The Alien Wars 6:

The Fall of Eden

Session Start: Sun Feb 11 18:17:15 2018
Session Ident: #TAW-Session89
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* DeathStar sets the item down, a glowing meatball
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* DeathStar wiggles the glowing meatball, so far no one has touched it
* Xanatos does the thing
<DeathStar> 1
<ChadWinters`> It's a spicey a meatball
* Jackieness swallows the meatball and then scurries off!
<DeathStar> 3
<DeathStar> That's good enough
<ChadWinters`> YAY!
<DeathStar> 4
<DeathStar> 3
<DeathStar> 2
<DeathStar> 1
<DeathStar> -0-
<DeathStar> Date: 10-637.7.15
<DeathStar> Location: Strikers Floor
<DeathStar> 6* It is a hot summer day and the Strikers are on their floor, with Taiga dealing with some paperwork, in quotations, on their floor
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu is flopped on the floor, panting and fanning heself in her yukata/tunic-like uniform with its native marking hems.
<DeathStar> 6* Locket and Johnny wrestle in the background for the last piece of their bread
<DeathStar> <Locket> Johnny. That is my bread. <Johnny> Give it up, sis.
<Xanatos> 6* Saf idley paints her nails, leaning on the armrest of the chair she's sitting in.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *flopped on the sofa in the Striker lounge* "...can we go to the beach... or at least the pool?"
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel balances on one foot as she peers over at Rei. 1"Why would we go there?"
<Xanatos> <Saf> Why? 6* She glances to Cel with an odd look.
<DeathStar> *Taiga muses* There might be a case we can do outside
<DeathStar> 6* Taiga glances around, seeing no sign of Ren, then shrugs. Locket sits on her brother, eating the bread
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu sits up
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> Beach? Mean ocean!?" Her eyes sparkly and she crawls over to Reikana.
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> Mimi wants to go to beach!
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Cause its hot, there is water, and I just bought a new swimsuit."
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel looks over at Taiga. 1"But the floor has climate control."
<DeathStar> 6* Taiga pauses, motioning at the others
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Clearly it's not doing good enough
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<DeathStar> <Taiga> Anyway, everyone turn your datapads on to this new game
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> Mimi never seen ocean!
<Jackieness> <Reikana> ""
<Xanatos> <Saf> Game? Can it wait 20? My nails need to dry.
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> Game?
<DeathStar> *Taiga sends the game to their datapads. It loads up a VR game*
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu tilts her head at Taiga
<DeathStar> <Taiga> I have a reason to look into it. It's called The Alien Wars. It's the latest craze, mixing VR and AR.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "First.... we're not going to get sucked into the game, are we? Caus eI could totally see that happening to us."
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel pulls out her datapad and looks down at it
<Xanatos> <Saf> Someone put this thing on my face. 6* She says, holding up her hands helplessly
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel moves to help Saf
<DeathStar> *Locket eyes it* <Locket> What's the catch? <Taiga> Apparantly people walk around the city with an eye piece over one eye and they battle legendary aliens. It uses your datapad to help keep track of the data
<DeathStar> <Taiga> However, there's been a few deaths - unexplained
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* ChadWinters` looks ovet to Taiga. 1"That seem's bad
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu holds her datapad out to Taiga
<Xanatos> <Saf> Wait, so it like...makes it look like there is a monster in front of us when there isn't? That's more of an augmented reality type thing than virtual reality, isn't it?
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Not when the fake monster kills you."
<DeathStar> <Taiga> I suppose it does lean more on the AR side. I haven't played the game to see how the VR part plays in
<DeathStar> *Taiga uploads the program and puts it on Mijiyu's hip*
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> Isn't it more likely someone kills them instead?
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Could be. The cops are looking into it. *TAiga leans in, all exciteable 16ish* You guys wanted out of the heat
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "So are players dying or is it bystanders?"
<DeathStar> <Taiga> So lets put our eye pieces on while going to the beach and see if anything happens
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Just players.
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> No beach?" She sulks.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> So far 1 million players are playing at any time and only 10 deaths.
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> Any connections between them? 6She grabs an eye piece and places it over her right eye
<Xanatos> <Saf> Alright. Sounds fun. I need to grab my swimsuit. 6* She hops up and moves off for her room.
