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TAW has been comprised of many RPGs since it's creation in November of 1997. Here is the location to go to the various areas that are compromised of the old sites.

The Alien Wars Trilogy (1997-2005): Comprised of three RPGs - The Alien Wars, The Galactic Conflict, and The Alien Wars 3 this was the beginning of the RPG. Everything that would come to follow sprung forth from the three RPGs which took place over the years 2179-2224. Sprung forth from the Mega Man universe originally, the RPG began after the events of Mega Man 1-8 and Mega Man X1-4. When the events after X4 began to be original to the TAW universe, leading to Reploids being exhiled, they were called back into duty to defeat an alien menance threatening to Earth, and from there slowly began to branch out into more original concepts and leaving behind the MM roots. The first RPG chronicled The Year Long War with the Tsivrixsh Empire's main advance force, The Galactic Conflict took place 18 years later and focused on Earth being badly damaged by the full force of Tsivrixsh Empire and the consequent attempts to outrun and form an alliance to defat them. And The Alien Wars 3 began 5 years later when the President of the restored Earth vanishes and a corruption deep within EarthGov itself emerges, which will lead them to the very fabrics of their reality and how they came to be. There was a total of 550 sessions across the 3 RPGs.

The Alien Wars 4 (2006-2009): The sequel to the original Trilogy, at first it seemed to be an entirely new RPG based on the ideas of the first three, removing the MM influence, and reintroducing concepts and ideas in a more mature way. However, it was eventually revealed to be a new reality made by Wind, a character from the original trilogy, who made it after the original Prime reality died out due to the war in The Alien Wars 3. A RPG that throws in wars with Tsivrixsh, a war across the multiverse and more, TAW4 was darker, more mature, and better written than the previous 3. After it ended, Cheryl and Wind used their reality power to create three realities connected to each other and shielded from the Multiverse, so that it could remain stable. The Prime Reality, Cheryl's, the Classic Reality, Wind's that has the MM infuence, and an Alternate Reality where events played out differently but similiar to the Prime. There was a total of 459 sessions.

Erevis the Progenitor (2008-2009): A side RPG that took place during the later seasons of The Alien Wars 4 (14-20). Focusing on a main character from TAW4, Erevis, a group of friends and family joined her to do battle with a force called Legion that could not be stopped no matter what either team threw out. Frequently crossing over with The Alien Wars 4 since they took place at the same time together, Erevis the Progenitor explored the very nature of Progenitors, the first beings ever that created the original Multiverse, and the threat they posed to the reality. Erevis, being a royal descendant, has to wrestle with following her destiny to remake the reality so the Progenitors can return, or siding with her family. When the RPG ended, Erevis had used the Progenitor ship, renaming it the PAX, in order to bring peace to the galaxy, and it served as the key item in remaking the universe for Cheryl. Now it'll play a key role in TAW5. There was a total of 125 sessions.

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