The Alien Wars concept was a simple one: Stop the Mavericks, defeat the alien threat known as the Tsivrixsh, and beat CorSec at it's own game. The story introduced characters taking place in the Mega Man universe, but took the setting several years after the death of the legendary heros X and Zero in order to introduce a new line of heroes that must take it upon their shoulders to save the world.

The Mavericks, under the leadership of Sigma who was ressurected by the Tsivrixsh, was attempting to once again wipe out humanity for his own purposes. Along with Vile and a new reploid created by the Tsivrixsh, Crucifixtion, the three managed to keep the Hunters on their toes.

CorSec, Earth's defense force, was prejudice against all reploids. Reploids, banished to the Wastelands created from X and Zero's fight with each other when Zero went Maverick, was destined to stay there forever. However, when the Mavericks were ressurected and the looming threat of the Tsivrixsh running around, reploids were recruited to join the new Hunters. CorSec, rebelling, left EarthGov and began to fight against all sides.

And finally, the Tsivrixsh, a threat from space, being led by the one known only as "The Elder", the 13th member of The Counsel, and his apprentice Xevil, attempted to take Earth in the Tsivrixsh's campaign to take over the entire galaxy. They were the true threat during the story, but didn't make a big appearence until Session 18: Contact.

Story Mode

2107 - 2109

The Alien Wars: The Bonds That Tie Us
Retelling the story of Mega Man X - Mega Man X3, this story introduces several new charaters to the scene that will begin to shape the upcoming future. While the main focus is on X, Zero, and the fights against the maverick Sigma, people like Death Star, Dominator, X1, Slash, Hotaru-chan, and Seraphna first surface in this story. How did they fare when reploids were first created and ... slowly ... began to go Maverick?

2110 - 2111

The Alien Wars: Shades of Gray
Retelling the story of Mega Man X4, this story shows the exploits of Death Star, Dominator, X1, X, and Zero as they attempt to stop a massive war from building up that may lead to the destruction of every living reploid alive - A war between Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters.

The Alien Wars: The Final Battle
Flashbacks begin to retell the story of how Mega Man was defeated at the hands of Bass and turned into X, while X1, Proto Man, Auto, and others attempt to deal with the upcoming changes in the future. With Mega Man gone, how will they fare against the evils of Dr. Wily and Dr. Zealous? (Takes place in the year 2084). Meanwhile, in the present, Zero learns who he truly is and his programming begins to take ahold of him. As he attempts to annihilate X in a horrible battle, Death Star, Dominator, and X1 attempt to keep a world from going insane as this final straw leads to their untimely perscution into the newly created "Wastelands".

2112 - 2120

As 3/4th of the reploid population toils in the hells of the Wastelands, the other 1/4th manages to live with the rest of society - but it's not a happy predicament either. Rising up in the year 2115, a newly formed organization known as CorSec, ran by General Cran, becomes the new military force for the planet. They monitor and patrol whatever "maverick" activity might be taking place within the Wastelands - and utterly crush it.

2121 - 2124

Finally frustrated at making new attempts at maverick proof reploids, all the world governments agree it is finally time to stop the production of reploids - permenantly. The making of ANY reploid now becomes illegal and will be perscuted to the feel degree of the law within that country. Instead, the countries begin to focus on creating better space technology and look to the future in the skies. After "Final Weapon", the previous space station, was destroyed during the Hunter/Repliforce engagement in 2110, new productions are looked at.

2125 - 2129

Former Maverick Hunter Death Star, within the confides of the Wastelands, forms a group known as REBEL, which attempts to free the reploids from their hellish prison. REBEL begins to attack several CorSec installations on the outskirts of the Wastelands in an attempt to break the "iron gate" that surrounds it. As this continues, the world governments agree that it is finally time to have CorSec spend all it's resources in dealing with this new thorn in their sides.

2130 - 2135

The world governments, in attempt to move the Space Technology production along in an even more rapid pace, form into one government now. EarthGov becomes the world's government and is run by a President, much like the system in America, and EarthGov's first job for CorSec is to stop REBEL. Finally, after much hassles, REBEL is beaten back and force Death Star into a position - surrender and his men will be allowed to live. Death Star agrees and vanishes from sight of the public.

2135 - 2139

The new space station is made operational and it now orbits the earth just as "Final Weapon" did a long time ago. Also, colonization on the moon becomes opened and small colonies begin to appear along the moon's surface. It's a low key operation, mainly just scientists and engineers that will begin to prepare the colonization of Mars in the years to come.

2140 - 2145

Reploid Support Groups begin to gain more of a voice as activists demand better treatment of the reploids. The Maverick Wars are a thing of the past to most now and they feel the reploids are being treated unfairly. In order to appease the people, EarthGov shows it's "openness" by allowing some Reploids into CorSec. One of the first to appear is Death Star, who quickly is forced up in the ranks to Captain. Put in front of the cameras, he is to make it seem everything is fine for the reploids. However, it is all show as General Cran, for the time being, holds the trump card on Death Star, forcing him into this position at the threat of more reploids being killed or abused. And a new leader rises up in the Wastelands to lead an all new REBEL, which quickly begins to make an annoyance out of itself to CorSec as the previous one did. And X1 resurfaces to join EarthGov.

2150 - 2159

May 25, 2150 Earth finally makes contact with another alien civilization known as the Minitur. This highly advanced race takes pity on the staggering planet Earth and begins to help supply it with better technology. The plight of the Reploids is quickly ignored in this time as most people turn to their new neighbors in the galaxy. Cults, religions, and icons begin to pop up all over the world as Earth learns from the Minitur. Due to their technology, ships with hyperdrives are invented, spaceship creation becomes an all new high since the entire Repliforce/Hunter incident back in 2110, and things are beginning to look up for Earth. Colonization on Mars slowly begins to take place, even, under the tutoring of the Minitur.

CorSec's leader General Cran finally vanishes from the picture - death chalked up by old age. However, a new - unnamed - leader takes the reigns and continues the same direction for CorSec as the previous one did.

2160 - 2169

As Earth begins to meet more of it's neighbors and gain new technologies, humans on Earth begin to move out and head into the galaxy. As they move to other planets, they begin to become a known force in the galaxy and quickly. Like insects, they multiply and head out, colonizing planets, living with other races, and exploring the galaxy. However, so far, very few aliens come to Earth. As they head out, they take their own ideas with them, and planets such as Jarivan - a totally gambling planet - appear. But, as they head out, they begin to learn of a race known as the Tsivrixsh that are spreading their arms and taking over planets at a rapid pace. Also, CorSec ressurects the reploid named Slash to serve in their overall designs.

2170 - 2178

As Earth becomes stronger and more powerful, and as CorSec slowly begins to dominate the reploids into full submission...EarthGov's ego increases. Feeling invincible, Earth moves forward into an age where they have nothing to fear from anything and they feel utterly on top of everything. However, the presence of the Tsivrixsh becomes appearant in neighboring areas as the races begin to fall 1 by 1...including the Minitur. However, feeling it is beyond them, Earth does nothing to help it's neighbors despite all this.

May 29th, 2179 - July 3rd, 2179

The Alien Wars: Genesis
When the Tsivrixsh finally enter the system, CorSec is the only force on the planet that can stop their scouts from getting to Earth. As the battle between CorSec and the Tsivrixsh begins, Death Star and Slash finally make their move to escape the clutches of CorSec. However, Slasher, part of a project known as the Weapon Project - made with the help of Slash's designs, decides to battle Death Star as his escape is going through. Managing to get the upper hand long enough to escape, Death Star quickly makes tracks as he sets the CorSec HQ to blow up. And Jared Carter, Blackjack, attempts to break free from his bonds in CorSec. And, deep within Hell Prison, a criminal reploid named Wiendigo begins to get a hint of freedom coming to him. After all is done, EarthGov decides that reopening the Hunters is perhaps the best bet they have to help deal with the Tsivrixsh threat - with CorSec's fleet almost depleted by half from fighting a scout convey. Venerator, represenative of the reploid forces, begins to move out to recruit reploids.