<DeathStar> *Taiga shrugs* No idea. That information isn't released
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Ok, I can roll with this." *holds up her pad* "Hook me up and then I'll get ready."
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<ChadWinters`> <Cel> I'll go get ready then. 6She bows slightly to Taiga and moves off to change
<DeathStar> *Taiga hooks them up, then anyone else here. She sighs at no sign of Ren there*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> That everyone? No Kaori?
<DeathStar> *Taiga peers about for the gamer girl*
<DeathStar> <Johnny> *he strips right there, wearing boxers*
<DeathStar> <Locket> How am I related to you...
<Xanatos> 6* Saf comes back with a travel bag after a bit.
<Xanatos> <Saf> I'm ready.
<Sara> * Kaori peers in. "No one woke me up..." she whines.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "...hey... where is Ren anyway?"
<DeathStar> *Taiga hands Kaori a bathing suit, datapad and eye piece* We're going to the beach and playing a game
<Sera> * Si bounces. "I'm ready!"
<DeathStar> <Taiga> No idea. She hasn't been in lately
<Sara> * Kaori deadpans
<Sara> <Kaori> ...Okay
<Sera> * Angelos yawns, peeking in.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Huh.." *grabs her mobile and tries calling up Ren*
<DeathStar> *it goes to voice mail, stating she is busy*
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> Beach?!" She looks excited again, almost wagging a nonexistent tail like a puppy.
<Nyaomi> * She lets Taiga set up the AR stuff for her.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Alright, lets do this
<DeathStar> -Spinning Logo-
<DeathStar> *once in the city, Taiga walks along in a shirt, covering her bathing suit*
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel walks with the group, wearing a loose tank tap and booty shorts for her bottom
<Sera> * Angelos wears large swimming trunks and a tank, sunglasses on.
<Sera> * Si wears a bikini with a shirt that probably belongs to Gor or something.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *is wearing an oversized tank top and short shorts over her swimsuit*
<Sara> * Kaori is wearing a black one-piece that matches her currently black hair
<DeathStar> <Taiga> You ready? *she taps the datapad and enters the game herself*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor is wearing his swim trunks because he's not allowed to wear speedos
<Xanatos> 6* Saf's hair is pulled up into two pompom pigtails and she has walks along, bag on her shoulder.
<Xanatos> <Saf> Goiiing in~ 6* She chimes, activating the game on her datapad.
<Stretch> *A mostly white fox charges up and slams into Reikana's leg, not with any real force though*
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Huh?" *looks down*
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel blinks then turns her's rig on
<Sera> * Angelos shrugs and taps in
<Sera> * Si fuus and turns hers on.
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu looks chipper at Taiga's side in a skirted two-piece also marked with her native tribe's geometric markings.
<DeathStar> *Locket and Johnny tap their datapad. The world looks the same, after all once they do it, only they see life bars on their eye piece*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Huh. *she looks left, then right*
<Stretch> *The fox is woozily shaking its head as it sits on the sand...very recognizable since it's lounged around Reikana's neck before*
<Xanatos> <Saf> Anyone see a giant monster?
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor looks around on his datapad
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> No. 6She peers at everyone, looking at their life bars
<DeathStar> *there's a timer for the next encounter on the eye piece and a location near by. Taiga heads that way*
<DeathStar> <Johnny> CHARGE. *he charges randomly, not eyeing his eye piece*
<DeathStar> <Locket> ... idiot.
* Sera is now known as Seraphna
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Did... did he just pull a Leeroy?
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *picks up the fox* "Yep."
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Well shit.
<Xanatos> 6* Saf moves after Taiga
<Stretch> *Ori-fox blinks at Reikana for a moment before looking around at everyone else* Yip yip?
<DeathStar> *As the reach the location, they find a crowd of people, all waiting around*
<Seraphna> * Angelos walks along, hands behind his head.
<Seraphna> * Si fuus and leads Gor in her usual way.
<DeathStar> <Locket> Wow, look at them. *There seems to be a 100 people at least*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor follows dat tail
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> This appears to be pretty popular.
<Xanatos> <Saf> Wow I didn't expect this.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> " one said anything about a crowd."
