The Alien Wars 6:

The Fall of Eden

Session Start: Mon Jan 29 18:45:03 2018
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* DeathStar sets tonight's item down - air
* ChadWinters` drowns Xan in it
* Seraphna swims in it
* Xanatos` is full of it.
<Jackieness> Air, not crap c.c
<ChadWinters`> Both for him
* Sara suffocates because DS took all the air
* Jackieness hands out cans of Perri'Air
<Xanatos`> I'm always gassy
<ChadWinters`> I had gummy bears today. suprisingly not feeling bad
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<DeathStar> 10-637.7.10
<DeathStar> Location: Underground Base, Floor Special Ops
<DeathStar> 6* So far, Marcus has had several weeks to perfect his leadership skills, doing a few side missions that Cheryl has handed him, retrieving crystals, doing missions for Dias, helping with the Training Ops missions, and whatnot
<Seraphna> * With Tabetha, best XO ever, right!?
<DeathStar> 6* Vesta studies a tablet in her chair
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus goes over a few papers, marking down a few things, signing a few things, then gives out a sigh and leans back.
<Seraphna> * Angela hums, looking over base information and stuff, happy little worker.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha cackles madly in her lab, building things.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> They suck you in with the promise of leadership...but they never tell you about the paperwork.
<Seraphna> Angela> "I could have told you about that. Just imagine the paperwork as President. Or in Dias' case, the paperwork he makes his poor Vice President do."
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC sets a finished painting against a stack of one's shes already finished in her room.
<DeathStar> *Cheryl's face appears on a screen*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Poor Stacey.
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus glances over at the screen and sits up slightly.
<Seraphna> Angela> "Ahh, my sister is trapped in a monitor!" *points*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> What's up?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> A critical call has come in. Dias needs your team - no other - to come out. And do a "Critical mission" for him
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Something about wrestling
<Seraphna> Angela> "Oh god."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> ...okay so what're the odds that this is just his way of getting me out there for bro time?
<Seraphna> Angela> "5467 to 1."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> What have the other 23 critical missions have been like?
<Seraphna> Angela> "...Us babysitting Dias while he and Marcus goof off?"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Okay yeah mostly bro time. I'll get the team ready. 6* He stands and sends out a page to Special Ops members to meet in the hanger.
<Jackieness> <Cassandra> *walks in* "Dias considers it critical if his punching arm has a cramp."
<Seraphna> Angela> "If I'd known I could do this while I was President..."
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC peers over at her datapad and grabs it, reading it quickly and grabbing her gear and moves out towards the hanger
<DeathStar> -Spinning logo-
<DeathStar> 6* They find themselves in L.A where a large stadium is located and strange monsters have been put in a ring and a crowd gathered. Dias is still in a suit - by Stacey's insistence and it's being billed as charity to raise money for tag team defeat the monsters. To raise money for an illness
<DeathStar> *Posters show Dias and Marcus all over*
<DeathStar> <Vesta> ... what the hell is this
<DeathStar> *Vesta stares*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Wait I didn't pose for these pictures.
<Seraphna> Angela> "Welcome to life in the Old Guard."
<DeathStar> *She leans on Kaori, who has been dragged along on the mission*
<DeathStar> *Stacey so far doesn't seem to be aware of this*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Hmm..."
<DeathStar> <John> *poses near the ring in a wrestling outfit*
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> Thanks for rewarding me for my hard work VP! 6He gives her his trademark thumbs up
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC peers at the posters, a confused look on her face. 1"It would appear this isn't as critical as it should be."
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Johnny! What're you up to?"
<Jackieness> <Cassandra> "...can we go now?"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Go? You don't want to watch people fight monsters for some non-descript illness?
<Jackieness> <Cassandra> ""
<Seraphna> Angela> "I'm sure we'll get in trouble if Dias gets eaten by a monster."
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus points to his nose then to Angela's, moving over to Dias.
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias suddenly stops and sniffs the air. 1"I think our crack team has arrived."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> You know you're supposed to ask me if I want to participate in this kind of thing.
<DeathStar> <John> I decided to be a part of this
<DeathStar> *John flexes* You can call me the SNIPER
<DeathStar> <Vesta> I'm out. *She walks off*
<Seraphna> Angela> "What happened to just Snipe?"
<DeathStar> <John> More menacing
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "...SHould I join?"
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> I did. Or was it a fever dream after an intense workout sessions....Regardless, I knew you'd ok it! 6He pats his arm firmly
<DeathStar> <John> If you want. *some of the monsters look to be 20 feet tall, drooling acid*
<DeathStar> *the chants can be heard fight fight fight, blood blood blood*
<Seraphna> * Tabetha sniffs. "I will be... SPECTRE!"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> You didn't. I mean, yes it sounds awesome, but you didn't so probably do that next time.
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> Plus! I spent a lot of my own personal baubles and trinkets to gather these creatures.
<Seraphna> Angela> "That girl is so easily taken in by John's antics."
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC moves forward to look at the creatures.
<DeathStar> *John gets her a revealing outfit*
<Sara> * Kaori blinks
<Seraphna> * Tabetha poses.
<Jackieness> <Cassandra> *just stares*
<DeathStar> *Vesta sits in a seat, refusing to be part of this*
<Seraphna> Angela> "I guess it's what happens if you have him for a pilot?"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Alright, alright. Let's get this show on the road.
<DeathStar> *one creature tries to hynotise SpoC into letting it out*
<DeathStar> *John hands Kaori a kinky outfit to wrestle in*
<Sara> <Kaori> So the manly fighting is finally about to start? *her ears twitch*
<Sara> * Then she jerks at the outfit handed to her
<DeathStar> <Vesta> Say no, Kaori.
<Sara> <Kaori> ...No, Kaori?
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "I can use any of my powers here right?"