July 4th, 2179 - October 31st, 2179

Venerator is given a brand new station which is dubbed "Hunter Station", orbitting one of the moons of Jupiter, as his headquarters. CorSec, furious by this action, removes itself from EarthGov and goes solo, threatening to take out the Hunters and the aliens. In response to the Hunters, the Tsivrixsh look into Earth history and decide to ressurect Sigma and Vile, assigning their own reploid creation - Crucifixtion - to monitor the Mavericks. Ready to get some revenge, Sigma quickly begins to use alien technology to gain himself a massive following of reploid Mavericks - some from the Wastelands - some freshly made. Meanwhile, Venerator and his friend, Dominator, discover Death Star and recruit him into their case of the Maverick Hunters. As the three begin to get recruits in, CorSec decides to play God and sends a shuttle full of explosives straight into the hanger of the Hunter Station where Venerator is - killing him instantly. Death Star, the new leader of the Hunters, gets X1 to join him from EarthGov, recruits Shadow Knight, Ultra Omega the Bounty Hunter, Jared Carter - Blackjack -, plus Slash and Slasher, along with the angered Dominator - ready to fight out due to the loss of his friend Venerator - make up the new team. With Ebony, their handyman, to aid them in their fight!

November 1st, 2179

Session 1: The Hyper Trap Part 1
The Mavericks Hunters have been offically finished and right before they can flex their muscles, EarthGov calls them onto assignment - someone has been attacking ships in Hyperspace. However, there is mysterous ship that is causing trouble near Earth at the same time. Half the Hunters - Slash, Slasher, Ebony, and Blackjack - split up to take on the ship while the other half go to investagate the Hyperspace attacks ... and will discover something that breaks the rules of Hyperspace and a deadly trap.

Session 2: The Hyper Trap Part 2
Sigma has cleverly - with the help of the Tsivrixsh's technology - devised a plan to wipe out the Hunters. Having trapped them in a station with Vile and a reploid named Hyper, his plan is to have the two wipe out the newly formed Hunters before they can amass any power. Vile has Hyper test the Hunters' powers, but he is defeated after some small troubles. Vile then takes matters into his own hands and attacks Death Star, Dominator, UO, and Shadow Knight. The four begin to battle him, but he beats them back easily, until Dominator manages to cause his super weapon to backfire and explode on his shoulder. Retreating, Vile leaves and the Hunters blow the station up and go back to Hunter Station where they learn that another station like the one they just destroyed is being constructed on an deserted planet. Joining them from the other team, Blackjack heads with the four as they set out to the station. Upon arriving, Death Star and Blackjack plant a nuke on the station's outer core while the others fight off the hordes of spacefighters. The nuke blows up the station and the Hunters manage to escape and arrive back at Hunter Station where a different battle is taking place as a new recruit is shipped in. Why has Wiendigo of Hell Prison been sent?!

November 3rd, 2179 - November 14th, 2179

The Alien Wars: The Price of the Heart
The purpose behind Ultra Omega's being in the Hunters is revealed as he plans to take a bounty that CorSec has placed on Death Star's head. However, before he can proceed with such an event, a mission comes up with that requires Death Star and the mysterious Kilath Hianule to work closely together in order to survive. While the rest of the Hunters deal with a Maverick retribution attack for the destruction of their two new Hyperspace Stations, Death Star and Kilath Hianule will be forced to re-evaluate what it means to live...and who is this Garland?

November 16th, 2179

Session 3: Hardball
The Hunters begin to prove to be a hazard to themselves as it seems none of the members can work together in order to accomplish anything. But things are finally looking up, or down, as the Death Star, Dominator, Wiendigo, Ultra Omega, Blackjack, and Slash go to an deserted city that the Mavericks have taken over. There, they are given the simple task of stopping the Maverick forces. However, things aren't looking up as they discover a deadly virus. As they proceed they meet up with a man named Tyron who destorys the virus while the Hunters take on Crucifixtion, Sigma's 2nd in Command. The evil Maverick manages to kill Ultra Omega and wound Death Star during the battle. Ultra Omega uses his life energy to blast Crucifixtion back, which runs the Maverick off, but not before the damage is done to the Hunters. And it seems Ultra Omega has left behind a son...What will the young Garland do now that his father is dead. And what will the Hunters do now that a new plan is being made to get rid of them?

November 17th, 2179

Session 4: Chips of Fate
The Hunters learn that a military installation is being attacked. They produce weaponary chips of the highest degree there. The wounded team - Death Star, Wiendigo, Slash, and Blackjack - head down to the installation in order to stop the Mavericks....but learn it's really CorSec attacking. After they beat the guards, Albert appears and begins to battle the team before he blows the installment up. Crucifixtion, nearby in the area, picks up on the battle and joins in for the fun of it. Fortantly for the Hunters, he and Albert go at it while Dominator saves the team. But the Hunters have lost their first battle....

November 30th, 2179

Session 5: Rapids
The renegade Albert, who has been trying to avoid detection for the last week and a half, is finally caught up with by a side unit within the Maverick Hunters. As the main unit of Hunters is gathered around Blackjack as he is promoted to Sergeant, they learn from the 17th Unit that Albert is within a flooding city and is attempting to regroup with some more CorSec forces. However, it seems the Mavericks are also there to get Albert. Death Star, Dominator, Wiendigo, Blackjack, and little Garland head out to stop both sides and regain the chip for themselves. Only they might find more than they can handle as the flood and all it's traps begin to widdle them down.

December 3rd, 2179

Session 6: High up with Albert
As the Hunters place the chip on some trucks heading to EarthGov, they think everything has finally calmed down. But, much to their dismay, Albert appears and kidnaps Garland before their very eyes. A switch for the chip it seems. Retrieving the chip from the trucks, the Hunters climb the mountain, joined by Slasher and the new recruit Lightning Strike. Yet they find themselves in grave danger on top of a mountain that could prove dangerous enough to kill them all. After a battle upon the mountain top with Albert, he is defeated. As they prepare to take Albert prisoner and regain the chip once more, the leader of CorSec appears - masked - and takes the chip from them, leaving the wounded Hunters a captured prisoner...and nothing to show for it.

January 2nd, 2180

Session 7: Dealt
Blackjack must deal with the past when a ship arrives from CorSec carrying three of his best friends. The deal: come back to CorSec and talk to it's leader, so that they can make a deal with the Hunters that allows CorSec and the Hunters to work together in peace. Death Star, Slasher, and Lightning Strike disagree and the three vs. the other three in a battle to show Blackjack the truth. But, in the end, EarthGov steps in with the hope that they can get CorSec to join with them once again. This leaves the Hunters with three CorSec personnel on their station and Blackjack with the lingering doubt that he should join CorSec again

January 3rd, 2180

Session 8: Twenty-one
Blackjack and the other Hunters - Death Star, Lightning Strike, Slash, X1, and Garland - are trying to...act "normal" around their new guests from CorSec, while Blackjack is threatened by his friends to rejoin CorSec. When things begin to break down between both sides, another fight will break out...and an all out emotional war begins with Blackjack as two friends by his own hands.

January 10th, 2180

Session 9: Te / am
The Maverick Hunters have the big problem of not being able to work together. If they cannot reverse this obvious fact, their fates will not go well - and only a few of them seem to realize this. When the Hunters are ordered by a man named Spade to track down a rogue Reploid and bring him back to EarthGov, their stability will be utterly broken. They find the Reploid with Dominator near Dusktown as they storm a Maverick base. There, Death Star is infected with the Maverick Virus and goes nuts, destroying the delicate balance of Teamwork he has been working so hard to keep in balance. And Wiendigo, all too eager to take advantage of the new "maverick" Death Star, leaps into a vicious battle with his leader. Dominator, also, must face his own past as he faces off against old friends in a battle that can wipe the entire Hunters out....