<DeathStar> *at the end of the timer, a monster appears, a giant alien monster with 5 health bars. As it appears, armor and weapons appear, all level 1. Some on the players are level 20 and have wild moves*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> ... I feel so .... lame
<Sara> <Kaori> Hmm.
<Seraphna> Si> "Fuuu. Gaming takes work."
<Nyaomi> * Since it's AR, Mijiyu sprints in swiftly and makes hit and run strikes using her actual physical abilities.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *picks up a virtual sword* "...uhhh?"
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> Someone should rein Miji in before she hurts someone or wrecks something
<DeathStar> *Locket follows as the monster swings a gooy alien tentacle, knocking players back. So far it looks normal nothing like it can kill people*
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Sooo when's it change?
<DeathStar> *Locket fires guns*
<DeathStar> <Locket> I'll be long range
<Xanatos> 6* Saf picks up a virtual weapon and starts fighting the monster.
<Stretch> *Ori-fox head tilts at the conversation, not sure what's going on*
<DeathStar> *So Ori, it looks like everyone has gone nuts*
<Seraphna> * Angelos moves in and uses a beamsaber weapon. Premium content for life.
<DeathStar> *The monster, once it has lost 1 bar. It begins to breathe alien poison at everyone. Taiga stumbles, losing HP*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> HAX
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *runs in and swings the sword at the tentacle creature*
<Seraphna> * Si fuus and fires wildly. "Booo! Get a breath mint!"
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> This is weird. 6She moves away from the poison.
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu looks frustrated, not understanding the levels or stats, since her attacks aren't doing much even though she's physically dodging and attacking more than average people
<kalonZombie> *Gor uses his magic to heal. Cleric 4 lyf
<Xanatos> <Saf> How do we get health back?!
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "I don't know!"
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> Lord Taiga, game broken!
<Stretch> *Hence why Ori isn't sure what's going on; she jumps from Reikana's shoulder and shifts to her human form* Ok...why does this team, and everyone else around here seem like they're completely crazy?
<DeathStar> *their HP rises tanks to Gor*
<kalonZombie> <Gor> This is why you always bring a healer, folks.
<Xanatos> <Saf> Cool! 6* She goes back to focusing on fighting.
<Seraphna> Si> But DPS is so cool!
<Seraphna> * Angelos grumbles and keeps going at it.
<DeathStar> *slowly, when the boss drops to half bar left, it begins to go into berserker mode, charging at the team*
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "VR-thing-game!"
<DeathStar> <Taiga> .... RUN. *she runs to the side and dives*
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> I think I'm beginning to understand this. 6She moves around the best she can to avoid what she can while attacking
<Sara> * Kaori dives
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor trues to run out of the way with the speed of a rabbit
<Stretch> *Orihime poks at Gor since he's apparently staying in the back* Uh...what? VR game?
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *leaps and rolls*
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu slide kicks between its legs and goes to town on its tail
<Seraphna> * Angelos tilts his head, but dives. Si fuus and bounces away.
<Xanatos> <Saf> Tactical retreat! 6* She turns and hightails it, running away.
<DeathStar> *it sends 10 players, "killing them and they are knocked out of the game with X's. So far no deaths*
<kalonZombie> 6*He drags Ori with him by the tail
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Why is it gunning for us?! Our DPS sucks!"
<DeathStar> *the boss stops a moment and Taiga slashes rapidly*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> I guess it wants some exp itself!
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> Hyaaaaa!" She slices rapidly also beside Taiga
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor tries to use his buff magic on the party
<Stretch> *Orihime squeeks as her tail is used as a leash*
<DeathStar> *the boss finally drops to 0 and the team gets 3 levels and new weapons*
<Xanatos> 6* Saf pants
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Ok... was that it?"
<kalonZombie> <Gor> That wasn't so bad.
<DeathStar> *the encounter ends and 2 hours pop up and a new location. Taiga drops as they vanish*
<Xanatos> <Saf> I games...were for out of shape nerds.
<kalonZombie> 6*Says the guy who stuck in the back and only did healing
<DeathStar> <Locket> How do people die from this though?
<Sara> <Kaori> Video games are for everyone.
<Seraphna> Angelos> "Maybe it was just a rumor?"