<DeathStar> *John just pulls Kaori along and somehow a moment later she is in a wrestling outfit*
<DeathStar> <John> You are now GAMER GIRL
<DeathStar> <John> Sure
<Jackieness> <Cassandra> *shakes her head and takes a seat*
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> Plus I need to stretch out the muscles. All these politicing is really cramping my brain muscle. It's been weird lately
<DeathStar> *an announcer moves to the middle and begins to announce the contestants
<Seraphna> * Tabetha leans down to whisper to John. "We could become a mighty beast to fight them."
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC takes a step foward towards the cage
<Seraphna> * Angela grabs SPoC by the shoulder and geeently leads her back.
<DeathStar> <Announcer> This is a battle royale! The last man standing and not eaten, will win! There are 20 creatures ready to eat, maul, devour, or do worse to these wrestlers!
<DeathStar> *Somewhere Stacey's Dias senses tingle and she heads from a meeting to learn what is going on*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Whoa battle royale? Does that mean we're going to find out that the real monster is man?
<Seraphna> * Angela sighs and secretly informs Stacey via text. So they don't get into too much trouble.
<DeathStar> *a cage lowers down on them and to trap them in and the monster cages rise u[*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "The real monster IS man!"
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC turns to Angela, blinking at her. 1"Thank you."
<Sara> * Kaori wonders to herself how she got into this mess. Resigned, she listens to the announcements
<Seraphna> * Angela nods.
<DeathStar> <Man> Anything goes! Let the fighting begin!
<DeathStar> <John> Hm. *He taps his chin* What were we doing here again?
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias loosens his tie as he get's a grin on his face. 1"Well Marcus, shall we?"
<Seraphna> * Tabetha giggles with glee and grabs up the first monster she sees to telekentically use as a club against another. "Beating up Monsters."
<DeathStar> <John> Oh right!
<DeathStar> -Time Jump-
<DeathStar> 6* After the battle royal, the monsters all lay there, defeated and some dead. John emerges from one's belly, all gorey and his outfit ruined.
<DeathStar> <John> Ungh....
<Seraphna> * Tabetha sighs and taps his shoulder, using her Focused Regeneration to heal him up. "Silly Johnny."
<DeathStar> <Announcer> It seems the humans have prevailed. It is a sad day for monster lovers. Well, it seems the wresters have won the monster for the charity. *the cage rises up*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Oh gross, you need like 50 showers.
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias eyes the torn sleeve on his presidential suit. 1"Damn, I just got this fixed too."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> The monster for the charity??
<DeathStar> <John> *he slings some slime off of him in a general direction. As the cage rises up, Stacey is standing there, glaring*
<Seraphna> Angela> "...How...? When...?"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> .... 6* He slides to stand behind Dias.
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> Uh Stacey senses are tingling.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "THE FINAL BOSS!"
<DeathStar> <annnouncer> Of course. *he hands a baby monster to Marcus*
<Seraphna> * Tabetha floats Dias in front of them to shield them. "Save us Dias!"
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias slowly turns around to face Stacey, his left hand swinging back to hit Marcus in the thigh for a charlie horse
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> OH MY GOD LOOK HOW CUTE THIS THING IS. 6* He holds it up, jerking his finger back when it snaps.
<Seraphna> Angela> "We'
<Seraphna> Angela> "We're... aren't we supposed to protect him...?"
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus gchs and Dias' hit and slowly kneels down, teeth clenched.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha wiggles Dias at Stacey.
<DeathStar> *Stacey throttles Dias and Marcus by the neck*
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> Now Stacey. Just remember, you told me I had a reward for working so hard lately~URG!
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> GAACH....THE...BABY...
<Seraphna> Angela> "...I-If you kill him now... umm..."
<Seraphna> * Tabetha rescues the baby.
<DeathStar> *Baby monster kews*
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "I will call you... Nemo."
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> You're-GACK...Getting...hurk...strong....stron...
<DeathStar> <Stacey> *lets go, breathing heavily*
<Sara> <Kaori> Oh my, now this is a show. *she wipes some mud off of herself*
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC takes a picture
<Seraphna> Angela> "Can someone PLEASE inform me when I became the sane person here?"
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus glares at Tabetha naming it without him
<Seraphna> * Tabetha looks to Marcus. "You get the last name."
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias gasps for air. 1"Come one...Like anything here could've killed me...6He stands upright, taking in a deep breathe
<Xanatos`> <Marcus>'d be rid of him. 6* he says, catching his breath.
<DeathStar> <Announcer> I-I guess I shouldn't announce that tomorrow's challenger is the ultimate weapon and her son? <Stacey> SHOVE IT
<Seraphna> Angela> "X is gonna be here?"
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> She loves working with me, Marcus! 6His eyes beam proudly with the oh so dangerous fighting lookon his face
<DeathStar> *Stacey pulls Dias out by his ear* And quit answering her calls
<DeathStar> <Announcer> It's for charity!
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Wait, they're fighting monsters or they're the ones being fought?
<Sara> <Kaori> ...She sounds jealous
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> OW OW OW OW OW. 6He gives the Announcer a thumbs up and wink, signaling him it's still good
<Seraphna> Angela> "..." *leans in to whisper* "Marcus... are Dias and Stacey... doing it?"
<DeathStar> <Announcer> They're the challengers
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> I might be sick tomorrow, that would be fun to watch. HEY you should do like a pay per view feed on the holonet. SO MUCH money for Charity.
<DeathStar> *he muses. Vesta rises up* <Vesta> Can we get go home?
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> Stacey! 6He whimpers slightly as he's dragged along.
<Seraphna> * Tabetha tilts her head and starts reading Stacey, wise enough to not try looking into Dias' mind. She's still SOMEWHAT sane.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Oh. Yeah, let's go. 6* He turns to move, givign Angela a shrug, not really knowing.
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<DeathStar> Location: Underground Base
<DeathStar> 6* After returning and showering, John sits down in a chair
<DeathStar> <John> That was fun
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Did you see how I got that one in the head?"