January 16th, 2180

Session 10: Bloodlines
Garland runs away from the Hunters, forcing Lightning Strike, Blackjack, and Cross to try and stop him as they follow him down to Earth. The chase leads them to a mall where they meet a mysterous woman who can easily destroy them all. There, a revelation of Garland's past is made as he learn who is father really is - Kilath Hinaule. Kilath Hinaule and Ultra Omega are one and the same. Death Star later joins the Hunters and attempts to stop Garland by offering his own life to appease the kid - which Garland is all too eager to accept. As Lightning Strike and Death Star try to reach Garland, Crucifixtion suddenly appears and Hunters engage in a short, but dangerous battle, while Di'Mantha, shocked at what she is feeling for Garland, leaves after Crucifixtion inflicts too much damage. Dominator joins in and helps turn the tide of the battle against Crucifixtion, causing the evil Maverick to leave but not before where he destroys the mall on them. Slash arrives in time to help the Hunters escape the mall - but not before they realize they left Blackjack inside the collapsing mall. After retrieving him, they head back to Hunter Station ... yet Garland does not join them and leaves to go off on his own. Death Star steps down from the rank of Commander for a time being, feeling guilty for everything that has taken place.

January 18th, 2180

Session 11: Shadows of the Past
With the absence of Dominator and the resigning of Death Star as Commander of the Hunters, it falls upon the young recruit Cross to lead the Maverick Hunters. Yet a group of mercenaries, once part of Force Works - a group Slash was apart of - shows up, led by Slash's old friend Turbo, and their orders are simple: to capture the Maverick Hunters. As Cross, Slash, Lightning Strike, Death Star, Blackjack, and Wiendigo are captured and taken to the Force Work's base, Lightning Strike uses his power to cause an overload of the cages' they are in. The cages, designed by Slash, are imprevious to any attack - so Lightning Strike uses all his energy in a pure burnout that not only destroys the cages...but kills him. As the teams proceed further into the base in an attempt to defeat Turbo, they are occupied with fighting guards while Slash and Turbo go one on one. Turbo, though losing, gains the upperhand by plunging a poisoned dagger into Slash - poisoning him. And, due to Cross' incompentence, Death Star resumes command once more for the mission.

January 19th, 2180

Session 12: Homecoming
When news of a young boy comes in, the Hunters immediately become interested. It seems that a 10 year old Garland, somehow having aged from being a 4 year old, is attacking a group of Mavericks invading a city. The 17th Unit, though already dispatched to the area, hasn't yet arrived so the main group of Hunters decide to head down, led by Dominator this time since Death Star remains in refusal of leading the team. Upon arriving, they join up with Garland and battle the Mavericks, though it seems Garland has become much more experienced in fighting, violent, and the fact he ignores the Hunters until after they defeat a Maverick named Inferno. As the others beg Garland to rejoin the Hunters, Death Star repares the shuttle to go back home - and with the hurried situation of them about to leave, Garland makes the decision to rejoin. As they all travel back to the Hunter Station, a Maverick named Cloak damages the ship and sends them into Jupiter's gravity field in what could very well kill them all.

January 21st, 2180

Session 13: Truth Hurts
As the Hunters recover from their experience with Jupiter, Slash finally awakens once more. While they all recover and battle off ugly nurses, they find themselves drawn into the dark past of Slash and Slasher when an EarthGov vessel is attacked by Mavericks. The Hunters go on one of their strangest missions yet as they learn of one's past and find out more enigmas than they began with. And who holds the key to it all?

January 24th, 2180

Session 14: Trained to Death
When Death Star, Garland, Blackjack, and Dominator train on the Chronobot, it shorts out and a mechanic fixes it. Then the weird part begins when the Chronobot turns itself on and begins to try to destroy the Hunter Station and the Hunters. The Hunters have to match wits and power against a robot designed to be almost immune to their attacks and behind it all is CorSec. And, afterwards, Death Star takes command of the Hunters again.

January 31st, 2180

Session 15: Crossroads Part 1 - Expect the Impossible
The Hunters travel to a desert base to destroy a Maverick named Palanx. He is a reploid scientist/warrior who is working on interdimensional travel and other portals. Upon arriving, Death Star, Blackjack, Slash, Cross, and Garland are shot down and they face a hard road to Palanx's lab as they try to destroy a cannon, escape an oil waterful full of fire, and a stairway that is so full of traps that if one mistake is made... it can lead them all to their death. And at the end of it all, Palanx faces them as he activates the portal and escapes just in time, heading to another reality, leaving the Hunters trying to create a stragey to beat him and learn if there is anymore portals.

The Chronological Theorem Session 6: Crossroads Part 2 - Dimensions R' Us
In the reality of The Chronological Theorem, Speedblade and his crew of Maverick Hunters attempt to haggle down AutoDelta on some prices for parts that are needed by Zero. As all attempts fail, however, they give up, pay the full amount, and move on. However, they discover a place that resembles Maverick Towers in The Alien Wars reality and as they work their way through the maze of traps, they run into Palanx, a traveler from another dimension. He quickly engages the team, having just escaped the Maverick Hunters in his own reality, and manages to kill ProtoManX. Quickly escaping, Palanx leaves the team behind with a dead team member.

Session 16: Crossroads Part 3 - Reality Changed
The Maverick Hunters - Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Wiendigo, Slash, Slasher, and Garland - are all gathered at the Maverick Tower of Palanx's base, where they watch X1 manage to open the portal that had closed behind Palanx. As they all go through, they run into a bunch of reploids - Speedblade, Shadowstorm, Flame, Lithnaoth, and Myst. Suddenly, the two sides began to fight each other due to the fact that Garland was attacked by them. As the two sides battle it out with neither side really winning, Death Star learns that therReploids claim to be the Maverick Hunters and are searching for Palanx, too, in order to destroy him for the death of one of their men. The two teams form a small alliance for the time being, both sides hating it as they travel to the MHHQ of this different reality, where the Hunters run into the Zero of that world. As the Hunters struggle to control their anger, Palanx resurfaces in another time and the Hunters travel there to take him and Sword Man on. The two sides destroy Palanx and Death Star grabs the memory chip from it, seeing that Palanx had created only one interdimensional portal. The Maverick Hunter returned to their world and leave the Tower as Death Star destroys it - destroying the only link between the two worlds so the two sides would never meet again.

February 5th, 2180

Session 17: Vacation
Death Star, Blackjack, Slash, Slasher, and Garland all go on vacation to the planet Kirahi where they can relax for two whole weeks without worrying about any Maverick/CorSec/Alien trouble. Of course, things don't work out like they are planned and trouble finds them as they enjoy the planet's beauty. Secertly there to take out a Maverick, a man named Hodges appears before the Hunters during their vacation. Yet, their vacation is short lived when the Maverick decides to get the drop on them all - and since they are with Hodges, a battle royal begins.

February 19th, 2180

Training Session 1: Competition
After their two week vacation has ended, the team returns to Hunter Station where Death Star devises a series of training simulations for the Hunters to go through in order to get them to work as a team and to also learn how to work solo, incase they get seperated. He immediately gets Dominator, Blackjack, Slash, Garland, and Wiendigo ready to go on a team vs. team simulation where both teams go through a series of traps and "tag" Death Star at the end of it. The two teams split up and the battle begins, with both sides trying to kill each other as they search for Death Star. And, at the end of it, only Dominator and Wiendigo are left...

February 20th, 2180

Training Session 2: Teamwork
Death Star sends Wiendigo, Dominator, Blackjack, Garland, Slash, and later on Slasher into an impossible scenerio where only teamwork will pull them through. Inside a prison, they must work their way to the landing base and escape. The Hunters face some of their toughest challenges yet as they defeat 6 barriers and have to go up against the impossible itself. And they soon find out the only way to beat the challenge is to sacrafice themselves....

