Mega Man X4

This story is about the events of Mega Man X4, with some changes for the RPG. This is the first part of two stories.

Part One: Mega Man X4

Repliforce Headquaters:

Lightning flashes across the sky and thunder quickly follows it, as inside the building are two Reploids. One is huge. He is General. The other Reploid is hidden in a cloak, red scares showing in the darkness of the cloak, running up and down his eyes. They are narrowed, and evil gleams in them. Lightning flashes again, across his face, and thunder follows.

"It's about the Maverick Hunters, General. They are far too eager to please the humans and continue to hunt down the Reploids. Do you believe they pose a significant threat?" he asked, his voice sinester.


"If only you knew the truth. Their sole mission has been to hunt down any Reploid who will not do as the humans order. It is in your best interest to deal with them now before they turn on you! You process enough power to destroy them!" the cloaked Reploid snarls.

"You are dismissed," the General says, his voice never changing, his face never changing.

"What?!" the Reploid shouts, taken back. His eyes narrow.

"I will not betray the humans. Remove yourself from my presence, my business with you has concluded," the General says, his face finally changing, to a little bit of rage.

The Reploid stands up, lightning flashing and thundering following, as usual. He pauses before responding. "...Very well, but you will change your mind very soon," he says evilly and begins to laugh, an electric buzzing noice following him as he leaves, more thundering. The General watches him, hardly betraying an emotion.

Maverick Hunter HQ; Recharging Bay:

The recharging bay is quite and dark. Zero is in one of the pods, his eyes closed, like he is asleep. Suddenly their is a bright light, and his eyes snaps open. Standing in the bright light is man, weird hair sticking out on both sides and a labcoat floating. He talks, his voice a low hiss. "Zero."

Zero is taken back some. "Who are you?" he shouts. The man ignores him.

"My master piece..." the man rambles on.

"But who are you????" Zero says, becoming more frantic.

"After him. He is my nemises. Our rivilary is what gives me motavation in life. Now go!" the man orders and vanishes as the light grows brighter.

"But!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Zero yells in pain as he grabs his head, a buzzing sound filling his hears, causing him great pain. Suddenly a picture of a man, weird hair and a mustache, looking at him in a bright light, a sinester grin. Then suddenly Sigma's face appears, screaming in terror. And then toren up bodies. Mangled. Destroyed. Battery fluid. And there's a pod, like the recharging one, and a diganoises on the wall of him.

Suddenly the Maverick Hunter alarm went off, snapping Zero out of the sleep. He gets out of the escape pod and leans his head against his hand. "The same dream again!" he muttered in dismay and then takes off to take the alarm.

Mega Man X stood there, in the command room when Zero joined him. The two sat there and listened to the message from the computer. There was a Maverick movement, attacking Sky Lagoon, the station above a major city. "Roger. I'm on it!" X says and turns to Zero. "You okay?" he said worriedly. Zero nodded.

"Go. I'll go to the city and make sure everything is okay down there!" Zero urged him on and they both teleport out of there.

Sky Lagoon:

Mega Man X teleported to one of the walkways of the station and immediately met resitance. Charging his blaster, he leaped into the air and blasted a few Mavericks away as he continued to move along. Suddenly, a huge dragon monster swooped down on him, smashing the walkway, sending glass everywhere. X dived across the gap and barely made it on the other side. Firing off a charged shot, he raced into the main part of the station, safe.

More Mavericks attacked him, and he easily destroyed them when suddenly the station began to explode, sending him backwards some. Getting his balance, X entered the generator room. There was another Reploid, part of Repliforce. "You're Dragoon from the 14th Unit!" X shouted over the noice of the reactor blowing up.

"This isn't good, X! That Maverick just destroyed the power reactor!" Dragoon shouted back, the ground becoming more dangerous.

"What?! Then Sky Lagoon will....come crashing down into the ground!!" X said.

"It's too late, X! It's time I made my escape. I suggest you do the same...don't do anything reckless on the way out, okay?" Dragoon yelled and teleported out of there.

"The city below will soon become a sea of flames. Many people will perish....I have no choice but to escape from here and head to the city below," X told himself and teleported down to the city. He arrived in choas. Fire broken out, the city leveled. Breathing with rage he snarled, "What?! The city has been completely destroyed! They were innocent people....I won't forget this!"

Zero had arrived at the city, but he arrived a few minutes later. He teleported up to Sky Lagoon real quick, and watched X. He made it to the reactor core and Zero knew everything was okay here and was about to teleport down to the city when Sky Lagoon began to blow up. He teleported down just as it exploded and arrived in another location. The damage was incredible.

"The's horrible...those Maverick's will pay for this!!" he yelled and began to run across the city, in rage. Blowing away the Mavericks, he made his way through the caving in parts and came across a female Reploid. "Iris! What are you doing here? Are you OK!?" he shouted, worried. She was laying down, hurt. He ran over to her.

