The Alien Wars 6:

The Fall of Eden

Session Start: Sun Jan 28 20:31:02 2018
Session Ident: #TAW-Session87
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<DeathStar> 4
<DeathStar> 3
<DeathStar> 2
<DeathStar> 1
<DeathStar> -0-
<DeathStar> 10-637.7.1
<DeathStar> Location: Cheryl's Mansion
<DeathStar> 6* After the Sigma incident, things have been relatively calm. Right now, two of the teams are enjoying some of their time off, with Kaori up top plotting her revenge as well, enjoying a nice summer day. The pool is open and everything is nice and warm
<DeathStar> 6* The two teams are Special and Black Ops
<Seraphna> * Angela basks in the sun, in shades and a bikini.
<DeathStar> 6* Blue peers around at the outside, having been rather quiet and apparantly not remembering much of anything. While John and Vesta are standing around the pool. John leaps int othe pool, cannonballing Alouette, making her gasp and sputter
* ChadWinters` sits under an over hang over the house, having most likely been dragged out.
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus sits up in a lifeguard chair, white sun protections stuff on his nose. He blows his whistle, pointing at John.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha taps on her datapad under an umbrella, working.
<Stretch> *Damian sits in his office, wondering if Cheryl will actually come by to figure out why she has headaches or not*
<DeathStar> 6* Evette peers out shyly with Aya and Eve.
<Seraphna> * Lisa steps out onto the pool area in a swimsuit, stretching.
<DeathStar> 6* Adeline is in a chair by the pool, relaxing
<Stretch> *Rea relaxes near Alouette, keeping an eye on her and Jaime until they head back to Tokyo*
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Pretty weird, huh? This...whole place. 6* he says to Blue, walking up by her.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC stands off to the side, painting the groups
<DeathStar> <Blue> Yes. The world seems very peaceful
<DeathStar> <John> Who? Me?
<DeathStar> *Zegretta looks over Angela*
* ChadWinters` glances back at Evette. 1"Go, have fun."
<Seraphna> * Jaime helps Alouette recover from the water.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Watch the kid.
<DeathStar> <Zegretta> You look like you need more lotion
<DeathStar> <Alouette> Thank you
<Seraphna> * Angela blinks, feeling eyes on her, she looks over at Zegretta, blinking. "Mmm? Perhaps."
<DeathStar> <Evette> I don't like a lot of crowds. *Aya pats Evette*
<DeathStar> *Eve stretches and climbs up the tallest diving board*
<Seraphna> * Kaelan blushes a little and looks between Zegretta and Angela.
<ChadWinters`> Can't blame you there. 6He glances down at his datapad briefly
<Xanatos`> <Cole> They have their own conflicts. But seems like more breaks between.
<DeathStar> <Zegretta> Get on your stomach. *she grins*
<Jackieness> <Cassandra> *sunbathes next to the pool in a bikini*
<DeathStar> <Blue> *she nods* And they don't seem to mind reploids
<Seraphna> * Angela tilts her head at the girl, but shrugs and turns over.
<DeathStar> *Zegretta rubs the lotion in a bit rough* You seem to be a lot different. Ever since that mission all of us did to take the PAX together. *she goes into ancient history, though some facts seem off*
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> <Thinking about more already? We have two in the oven, hon.>
<Seraphna> * Angela blinks. "Oh... umm.. you could say that was a very different me."
<DeathStar> *Adeline eyes Vodka calling Adeline back inside to do her daily exercise to train her heart up. She sulks inside*
<DeathStar> <Zegretta> *she nods* You seem to have gotten the golden life
<DeathStar> *she finishes*
<Seraphna> Angela> "You could have it too you know."
<Xanatos`> <Cole> You know, working with Ire's squad I could sometimes kid myself into feeling like the world was starting to expect people like us. Not so much for you?
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane stands there with a piece of candy, smiling at Adeline.
<DeathStar> <Blue> Not really. Where I came from there was still reploid wars
<Stretch> ((I think he means accept...not expect))
<Xanatos`> (yup)
<Sara> * Kaori comes down and sits. Her hair is completely black, having seemingly either removed the dyes from it or oitherwise just redyed it her natural color.
<DeathStar> <Evette> You seem like you're fine with it
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Sometime when you're up to it we'll have to get together and compare notes, figure out how far apart we are. Maybe that'll help figure out why you were pulled over?
<DeathStar> <Aya> Your grandfather is the world's best poker player
<Seraphna> Angela> "I've been blessed with a second chance and everyone deserves one. The old Angela was... broken. Screwed up. I got a shot to make my own life and I haven't wasted it." *she smiles a bit* "You should have that too. I'd gladly help you anyway I can Zera."
