieness> <Myria> "We could scare him out!"
<DeathStar> <Katherine> *she leads Alouette to Blue*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Have Alouette use Blue's power to drive him out. Then we jump him."
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Isn't that what present this 'X' to him will do?
<Seraphna> * Tabetha nods. "That will be the carrot."
<Stretch> *Rea calmly walks along with Alouette as a chaperone and only here as a guest*
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> We hope. *Kathrine returns* Everyone ready?
<DeathStar> *Katherine sets Alouette up, standing in front of her*
<ChadWinters`> As well as I think we can be.
<Seraphna> * Jaime is there in the same capacity as Rea.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Hm.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Do it Kane
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole steps back to the edge of the room.
<DeathStar> *Kathrine leaves the anti-virus gun with the others*
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane nods and activates the X trap.
<Stretch> *Damian waits to the side holding onto a medical bag in case it's needed*
<Seraphna> * Luci stands nearby, hands out, waiting to try shields if they can't contain it.
<DeathStar> *the moment X appears, Ash would feel his body rise up and begin to move on it's own. It touches the cell panel and the cell turns off and Ash begins to form his spear*
<DeathStar> <Ash> DieXdie..
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "It's sort of working?"
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> He's not body jumping. He's just attacking
<ChadWinters`> Seem's some of it's working. We might need to damage Ash's body
<DeathStar> <Katherine> What's Ash's weakness?
<Seraphna> * Lisa, not Luci.
<Jackieness> <Myria> "Incontinence?"
<DeathStar> <Katherine> That will drive Sigma out
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Intelligence. Ha, burn.
<ChadWinters`> From what I can tell everything. His body seems to constantly be destroyed.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Ash has your weaknesses, Cole."
<Jackieness> <Myria> "Wow... the virus must have decided to possess the weakest body here."
<DeathStar> *Cheryl muses and calls in a big breasted psionic to come in, distracting Ash*
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Ash. Take back your body
<DeathStar> *Ash sigma keeps wailing on the X bot*
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I mean I don't have any weaknesses. I'm a little op.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> *deadpan*
<Stretch> Damian> Then get in there and restrain Ash so he can't keep wailing on the robot so he *has* to body jump.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I touch him and it jumps to me.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha sighs. "Ash turned out to be a Fire Element, so Ice or Water should suffice."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> I called in a big breastd reforcements
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> To help make Ash resist
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Weird, I'm lightning.
* ChadWinters` unholsters his pistol and aims it at Ash, waiting for a moment, then firing a shot into one of it's arm joints
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Or...use it at least.
<Jackieness> <Myria> "Oh!" *runs off, then comes back with a spray-canister
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> But apparantly she doesn't care. So blow Ash up
<Jackieness> <Myria> "Plasma retardant!"
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Huh?"
<Jackieness> <Myria> "We can hose him down with this, making it impossible to use his plasma powers!"
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane watches Ash and pulls out two things to slide over his knuckles, frowning.
<Seraphna> Kumiko> "Ash!"
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash blinks, then looks over at Kumiko, then the X dummy he's beating up "Uhhhh... hey Kumi"
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I think it's working?
<Seraphna> Kumiko> "Kumi wants to cuddle Ash but can't with icky Sigma thing."
<DeathStar> *Cheryl deadpans* I feel a headache
<kalonZombie> <Ash> I'm trying to get rid of it, hun.
<Seraphna> * Kumiko floats, tilting her head. "Try harder for Kumi."
<ChadWinters`> ....
<Xanatos`> <Cole> talk. So dastardly.
<DeathStar> *Sigma floats out, a giant head and floats for Cole*
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole jerks and runs for the door.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> KILL IT! KILL IT!
<DeathStar> *the head follows*
<Stretch> *Damian glances at Cheryl* I can help with that when we're not facing possible immenent destruction.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash reels and stabs at the head with the spear he already has in his hand
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Anti-Virus time!"
<kalonZombie> <Ash> HEY YOU JERK!
* ChadWinters` grabs the anti-virus gun and fires it at the Sigma head
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane pauses, also mid-reach for the anti-virus gun, frowning that Chad got to it before he did.