<Sara> * Kaori is properly dressed again, thank goodness
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC> Yes. I was able to gain a lot of inspiration for art during my down time.
<ChadWinters`> *GAH*
<Seraphna> Angela> "Well it's over for now and we can look forward to X killing Dias in the future."
<Seraphna> Angela> "I mean... not killing Dias. Maybe."
<DeathStar> <John> I'd pay to see that. Interesting X and Kaleb are teaming up
<DeathStar> <John> I heard Kaleb had left to train
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> That WAS fun. And yeah, I wonder if they've been mending their relationship.
<Sara> <Kaori> Has Dias died before? I guess everyone dies at least once
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> I think of all of us he might be the only one that hasn't.
<DeathStar> *Cheryl steps into the room*
<Seraphna> Angela> "Dias has died like 50 times. He just doesn't understand what death means so get keeps getting back up."
<Sara> <Kaori> Oh, I guess he's due then.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> I haven't
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "I haven't died. I'm happy not dying."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Besides, it sounds like death is permenant now
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> My life was retconned, does that count?
<DeathStar> *Cheryl slides a disk into Marcus' termina*
<Seraphna> Angela> "Dying complicates things a lot. It's not recommended."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Oh, that job wasn't actually critical, just wanted us to compete in his new game show murder monster thing.
<Seraphna> Angela> "I died and things keep getting weird."
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC looks over at Cheryl. 1"What do you mean by that? I thought it always was.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Well this might be. Zeraphna vanished last night from the mansion. I had Necia look into stuff for you. Also to help man you, Hope or another member might join you
<Seraphna> * Angela frowns. "I hope she's alright..."
<Sara> <Kaori> Oh...
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> You believe she is dead? 6She looks at her with a confused look
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Really? Just...vanished or actually left? 6* He frowns, wondering if mentioning the turns made her bolt.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Due to Destiny's machinations, if people missed a person or their wills influenced things, it led to a person returning somehow
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Now though that is over
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I see.
<DeathStar> *Cheryl brings up what Zeraphna was looking into.*
<Seraphna> Angela> "So is Zera here because of me or Marcus?"
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I lied, I do not see, but I will trust what you say.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Maybe both?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> It seems after the pool party she began to research her own history.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> As well as yours, Angela
<Seraphna> ANgela> "Oh... I was worried about that. Her story doesn't match with what I know."
<Seraphna> Angela> "She was talking as if she's been around the whole time, even remembers the old me dying."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> I also had Necia bring up the cameras in the mansion. She seemed to storm out after learning about Marcus and her own death
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I think I can understand her feelings on the matter.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Ah shit, yeah I was afraid of that. I mentioned she was likely from a turn based on things she was saying.
<Seraphna> * Angela frowns a bit more. "Yeah..."
<Seraphna> Angela> "As I remember it she died in a Dark One attack."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Well do we have any other leads, public camera feeds or facial recognition pointing to where she went?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> She tried to break into the crystal vault by failed
<Seraphna> Angela> "I had to kill her Dark One conversion to reclaim half of my soul."
<DeathStar> *but
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Really? What would she gain with the crystals? Hoping for a way back to her home?
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> If she believed it to be possible, yes
<Seraphna> Angela> "Maybe... she's a good person, just feels like an outsider."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Her home is gone
<Seraphna> Angela> "Yeah but does she know that?"
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> We all know each of the previous turns are over
<DeathStar> *a voice speaks up* <Darien> Or turn our reality into her's
<DeathStar> *Darien leans on the doorframe*
<Seraphna> * Angela blinks.
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<Seraphna> Angela> "But... that'd erase a lot of people."
<DeathStar> <Darien> Well, then I guess you better find and stop her.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Is that possible?
<Sara> <Kaori> ...
<DeathStar> <Darien> From your mission profiles, didn't Ben's counter part try in the tree?
<Seraphna> Angela> "True... maybe we can talk her down? Show her she can have a home here?"
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I wasn't there. 6She looks at Darien
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Yeah. We need to find her, she probably went out to try to find a crystal we haven't got yet.
<DeathStar> <Darien> Maybe. She looks like Angela. If I were here, I'd look for more redundant people here.
<DeathStar> *her
<Seraphna> * Angela nods and thinks. "Do we know of any others with doubles?"
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na appears behind her wife and hands her a thing to sign
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "My wife, for one. She's one of several Zephyrs."
<DeathStar> <Vesta> Pretty sure that won't matter if she's looking into other "turns"
<Seraphna> * Tabetha shrugs.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Between cloning and what-not we have a lot of people who look like other people.
<Seraphna> Angela> "So who do we know that's a duplicate from another turn?"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> There's like 3 different people who are a version of Katrina.
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na taps the thing Angela needs to sign on her shoulder
<Sara> <Kaori> I don't look like anyone! *she notes, idly*
<Seraphna> * Angela peers it over as she thinks.
<kalonZombie> 6*Standard stuff for the restraunt
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Well, we have Cole and the other Katrina here on lock down thankfully
<Seraphna> * Angela signs and sits back. "What about Alouette?"
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> Oh, more duplicates are showing up?
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Was she a duplicate of anyone? Wasn't there another Darien around?
<Seraphna> Angela> DS might be around... somewhere...
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Hm. Alouette is from another turn at least. That should be good enough
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Go keep an eye on her if you can't think of anyone else
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC just listens to everyone then nods to Cheryl
<Seraphna> Angela> Come to think of it, DS might be on her mind if she shares any of my memories."
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> Oh, another you? How many does that make now, Angie?
<Seraphna> Angela> "She's my original clone... not actually a clone either but literally a version of me from a broken timeline."
<DeathStar> *Vesta pushes up*
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> That's a long nonanswer, sweetie. I'm just gonna say 7 now.
<Seraphna> Angela> "Raised by Phaeton too... just to make it interesting I guess."