<Xanatos> <Saf> Wait, this much activity, maybe they just had like a heart attack or somethin?
<DeathStar> *As they talk their eye pieces show a red mark and "Special encounter". As the crowd breaks off, a few people head for it while the others mill around*
<Seraphna> * Si checks over Taiga for tentacle related injury.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel breathes deeply as she catches her breath. 1"This was a lot more physical then I imagined it would be
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor nods to Kaori approvingly
<DeathStar> <Taiga> *stretches and seems okay other than her bum hurting*
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Hey, check that out."
<DeathStar> *Taiga peers* Special encounter? And only a few people are going?
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> We should probably check it out.
<DeathStar> *she peers at Kaori* What do your gamer instincts say?
<Xanatos> <Saf> Red means...bad right?
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "did anyone read the manual?"
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> No.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Yeah. I read it. It just say that encounters would be held twice a day
<Sara> <Kaori> It's probably a much harder bonus boss that follows this one up
<DeathStar> <Taiga> And alerts would be send with the eye piece
<Sara> <Kaori> Judging by the timing
<DeathStar> <Taiga> True. This one was Level 15.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Lets go check it out
<DeathStar> *Taiga hurries along*
<Xanatos> 6* Saf jogs along after Taiga
<DeathStar> *Johnny blindly runs*
<Seraphna> * Angelos and Si follow along, Angelos stopping to pick up Johnny and turn him in the right direction,
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu dashes alongside Taiga, not even winded.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *heads to the special encounter*
<Seraphna> * Angelos sets him back down cartoonishly so he runs the right away.
<Seraphna> *way
<DeathStar> *they reach a small park area that looks desserted, with 8 others.*
<DeathStar> *the timer reaching 45 seconds*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> We're here
<Sara> * Kaori tilts head
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel peers around as they get there
<Xanatos> <Saf> Wait, why are there so few here this time?
<DeathStar> <Locket> I have a bad feeling about this
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Maybe these special encounters do real damage..."
<DeathStar> *As she says that, the timer hits 0 and their weapons and armor appear. The enemy rises up and it's a Dark One Ridiarium, Level 35*
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> Do you think someone set this up to kill one of them?
<DeathStar> <Taiga> That's no fake enemy
<DeathStar> <Taiga> That's one our parents fought
<Xanatos> <Saf> Uh, we're not even close to that one's level.
<Sara> * Kaori draws her sword; because in a game like this of course she uses something more heroic
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> That is odd.
<DeathStar> *Locket fires her shots, chipping away HP 1 at a time*
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu sprints in and performs an iaido-like sliding slash.
<DeathStar> *while the high level players are hit, their HP being hit and thrown*
<Sara> * Kaori goes behind it for a back attack, slashing at it
<Seraphna> * Si fuus and fires away, Angelos moving in and slashing.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Hmmmmm..."
<DeathStar> *The Ridiarium makes a noise as it's hit by them and turns, rock tentacles going at them both. Taiga rushes in and leaps on it, slashing before she's hit by a tendril, her HP nearly at 0. She winces, real bruiseS*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor uses his highest powered healing ability for Taiga
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Oh man!" *goes to haul Taiga out of there*
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel takes a deep breath as he focuses on dodging the tentacles
<Xanatos> <Saf> This seems a BIT real!
<Seraphna> * Angelos raises a brow, then experimentally slashes the air with real energy instead of a sword.
<ChadWinters`> *she*
<Sara> * Kaori rolls and slashes
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu continues her acrobatic attacks.
<DeathStar> *The other players attack, many making noises of pain when hit. The real energy seems do nothing to the enemy, not really there*
<DeathStar> *Taiga rises as the heal works, the bruises there but her health rises, likely tricking her brain somehow*
<Seraphna> * Angelos shrugs, then goes at it with a barrage of hits.
<Seraphna> Si> "Whoa, that feedback is totally not cool!"
<DeathStar> *The monster roars and as it's HP hits 3 bars, it forms a giant rock sword the length of one floor and begins to spin*
<DeathStar> *and rapidly spins making wind and dirt fly up, spinning at Kaori and Miji first*
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Back off!" *moves away*
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> That is a big sword...6She begins back pedaling
<Seraphna> * Angelos drops low under the spins and rolls away.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> I-Insane
<Xanatos> 6* Safe jerks and begins to move off to the right side to get out of the way.