"Zero...Did you come to save me?" she asked.

"Yes. Hang on!" he said.

"A huge Maverick appreaded and..." she began but was cut off.

"Stay here, Iris. I'll handle it!" Zero said and ran off down the path Iris was attacked and began to wonder to himself. 'Is this really one of Repliforce's? I don't have a moment to spare! I have to defeat him or else...'

The huge dragon Maverick came crashing down, hitting Zero across the little area and smashing into rubble of the city. Drawing his sabre, he leaped into the air and slashed the Maverick over and over in the head as he landed. The Maverick fired orbs at him, crashing into Zero and causing him to stagger, but he leaped into the air and slashed three times and landed with ease as the huge Maverick blew up.

Colonel suddenly teleported in. "Zero!" he cried out, obviously happy to see Zero. "Long time no see!"

"Colonel...What are you doing here?" Zero asked, tired from his battle and worried Colonel was behind this.

"I've come to save my sister Iris. I only hope she's okay..." Colonel said, worry present in his voice.

"She's fine! I just rescued her."

"Oh! Thanks Zero! I owe you one..." Colonel said and shifted some, sensing something was on Zero's mind.

"...Colonel. I have a question for you. ...Did your unit attack this place?" Zero asked.

"What are you talking about? Repliforce came here to help. We weren't included in the attack!"

"They suspect you've become a Maverick," Zero told him.


"Disarm and come with me to the H.Q."

"I'm afraid I can't. Soilders never drop their weapons! I won't do it, not even for you Zero," Colonel snarled, anger thick in his voice.

"Then they'll think you're a Maverick!"

"So be it! The Repliforce profers war over dishonor and shame. Good bye, Zero."

"Wait! Colonel! Listen to me!" Zero cried out but Colonel teleported away.

"Damn! This isn't good Colonel. They may decide the entire Repliforce is a group of Mavericks!" Zero moaned to himself and then went back to help Iris home.

Mega Man X and Zero where standing in the briefing room, 3 minutes before the Captains of other squadrons would be coming in. Zero related the story of what had happened in the previous day's events. "I'm worried that Colonel and General are going to be making a big mistake and doing the wrong thing here. They will be marked as Mavericks."

X nodded thoughtfully. "Maybe we can contact Colonel or General. This is a big misunderstanding, I'm sure. It's senseless to go into some big war over a misunderstanding," X said, thinking about the destruction of the city and wondering himself if the Repliforce had not caused it. Three other Reploids walked in.

X and Zero walked over and sat down as Tolerance, Eradicator, and Death Star sat down. They all seemed grave from the proceedings that had happened. "Captains, as you know yesterday a group of Mavericks attacked Sky Lagoon. It crashed into the city below. An estimate of 40,000 people were killed, and 20,000 were wounded. And we haven't even combed all the city yet. We have all the units availible down there to help the people there," Zero began to inform them all.

Death Star spoke up. "Do we have a confirmed answer on who did it?" he asked. Zero and X both knew he was asking if they knew Repliforce did it or not.

"No, we do not at this time, Captain. Tolerance, you will send your squad to the city to help the units all ready there out. Plus, incase anymore Mavericks show up. Eradicator and Death Star, I want you to prepare your units for anything coming up also," Zero went on. "We have a report that Maverick activity is beginning in the North Pole area. You will go up there and see if this is true."

Death Star frowned. "And if Repliforce attacks or something? That would only leave you and Zero, sir. I don't like the sound of that. I known you have done stuff like this before, but the Hunters have always been helping you out, behind the scenes. You will be on your own, unless you spare some rescue units."

"This is fine by me and X. But we need to confirm that report."

"Sir, what if it's a decoy to lead me and Eradicator off?" Death Star continued.

"A gamble we have to take," Zero said and gave him a look to drop the subject. The Hunter let a silent sigh and remined quiet. "That is all, men. You will now prepare your squads for your assigned mission," Zero said. The three Hunters walked out and X glanced over at Zero, who was troubled.

"What if he's right?"

"Then we took the losing side of the gamble. But if you ask me, it seems as if there's someone controlling all of our actions. And I don't like it, not one bit....." muttered Zero. "Excuse me, I'm going to see if I can get ahold of Colonel." He left briskly, leaving X puzzled.

Repliforce Meeting; 1 day later...

"Brave soilders of Repliforce, we have all been wrongfully judged as Mavericks. We can not live with this disgrance. We will build a new nation, of Reploids. But remember, this is not about rebellion against our human creators," General preached

Colonel nodded and stepped forward. "I too take ther Geneneral sintements. We have no other choice. We will fight valently, with courage, and without fear, for we our the REPLIFROCE, THE GREATEST ARMY EVER!!!" Colonel shouted, the crowd of Reploids cheering with him.