<DeathStar> <Vesta> To Tokyo then
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Do we know where that DS is? Let's see if we can find him while we go keep an eye on Alouette.
<Seraphna> * Angela rises and sighs. "Yeah I"m having trouble thinking of others."
<Seraphna> Angela> "Any idea where your brother from another age is, Darien?"
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na moves with Angela, handing her another thing to sign
<DeathStar> <Darien> None. But likely he's not from another turn if you consider things
<Seraphna> Angela> "Just a previous timeline... if he really predates the Wishes."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> This stuff is confusing.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I agree.
<DeathStar> <Darien> Not really
<Seraphna> Angela> "I keep a flow chart in the flow charts room."
<DeathStar> *Darien draws a line*
<DeathStar> <Darien> Pay attention
<DeathStar> <Darien> *he draws 99 lines*
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> SHe's not joking. I still get headaches trying to figure it out
<DeathStar> <Darien> We know in the past Wind did his reboot, so *he draws a slant 99 times*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> OH my god I'm already confused.
<DeathStar> <Darien> We are on the slant now. The previous line was Wind's timeline.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Should we not be focused on this Allouette?
<DeathStar> <Darien> You want people that were on any of the previous lines. We are on the bottom 99th
<Seraphna> * Angela nods and calls ahead. "Letting Erevis know we're coming this time."
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> Comes in handy.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> You know actually that makes sense now. I get it. 6* He nods and moves for the shuttle.
<Seraphna> * Angela and Tabetha move out.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC bows to Darien then to Cheryl and she moves out
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na moves with Angela
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus pauses.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Wasn't there a loli Cheryl? Did she stay here or got to the other side?
<Seraphna> Angela> "Sis! Go check on your loli!"
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC stops, looking at Marcus. 1"Loli?"
<DeathStar> *Cheryl is running scans on Angela's face* She is at the nue's
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> We should go to the Nue's then. 6* He nods to himself and continues moving again.
<DeathStar> *Darien studies Marcus oddly as he goes*
<Seraphna> Angela> "Mmm? Think so?"
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<DeathStar> *The Nues*
<DeathStar> 6* Kaori comes home, kinda
<DeathStar> *Vesta eyes the house, musing on Darien popping up
<Sara> * Kaori peers
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> So this Cheryl was working with Samson, the evil Ben. Oh and there was also that other Taiga. So we have another person to check, I think she hangs around Kitty.
<Seraphna> * Angela peers about the house.
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus walks up and knocks.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC nods to Marcus, writing notes down on her datapad
<kalonZombie> 6*Hi answers the door
<kalonZombie> <Hi> Oh my, is Isis throwing a party and didn't tell me?
<DeathStar> <John> We are here for your women
<DeathStar> <John> Please step aside
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> No, sorry. Is Cherry around? The little Cheryl?
<kalonZombie> <Hi> Hello John.
<Seraphna> Angela> "Hey babe. Is my mini-Cheryl-sis here?"
<kalonZombie> <Hi> I'll go get her. Please, come in, have a seat, just don't sit on a kid.
<DeathStar> *John moves in and peers around, scanning for the women*
<kalonZombie> 6*She moves to go get mini Cheryl as the Nue hoard swarms around the house
<Seraphna> * Si walks by covered in flufflings.
<DeathStar> <John> I'll take those 4
<DeathStar> *John grabs 4 off Si*
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus steps in and...stands there awkwardly.
<kalonZombie> 6*A little rabbit child leaps onto Marcus' leg and hugs it
<DeathStar> <John> I will name you 1, 2, 3, and 4
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "You want more kids, Johnny?"
<kalonZombie> 6*The flufflings just stare at John. One drools.
<DeathStar> <John> These are kids?
<Sara> * Kaori deadpans at John. She juts looks around quietly
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC kneels down picking one up. 1"Their hair would work for new paintbrushes...."
<DeathStar> <John> I thought they were pets
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Nope, kids."
<DeathStar> <John> Like that Star Trek episode
<DeathStar> 6* Hi would see no sign of Cherry. Her window is open
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Though getting them wet may still cause chaos."
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> That's just how Hi'Saa works.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC pulls out a knife then stops, eyeing the comment on them being kids.
<kalonZombie> 6*Alarms go off. A full shutdown is initaited. A child is missing! A CHILD! IS MISSING!
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Uh...what the actual fuck?
<Seraphna> * ANgela peers up. "...I think Zera got here first."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Well I'm not getting locked down here! 6* He jerks to move back out the front door.
<kalonZombie> 6*Hi runs around in hysterics, making sure no other children are missing
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC frowns as he moves after Marcus quickly
<kalonZombie> 6*The fluffling on Marcus' leg slows him down
<Seraphna> * Angela ducks out as does Tabetha.
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus jerks and throws it back inside, then runs away
<kalonZombie> 6*Anyone else who doesn't book it might want to start booking it.
<Seraphna> * Angela taps her comms. "Sis? It looks like Zera got Cherry already. Hi'Saa's having a fit."
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus lets out a sigh.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> find the other Taiga now, I suppose.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC stops next to Marcus. 1"I aim sad I wasn't able to harvest their hair for a new paintbrush.
<DeathStar> <Vesta> ... *she moves to investigate around the house*
<Sara> * Kaori idly wonders where her mothers are... but shrugs to herself.
<Seraphna> Angela> Maybe we should split forces. If we get too far behind we might miss Alouette or Little Taiga."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Maybe Hi will sell you some.
<Seraphna> Angela> "Though the Erevis crowd is watching already."
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> She loves all her children, so I doubt it.
<DeathStar> *Vesta lets Marcus and the others go, Vesta putting goggles on to check the ground around the house*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Yeah I think Alouette is probably fine, just give them a heads up. 6* He pauses and taps his comm.