<Xanatos> (Saf)
<Seraphna> Angelos> "THre's nothing actually there either, I checked!"
<DeathStar> *Locket keeps shooting from a distance while JOhnny charges in*
<Xanatos> <Saf> How the hell are we supposed to win this?
<DeathStar> <Johnny> AAAAARTGH!
<Seraphna> * Si keeps firing wildly.
<Sara> * Kaori attempts to leap up on its head and stab downward onto it -- figuring the center of its spin is actually the safest spot, in a way
<DeathStar> *he tries to grab the sword and flies out like team rocket*
<Seraphna> Si> "Ridarium 101! Focus on one section of it's rock plating and fire from a distance!"
<DeathStar> *the monster takes out 3 players, no longer moving or breathing it looks like, while Kaori lands on it's head, stabbing it. It's HP chipped away slowly*
<DeathStar> *Taiga charges in as the spin stops and leaps on the sword and leaps up and stabs it's eye*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> HIYA!
<Xanatos> 6* Saf moves to the other players trying to urge them to leave.
<DeathStar> *She drived her sword in, doing crit damage. The other players retreat*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> I found a weak point
<DeathStar> *Taiga is thrown and rolls bad.*
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> The down players do not look good.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Right!" *dashes in and leaps to get on its head, stabbing in to the weak spot*
<DeathStar> *the monster, down to half HP, reaches for Kaori when Reikana stabs and jerks, a sliver of HP left*
<DeathStar> <Ridiarum> ARGH. *it glows with dark energy, about to do a super attack8
<Seraphna> * Si fuus and checks on Taiga.
<DeathStar> *Taiga rises, bleeding and coughs up blood, pointing*
<Sara> * Kaori stabs at it, undeterred, knowing the attack likely has to charge
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu attempts to leap onto its arm when it goes to grab people and run for the other eye
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Stahp it*
<Seraphna> * Angelos rushes in and bun rushes the same spot Taiga struck.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *pulls out her sword and stabs down again* "More damage!"
<Xanatos> 6* Saf jerks and dashes in with a special attack of her own to try and burn it down before it gets the move off
<Seraphna> * Si fuus and fires at it wildly again.
<DeathStar> *the combined attacks and the Ridiarum stops, then vanishes, the tema leveling up to 10*
<DeathStar> *getting stronger weapons*
<Xanatos> 6* Saf quickly moves over to check on the downed players.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel quickly moves to the downed players, checking their pulses
<Seraphna> * Angelos walks over and picks Taiga up. "You need medical attention kiddo. Sir."
<DeathStar> *they seem to have stopped breathing, bones broken. Taiga works on calling medics*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Dragoon healing will kick in...
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu flops over, whining.
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> Game not fun. Want beach now...
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Help the players!"
<Xanatos> 6* Saf pulls out a medkit and tries to get a pulse on one.
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Yeah...
<DeathStar> *Taiga winces* One last thing to check. Gor
<DeathStar> <Taiga> ... someone has to be sending the data right?
<kalonZombie> <Gor> On it.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Find who sent that last monster
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel begins working on one, using her lightning ability to try and jump start their heart.
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor slips over to lean against a wall, doing his hacking thing
<DeathStar> *Cel starts their hearts as the med kits get them stablized for the ambulances TAiga called arrive*
<DeathStar> *Gor soon finds that the VR game was hacked and the signal came from somewhere near... the beach*
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Sonofa... it'sb ack at the beach
<DeathStar> <Taiga> .... to the beach....
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor nods, heading that way
<DeathStar> -SPinning logo-
<DeathStar> *The team reaches the sandy beach*
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "...fianlly... the beach."
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> Gor, are you able to pinpoint the hacker?
<DeathStar> *Johnny runs into the water and playsw*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor pulls out his datapad to try and find the location
<Seraphna> * Angelos carries her the whole way.