Zero watched from within the shadows of one of the buildings. "Colonel......" he mumbled and teleported away.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, a figure turned off the holonet of the speech by General and laughed evilly. "Now that the General has finally taken action, what will you do, my Maverick Hunters? I will be watching this very closely..." he said.

Maverick Hunter Headquaters:

X walked into one of the control rooms and so a short, fat, yellow Reploid. "...Who are you?"

"Call me, Double, the rookie hunter. My liege, the Repliforce, has begun it's coup," the Reploid informed him.

"....Wait!...Colonel, you're jumping to conclusions here!" X yelled into the air, terrified of what was about to happen.

"Sir, you've been given the order to scramble," Double told him.

Zero walked into one of the other control rooms and ran into Iris. "Iris! ...What are you doing here?" he asked, worried.

"My brother Colonel started the coup!" Iris said.

"I know..."

"Please don't fight against him! This mustbe some kind of mistake!" Iris pleaded, holding out her hand.

"They've occupied several cities all ready. As a Hunter, I must stop them!" Zero said sternly.


"I must stop them now!" Zero said and grabbed the com link and called up X as the infomation on 8 targets came up from HQ. He got X. "X?"

X seemed distraced. "What? Zero? I just got the order to scramble against these 8 targets. I trust you got them too."

"I did. Read the infomation on 2a, 4a, and 2b. Those are not Repliforce agents. They are some kinda Mavericks.

"You're...right....and one of them's Dragoon!" X said in disbelief.

"He was in Repliforce, but now's he locked himself up in a volcano...interesting. X, I want to take the 5 Repliforce targets. I need to do this, to hopefully stop Colonel," Zero said, ignoring the pleading looks from Iris. "I want you to take the 3 Maverick targets."

"Will do. Good luck, Zero," X whispered and cut out his comlink. The Hunter must be having mixed emotions right now.

Zero turned to Iris, frowned, and then teleported away, heading to the jungle to go toe to toe with a friend of his, Web Spider.

Jungle Base: Web Spider (Mission Objective: Destroy secert weapon in the Jungle)

Zero teleported down into the shallow river and scanned the area, watching a rainbow in the distance. The place was beautiful. He jumped down the small waterfall and ran along the shallow water, destroying the Repliforce agents in front him as he went along.

Jumping over a tree stump, Zero continued down and then worked his way down into a small cavern and came to a big wide gap, with water flowing down. Some logs were also coming down. Leaping with all his might, he grabbed onto the log and quickly propelled himself to the other side, bringing down his sabre on top of a Reploid and destroying it.

He then leaped across the gaps until he had to climb back out of the cavern and began to walk across the shallow water again. Destroying two Reploids, he then entered a door and went down through the cavern until he came out the other side. So far he had taken little damage. Repliforce must not have been expecting resistance so quickly.

Heading along a series of traps, Zero arrived at some huge tree tops. Blowing away the spider Repliods there, he continued on, and suddenly the branch gave way and he began to fall. Diving his sabre into a tree trunk, Zero then did a flip and pulled him and the sabre back up onto another branch. It began to crack under his weight and he leaped, right into a spider. Taking a jolt, he came crashing down on the ground, not far from the base where Web Spider was.

Gasping, Zero forced himself up and shook his head, his ponytail flapping. 'This is madness! Colonel, why??' he wondered to himself as he finished the obstacles and arrived at the door. Breaking it down, he found himself in a small area, trees covering the roof. The weapon he was after was in the background.

Suddenly leaves began to fall from the ceiling and Web Spider dropped from above, he turned to look at Zero. "Ah...Zero. I've been expecting you."

"Spider! So you work for Repliforce...." Zero muttered.

"Yes...I lead a renegade unit now," Spider said, angerily.

"There's still time, call off the coup!" Zero pleaded, but knew it would fall on deaf ears.

"No. I know where my loyalities lie!" Spider snarled and went back up. He came back down with amazing speed and fired a web at Zero, which caught him off guard and began to shock him. He lost a lot of life with that one.

Zero flipped up into the air and slashed Spider twice and flipped away from him as Spider fried webs at him again. He then dived at him, connecting as Spider went back up and came back down behind Zero. He hit Zero with another web. He couldn't take much more of that attack.

Groaning from the pain, Zero flipped through the air and slashed Spider again, connecting with a vital spot. Spider, angerily, shot out a super web and began to run around it madly, hitting Zero against the wall. Zero checked his life. He was at critical! Leaping with his last ounce of energy, Zero slashed at Spider, taking out the little spiders he was firing and connecting with him again. He landed below him and followed it up with another slash. Spider fell backwards and began to blow up. Soon, after the blindling light vanished, Zero let his shoulders fall. "Why....?" Throwing a bomb onto the weapon, he teleported out of there as it blew up.