February 21st, 2180

Training Session 3: Winning isn't Everything
Training ends with a bang as Death Star pits Dominator, Wiendigo, Garland, Blackjack, Slash, and Slasher against each other in a race around a real city. But is winning everything as Dominator and Blackjack get caught up in the competition and forsake their duties. And the real winner turns out to be Garland. Finally, a rookie Hunter named Monty is introduced in the final simulation in which the Hunters fly in Hunter-class Fighters against each other and a Maverick ship.

February 23rd, 2180

Session 18: Contact
Death Star, Blackjack, Slash, Garland, and Monty get a message about strange distrubances over the Wastelands. They travel there and find an alien spaceship hovering over the desert floor. Upon landing on the outside landing pad of the spacecraft, Death Star brings in Dominator and the group travels inside where they are captured by the Tsivrixsh Empire. There the Hunters are about to be killed after being questioned and Shadow Knight breaks in and saves them. Then he leads the Hunters through the corridors of the huge scout ship and they escape, in time to do battle with the head scientist Tsivrixsh on the lading pad while rain and wind threaten to kill them all. And after the battle is complete, most of the Hunters are wounded after battling some of the weakest aliens.

February 24th, 2180

Session 19: Inflitration
Dominator leads the Hunters - Monty, Garland, and Cross - to fight his old foe Liberator on his Maverick ship. The crafty Maverick is threatening to spread the Maverick virus over the planet, infecting all the reploids with it. Midnight sends them to it and Monty pilots the group on board, where they face hordes of Mavericks. Upon arriving at the control room, Liberator and a shapeshifting bot that looks like Midnight battle the Hunters in the trap they placed. Cross uses too much energy and almost kills the Midnight thing, but destroys his arm, cannon, and leg completey. The Hunters barely manage to escape, discovering there is really no virus at all and it was a trap. Now the Hunters have to deal with the upcoming evil....

War: Prologue
The prologue to War pits Death Star in a battle not of might, but of wit. While the Hunters battle Liberator, he battles EarthGov in an act to free Reploids of prejudism. But the humans' cold hearts are evident no matter how hard he tries. And when they vote on his plan - his idea to end the old era of robotics and begin a new one - an killer shoots Death Star and vanishes, beginning the long, hard battle to come.

February 25th, 2180

Session 20: War Part 1 - Doomsday Approaches
The war begins fullfledged when Death Star, Dominator, Shadow Knight, Slash, Garland, and Monty travel to Earth to stop a Maverick attack against a city. Upon arriving, they find the Mavericks attacking a hospital and attempt to stop them before it's too late. However, as they reach scene, they find most of the humans have been slaughtered to bits. Then, learning that Vile was behind it all, they engage in a short battle with him. In an attempt to anger the Hunters, Vile completely destroys the hospital and then continues the battle for a while longer. Escaping to his airship, Vile begins to leave, forcing the Hunters to chase after his airship which explodes and leaves them stranded until they can call Hunter Station. Upon their return, they learn that a part of the Tsivrixsh fleet is heading for Earth, passing the Asteroid Belt. But after their horrible failure on Earth, how can they possibly stop a huge fleet?

Session 21: War Part 2 - Invasions
Things esculate as Death Star, Dominator, Shadow Knight, Wiendigo, Garland, Slasher, Enigma, Monty, Slash, Cross, Ebony, and Blackjack all prepare to attack the huge Tsivrixsh fleet that is passing the Asteroid Belt. What follows will later be known as The Battle of Asteroids as the two sides engage each other in a fierce battle where either side could lose it all. But as the battle begins to shift in favor of the Hunters, they must sacrafice their Flag Ship to ensure victory and the ram is led by Slash himself, who barely manages to escape the explosion. Even with the Tsivrixsh defeated, for now, the Hunters are even weaker than they were before...

Session 22: War Part 3 - Two Fronts
The Tsivrixsh have been stopped and a weakened group of Hunters must go to Earth and fight a battle on two fronts as both the Mavericks and the Tsivrixsh attack. The Mavericks are being led by Crucifixtion, who has already proven to be more than a match for the Hunters. But, as he springs his trap, things backfire in favor of the Hunters and they manage to escape in time to go against the Tsivrixsh. In a short, yet dangerous battle, the Hunters go against two dangers at once in an attempt to hold their ground.

War Part 4 - Desperate Actions
Plots begin to be revealed as the short, yet furious, war continues between the Hunters and the Tsivrixsh Empire's small attack fleet. CorSec prepares to attack a military base in Africa to steal the final componets to their Ultimate Weapon they have been working on. Hodges, also, is prepared to reveal himself, if necessary, to the Hunters to ensure victory against the Tsivrixsh Empire. The Mavericks Hunters also attempt to prepare themselves for the next space battle that is rapidly approaching, as Death Star tries to get as many active Hunters ready as he can. Many are wearing down from the rapid back to back battles and are beginning to show signs of weakness. And, finally, the Tsivrixsh Empire itself awaits their upcoming victory.

Session 23: War Part 5 - Alliances
When the line between good and evil blurs, the two sides must join forces in order to stop the Tsivrixsh Fleet that is rapidly getting closer. Death Star, Dominator, Shadow Knight, Blackjack, Slash, Slasher, and Garland go to an African military base to take out CorSec who is attacking. Upon arriving, they battle their way to the leader who attempts to be Hodges. Offering them an alliance to join against the Tsivrixsh, they both join forces begrudingly. Now, the two must work together so CorSec can use their Ultimate Weapon on the incoming Tsivrixsh Fleet.

Session 24: War Part 6 - The Ultimate Weapon
The final battle against the Tsivrixsh Task Force begins as the entire squadron launches off to battle them in a huge battle, sided with CorSec for the first time. But can even CorSec's mighty Ultimate Weapon succeed? As the two sides begin to take heavy damage as they go against the Tsivrixsh's twenty-four ships, they slowly begin to get widdled down by the massive enemy's force. All of the hunter's ships except for Shadow Knight's alien ship and Dominator's little command ship are left in the battle when the Tsivrixsh's flag ship comes in and the battle rages on against it now, as the Ultimate Weapon seems useless. But, upon destroying the fleet with it, CorSec prepares to launch the Ultimate Weapon against the Hunter Station. However, Hodges quickly stops for honor purposes, deciding to keep his word to the Hunters despite his orders.

February 26th, 2180

Session 25: War Finale - Bitter Victory
The ultimate battle begins and when the Hunters finish it, none of them will be the same again. Sigma has been ordered by the Tsivrixsh to fight the Hunters and wipe them all out. The Hunters, however, are ordered by EarthGov to not engage Sigma. But when they learn Sigma has a nuclear missile and plans to use it against a major city, the team feels obliged to fight the Maverick anyway. Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Shadow Knight, Wiendigo, Garland, Slash, Engima, Slasher, Cross, and Ebony all head out to his base where the battle begins as Vile and Crucifixtion attack at once. After the Hunters defeat them, they tackle a Zero Clone and then face off against Sigma. Sigma quickly kills Ebony and the battle rages on with most of the members being mangled. Death Star's helmet and one of his sabres are destroyed in the process of the battle. As the battle continues, Sigma breaks every bone in Blackjack's body, leaving him for dead as the Hunters finally manage to kill the evil reploid. But the Sigma virus destroys the base and the Hunters barely escape when they run into the leader of CorSec, who turns out to be General CRAN... Somehow, Cran seems to have survived more than a century and still seems to be a man in his mid-life span. After they manage to escape, they arrive back home where the dying Hunters finally begin to give out. Shadow Knight dies and leaves a message to Death Star about a Tsivrixsh ship that has been hidden in the sea during the entire War saga. Slash and Blackjack are barely stablized themselves. And now, the Hunters have entered a dark age....

The Day After
Troubled times begin for the Hunters as a new age begins with Sigma dead and Vile rising to power. And with two Hunters also dead and several more wounded, can they stand up to these troubled ages?. With Blackjack still in serious condition and Slash beginning to recover, they must now bury their dead and lick their wounds.