<DeathStar> *the beach is crowded with tons of people. Gor would find the hacker likely among them*
<Seraphna> * Si rubs her head and peers around.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> ... *peers around, looking better as she gets onto the sand, in her bikini*
<Stretch> *Orihime walks along quietly with the others, not in the game itself but keeping an eye on things in the real world for them in case the game they're in takes a bad turn*
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Somewhere around here. Hold on... 6*He tries to send something to the hacker to make their rig more obvious from the screen so they can find them easier
<Xanatos> <Saf> Finally, I geat to wear my suit. 6* She says, wearing a one piece swimsuit.
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> Do you think the AR device is causing a feedback and creating the real world damage?
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *pulls off her top and shorts, now clad in a glossy black bikini. She slips on her sunglasses and stikes a pose*
<Stretch> *Orihime snaps some pictures with her datapad*
<Seraphna> * Si gives Gor his shirt as she stands in her bikini, fuuing and stretching.
<DeathStar> *Gor gets a hit. The hacker is that woman near by in a hat and glasses*
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Woman. Hat. Glasses.
<Xanatos> <Saf> On it! 6* She runs over and throws a punch for the woman's face.
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Desperately trying not to get distracted by sexy best friend wife.
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> Taiga, how do you want us to handle this?
<DeathStar> *Taiga nods and begins to head toward her. As Saf approaches, the woman sees Saf running with a fist raised, she taps something. Suddenly people begin to scream, even without the VR glasses. It seems even if they have some sort of VR component, they are being attacked. As the punch connects and goes down, people are flailing*
<Stretch> *Ori blinks at Saf running and attacking some random person, slips her datapad into her tail and goes to follow after her*
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "... ... ...real subtle..."
<DeathStar> *Taia slowly raises the eye glasses*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> ... oh no
<Seraphna> * Si fuus and bounces, heading towards the culprit.
<Xanatos> <Saf> Punching her didn't fix it? 6* She glances around, confused.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel looks over at the crowds of people
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Gor, get her pad and make this stop!"
<DeathStar> *people flail and Taiga motions people to put their eyeglasses on to see what is going on*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor tries to take control of her pad directly from his
<Xanatos> 6* Saf kneels and picks up the pad, tossing it over for Gor to work on.
<Seraphna> * Si puts hers on as she bounces over.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel flips her glass on
<Xanatos> 6* Saf then pulls her glasses on.
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *pulls her VR glasses back on*
<Seraphna> * Angelos makes his beer vanish and puts his glasses on.
<DeathStar> *Gor would find it locked out and he'll time. It seems that woman as unleashed tons of classic TAW villains. Xevil, Dark Ones, Progenitors, and more*
<DeathStar> *they are attacking people who have ANY sort of VR program*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor pulls his VR stuff off "Cover me. 6*He uses the ability he has to jump directly into computers to get in and hack it faster
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> This woman seems to have extensive knowledge of enemies from the past.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> I plan to have a long talk who leaked these documents
<Seraphna> * Si leaps up and lands by Gor defensively.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> I know things become unclassified after a bit
<Xanatos> <Saf> ... 6* She makes sure to cuff the woman to the bench and then runs off to do battle with classic bad guys
<Stretch> *Orihime doesn't have a VR set, instead she stands over Gor and looks around for any trouble*
<DeathStar> *Taiga enters the game, and forms a gun*
<DeathStar> *Firing*
<Seraphna> * Angelos works to save nearby people with his buff level 10 self.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel creates her weapon and moves to start taking down the bad guys
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *runs for an enemy and slashes*
<DeathStar> *Xevil turns and picks up a beach umbrella, slashing at Reikana back*
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu sulks since the water is so close. She activates the AR and narrows her eyes, charging in
<DeathStar> *Gor meanwhile would face Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up
<DeathStar> 4
<DeathStar> 3
<kalonZombie> durlud
<DeathStar> *Pass. Encrypt 1 of 4 down*
<Sara> * Kaori slashes at enemies
<Seraphna> * Si fuus and keeps guarding him.
<DeathStar> *Dark Ones lift Kaori and try to carry her int othe water and drown her*
<kalonZombie> (Hold please)
<DeathStar> *Johnny tackles Progenitors, punching rapidly.*
<Seraphna> * Angelos rushes the dark ones and spin slashes them.
<Xanatos> 6* Saf leaps out to slash for the dark one's legs.
<kalonZombie> (Resume)
<DeathStar> *The Dark Ones let Kaori go, and are open to attack*
<Stretch> *Orihime sits next to her comatose like older brother and pats Si on the arm* I can keep an eye on him if you want to go help the others with this VR Game thing.