<Seraphna> * Angela peers around. "Vesta seems to be in investigation mode. Let's let her track and get moving in the meanwhile."
<Seraphna> Angela> "Called Erevis when this started."
<DeathStar> *John heads into the shuttle*
<Seraphna> * Tabetha and Angela board.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> What is your order, Marcus?"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Allllright. 6* he moves up into the shuttle.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Alt Taiga, here we come.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC moves up after Marcus
<DeathStar> <John> I think that is back on the mansion then
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na boards while the house continues the lockdown. The flufflings and other children seem unphased by this weirdness.
<DeathStar> <John> Or where ever it is Kitty lives
<DeathStar> <John> *muses*
<DeathStar> <John> Her house did go boom
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> I thought it was where Kitty lives. Kaori do you know where that is?
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "If she is at the mansion, there is nothing to worry about, so we should check Kitty's new residence?"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> OH you're right, the other Drasek. Where are they living now?
<DeathStar> *Vesta hops onto the shuttle* We might have a problem
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> What is it?
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> You find something?
<DeathStar> <Vesta> *She describes what looks like burnt grass at the windows - something flying* So she's obviously flying. *the comm crackles and Cheryl is heard
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> ...How'd you get out? There's shutters on all the exits strong enough to withstand a bomb.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> I think I got a camera visual. She is at the old Presidental Building in Mega City. She was on something fast - cameras barely caught her image
<Seraphna> * ANgela blinks. "There's... no way she has a Beta is there?"
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> What could move that fast?
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Something flying and fast?
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Well whatever it is we need to get after her. 6* He closes the ramp and blasts them off in that direction.
<DeathStar> <Vesta> A Beta? I think we encoutered a few during Sun VI
<Seraphna> Angela> "The few we have left are under lock and key... oh... oh jeez."
<DeathStar> <Vesta> If she can control them...
<Seraphna> Angela> "She's me, so she can."
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Is it possible she took control of the loli Cheryl?
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> That's...what exactly...another dragoon?
<Seraphna> Angela> "...That is also possible."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl on comm> I don't know
<Seraphna> Angela> "Beta's are shell Dragoons without minds or souls, more machines. They can be controlled by remote, and I've got that remote built into my DNA."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl on comm> If the other world doesn't have the defenses I made
<DeathStar> <Cheryl on comm> Hard to say how that turned went
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Perhaps she is using her ability on Cheryl and has bonded with her
<Seraphna> Angela> "And unlike me, Zera never had a hatred for her Alpha protocol so she was able to use it way better than me."
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> This still makes my head hurt.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Well, this just went from being a 'thing' to a 'THANG'.
<Seraphna> * Angela takes a breath.
<Seraphna> * Angela taps the comm. "Cheryl, if you can send Angelos, Lisa, and Si to that location."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl on comm> you will see when you arrive. Hopefully this Zera is different if she is from another turn. Of that Cheryl has defenses. But if she is a loli version she might not have had the Centerpoint powers to create them
<DeathStar> <Cheryl on comm> I will
<Seraphna> Angela> "They all have my protocols too."
<DeathStar> <Vesta> So, to the building?
<Seraphna> * ANgela nods. "Let's go."
<DeathStar> *John peers at Kaori*
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> It would seem so
<DeathStar> <John> I think we should becareful
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus is flying them there now.
<DeathStar> <John> We might be controlled be Alphas, Gammas, and Theta Rays
<Sara> <Kaori> Like the Incredible Hunk?
<DeathStar> <John> *nods nervously, eye pointing at Tabetha*
<Seraphna> Angela> "My powers didn't extend beyond the Alphas or Betas... but Angelos has the power to control all Guardian DNA."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> This is a 'talk down' situation. Remember that before you go firing wildly.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Understood.
<DeathStar> *they arrive at the ruins of the building, where some of the floors remain. They see two Betas walking around on parimeter mode on the top most stable floor, Floor 25
<DeathStar> <Vesta> If need be
<DeathStar> <Vesta> Kaori's powers might can help if there is mind control
<Sara> * Kaori nods slowly
<Seraphna> Angela> "This is why I wanted the others... they can disrupt the Betas while we move in."
<Sara> <Kaori> ...Okay
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Fucking hell...
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus lands and moves for the ramp as it lowers.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I can take a sniper's position if you want.
<DeathStar> *The Betas turn and scans them, their eyes going into yellow mode - warning but not attackng them
<Seraphna> * Angela rises and forms her armor, Tabetha frowning and working on a mind trap for anything that tries to get her.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Do these guys talk? Can they tell us if we're free to pass by?
<DeathStar> *they see Zeraphna talking to Cherry nearby a ruined wall overlooking the city, Cherry tied up in rope*
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na stands next to Angela, a defensive gesture
<DeathStar> *John walks down with Vesta*
<Seraphna> Angela> "They mostly only talked because I was talking through them."
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Yellow usually means caution.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Zera! What the fuck, man? 6* He motions around at the destruction.
<Nyaomi> <Necia> <Watch it, sis. Even I can't do much about those things. It's 'Omega' territory. Maybe Mem. I don't know. They don't respond to anything but direct protocol.>
<Seraphna> * ANgela peers around hoping the others with Omega powers arrive as she keeps an eye on the patrolling ones.
<DeathStar> *Zeraphna turns and narrows her eyes in annoyance*
<Seraphna> Angela> "Zera... you don't have to do this."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Can we approach and talk? Is that okay?
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> You are definitely not my Marcus
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> *she turns her back, dismissing him* Go play with your Katrina. Or Stacey. Or other women
<Seraphna> Angela> "Zera. He may not be your Marcus but he still is Marcus."