<DeathStar> <Blue> I'd like that
<Stretch> *Rea just relaxes since he's technically on leave from the teams and doesn't have to worry about much right now*
<ChadWinters`> There is that. I've also learned to accept certain things in life.
<DeathStar> <Zegretta> Heh. Sure. I mean after all, after you got shot in the head that time they all eyed me askewed after all. Hopefully they'll trust me one day too
<DeathStar> (stop it
<DeathStar> *Zeraphna
<DeathStar> *zera there
<Seraphna> * Angela tilts her head. "Have you ever met Sammael?"
<Xanatos`> <Cole> O-oh? Well I'll be a gentleman.
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus watches Zera and Angela interacting, but you totally can't tell because he has sunglasses on.
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> Sure. Sam saves Athena. Dies. Comes back. Like most of us
<DeathStar> *Eve high dives and swims over to Chad and Aya*
<DeathStar> <John> *sulks at the pool edge*
<Seraphna> * Angela nods, seeming to be trying to align Zera's memories with what happened after in ther reality. "Okay. Yeah... she kinda suffered from the old me's screwups too. In a way.":
<Sara> * Kaori eyes John
<DeathStar> *Cheryl comes out in a bikini and stretches*
<Seraphna> * Angela puts a hand on Zera's shoulder. "I trust you, at least. I'm sure the others will with time."
<DeathStar> *Zera touches her head as Angela does that* Ungh... *she looks lost* I ... *she rises* I think I'll step out for a bit
<ChadWinters`> It'll take time, but you'll get used to crowds of people eventually.
<DeathStar> <Evette> I hope so
<Seraphna> * Angela blinks. "O-Oh, okay. Feel better okay?"
<ChadWinters`> If not, I know plenty of places to hide out in where you'll never be bothered. 6He says with a straight face.
<DeathStar> *John pouts at Kaori*
<DeathStar> *Vesta floats face down in the pool, holding her breath*
<DeathStar> <Evette> I--- *she blinks*
<Seraphna> * Lisa dives into the pool and swims a lap.
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus climbs down the lifeguard chair and hands the lifeguard whistle to John, moving after Zera, once she leaves at least.
<DeathStar> *Zeraphna seems to be musing in the main area, grabbing her datapad and looking up stuff*
<DeathStar> <John> Hey! I got the power Kaori!
<DeathStar> *he pulls her close*
* ChadWinters` gives her a smirk as he lowers his sunglasses over his eyes
<DeathStar> <John> The pwoer
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> You okay? Looked a little sick out there. 6* He slides the sunglasses up onto his forehead.
<Seraphna> * Angela watches, curious, frowning a bit. <I need to talk to Cheryl... that poor girl seems to believe she's been around since the early PAX days witout people trusting her. She doesn't deserve to feel that way.>
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> I just...saw something that didn't match up with what ... nevermind. You all look like you're having fun. *she grins a bit*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Work hard. Play hard.
<Seraphna> Angela> <In my past life, Zera died to a Dark One attack and I absorbed her half of my soul back into myself. I'm wondering too if that means us making contact is a bad idea.>
<Seraphna> * Angela rises, fixing her bikini and peers around for Cheryl.
<DeathStar> *Cheryl is relaxing and posing*
<Seraphna> * Angela moves over to take a seat by her.
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> *she does one of her crazy grins* That sounds like my kind of fun. I need to see if my petition to join is going through
<DeathStar> *The Black Ops' team datapads beep, letting them know something has come up*
<DeathStar> <John> *pauses and points, laughing. Kaori gets an invite beep to join them*
<Seraphna> * Lisa climbs out of the pool and goes to check her datapad.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> I can talk to Cheryl if it's in her hands.
<Sara> * Kaori shrugs and moves to join
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> I'd like that. *she peers down at the history of the finding of the Suisen PAX*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *walks out with a book and wearing awhite bikini... she then looks cross as she gets beeped and then heads back inside*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> ...things not lining up with your memories?
<DeathStar> *Darien steps out, peering at Vesta and moves over to join them* <Zeraphna> ... Angela is probably just crazy. *she closes it* I am sure.
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole jerks, glancing at his datapad, then moves to their briefing room.
* ChadWinters` pushes himself up off his chair. 1"Guess our family fun is cut short for me. Have my share of fun for me, Evette." 6He gently pats her head and moves inside
<DeathStar> <Evette> Sure
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Well listen, those reploid people came from another 'turn' and some of us went into a version of this one. Maybe you came from one of those. 6* He notes, thinking out loud.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> We'll figure it out.