<DeathStar> *Xevil keeps battling Reikana with the umbrella doing a super spin slash*
<Sara> <Kaori> Hmph
<Xanatos> 6* Saf slashes upward in an uppercut for the dark one.
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel moves in for the stunned dark ones, attacking
<DeathStar> Gor - Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left Left, Left Left, Left LEft LEft LEft LEft Left
<Seraphna> * Angelos slices through dark ones with a furious look.
<DeathStar> 5
<DeathStar> 4
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Give it up, VR-Xevil!"
<DeathStar> 3
<kalonZombie> 6rrrrrrrrrrrrr
<DeathStar> 2
<DeathStar> 1
<DeathStar> -0-
<Seraphna> rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<kalonZombie> rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<Jackieness> <Reikana> *tries blocking with her virtual blade*
<DeathStar> *Fail 2 of 4*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor's gonna go for it again
<DeathStar> *The Dark Ones poof into smoke, leaaving xevil and the Progenitors*
<Seraphna> Si> "Maybe we should grab hers?"
<DeathStar> 3: Up, Down
<DeathStar> 4
<DeathStar> 3
<kalonZombie> du
<DeathStar> 2
<DeathStar> *Pass*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor will skip 4 to autosucceed it, when it comes to it
<DeathStar> *the datapad opens*
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor shuts the whole VR thing down
<DeathStar> *everything vanishes*
<DeathStar> <TAiga> .... *faceplants into the ocean*
<ChadWinters`> 6Cel drops to a knee, panting now
<DeathStar> <JOhnny> I won?
<DeathStar> *everyone levels up to 20*
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "I finally beat Xevil..."
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor comes back to his body "Easy peasy.
<Xanatos> 6* Saf takes a breath to get her composure back, then moves over to secure the woman.
<Seraphna> * ANgelos lifts Taiga out of the water while he summons medivacs.
<Stretch> *Orihime peers at the womans Datapad then offers it up to Taiga* Maybe want this as evidence?
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu eats sand on the beach, exhausted now
<DeathStar> *the woman opens her eyes, then struggles* Curse you all. You have ruined my plan. *She begins to go into her back story of making The Alien Wars and how she was fired because she wanted to use enemies from the unclassified files and they said copyright and blah bla as she is sent off to jail by tyhe cops*
<DeathStar> *no one is hurt and it seems they can now enjoy the beach, Taiga sitting under an umbrella. Locket leans back, sunbathing*
<Seraphna> * Angelos pulls his beer back out.
<Stretch> Orihime> All I hear is "blah blah blah I'm an angry unimaginative bitch"...
<kalonZombie> <Gor> Can I enjoy looking at my wife in a bikini now?
<Seraphna> * Si fuus and looks at Gor. "Put lotion on me~"
<kalonZombie> 6*Gor smiles and rushes to do so
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Right, fianlly.... Reikana at the beach!" *strikes a pose as she slips on her sunglasses*
<DeathStar> *Ren responds to Reikana's message, saying she's been busy and will see them at base, doing a smiley face*
<Xanatos> 6* Saf stretches out and and gives a relaxed sigh.
<ChadWinters`> <Cel> That was a lot of work.
<Stretch> *Orihime pulls out her datapad from her tail and takes even more pics*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> .... so anyone think they'll keep playing the game?
<Xanatos> <Saf> Yeah I think I will.
<Sara> * Kaori dusts herself off
<Xanatos> <Saf> It was my first time playing a game.
<Xanatos> <Saf> Pretty fun!
<Jackieness> <Reikana> "Ren is still alive!"
<Nyaomi> * Mijiyu crawls to Taiga, whining.
<DeathStar> *Taiga lotions Kaori up, then Miji*
<DeathStar> <Taiga> Enjoy yourselves
<Stretch> Orihime> I'll have to start if it was any good, didn't have a clue what all of you were doing except some "VR Game Thing"...
<Nyaomi> <Mijiyu> Watermelon. Want... watermelon. Hear necessity at beach.
<DeathStar> <Taiga> .... *she takes Angelos' money and then has him get it*
<DeathStar> -END-
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