March 11th, 2180

Session 26: A Betrayal Most Bitter
As the weeks pass, Blackjack remains in critical condition and Slash slowly begins to recover. But, things do not look well for the team when a Hunter defects during a relaxation trip and strikes at the very heart of the team. Death Star, Dominator, Blackseath, Slasher, Engima, and Garland go to a city to relax some after two weeks has passed from the battle with Sigma. But, upon arriving there, they find themselves hated and despised and a little boy appears who calls himself Darien. While trying to avoid the authorities, they run into Hodges who talks Garland into joining CorSec, due to the Hunter's treatment of Garland. Now, a hole has been left in the Hunter's heart and CorSec has gained a powerful ally.

March 16th, 2180

Session 27: Timelines - Icy Peace
With the loss of Garland still affecting the Hunters, Death Star, X1, Slasher, Monty, Darien, and Cross all travel to the Artic to take out a Tsivrixsh ship there. Upon arriving there, they are immediately ambushed. Then, their fight for survival takes them to the base the Tsivrixsh have set up and they have to blow it up as they arrive on the Tsivrixsh ship. There, they are immediately captured and learn the Tsivrixsh's plan: Cause another Ice Age by making another Flood as stated in the Bible. Then Tish sends them to another reality to great rid of them. They arrive on a planet completely frozen over, just like the Tsivrixsh said would happen. From there, they use Palanx's memory chip to build an unrealiable dimensional machine that takes them to another reality tjat takes them completely surprised - Doctor Light's dream has been achieved here. But, even with this world of peace there is a dark secert as Darien and Slasher run into the building where X is to talk to Dr. Light. It explodes and the authorities capture them. Now, Cross and Death Star need to find Monty and X1 and free their comrads and find the dark secert of this world of peace.

Session 28: Timelines - False Peace
Death Star, Cross, and X1 attempt to save Darien and Slasher when this other reality's Blackjack and Slash appear to take them all out. X, Zero, and Sigma head out to find what caused the trouble. X stays behind to question X1 when this reality's Death Star appears and Blackjack realizes who the real Death Star is and begins to shoot at him to make him stop. The three Hunters take off for their lives as X, Blackjack, and Slash pursue them. The Hunters jump on the trucks carrying Slasher and Darien as the the other three attack them and manage to stop them. X takes them down and then reveals before Zero and Sigma that he caused the bombing and then he proceeds to kill Sigma. Then all hell breaks loose as the fake Death Star comes and a huge battle begins. X is killed by Zero, who then dies from the amount of damage asstained during the fight. The Hunters take Darien and Slasher and leap through the dimensional portal back home where the fake Death Star follows them. There the two Death Stars battle it out as the Tsivrixsh ship above melts the ice. The Hunters manage to take the ship out as the real Slash and Blackjack, having finally recovered from their wounds, take out the fake Death Star. He is wounded and falls into the dimensional portal - vanishing forever. The Tsivrixsh ship explodes and the ice stops melting.

March 19th, 2180

Session 29: Judgement Day
Death Star, Blackjack, Slash, Slasher, Darien, and Cross all travel out to the Wastelands to defend an EarthGov base from CorSec. When they arrive they are hit by a sandstorm and Turbo appears, thrashing the Hunters some, then kidnaps Slasher, leaving. The Hunters then carry on to the EarthGov Base to find it deserted so they head to a Maverick Supply Camp, thinking Turbo and CorSec will strike there next. They see a cargo is being loaded and get on the train to find out what it is when Turbo comes back with Slasher. They all fight Turbo and amysterous person called CM appears to help as the train begins to explode. The cargo is stolen by CorSec, but they are unable to do anything about it as they jump off the train. Slash manages to defeat Turbo once and for all as everything goes down. The Hunters, along with CM who has decided to join them, travels back home, confused on just what the cargo was...a drug called Hyper. What is this Hyper and what does it do?

March 20th, 2180

Session 30: Losing Hands
Death Star, Slasher, Wiendigo, Cross, Darien, CM, and Xer - the rookie Hunter - learn of Blackjack's disappearance and the Commander second guesses where they might be headed - CorSec's Europian Headquaters. And a place like that isn't a place many come back from. They travel there, but their sabotaged shuttle crashes before they arrive. Upon reaching the HQ, all hell breaks loose as CorSec attacks and the Hunters find Blackjack. However, it seems he has made a discovery of his own, also... it seems he has found his sister. But, to make things even worse, Garland shows up to fight them all and the Hunters find themselves in a very difficult spot as they attempt to escape the HQ, which hasn't been very damaged by them. Running away, they barely manage to escape to a shuttle nearby and take off before CorSec destroys them. Now Blackjack is reunited with his sister.

March 23rd, 2180

Session 31: Ambushed
Death Star, Slash, Darien, and Justin - yet another new rookie - head down to Earth in order to stop a Maverick attack on a city. Upon arriving, they are shot down after having sabotage problems, again. Death Star begins to suspect Slasher, who has missing these past few days. Upon crashing, they are attacked by the Mavericks and barely make it out of the city alive before the battle ships blow it up to bits. There they are attacked by Crucifixtion and Tigrax, who are probably more than a match for them. Joined by Cross, the Hunters barely manage to escape.

March 26th, 2180

Session 32: Live on no Evil
Death Star, Dominator, Wiendigo, Darien, and CM head to investigate a crashed ship when they run into Garland. Garland, claiming this is now falling under CorSec's claim, fights the Hunters for control of the wreckage. Using the elusive drug known as Hyper, Garland boosts his strength and speed up and begins to give the Hunters a harder battle. He then concentrates his blasts on CM and manages to kill the EarthGov agent in his tracks. Dominator, infuriated by this action, engages in a one on one battle with Garland, neither side wanting to let up on the other. The quick, but intense, battle sees Dominator as the victor. Two of Garland's teammates arrive and rescue him from the angry Hunters. Not wanting to drop the matter with CorSec, Wiendigo continues to attack and Death Star is forced to promptly stun him for the benefit of the team. Hodges arrives and tells that Hyper caused Garland to elaspe into total insanity and that is why he killed CM. But as Death Star is flying home to HQ, with a mysterous capsule they find, Wiendigo attacks him and causes a chain reaction within the shuttle as it begins to explode. The two viciously fight with each other until Dar^en manages to stun them in their tracks. By then the shuttle is beyond repair and a mysterous reploid named Azuls arrives and aids the Hunter by giving them a new shuttle to get home on. But now deadly rifts have started within the Hunters - Dominator being lost due to the fact Hodges is now Garland's fatherly figure and Death Star having kicked Wiendigo off the team. Now Hell Prison has been contacted to come and retrieve Wiendigo once again...

March 27th, 2180

Session 33: Flight to Arismith
Death Star sends Dominator, Slash, Darien, and Dakota out on a mission to the planet Arismith, where they will be joined by the remaining Hunters. Every Hunter has been ordered to go there because EarthGov wants them to stop the Civil War going on by aiding a particalar side. Death Star stays behind on sick leave and so he can also watch Wiendigo by making sure he gets on the shuttle to Hell Prison, as the HQ will almost be defenseless without any Hunters. The Hunters arrive at the planet Titrus to meet some guides that will lead them the rest of the way, but instead they are shot down by them. The Hunters then have to survive the dangers on the planet Titrus as the shuttle repairs itself. As they battle a Water Creature and Slash is damaged greatly, Darien morphs into...Shadow Knight who is still alive, it seems, through Darien, who has no clue that he is even there. The Hunters barely manage to escape the planet, with SK turning back into Darien, and arrive at the planet Arismith...where the battle has just begun.

Session 34: Under Seige
Dominator, Blackjack, Cross, Morter, and Darien find themselves on the planet Arismith with the other Hunters. Two religious clans are fighting it out and they are there to help a particalar side, but as they head out to stop the other side, good and evil gets switched. When they find the other religious group and Cross accidently kills one of them who was coming to them in peace, he finds himself in a deadly battle against their champion for the lives of his friends..and for himself. Cross manages to win and the Hunters learn that the side they are working for is evil. They then manage to defeat the evil religious group with the help of Slash and Slasher and prepare to head back with a map to the Lost Armada, a fleet of ships...