<ChadWinters`> Aya, make sure she has fun. 6He winks back at her as he steps inside and to the elevator to head down
<DeathStar> *Zeraphna pauses, then frowns at that, probably reflecting on that, since it would mean the Marcus here isn't her's.* Yeah...
<DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
<DeathStar> Location: Underground Base
<DeathStar> *Ben sets papers down*
<DeathStar> <Ben> Vodka alerted me to something to deal with you Chad. *Eve sits down by Chad* And asked Eve to join since Aya is busy with the kids
<DeathStar> *Zephyr leans back in a bathing suit*
* ChadWinters` raises an eyebrow as he sits there, his arms crossed. 1"Do tell."
<DeathStar> <Ben> While looking into the stuff you wanted done, she came across a few things
<Seraphna> * Lisa sits in her bikini, but with a shirt on.
<Seraphna> * Reese is in uniform, having been in the armory.
<DeathStar> *Ben brings up images* I won't go into the full details, since patient privacy, but I will go into what you all need to know for what Vodka learned
<ChadWinters`> I see. 6He glances at everyone that is here for a moment, then at Ben.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I think my armor is missing a piece. 6* He complains, shifting in his seat.
<Stretch> *Damian settles in for the meeting*
<DeathStar> <Ben> Chad is not as strong as he used to be, plus compared to other Weapons his age, Chad is looking/feeling/is older than he should be. If I brought in X, Caduceus/etc, they would look much younger
<Seraphna> * Lisa passes Cole some popcorn.
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole oohs and takes some.
<DeathStar> <Ben> That is due to the fact Weapon DNA is like Dragoon DNA, it ages you slower. *he points at Chad's hair* As you can see, Chad has gray
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Degredation?
<Seraphna> Lisa> "So Chad has Oldperson-itis?"
<DeathStar> <Ben> That is part of the privacy I cannot go into it. Vodka is working with Chad to fix it and believes she can help him
<Seraphna> * Lisa says, the 76 year old in a 19 year old looking body.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Working with incomplete data...I assume we're just being tasked to retrieve something?
<DeathStar> <Ben> But while looking into methods, Vodka came across this. *she brings up images of sales of Weapon I DNA, Aya DNA sales, as well as complete clones.
<ChadWinters`> I see. 6He leans forward, eyeing the data
<DeathStar> <Ben> We believe this ties to the Sun VI stuff we came across earlier this year.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Holy Black Market Clone Wars."
<DeathStar> <Ben> However, the only reason Vodka even discovered it is due to the fact she had... Well, she had Chad here
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane blinks, leaning forward.
<ChadWinters`> Aya's I get. Mine...Is more troublesome.
<DeathStar> <Ben> The sales are being sold in Cartel space
<Seraphna> Lisa> "The place to get anything."
<DeathStar> <Eve> I am concerned what they might do with Aya's DNA.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Who and how?"
<DeathStar> <Ben> This is where it gets more concering
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Supersoldiers. Almost always supersoldiers."
<DeathStar> <Ben> I had mom dig into it and it looks like it might be remnants of VI.
<ChadWinters`> See Kane, I am worth something. 6He says with a dull tone, then glances at Eve. 1"It's been a concern already with what Sun has done with her's and your DNA alraedy.
<DeathStar> <Ben> Not Sun VI, VI
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "'re kidding."
<Sara> * Kaori tilts head
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Wait, they're REALLY back?"
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Like for reals this time?"
<ChadWinters`> So they've managed to even survive.
<DeathStar> <Ben> Which leads us to wonder if VI might have had a hand in Sun VI as puppets. Unfortunately, we do not know who yet but it looks like it's a higher up at least. Old codes were activated and channels. So it has to be one of the top VI people
<DeathStar> <Ben> I don't know how we managed to miss one of their leaders
<Seraphna> Lisa> "...Maybe we didn't."
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Hm
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Could be a Venerator clone for all we know. Cran is back already, sooooo..."
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<ChadWinters`> Just means we have to end them.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Sigma, Zeraphna, and other things like them? I think whatever we did back with Destiny is bringing back ghosts."
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Yes, I think Lisa may be correct here.
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> It is possible. But with the clone degeneration that will solve our problem soon
<DeathStar> <Ben> That could be it, but...
<ChadWinters`> Doesn't feel like it.
<DeathStar> <Ben> The codes were activates back at the end of last year
<Seraphna> * Lisa shudders.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Destiny could be sending these things at us to distract us while he works on his own schemes and machinations.
<DeathStar> <Ben> The latest rips were just revent
<Xanatos`> <Kane>
<Seraphna> Lisa> "I'm no fan of VI, not as bad as CorSec for me, but still."
