A fight for survival ...

... will be a prelude to destruction.

Timeline: 2107 AD - 2180 AD
In the year 2179, an unknown race of warriors called the Tsivrixsh begin a campaign to take over Earth, which is just growing up in the galaxy. Earth, having ended the Maverick Wars in 2111 and then banishing reploids into the wastelands in 2115, must turn back to the Maverick Hunters to help them defeat a new uprising of Mavericks working under the Tsivrixsh in order to tear the planet apart - and they must go beyond the call of duty: stopping not only a human organization called CorSec who is hell bent on preventing the reploids from doing anything, but also stopping the Tsivrixsh Warleader himself in what would be known as The Year Long War.

The Alien Wars was composed of roughly 104 sessions and three side training sessions. Taking place on IRC for the first time, the RPG quickly grew and lasted over a period from November '98 through August '99. When an unknown race of aliens attacked the Earth, what would be known as The Year Long War commenced. For more information, please examine the two sections above.