The Alien Wars: Just Between Enemies...
Back at the HQ, Death Star and Wiendigo are in a state of cold war while they wait for the shuttle from Hell Prison to take away Wiendigo. Yet it seems they have more to worry about than just each other, as CorSec decides to put into plan the same method that killed Venerator --- by ramming a shuttle full of explosives, that is meant to look like a Hell Prison shuttle, into the HQ. Will either of them survive the plan or will their hatred for each other lead to their demise?

Session 35: The Voyage Home Part 1
The Hunters, all present except Death Star and Wiendigo, are heading back home. Dominator, Slasher, Justin, Dakota, and Cross head out to find the Lost Armada as the others go home. Immediately upon leaving Arismith, they are captured by Space Pirates led by Cortez. After a long struggle, they manage to escape from the ship and kill Cortez. Leaving the pirate's ship, which is set on self-destruct, they hyper space out of there only to find Cortez still on their shuttle! He begins to morph from a humanoid figure to a huge gruesome alien whose only purpose is eating them all. The Hunters manage to throw him into the waste chute, but he clings to the outside of the shuttle and begins to pound on it until the Hunters drop out of hyperspace, ripping him to shreds. But the shuttle, being damaged, is forced to land in Xevil's domain and is about to be boarded...

Session 36: The Voyage Home Part 2
The Hunters find themselves being attacked by the Tsivrixsh Empire when Darien shows up, sent by Blackjack on a hunch that Dominator might be in trouble, and rescues the Hunters from certain doom. But the real help came from Azuls, who arrives with a stolen alien shuttle for the Hunters. The mysterous reploid then quickly vanishes before anything could be learned of him; Slasher and Dominator lead the Hunters to Quad 8 where the Lost Armada was last seen. But all their systems begin to die before they can do anything so Slasher fires off a beacon so Death Star could later come back and retrieve the ships, which ranged from 60 to 70. The Hunters then hyperspace back to HQ and fing the main hanger blocked off due to some crash. Upon landing, though, they don't know that a different battle is about to be waged between two brothers.

Session 37: Slashed Hearts
The Hunters - Death Star, Blackjack, Slash, Slasher, Darien, and Justin - are resting now that the team has just returned from their offplanet adventures. But, suddenly, Slash catches Slasher tampering with the Main Engine Core's command systems. The two begin to battle it out in the blazing hanger bay, still damaged from the shuttle crush earlier, and begin to battle to the death. The Hunters watch helplessly as the two knock each other around until Slash manages to kill Slasher. But the most startlingly discovering is that he enjoyed it! Slash then attempts to go off against CorSec alone for revenge, but the Hunters manage to stop him....with the quick and senseless battle over, more mysteries than before arises...

March 30th, 2180

Session 38: Ensigns on Parade
Death Star takes Blackjack, Slash, Ariel, Justin Adams, and Mono out of the HQ when they begin to wear his nerves thin with all their bickering. But upon leaving and arriving on Earth, Death Star detects a base. When they land to investigate it, however, they are attacked by Crucifixtion and Maul. Crucifixtion leaves Maul to kill the Hunters, but when it seems the maverick is about to be defeated, he uses Hyper to boost his systems and launches an all out attack on the Hunters, only to be defeated at last. Crucifixtion then returns and begins to beat up on the veterans of the Hunters, knocking some of them out and allowing him to go head to head with the rookies. But after they all manage to run Crucifixtion off, the team finds themselves too weak to take out the base. Yet, to their advantage, it suddenly blows up and Azuls appeared. After telling them he has taken care of the base for them and that their shuttle is still in good enough condition to take them home, he leaves. When Death Star comes to, he promotes Blackjack to Captain and Slash to Lieutenant. After he passes out again, Slash asks Blackjack if he can leave to think and takes off. Is he out for revenge?

April 6th, 2180

Session 39: Rebelling Hearts
Death Star, Blackjack, Ariel, Justin Adams, Dakota, Dominator, Cross, and GenjiMan are all confronted by Spade who orders them to take out a rebel group of reploids...who just happen to be REBEL. Leading the members to find out what REBEL is doing, Death Star arrives in the wastelands where they come across a female reploidcalled Iceheart, who is working for REBEL. Iceheart leads them into the base where she reveals herself to be the leader and defends the way REBEL is running things. But as she begins to earn the trust of the Hunters, Hodges and Garland attack the base and begin to try to kill Iceheart and the others. Death Star attempts to defend Iceheart by taking the blows and trying to escape with her, but Hodges tracks them relentlessly until the other Hunters and a mysterous newcomer hold him off. Hodges and Garland leave and a Bounty Hunter comes in and captures DS. The Hunters defeat the Bounty Hunter and Iceheart rescues Death Star. The newcomer who previously aided them against Hodges reveals himself to be SLASHER, who is still alive. Then all the Hunters leave the ruins of REBEL, which is seemingly dead again, with Iceheart, who joins them.

April 10th, 2180

Session 40: Alien Nation
Death Star, Blackjack, Ariel, Justin Adams, Dakota, Cross, Slasher, and GenjiMan head out to the Wastelands when they learn there's a Tsivrixsh ship hovering over it, completing the work of the ship in Session 18. The Hunters then see there's an EarthGov ship beside the Tsivrixsh ship and that's when they are tractored aboard the Tsivrixsh ship. From there, they are forced to fight their way to the bridge where the captain faces them. The Tsivrixsh Captain then tells them that they are signing a pact with multiple territory zones in the Wasteland area. He then throws a bomb out and vanishes during the distraction, planning to blow the entire ship up in order to destroy the Hunters. The Hunters barely manage to escape and is then confronted by Spade, who confirms the fact that he is working for EarthGov and was trying to stop the other areas from signing the pact. He then leaves to go tell EarthGov what has happened. Now the area of land allied with the Tsivrixsh is called 'Alien Nation'.

Session 41: Sinful Repentence
Death Star, Blackjack, Ariel, Justin Adams, Dakota, Cross and Slasher listen as EarthGov orders them NOT to interfere with Alien Nation at all. Most of the Hunters then threaten to quit until Death Star manages to calm them down and informs them that they will continue to attack Alien Nation no matter what their orders are. But before they can act, an alert is received about mavericks attacking a city and the team moves out to intercept them. Upon arriving, however, Garland suddenly shows up and begins to battle alongside the Hunters. After the battle he begs the Hunters to kill him, which Death Star almost gladly offers, but instead stops and offers his hand of friendship. Then Di'Mantha arrives and takes Garland, who willingly goes, back to his homeplanet to see his family and never to see the Hunters again.

April 7th, 2180

Session 42: Not Currently Named
Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Ariel, Justin Adams, Genji Man, and Dakota all stand around as Regix is revivied from the capsule found in Session 32. After the mysterous cyborg is settled in, Death Star watches the news and learns that the Hunters fowled some Mavericks up...only, all the Hunters have been there at the HQ and none of them have been out! Gathering them all, except Regix who he orders to stay behind, Death Star leads the group out to discover who the mysterous Hunters were. But upon landing, a group of mavericks capture Justin and Blackjack, taking off to their base where the Hunters track them. When they arrive, they find BJ and JA escaping and fighting a group of Mavericks. The Hunters touch down and join the two when Crucifixtion shows up and begins to fight them. He seems to have the upper hand until Blackjack and Dominator use their combo attack against him, running him off for now. Then the Hunters fall into a dungeon and discover a group of humans from Justin's past...Angel Fire then teleports down, a maverick, and tries to stop them until the group manages to kill him. Then the Hunters escape with the humans as the base blows up.