<ChadWinters`> A year ago? 6He closes his eyes, thinking
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I'm completely lost here. 6* He chimes in, eating the popcorn.
<DeathStar> <Ben> Around the time Sun VI began to step up their attacks
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Old codes, could be an ancestor, like how we were searching for Venerator's
<DeathStar> <Ben> I'd guess within a month of the attack on the manor
<Seraphna> Lisa> "All we need now is Alexander turning out to bring back Janus or something. Jeebus..."
<DeathStar> <Ben> Speaking of Cran, I propose we use him
<DeathStar> <Ben> To look into VI
<ChadWinters`> That would be the best time to make a move. We're focused on Sun while they start doing things. 6He taps his arm as he thinks.
<Seraphna> * Lisa blinks. "You think he can help?"
<DeathStar> <Ben> He was no fan of VI
<DeathStar> <Ben> He might see angles we won't
* ChadWinters` clicks his tongue at something. 1"Then let's shake that tree to see what falls out."
<DeathStar> <Ben> Not all of us fought VI. And the original team like Chad won't be here forever. People like me, and Kaori and Cole
<Seraphna> * Lisa nods a bit.
<DeathStar> <Ben> We need to learn to deal with VI
<Seraphna> Lisa> "I suppose I was so deep in cover that I missed most of the VI stuff myself."
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "True, VI was created in part to counter Cran's own conspiracies."
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I can do the punchy punchy. Sneaking around and being crafty? Whew that's a lot of work.
<DeathStar> <Ben> I'll have Katherine go to Cran. The rest of us, we're going to a bidding game
<DeathStar> <Ben> So get your stuff
<DeathStar> <Ben> Dress your best for undercover stuff
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Katherine, alone?"
<Xanatos`> <Kane> I'll go with Katherine.
<DeathStar> *Ben nods to Kane* She should be fine but okay.
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole blinks, about to open his mouth and also say he'd go with Katherine.
<DeathStar> <Ben> I tyhink you'd be better with the undercover though Kane
<ChadWinters`> Watch your back with him, Kane. 6He moves to leave to grab his gear
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Is this fancy bidding or like, criminal underworld bidding?"
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Even though I have the face of a former president? 6* he tilts his head slightly but shrugs and nods.
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Fair enough.
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<DeathStar> 3 days later-
<DeathStar> 6* An apartment near the bidding location
<DeathStar> 6* On a Cartel world in their space, they have found a sleasy apartment that overlooks a large, fancy building with tons of things on sell - including black market stuff
<DeathStar> *Ben applies makeup to his face, adding a scar and puts on a suit
<DeathStar> 6* Zephyr puts on a chinese dress and dyes her hair blonde
* ChadWinters` leans against the wall next to the window, looking out with a binocular as he studies it
<DeathStar> 6* Chad would see various races going into the building - showing special IDs to get in and getting patted down
<DeathStar> *Eve gives Kaori a sexy black outfit*
<Seraphna> * Lisa has put on a fancy dress and changes her hair to a bright red, adding a mole and carrying herself with a more mature air, which does a lot to erase the impression of her youth.
<ChadWinters`> I was afraid of that. They're using special ID's.
<Sara> <Kaori> ...What's this for? It looks tight
<DeathStar> <Ben> Necia has hacked us them
<DeathStar> <Eve> To get inside.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash has a fancy suit on, nodding.
<Sara> <Kaori> ...I suppose so
<DeathStar> *Eve wears a similiar formfitting black dress with a slit
<Sara> * She goes and changes, then comes back
<Seraphna> * Ben adjusts his suit, hair dyed black with an eyepatch.
<Seraphna> * Reese, not ben, doi
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *pops out of the bathroom looking like a film noire femme fatale*
<Seraphna> * Reese whistles.
<ChadWinters`> Good. 6He sets the binoc's down as he looks at the others.
<Sara> * Kaori comes out in her apparently-sexy black outfit, with her black hair
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash has a blonde head on today, and with it blue eyes and a nose that looks like it's been broken a few times.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> The best thing about being a reploid is that my disguises are immaculate
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane pulls a white cloth over his face, tucking it into a turtle neck. Fiddling with his datapad it begins to change his face, getting the look of a bland bald guy with his same skin tone
<ChadWinters`> Sure it's wise to bring Ash with? If he sets off a scanner.
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole just stands there, sans armor, arms crossed as he watches everyone.
<ChadWinters`> And Cole.
<kalonZombie> <Ash> It'll be fine. I'll be fine. It's Cole's outdated butt you need to worry about.
<Seraphna> Reese> "I'm sure there are more than a few cybrogs in the criminal underworld. Half of Sun VI would set off the same sensors."