Volcano: Dragoon (Objective: Destroy Dragoon)

X teleported straight into the volcano. Fire was erupting and fireballs were crashing into the ground and the area was shaking uncontrolably. X figured this place wouldn't last another hour before the volcano exploded. He had to find Dragoon make him pay.

X leaped over a lava pit and quickly rushed down the hill, looking over his shoulder and watching the fireballs roll down after him. This place was a hazardous trap!

Leaping over a rock he continued on, working his way up hill, where more fireballs were rolling down toward him. He barely managed to jump over them, arriving at the time, tired and worn out. "This is going to be harder than I thought," X muttered to himself and continued on through the obstacles, wearing himself out more and more as he progressed.

Finally he reached a huge gap with rocks jutting out of the side of the volcano. And fireballs were flying up and down. He would have to jump across the gaps, trying to avoid to get hit of course, and make it to the other side.... Leaping, he landed on the first one and leaped again, the fireball flying up behind him. He jumped again and again, hearing the fireballs shoot up or down behind him, some hitting the rock and destroying them.

Landing on the other side, X leaned against the wall of the volcano and looked around. He would have to head up again. Working his way up, X then began to head to the right once more, then down hill. He found a battlesuit and quickly jumped in it. Cranking it up, X leaped across the lava pits, fireflares, and making his way to the lair of Dragoon.

Busting in, X quickly walked into the center of the room and Dragoon emerged from the firepit to the side and shook the fire off of him. "Finally! You have arrived X!"

"Why did you do this Dragoon?" X asked.

"So I can fight you," Dragoon answered.

"All those people....dead, so you could fight me?!" X said, shocked.

"Enough talking, lets fight!" Dragoon snarled and leaped forward. X brought the battlesuits slash claw and hit Dragoon and began to lay into him, as Dragoon's powerful attacks began to damage his suit beyond repair.

Becoming more despirite in his swings, X began to ram Dragoon. Finally the suit exploded and X blasted away at Dragoon. He slammed X into the wall, above the lava pit. X used his boots and propelled off the wall and blasted at Dragoon again and then kicked him back. Dragoon smashed his fist into X and hit him with a fireball. X, beginning to black out, blasted Dragoon again and he blew up in a brillant light, and then half his body was left on the ground.

" you.....Just't pass" Dragoon managed to say and then blew up.

"Who?!" shouted X uselessly. Sighing, he teleported back to HQ to patch up.

Destroyed City: Jet Stingray (Objective: Destroy Jet Stingray; He destroyed the city above and is trying to escape)

Zero, after stopping at HQ to fix himself up, teleported in with the attack-cycle and set it to full throttle, leaping forward through the cavern toward the city. He began to blast away at the attacking Mavericks, pulling back on it and hitting the thrusters to jump over the hole and taking out some flying Mavericks. Landing back down, Zero immediately did the same manuever to avoid crashing into a wall.

Landing on exploding platforms, Zero dived out of the base cavern and landed in the water base area, locking onto the running Stingray. Reving the cycle up, he sped up, blasting away at the Mavericks as he went flying off the platform and onto more water. Riding along, he kept dodging stuff and blowing away blocking objects. Coming up onto the end, he roared his cycle to full blast and leaped in the air with it and jumped off, the cycle crashing against the wall and blowing it up. Grinning, Zero ran into the hole and landed in a small room, half-filled with water.

Jet Stingray emerged. "Argh! He's still after me! Enough all ready! We settle this now!" he roared and swam madly at Zero.

Zero leaped out of the way and slashed Jets as he landed on the ground and then leaped out of the water and grabbed onto the side. He dived off the side and connectect with Jet again. "You destroyed a city, now I destroy YOU!" snarled Zero and leaped onto Jet's back and dived his sabre into his back, causing sparks to shoot out and a loud pop noise to happen. Riding Jets, Zero jumped off and landed on the wall as he crashed into the ground and quickly threw weird stingrays at him.

Destroying them, Zero landed on the ground next to Jets and slashed him again, but Jets countered it with a super sucking weapon and punched Zero into the wall. He then rammed Zero. Zero quickly slashed Jets again and hit a vital area. The Reploid roared in pain and Zero finished the attack with another swipe. Jets began to blow up.

Smiling faintly, Zero teleported back to HQ.

Zero arrived back at headquaters, and noticed Iris was looking extra worried. "I've got a message from Repliforce..." she said sadly and hit the button on the com and a message from Colonel appeared on the screen.

"Zero! I'll be at the Memorial Hall! Be there!" Colonel said.

Iris pointed her hand out at Zero in a pleading motion. "Don't go Zero! Don't fight him!"

Waving his hand in dismissal, Zero said, "This is a matter of personal pride now. There's no avoiding this...I must go." Zero teleported out of there before Iris could say anything else.