April 8th, 2180

Session 43: The All New, All Evil Hunters
Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Ariel, Genji Man, Slasher, Darien, and Cross are goofing off around the base and watching the news, when suddenly a message from Spade comes in. The Hunters had attacked a city earlier, it seems. Spade tells them he'll be there in an hour to oversee the investigation on this. He disconnects the transmission and Death Star decides to lead the group to discover WHO the "Hunters" are. Upon arriving at the destroyed city, they spot a MH shuttle and chase it in their own shuttle, shooting it down when fired upon. Landing the shuttle, the team gets out and faces...another group of reploids claiming to be the Maverick Hunters. North Star, the leader, begins the attack against the team, aided by rivials to most of the Hunters. Their powers easily cancels out the Hunter's powers. The two sides battle it out, the Hunters losing rapidly until those who have no duplicates begin to attack North Star, who is forced to call a retreat. The fake Hunters leave quickly and Death Star informs the Hunters he had recorded the other group's confession to the crime. Then he quickly flies the group back to the HQ just seconds before Spade arrives. Giving Spade a copy of the confession, the Hunters are proven once again innocent..but now a darker force is heading their way.

April 9th, 2180

Session 44: Brotherly Love
What seemingly could be the very end of all the Hunters present - Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Ariel, Slasher, Darien, Dakota, Cross, and Donnie - comes into crystal clear focus when Vile's Flag Ship appears just outside the HQ's firing range and his personal shuttle flies into the hanger. The group quickly heads to the hanger where one of the biggest battles of their career begins as they all fight Vile. But when Vile activats his Armor Carrier and begins to trash the Hunters, even canceling the Blackjack/Dominator attack, it seems that all is lost for the Hunters. However, the Hunters manage to blow his carrier up and carry the battle to their advantage until Vile totally vaporizes the hanger, hoping to wipe some of the Hunters out. He then teleports to the Control Room as the Hunters scramble after him. There, the battle begins to pick up in speed as he trashes the room and the Hunters. When the Hunters once again begin to take the lead in the battle and are about to destroy him, Vile puts a shield around him and Death Star, hoping to kill the Hunter, but DS knocks his helmet off, revealing who he was finally...and his face matched that of Cross'. The two, it seems, are brothers. Stabbing DS, Vile puts a shield around him to keep him out of the battle and injects Hyper, increasing his strength as he once again goes at it with the Hunters, using a powerful sword. Cross sacrifices himself to take out the sword and to free DS from the shield, but Vile is barely slowed down and continues to pound the Hunters until they all managed to get him to the point of death once again. Injecting a second dose of Hyper, Vile literally overloads his systems beyond the point any reploid had ever done before and begins to totally wipe the Hunters out until they manage to combine their attacks into an array of shots that manages to bring Vile to the point of death. He then begins to overload his systems in a desperate attempt to blow the station up when Azuls appears and informs the Hunters not to give up just yet. So the Hunters fire another array of shots and manages to completely destroy Vile, giving Azuls the chance to vanish without answering any questions. But for now, the Hunters find their Control Room damaged, their hanger bay gone, and most of them heavily wounded.

April 11th, 2180

Session 45: There's Something About Duplicates
Death Star, Blackjack, Ariel, Justin, Dakota, Regix, Darien, Foxfire, and Baberlus are repairing the station from the damage caused by Vile when their duplicate enemy Hunters are ordered by Crucifixtion to attack the station. North Star sends Digo, Smash, Devastator, Wildcard, Smasher, ShadowSmite, and UO against the Hunters in pairs. Only Wildcard and Blackjack go at it one on one while the rest of the team decides to take on each other's duplicates in order to overpower them. But Wildcard proves to be a little more skilled than BJ, almost managing to kill the Hunter, but Blackjack expertly gets the last plunge in and kills the reploid duplicate. The rest of the Hunters have a long battle with the rest of the Fake Hunters and finally manage to destroy every last one of them. North Star quickly escaped, vowing to return another day.

April 13th, 2180

Session 46: No Laughing Matter
Death Star, Blackjack, Darien, Ariel, Justin, Dakota, Iceheart, Foxfire, Baberlus, and Regix all goof off around the control room as they "attempt" to repair it and repaint it. For some reason, even though these are despairing times, all of them are in good moods and high spirits. As a paint fight breaks out among them, a maverick named Bimbo the Clown uses his special powers to teleport onto the station in an attempt to kill all the Hunters, only to find them goofing off and acting weirder then him. Quickly running off, Bimbo begins to attack the Hunters who begin to "attempt" to hunt him as they all goof off as they parade around. Turning Death Star and Foxfire into frozen clowns, Bimbo attemptes to escape but only to be ripped to shreds by Blackjack and Darien, which revert Death Star and Foxfire back to their normal forms. Then the group heads down to the bar to relax while Darien repaints the Control Room strange shades of colors. Nova had a fright, however, when two...werewolves walk in and ask for beer. Pretty soon, the bar itself is in trouble as the group has a bar fight....with no one winning. However, DS might be needing some new armor due to...bite marks...

April 15th, 2180

Session 47: Vanguard
Death Star, Blackjack, Justin, Dakota, and Slasher go on a simple mission to destroy a maverick ship over an unknown island. Upon shooting it, DS lands the shuttle in order to investigate the wreckage when another shuttle lands and an alien called X'aid comes out. Dakota and him immediately begin to battle it out while X'aid's troops tackle the Hunters, keeping them busy so the two can fight. While battling it out, X'aid loses a weaponary chip that was designed for Dakota by his creator. Death Star manages to grab it and hike it to Dakota when he gets tackled by some troops. Dakota uses the enchancement and begins to attack X'aid along with the rest of the Hunters when they are joined by a mysterous reploid. Namely Slash. Together, they all manage to defeat X'aid and head home, Slash rejoining the Hunters.... But unknown to them all, dark times are coming...

April 16th, 2180

Session 48: Forgotten Friends/Forgotten Enemies
Death Star, Blackjack, Slash, Ariel, and Baberlus answer a distress signal from a group claiming to be REBEL. The group of Hunters head out to respond to the distress calls only to get captured at the base by a cyborg named Kilgore and a CorSec Officer. Kilgore wants revenge on Ariel because his sister died on a mission with her. Kilgore and the officer leave and a mysterious cloaked reploid appears before them, revealing himself to be EbonClaw, an old friend of Ariel. Freeing the Hunters with the promise that he could join the Hunters, EbonClaw aids them in their escape. Kilgore and two guards immediately attack the group and a huge battle breaks out as both sides battle it out. Finally Kilgore leaves and wounds EbonClaw. As EbonClaw dies, he exchanges words with Ariel and gives her weapon designed for her and then dies. Kilgore activates the base's self-destruct sequence and the Hunters barely manage to escape.

April 18th, 2180

Session 49: Party Time
Death Star throws a party for the Hunters so they can relax and enjoy themselves. But as the group dances and limbos to the music, eating like pigs and playing arcade games, a shadowy figure returns from their past and latches onto DS. The shadow forms into... Wiendigo, who is still alive and pronounces he's joining the Hunters and there's nothing DS can do about it. But DS plots to turn him over to Hell Prison and refuses to accept him on the team for anything in the world. Except, however, the "anything in the world" thing is about to kick the Hunters' in their ass.