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Its Ben with that supervillain scar that I would worry about."
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I took me armor off. 6* He says as if that's that.
<DeathStar> <Ben> W-What's wrong with it?
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Riiiiiight.
<Sara> <Kaori> Outdated? Well, we can put something on Cole's butt. *she says, oblivious*
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Well you do look like all you're missing is a cat in your arm, Ben."
<DeathStar> *Ben hangs his head and removes it*
<DeathStar> <Ben> You all have no sense of style
<DeathStar> <Ben> *heads out toward the building*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Look at me... now say that I have no sense of style."
<DeathStar> *Eve walks along, winking at Chad*
<Seraphna> * LIsa and Reese follow.
<DeathStar> *then offers her arm*
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash follows
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *heads out*
<Sara> * Kaori walks along slowly
<DeathStar> *Zephyr walks along on high heels, having trouble*
* ChadWinters` runs his hand through his dyed gray hair as he moves out after Ben. He adjusts the his suit tie.
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane works on getting the mask to stick close to his mouth and eyes, using a type of epoxy to smooth out the rough edges. Once he's satisfied he rises and moves after Ben
* ChadWinters` taps behind his ear, talking to something briefly before lowering his hand
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole trudges along after them, maybe it wasn't his armor because there's still a slight thud.
<DeathStar> *Ben shows their IDs and they are let inside a large building where they see a paper showing what items will be bid on. Naturally, the clones/DNA is not listed*
* ChadWinters` eyes the paper, studying it
<DeathStar> *Eve clicks her tongue as she walks in*
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash walks in with the appropriate amount of snobbishness rewquired
<DeathStar> *Ben pretends to eye the paper, seeing what is being bid on today, then takes a note of what rooms the normal stuff is being bit in*
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> *Wobbles up and leans on a table*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Well, buy me something nice." *slips a cigarette holder between her lips*
<DeathStar> <Ben> Naturally, dear. Lets go this way. *he heads westward*
* ChadWinters` leans over to Ben. 1"If they're auctioning it off, it'll either be under something or in a seperate room.
<DeathStar> *Eve grab a wine glass from a waiter in the main lobby area*
<Sara> * Kaori stays closer to Eve, meanwhile, peering around
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane glances at the paper only briefly, his bald head looking a bit odd, then he begins to look around, taking in everyone around him.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *slips her arm with Ben's for looks and goes with him*
<DeathStar> *Ben notices a room after moving about that looks blocked off, with only certain guests allowed in. They seem to be very rich people. It looks like Loki might be in the area too, perhaps he's there to bid. and one thinks Shiva might be around too*
<Seraphna> * Luci peers around, sticking with the group.
<kalonZombie> *Lisa
* ChadWinters` glances at the the doorway and the people around it
<DeathStar> *There's 3 beefy guards and a scanner*
<DeathStar> *with people going in, likely the bidding inside will begin soon*
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hm. How to get in.
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole adjusts his glove, wearing a long sleeve shirt and gloves to cover up reploid pieces. His hair is pulled back into a bun as well, with a few strands having escaped and dangling near his face.
<DeathStar> *Eve muses, sipping her wine glass*
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane watches the people going in, tilting his head slightly to see if there's anythign different about their passes from afar.
<ChadWinters`> Doubt we'll be able to distract the guards. 6He looks to see what they're scanning to let people in
<DeathStar> *the scanner seems to be more doing a body scan for information purposes*
<DeathStar> *Eve walks up to one of the guards*
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Uh oh
<Sara> <Kaori> Ugh, I bet these scanners see you naked
<DeathStar> <Zephyr> Now I see it, thanks
<Xanatos`> <Kane> ...that would see through my device at least.
<Seraphna> LUci> Mmm, if there was a way to disable them... *she murmurs*
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole looks at LISA and shrugs.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> I could try to get some electricity into it.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "*pulls out the cigarette holder and gestures with it* "I want whatever is in there."
<DeathStar> *Eve throws her wine into the guard's face* You didn't call me back last night. You jerk. *She slaps the guard* You slept with me and didn't return my call. *She begins to break down crying* That was my first time.
<ChadWinters`> Hmm...6He moves to step forward and stops, studying Eve
<Sara> <Kaori> Wait, he slept with YOU? Hey! I thought -I- was your one and only! You dick!
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash just watches the show, grinning
<DeathStar> *a crowd begins to stare at Eve's antics, and the other two guards look at the first, and Eve, and around, not happy. She points* <Guard> I--I--- *The crowd murmurs now as KAori joins in and he tries to push Eve and Kaori away, but Eve just hits him* <Eve> don't you try to get rid of me. *she hits the other two* I see you two laughing at us
<DeathStar> *the three guards try to push Kaori and Eve away, their backs to the door for a moment as they draw eyesw*
* ChadWinters` makes his moves to sneak past now.