<DeathStar> *Vesta muses on what Necia said and slowly creeps forward to see if they attac*
<DeathStar> <Vesta> PRaying praying praying
<Seraphna> Angela> "I'm... not even his Angela. We're still friends. This is our reality now and we've got to make the most of it."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Look, I get what you're going through. I just went through something similar. 6*He slowly advances
<Sara> * Kaori stays back, creeping slower
<DeathStar> *the two Betas eye them but don't attack, letting them through*
<Seraphna> * Tabetha keeps an eye out.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> I got ripped out of time away from the life I was leading, away from my wife, away from everything. It fucking blows.
<DeathStar> <Cherry> My heroes.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> He's not the only one. I too had been pulled from my tine. 6She slowly walks behind Marcus
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Little Cherry here, so adorable, lost her entire world to Destiny. If anyone in this universe is going to understand what you're going through it's most of us.
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> *she lifts Cherry up, dangling her with one hand* At least you are still in your world. Now tell me, little shrimp, how to get back to mine. <Cherry> Not really possible... heh heh... <Zeraphna> There are other realities. <Cherry> Kinda gone...
<Seraphna> Angela> "Zera... they're all gone. This is literally the last ever reality there will be."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl on comm> Your back up is here
<Seraphna> Angela> "We're working to make it a home, a safe home where we can all find a place. You can be a part of that."
<DeathStar> *Zeraphna turns to eye Angela, twitching a bit* You are not making things better you know. *she tosses Cherry back down*
<Seraphna> * Angela blinks, feeling it as Angelos uses his Omega Protocol to form a link up with her, Lisa and Si, so they can coordinate their powers.
<Seraphna> Angela> "I know... hell I'm you. If I were in your shoes I know what I'd want just as much as you do."
<Seraphna> Angela> "We want our family, our happines, and people to butt the hell out of it."
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> You're me. *she lowers her head, laughing* Ha ha ha. Hahahahahahahaha. *she touches her face* You got it all. You got the perfect life while I lost mine
<DeathStar> *She forms a dark energy blade*
<Sara> <Kaori> No one has a perfect life! In other worlds, there were Kaoris who led a normal life with a normal family. Me? I was born here alone, with nothing.
<Seraphna> Angela> "I died, Zera. I died losing it all and it was because I couldn't control myself either."
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> From what I've managed to read, I would not say her life is perfect, nor were the circumstances that have led her to now
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na shifts in front of Angela to protect her
<Seraphna> Angela> "Please, you don't need to do this."
<Seraphna> Angela> "Don't repeat my mistake."
<Seraphna> Angela> "You SAW where it led me."
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> Fine. I'm not going back I can tell. *she pauses, peering at SPoC, then at Kaori, clearly trying to hang onto her anger* What is this? A pity party!?
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Okay, let's just...let's just take a breath here. We don't pity you, we sympathize because we've all dealt with this to varying degrees.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Pity? 6She pauses, then bows slightly. 1"Sorry, that was not my intentions."
<Seraphna> * Lisa and Si meanwhile have spread out to cover a wide field of control in case there are other betas they can't see.
<DeathStar> *Zeraphna lifts her head up, peering up and glances out in a direction*
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> ... No. I am the one that is sorry. Kaori. SPoC. Marcus
<Seraphna> Angela> "Zera..."
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Please, help us. Work with us. 6* He holds out a hand.
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> Or is all this a talk to just surround me?
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Why is that?
<Sara> * Kaori lowers her head. "It's not just talk..."
<Seraphna> Angela> "No, that's all me. And they won't move if there's no reason to."
<Sara> <Kaori> We know how you feel.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC eyes Angela then steps next to Marcus, holding her hand out. 1"You can be join us trying to find our place."
<Seraphna> * Angela stays still, clearly letting them talk.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> You can get drunk with us and we can bitch about how shitty our lives were...but also how we're lucky to be alive and fighting for something better.
<Xanatos`> (were/are whatever)
<DeathStar> <Zeraphna> *deforms the blade* You are right. I suppose. I am being selfish in looking to the past. But I am not quite ready just yet
<DeathStar> *She takes a step and walks off the edge of the ruined floor*
<Seraphna> * Angela sqeaks.
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na relaxes her stance as well, sliding back to Angela's side
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> Marcus, can you catch her?
<Seraphna> Angela> "Zera!?"
<DeathStar> *Vesta peers down off the edge* She is fine
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> How fine is fine?
<Seraphna> Angela> "...I forget we can fall that far sometimes."
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC glances at Vesta, her hand moving away from Marcus' back as if to push him after her
<Seraphna> * Angela moves over to look.
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus rubs his face
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na peers over
<Seraphna> * Tabetha meanwhile unties Cherry.
<DeathStar> *she points at Zeraphna landing on a Beta that moved below her and is now moving to fly her out of the city*
<Seraphna> Angelos> <Well?>
<DeathStar> <Cherry> My heroes. *she tackle hugs them*
<Seraphna> Angela> <Let her go. They're hers too.>
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na hugs her back
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> <Yeah, let her be alone for a bit>
<Seraphna> * Angelos shrugs, taking the one she didn't leave with.
<ChadWinters`> 6SpoC looks down at Cherry then awkardly pats her head
<Sara> <Kaori> Well... I think this was a success.
<DeathStar> *Cherry rubs Kaori and SPoC and Marcus' heads* Well you inspired ME.
<Seraphna> Angela> "It's way better then the last time this happened."
<DeathStar> <Cherry> I will join your team!
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Not so much as a success...but at least it's 'complete'. 6* he pauses and squints at Cherry.
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> Maybe go back to Hi'Saa first and let her know your safe, Cherry.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> You pretty strong?
<DeathStar> <Cherry> Um, once I was! Now I'm kinda weak and useless apparantly if I can get kidnapped! BUt I'm sure that doesn't matter!
<DeathStar> *Cherry ho ho hos*
<Seraphna> * Angela rubs the back of her head. "I am a terrible councilor to myself, by the way."
<Seraphna> Angela> "I just hope she stays safe..."
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> I was always better at making you feel good about yourself than you were, true.