<DeathStar> *Alouette pauses then touches the head with her anti virus hands she was made to download. The head jerks and begins to make a silent scream*
<Stretch> *Rea frowns at the virus body, making a fist as he waits next to Alouette*
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash watches "That thing was in me? Gross.
<DeathStar> *the head beginning to break apart. *
<DeathStar> *it explodes into 10 tiny heads, one going for Cole, the other going for Ash, the rest for the computers*
* ChadWinters` begins firing the gun at the broken up pieces
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> .... Get them
<Jackieness> <Myria> *holds up a sign that reads 'Insert head joke here'*
<DeathStar> *Cheryl swings her whip*
<Seraphna> * Tabetha throws at a psionic distrupton wave at them.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> OH shit. 6* Tries to shoot it back with his minigun
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash swipes his spear at the one going for him
<Stretch> *Damian stomps his foot on a tiny head near him to squish it*
<DeathStar> *the heads begin to break up. One floats up behind Kaori*
<Seraphna> * Luci forms powerful energy shields in hopes to slow tehm down.
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane leaps and punches out for one with his electric knuckle things.
<DeathStar> *and begins to try to enter an electronic on her*
<DeathStar> *Alouette flail attacks*
<ChadWinters`> I lost one...
<Seraphna> * Reese aims his gun and fires at the head above Kaori.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash throws his spear at another one
<Seraphna> * Lisa, dsamnit
<DeathStar> *finally, the heads are all gone and the base systems all run back to normalU*
<Stretch> *Rea pulls his blaster and fires at any of the heads getting close to Jaime or Alouette*
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> ... *She lets out a breath*
<DeathStar> *The X bot sparks*
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> ... becareful in case that thing is infected
<Seraphna> * Kumiko themn floats Ash to her and floats them both away for cuddles.
<Jackieness> <Myria> "Huh." *pokes at the X bot*
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane muses and moves over to scan the x bot.
* ChadWinters` fires the anti-virus gun at the X-Bot
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Byeeeeeeeeeee...
<DeathStar> *it burns away*
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole pokes his head back in.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> ...
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> .... *she lets out a breath*
<Stretch> Damian> So, do you still have that headache?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> .... every day
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<DeathStar> -The Next Day-
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Suddenly remembering that Wind's Cheryl hooked up with kumiko."
<DeathStar> 6* Kaori's handheld is on her bed the next day, the Avatar having it repaired
<Stretch> *Damian leaves a prescription on Cheryl's desk for a couple of days along with a note "Come see me for an exam to find the cause of the headaches"*
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane is making sure his data and all of his back ups have been unharmed.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> *deadpan*
<DeathStar> *Katherine comms a few of the team to come into the lab*
* ChadWinters` eyes his datapad, having finished up checking his systems. He moves to the lab and steps in
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole is not in the lab even though I just typed out a long thing about him being in there, instead he walks in, looking curious.
<Sara> <Kaori> I will never, ever forgive someone who would harm my games...
<DeathStar> *Katherine shows Blue's readings. It looks like her systems are green*
<Stretch> *Damian returns from leaving the bottle and note, stepping into the lab and looking over to Katherine*
<Seraphna> * Tabetha is looking over Blue, shrugging. "By all rights, she should be awake."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> It looks like we can wake the reploid lady whenever we want now
<DeathStar> <Katherine> So it is up to you all
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I'm sure she's appreciate it, so why not do it now?
<Xanatos`> (she'd)
<DeathStar> <Katherine> But it might mean more complications. Another rip in time or something.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "What's another rip in time or three?"
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Just by her waking up? How does that work?
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Um.... *she takes her literally and explains*
<ChadWinters`> I'm against it. 6He looks at Tab. 1"The end of our reality most likely."
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I do not know Cole. I am just explaining there might be risks
<ChadWinters`> That said, if she can fix reploids, she'll be useful in keeping the ones here in top shape for the fight that will eventually come.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> But...6* He looks at her floating there.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "I wanna meet her. Sleeping beauty here can't help us asleep."
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I guess it's a leadership call, but I would want out of there.
<Stretch> Damian> Her being here, even inactive, would have already had repurcussions if there were any to be had. Waking her would only benefit us I think.
<ChadWinters`> Unless it causes another rip to open that pulls something far worse through.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Alright. Lets wake her. *she hits the button*
<DeathStar> -END for now-
<DeathStar> Do do do
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