<DeathStar> *Zephyr and Ben move in slowly*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Come on, let's go."
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *moves on over to the private room*
<Xanatos`> (Scanner a handheld thing or a whole door thing?)
<Sara> * Kaori growls and make catfight style gestures, and kicks the poor guard of choice in the shin. "You lecher!"
<Seraphna> * Lisa slips in, Reese remaining outside as backup... and to watch the two.
<DeathStar> *like airport scanner*
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash slips in
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane moves with them, Cole moves ahead and reaches out to do a quick electric jolt to disable the scanner or cause it to malfunction without blowing up
<DeathStar> *Eve claws at them, demanding credits. The others soon hear the noises fade away as a beautiful room opens up with seats, drinks, and a huge stage*
<DeathStar> *Zephyr takes a seat and sits down, with Ben next to her. Each takes a drink*
<Seraphna> * Lisa takes a seat and a drink.
* ChadWinters` quickly glances around, studying the layout as he moves to a table next to them
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash takes a seat
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *looks around the room* "Finally."
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole and Kane both take seats.
<DeathStar> *there seems to be the only exit, though there may be one behind the stage, which has a large curtain. Soon a man walks onto the wooden stage and begins to announce biddind will begin and the first item is brought up, files of blood*
* ChadWinters` focuses ahead now at the vials of blood.
<DeathStar> <Man> Now. These will be rare for some time. The location of the blood was destroyed recently and procuring more will take time. This is the blood of Weapon I. Starting bid is 50,000. Do I hear more?
<DeathStar> *the bids begin and start going higher. For fun Zephyr raises her bidding thing at 100,000*
* ChadWinters` leans to Ben. 1"Do we want to trace where they go or procure them?"
<DeathStar> <Ben> It seems their source had problem. Who knows when they will get more. Unless you get attacked and they go to the battlefield
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane slowly reaches up and presses a finger behind his ear, slowly looking to each person involved and doing a slight press.
* ChadWinters` leans away and raises his hand to bid on them.
<DeathStar> *the bidding goes up to a million after chad bids. They turn to Chad to see if he will out bid*
* ChadWinters` raises his hand again
<DeathStar> *the other man debates and it goes to Chad for 1 million and a half*
<DeathStar> *the next item brought up is Aya's blood. The man sells it as even bigger and bidding begind at 100,000, rising quickly*
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole raises his hand at one point, mostly because he's a bit bored.
<DeathStar> *it oddly is sold to Cole for 2 million*
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole pauses, wide-eyed.
<Seraphna> * Luci titls her head. Hiding a snicker.
<Xanatos`> (LUCI)
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash doesn't laugh. Out loud.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "...that should be fun."
<ChadWinters`> What else will they have... 6He waits
<DeathStar> *finally, the last item is brought out. A clone of Aya. A child clone* <Man> This clone of Aya Winters - a genius with untold power - was created recently. no degradation yet. Yours to use with how you see. Cut her up. Use her for experiments. However you want her.
<DeathStar> <Man> Do I hear 1 million?
<DeathStar> *Zephyr blanches*
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane slowly looks to Cole, pressing the hidden button behind his ear and snapping a picture with a special contact. He pauses and slowly turns to gape at the aya clone.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *looks over at Ben*
<Seraphna> * Lisa puts on her very best poker face.
<Nyaomi> * A sandy-brown haired woman raises her hand to bid.
<DeathStar> *Ben turns to see who bids*
* ChadWinters` waits as he watches the other bidders.
<Nyaomi> * She's wearing a mask similar to the old fox ones used for dances and theater in japan.
<DeathStar> <bidder> 1 million. Do I hear--- *and it raises again, coming around to 2. They turn to fox face*
<ChadWinters`> Did you call someone else in? 6He glances at Ben
<DeathStar> *The Aya clone looks rather blank, peering around, likely not taught much*
<DeathStar> <Ben> No.
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane frowns.
* ChadWinters` raises his hand
<Nyaomi> * She doesn't hesitate in bidding up.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash raises his hand
<DeathStar> <Ben> Y-You guys are bidding against each other now
<Nyaomi> * Foxface eyes them a moment, not bidding
<DeathStar> <Man> 2 million - 2 and a half!
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Makes it convincing.
<DeathStar> <Man> Do I hear 3? *no one dares.*
<DeathStar> <Man> going once.