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I could use new people to paint. 6She looks at Marcus with a forced puppy dog look
<DeathStar> *Vesta lets out a breath as she heads for the shuttle*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Yeah. Me too. Anyway...let's get back. 6* he moves for the shuttle, wondering who he can get to make sure Cherry is up to the fight.
<Seraphna> * Angela, Lisa and Si make sure that the one beta left is the only one before they go, since they can seek Betas now without alerting Zera.
<DeathStar> *Cherry skips up the shuttle ramp and hugs on Kaori* I like you.
<Seraphna> * Angelos, even, Angela meanwhile heads to the shuttle.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC moves up the shuttle ramp
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<Seraphna> Angela> "And bring that one to the outside workshop." *she says it out loud, but it's clear she's talking to the other Omegas, seemingly for others benefit so she doesn't seem spacy*
<DeathStar> 10-637.7.11
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> No
<DeathStar> <Cherry> Aw.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Hell no
<DeathStar> *She eyes Marcus*
<DeathStar> *Cherry hangs off Kaori*
<Nyaomi> <Chii> Um...
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> But...yes?
<Seraphna> Angela> "Aww, come on sis."
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC watches between the 3
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> I'm not having a little girl version of me being around here. Besides, she keeps doing weird things. *Cherry beams and eats candy*
<Seraphna> Angela> "She's cute though! Just like you!"
<DeathStar> <Cherry> Hm. *she twirls in her gothic lolita outfit*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Like...being sweet and innocent?
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> And she wears weird shit!!
<Seraphna> Angela> *gives Cheryl the sad puppy dog eyes*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> I couldn't talk Zera into coming back with us so I'm feeling like a big failure, don't take this from me...
<DeathStar> *Cheryl pants and looks red* Fine. But only as cannon fodder. <Cherry> Man. I'm glad I'm a kid. Big me has PMS
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I believe, given time, she will come back Marcus
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Why you. *She lunges*
<DeathStar> *Cherry dances behind Kaori*
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> <I like her.>
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Whoa okay, we'll just keep you all mostly seperated and we'll do lots of trainings to make sure she can defend herself. And if field work, just a cute mascot to cheer us on.
<Seraphna> Angela> "Just give her time."
<Seraphna> Angela> "Though it appears she's still not happy with me."
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Act your age. You're basically what? 12?
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> You did surround her.
<DeathStar> <Cherry> but I feel young at heart
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Ah, 12. I think that's the age I first started smoking weed.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> Anyway, your day off papers are approved
<DeathStar> *Cheryl hands the team papers to go out to L.A,*
<Nyaomi> <Chii> I don't have the heart to remind her that she acted this way when she was de-aged.
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC eyes it. 1"Why L.A.?"
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus glances at them.
<DeathStar> *Cheryl peers at chii*
<Nyaomi> <Chii> Wait, oops.
<DeathStar> <Cheryl> I think I misheard you. I never acted like the brat
<Nyaomi> * Chii sneers
<DeathStar> <Vesta> He wants to see X fight
<Sara> * Kaori chuckles
<Seraphna> Angela> It was just a precaution!"
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Yeah and see how far Kaleb has come.
<DeathStar> *Cherry nuzzles on Kaori*
<Seraphna> * Angela sighs a slumps.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> If the world explodes, call Tabetha.
<Seraphna> Tabetha> "Why me?"
<Nyaomi> <Chii> That's the last thing I'd do!
<kalonZombie> 6*Mi'Na sits next to Angela and takes a hand
<ChadWinters`> <SPoC> I see. 6She things. 1"I will grab my painting supplies
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Because I'm off duty!
<DeathStar> *John hands Kaori a shirt that says "I wrestles with Gamer Girl and Won"
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> <On the bright side the ones we're growing right now won't act like that for a while>
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus goes to walk away and then pauses by Mi'Na and Angela.
<DeathStar> *Cherry pulls Kaori along to see wrastlin'*
<Seraphna> Angela> "I don't wanna be adverserial with her this time. She's.. I don't know... a sister I guess? We're the same person."
<DeathStar> <Cherry> Lets go!
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Hey, I know you meant well. The worst thing you did was have the face you have. Just makes it too raw of a reminder of what she lost.
<Nyaomi> <Chii> Hey, midget-Cherry
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> We'll give her a few days and then I'll start pestering her again.
<DeathStar> <Cherry> Yep?
<Nyaomi> * Chii pomfs a cowboy hat on her, then takes her hand and twirls her quickly.
<Seraphna> * ANgela sighs. "I wish I could give her the same kinda of life."
<kalonZombie> <Mi'Na> Yeah... thanks Marcus
<DeathStar> <Cherry> Whee~
<Nyaomi> * Chii snaps a photo of Cherry, nodding once.
<DeathStar> <Cherry> You have an interest' fetish~
<DeathStar> interesting
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> We'll figure it out. Don't worry. Just let her cool down a bit.
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus nods to Mi'Na and Angela, then walks off to get his 'traveling to LA' pants.
* Jackieness has quit IRC
<Seraphna> * ANgela nods. "I guess I'd need the time to chill too. I guess I'll occupy myself with fixing up Montana."
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC bows slightly everyone, and moves off to get changed
<Seraphna> * Angela has already named the Beta they retrieved.
<DeathStar> *the baby monster eats some of Cheryl's stuff and she yells at it*
<DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
<DeathStar> Location: L.A
<DeathStar> 6* Cherry sits by Kaori and those who came while X and Kaleb stand on the stage, facing a giant godzilla monster
<DeathStar> <Katherine> What is the point of this type of activity again, Marcus?
<DeathStar> *She eats popcorn*
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias stands near the edge of the ring, his eyes fixated on X and Kaleb, a smiles on his face
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Just an excuse to be as badass as possible.
<DeathStar> *Stacey sits near Marcus too*
<DeathStar> <Stacey> I've been hearing good things about you, Marcus
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> IF they were from Dias, you gotta assume like 80% were lies. 6* He smiles
<Seraphna> * Angelos is there incognito. Cleverly disguised in a sombrero and sunglasses.