<DeathStar> <Man> Going twice
<Nyaomi> * She clicks her tongue, then bids.
<DeathStar> <Man> 3 million to the person in the fox mask.
* ChadWinters` raises his hand
<DeathStar> <man> 3 and a quarter million?
<DeathStar> Going once?
<DeathStar> <Man> Going twice?
<Nyaomi> * Mask bids again
<DeathStar> <Man> ... Wow. This girl clone is really popular
<Nyaomi> <Fox> Five million." The voice is familiar.
<DeathStar> <Man> sold
<DeathStar> *he slams the gravel down*
<DeathStar> *the man leads the girl out, shaking his head at the idiotsfor spending that and brings out a Chad boy clone*
<DeathStar> <Man> Our last item
<DeathStar> <Man> Can I hear 1 million?
<Nyaomi> <Foxface> Ten for the pair.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash just keeps his hand down
<Nyaomi> * She leans in. "And the source."
<Nyaomi> <Foxface> They're no good if you just keep making more, right? Kills the market.
<DeathStar> <Man> *he pauses* Ha ha ha.
<Seraphna> Lisa> "Mmm."
* ChadWinters` glances over at the Foxface
<DeathStar> <Man> You're right. *he brings the 3 guards in from outside, no longer distracted* Let us show the little foxface the source
<DeathStar> *they lead the foxface off screens for now*
<DeathStar> *the other bidders leave, thinking it is over*
<DeathStar> <Ben> Hm. I think something bad is about to happen
<Seraphna> Lisa> *Sits waiting*
<ChadWinters`> It is.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash waits as well
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Uh Hi I don't have 2 million.
<ChadWinters`> I'll cover you.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Good cause I don't even have 2 cents.
<DeathStar> *Ben pauses as there are no guards right the moment*
<DeathStar> <Ben> ... *then leaps onto the stage*
* ChadWinters` moves towards the stage with Ben
<Seraphna> * Lisa sighs and follows.
<DeathStar> <Ben> *taps his comm* Kaori, Eve, come in
<Seraphna> * Reese follows Kaori and Eve when they come in, if they do.
<DeathStar> *Zephyr moves into the back. Eve peers in and looks around the empty room, heading into the back*
<Sara> * Kaori peers in, moving opposite Eve
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane moves in after Zephyre
<DeathStar> *Ben draws the curtain back and sees the clones in cages and foxface missing right now*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *moves on to the stage* "...hmmm..."
* ChadWinters` glances around for the blood vials as he steps in after Ben
<DeathStar> *there is a door in the back, leading to what looks like an office*
<DeathStar> *the girl clone sits there. Her hair is longer than Aya's on close inspection, down to the floor, likely fast grown*
<DeathStar> *Zephyr forms her weapons and moves to the back*
* ChadWinters` moves up to the door, leaning against it and listening
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane slides out his pistol.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash follows Kane
<DeathStar> *Eve begins to work on the cage*
<Sara> <Kaori> Wow, creepy
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole pauses and kneels by the kid, waving a hand in front of her face.
<DeathStar> *the clone watches Cole*
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Hi.
<DeathStar> <Clone> *headtilt*
<DeathStar> *Ben holds up hand*
<DeathStar> <Ben> on 3
<DeathStar> *Eve unlocks the cage on the girl, then works on the boy*
* ChadWinters` steps back, waiting on Ben's count
<DeathStar> <Ben> 1....2....
<DeathStar> *Ben kicks in the door on 3 and they see the 3 guards are interrogating the unmasked fox face, trying to get them to talk on why they want the source and who they work for, the vials of blood near them. The bidder is holding a comm, as if they might talk to someone*
<DeathStar> *well not bidder, the guy who runs it*
<DeathStar> <Man> Who the hell are you?
<DeathStar> *he grabs a weapon while the guards turn around*
* ChadWinters` moves in quickly, grabbing for the hand holding the comm
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash fires stun buster shots at the man
<DeathStar> *the man falls down*
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane pulls out capsules that looks like medication and throws them for the guard, the pop in mid-air and gloop comes from them that would stick and expand.
<Sara> * Kaori pulls her cannon from who-knows-where, holding it at ready
<Seraphna> * Luci holds olut her hand and forms a shield around the fox-face to protect her.
* ChadWinters` turns swinging a fist for one of the guard's crotch
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash points his buster to the guards "Give up"
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Be right back. 6* He tells the clone Aya and runs after the others to help fight. Pulling off his gloves and coming up behind LISA.
<DeathStar> <Beefy Men> *one has claw marks on his face lunges at Ash and Chad, trying to bear hug them; the third is stuck by Kane*
<Jackieness> <Josephine> *dashes forward and tries to kick one of the gurds in the face*
<DeathStar> <Guard 1> Oof. Argh. *he is kicked and punched*
<Nyaomi> * The unmasked woman, being Dawn, reaches up with 'her' legs and grabs the one interrogating, then rolls atop them and uses telekinesis to grab several objects in the room and launch them like projectiles at them, the comm itself the conductor is using is the object used for him
<ChadWinters`> Seem's you have a security leak, Ben.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash fires shots at Beefy Man
<DeathStar> *Guard 2 stumbles at the obbjects, while Guard 1 keeps trying to crush Ash and Chad in one hug*
<DeathStar> <Guard 1> I will crush you---
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash headbutts Guard 2
* ChadWinters` grunts as he swings his knee up into his crotch
<Xanatos`> <Kane> Surrender, or that concoction will continue to expand, until it suffocates you. I can stop it. 6* he says, it even creepier with his bald head and alien stare.
<Seraphna> * Luci leaps up at Guard 1 and punches him with a shielded fist.
<DeathStar> <Guard 1> ... falls over*
<Seraphna> * Lisa
<DeathStar> *Guard 3 tries to free himself, then rips a deks up and throws it at the tema*
* ChadWinters` coughs, as he catches his breathe
<DeathStar> *Eve peers at the fighting* oh my...
<Seraphna> * Luci forms an Aegis around the team to protect against the desk.
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash teleports Guard 3 and conks him on the head
<Nyaomi> * Dawn slides past Luci, going for the guy ont he comm
<Seraphna> * LISA
<DeathStar> *Guard 3 goesw down*
<DeathStar> *the 4 men are down, with Chad holding the comm now*
<DeathStar> *Eve leads the two clone children over*
<DeathStar> <Eve> so Kaori. Want to hang out after this?
<Seraphna> * Lisa lets the desk slide off her shield and disappates all the ones remaining.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Can we tarce the location of the person on the other end of that comm?"
<Xanatos`> 6* Kane does use the counter-agent to stop the foam-goop from spreading so no one dies.
<Sara> <Kaori> ...Will there be food?
<kalonZombie> <Ash> On it.
<Nyaomi> * Dawn plucks the comm and sits down to do just that.
<DeathStar> <Eve> Yes
<kalonZombie> 6*Ash moves to go do that
* ChadWinters` stands upright, letting out a deep breathe. He tosses the comm to Ben as he moves over to the vials of blood, quickly pocketing them all
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Or not.
<Nyaomi> * Dawn peers at Ash, shruging and pulls out a second cord.
<DeathStar> <Ben> Tell me Chad
<DeathStar> <Ben> Why is your son in law here?
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Chad's son in law has pretty legs.
<DeathStar> *Ben pauses and hugs Chad close* Family trip?
<ChadWinters`> Ask him. I assume he did something illegal and found out about our mission.
<DeathStar> *Eve studies Dawn curious on the man her daughter married
<Seraphna> Lisa> "He is what we call a pretty boy. A very pretty boy."
<Xanatos`> (Victory)
* ChadWinters` moves over to the a terminal and slips a small device in and starts copying the data
<DeathStar> *Dawn would find it encoded and it will take type to decode. But there is one hint - it is an Underground Base communicator, or at least a modified one*
<DeathStar> *type - tine
<DeathStar> *time
<Nyaomi> * Dawn types away on a compact device, cloning the information and passing it to Ash to work on simultaneous, but also to keep it from being as easy to lock them out.
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Guess I'll stand here and wait till someone tries to come in and kill us. 6* He moves back to the door.
<DeathStar> *Eve muses, peering at Cole and Kaori*
<DeathStar> <Eve> What do we do with these kids?
<ChadWinters`> We should leave soon before someone comes in and checks on everything.
<DeathStar> <Eve> Orphanage?
<Sara> <Kaori> I guess we have to open some kind of daycare
<kalonZombie> <Ash> Give 'em to Hi'Saa. She'll adopt anyone.
<Jackieness> <Josephine> "Back to base and decide there."
<DeathStar> *Eve nods and heads with them*
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Poor kids, they'll need some of that conditioning tweaked won't they?
<ChadWinters`> But thanks to Dawn, VI will know something happened to this auction and might go in to hiding again.
<DeathStar> <Eve> They will need to be taught language and stuff. But I'm concerned about something
<DeathStar> <Eve> Someone is using my family's DNA
<DeathStar> <Eve> And selling it
<DeathStar> <Eve> *she peers at the others* You might want to look up our own stuff and see if anyone is doing it to you
<DeathStar> *Zephyr makes a face*
<DeathStar> -END for now-
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