<DeathStar> *the two launch themselves at the monster. Kaleb unleashes a devastating uppercut, sending it flying into the air*
<ChadWinters`> 6SPoC sits at the back of the stands, watching and making quick sketches
<Xanatos`> 6* Cole whistles, looking interested in monster fighting.
<kalonZombie> 6*Next to Angelos is a female Gitari wearing sunglesses and a cowboy hat
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias left hand begins to clench in excitement, a slight pressure coming off him
<kalonZombie> <Lin'Daa> Remind me why I'm wearing these again?
<DeathStar> <Stacey> From the reports. *she hands him her comm number* Maybe one day we can talk sometime. *while the crowd cheers, Marcus would spot someone that looks like Zeraphna, only now her hair is cut to shoulder length, no longer long like Angela has it*
<Seraphna> Angelos> "To be incognito."
<DeathStar> *X teleports up to the monster and begins to holy arrow it*
<DeathStar> *Kaleb catches the monster as it lands and Bane back breaks it*
<kalonZombie> <Lin'Daa> But... there's so many people here... and we stick out way more wearing these...
<DeathStar> <Cherry> Poor monster
<DeathStar> *she tells Kaori*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Yeah? Alright. 6* He takes it, pausing at the probably Zera person.
<kalonZombie> 6*She sighs and hugs onto Angelos' arm, just accepting his goofiness
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus holds up a hand in a half wave, trying to gauge her reaction.
<DeathStar> <Stacey> Oh dear, is Dias abotu to jump in. *she goes to chide at him. Zeraphna peers at Marcus, blinking at him being there and not across the country but nods at him*
<Xanatos`> <Cole> So uh, your president looks like he's about blow a load in his pants.
<DeathStar> *apparantly having gotten a job as afood vendor*
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias grabs one of the bars, beginning to bend it enough to get in
<Seraphna> * ANgelos waves a rattler.
<DeathStar> *X and Kaleb high five and accept their prize - money this time*
<kalonZombie> <Lin'Daa> Do they have any of that poofy sugar on a stick?
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> He REALLY like fights like this. 6* He notes, trying to decide if he should bug Zera more or just let it rest for another day or two. He pauses and then holds up his datapad and points to it, then Zera then makes a 'call me' motion.
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias begins climbing in, his eyes locked on his son and X.
<Sara> <Kaori> I can't watch. *she watches, munching popcorn*
<Seraphna> * Angelos orders her some.
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> AH shit he's going to try to fight them. Someone stop him! 6* He leaps out of his chair and jumps down to try to restrain him.
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> X! KALEB! 6He hurks as he struggles to pull free from Marcus
<DeathStar> *Stacey whaps Dias with a stick. While he's distraceted, Zera has vanished, likely using this moment to fade out.
<DeathStar> *or sell food to Lin'Daa, then fade out*
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> ACK! ABUSE!
<DeathStar> <Cherry> Now Dias abuse I can watch
<kalonZombie> 6*Lin devours her cotton candy in a pregnant fervor
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Stop trying to steal their spotlight!
<DeathStar> <Stacey> I will lecture you twice as long
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> I just want to...6He swats at Marcus hand as he ducks a swing by Stacey. 1"Congratulate them!"
<DeathStar> *Kaleb beams at his dad* Aw, Dad. *he bear hugs him*
<DeathStar> <X> ... yeah I'm sure
<Xanatos`> 6* Marcus sighs
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias hurks then plants his feet and lifts Kaleb, hugging him back in a bear hug.
<DeathStar> *the two keep hugging and hugging, until the crowd kinda of stares awkwardly*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> ...he wants to fight them so hard. 6* he says quietly to Stacey
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> You've gotten even stronger!
<DeathStar> <Stacey> I suppose if he does all his paperwork I will let him fight tonight
<DeathStar> <Stacey> And I mean all of it
<Sara> * Kaori holds out her popcorn to Cherry
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> Hah, you've got him all figured out.
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias drops Kaleb, as he blurs around to be infront of Stacey's face
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> You promise?!
<DeathStar> *Cherry takes it* I suppose it isn't so bad when you have friends like this. I never had friends like this before
<Xanatos`> <Cole> So uh, we good? Time tog o home?
<DeathStar> <Stacey> Yes.
<DeathStar> <Katherine> I guess so
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias turns, pointing a finger at Kaleb and X. 1"You heard her. I'm taking you both down tonight."
<DeathStar> <KAtherine> I expected something more
<DeathStar> <Katherine> The science in it was just so plain
<DeathStar> <X> I ... look so forward to it...
<Xanatos`> <Cole> Think you could make a wild-er monster?
<DeathStar> <X> I tremble in exicitement unlike an orgasm
<ChadWinters`> <Dias> Just promise not to aim for my vitals this time. I still have a scar from the last time.
<DeathStar> <X> But that is how I get one
<DeathStar> *grin*
<Xanatos`> <Marcus> ...god you all are weird.
<DeathStar> <Stacey> I need early retirement
<DeathStar> <Katherine> Hm.. *She takes notes*
<ChadWinters`> 6Dias puts an arm around Marcus head and pulls him into a head lock. 1"Marcus my friend. That is how you get to the edge of your true strength
<DeathStar> -END-
<DeathStar> *flops over*
<DeathStar> I hope it was fun
<DeathStar> I mean it WAS an Angela session
<ChadWinters`> Yeah, I think it was
<DeathStar> badum ching
<ChadWinters`> It's a good thing Xan was here to rescue it
<Xanatos`> All sessions are about me. Thank you.
* Seraphna casually breaks Chad's neck.
<kalonZombie> I'm just glad I got to play goofy Nue antics.
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Session Close: Mon Jan 29 21:43:12 2018


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