Session 50: Hunted Part One - The Beginning of the End
The Maverick Hunters battle their most deadliest of foes, but that just happens to be...the people they work for, EarthGov! Death Star, Dominator, Slash, Slasher, Ariel, Darien, Wiendigo, Justin, Seraphna, Baberlus and Genji defeat a Tsivrixsh leader in Alien Nation and arrive home for a debriefing when they are contacted by EarthGov. They have been disbanded, due to the fact CorSec has rejoined EarthGov!!! Death Star refuses to give the station over to CorSec and all the Hunters back him up. CorSec immediately sends an armada out to destroy them. The base begins to get pounded and the computer files deleted by CorSec and EarthGov as the Hunters scramble in attempt to stop the two. But after wounding the station, the armada pulls back some and Cran announces they will let the loyal EarthGov people inside deal with the Hunters personally, watching the Hunters get eaten from the inside out. The group must now split up and tackle riots throughout the station and one riot manages to kill Nova. Enraged, the Hunters begin to kill some of the humans, no longer caring. Some riots manage to blow up the Hunter Tower and leave the HQ virtually defenseless. Then they take out the lights as another riot takes over the engine room. The group heads down there and battles their way into the engine room to restore power. More riot groups begin to pop up around the station, attacking Iceheart for one thing. Death Star himself goes into a berserker rage and slaughters a few humans along side Wiendigo, who finishes off the ones the Hunter skips over. Slash tackles the last running hanger with Wiendigo while Slasher and Cheryl head into the control room to look for help, and Death Star heads down to save X1, and finally Dominator and Darien handle the MedBay being attacked. After each group deals with their problems, Death Star sees that the Computer Core is being attacked and heads down there to destroy it, supposedly being destroyed along with it. The group heads down there to find their commander, but no one, including Seraphna's scanning, could trace him. But then the computer systems come back on and Death Star returns, wounded. The group then takes control of the station and goes back into the Control Room where more bad news awaits....EarthGov and CorSec are slaughtering and enslaving hundreds of Reploids around the world in a feat that is larger than the banishing of reploids to the Wastelands several decades prior. And Death Star is solely blamed for the chaos. Teleporting everyone else on the station to Hodge's ship after learning this, the Hunters prepare as the CorSec Armada comes back for Round 2. Slash hooks himself up to the shields to boost them up as Darien begins to strife the ships, taking some out. The rest can only witness as the Armada pounds on the station. Death Star finally calls the evacuation of the station and along with Dominator and Slash, enters the self-destruct sequence, since Blackjack is missing still. Slasher leads the Hunters to the shuttle while Slash, Death Star, and Wiendigo stick around to make sure each other makes it to the shuttle alive (though Wien's reason was just so he could kill DS.) Finally Death Star tells Slash he has to go and get the shuttle ready, he was just staying behind to finish contacting Iceheart again. Firing the super weapon once more, he takes off to the engine room and does something, never having enough time to get back to the others. Slash comes back for him and they are both teleported aboard by Darien in their only remaining shuttle, which was attacking the armada. Slasher flies the others out of the HQ, expecting it to blow up, but it didn't. Death Star delayed it to kill some CorSec officers later. The Hunters jump into hyperspace, all in the shuttle, where they were blasted out of the sky by an EarthGov vessel, and they all crash land, being taken prisoner. Hodges locks them all up and congratulates Dominator on betraying their location and calls him a true "EarthGovian". Though he was just lying to turn the others against him, the plan seems to be working just fine. He then seperates Death Star from the others by taking him to a different location and taking the restto Doomsday Base, where they will all perish in time. And now the unit is split up - Dominator being somewhere else, some of the Hunters still free, the rest imprisoned, and Death Star in the hands of CorSec....And Blackjack himself involved in something that will horrify the others.

Hunted Part Two: When the Hunter is Hunted
With the Hunters captured, the remaining Hunters must join together in order to rescue their teammates. Dakota arrives from his scouting mission to find the HQ gone and barely makes it to Earth before CorSec attacks him. Upon arriving on Earth, he is joined by GenjiMan, who mysterously vanished when the HQ was being attacked. Together, they learn about what has happened to the reploids everywhere and set out for Doomsday Base to rescue the other Hunters. But another threat that is rising is at CorSec HQ where Death Star is being held and he runs into Blackjack, who is working for CorSec again. Blackjack punches Death Star out after Cran informs him that they are moving him to Washington D.C. to be executed in front of thousands. Meanwhile Senator Kyle enters EarthGov HQ and rescues X1 from their clutches in one of the zaniest rescues ever. And now, in Doomsday Base...the breakout is beginning.

Session 51: Hunted Part Three - Breakout!
The Ex-Hunters have found themselves all locked up in Doomsday Base, where there is no escape. Slash, Ariel, Wiendigo, Iceheart, Darien, and immates Sky Lynx and Hirozaki are all in the courtyard when Iceheart and Wiendigo come up with a plan to escape. While Wiendigo and Sky Lynx battle it out, she throws Darien over the fence so he can destroy the collars preventing their escape. Dominator comes out and assures the Hunters he's still a good guy. Darien breaks them out and, joined by Slasher and Baberlus, the Hunters all manage to escape and jump on the shuttle with Dakota and Genji Man. The Hunters then head to an abandoned REBEL base to finish planning on rescuing Death Star when they learn of Hell Prison's role in all this.

Session 52: Hunted Part Four - To Hell and Back
The Hunters, all except Justin, Death Star, Darien, Slasher, and Baberlus (who stays in the shuttle) attempt to enter Hell to free the imprisoned Reploids there, but while getting there someone else has the same idea and ends up freeing all the inmates, giving the Hunters even more problems in escaping. Wiendigo vanishes, the only one who knows the layout, and leaves Dominator leading the Hunters through Hell's traps and hallways. After being attacked by most of the immates, the Hunters join up with Wiendigo only to have an earthquake knock them down into the lower levels of Hell Prison where they meet a reploid so evil, that he was locked away down there for all time...and they just freed him.

Session 53: Hunted Part Five - The Fall of Hell
The Hunters (including Baberlus and Darien) fight against the reploid known as Ranarok. The reploid proves to be a match for them and begins to try to eat them until the Hunters manage to defeat him. They barely escape the lower levels collasping on them and arrive where they begin to work their way out of Hell Prison slowly. Wiendigo leads them along and they join up with Iceheart who leads them to the exit where the Warden is waiting. Wiendigo kills him and the prison begins to destroy itself. They escape in time to watch it crash into the sea. Now, Iceheart tells them where Death Star is and they head to Washington D.C.

April 19th, 2180

Session 54: Hunted Part Six - Upon Extinction!
The Ex-Hunters - Dominator, Dakota, Darien, Seraphna and Baberlus - head to the execution of their commander, Death Star. Upon arriving, they see the whole thing is being blown out of porportions and has become a huge spectacle. But when Cran begins to kill Death Star, the Hunters jump in to stop it, only to be trapped in force field with a robot guard who is programmed to destroy them. The robot guard also brings in another reploid and a cyborg, called Cold Snap, and begins to pumble them with the crowd watching with interest. But when one of the robot's blast goes astray and hits the huge building looming over them, it begins to tip it over, causing Death Star to break free of the chains that are slowly destroying him. Using his powers, he attempts to keep the building from crashing on the crowd while the Hunters finish off the guard, still trapped. After the crowd leaves, Azuls appears and stops Cran from killing Death Star and takes down the force field around the Hunters. Then he turns and blows the building up for Death Star. The group barely manages to escape from the oncoming troops after them and flies off for their new base and Baberlus leaves the group permentantly. But now, less than a hundred Reploids remain running, most enslaved...and the Hunters are finally no more...

Hunted Epilogue: On the Brink of Godhood
The Ex-Hunters must regroup when all the odds are against them. CorSec sends Blackjack to the Europe HQ in order to prepare in mission to find the Hunters, while X1 and Senator Kyle head to Venice, Italy to find an old friend to help them track the Hunters down. And Justin finally returns when Azuls breaks him out of the prison he is being held in. But now, with the Hunters together, the next dark era, resulting from Hunted, has begun...

April 20th, 2180

Session 55: Afterstrike 1 - Reunion
The afterstrike to Hunted begins in full force as the Hunters find themselves in a weakened state and take off to a CorSec installment to capture some supplies for their new base. Death Star, Dominator, Wiendigo, Cold Snap, and Justin Adams all go and arrive there only to be attacked by the security. They are quickly joined by someone who looks exactly like Ultra Omega and helps them stop the Spydirbot. UO then turns out to be Garland, who has finally returned. But before the introductions can be made, Blackjack and Foxfire show up and the Spydirbot gets back up. The group continues the fight and manages to win, heading back home where they fix Blackjack and Foxfire of their brainwashing. Plus they learn of what Garland has been up to since he left. Joined by Slasher, they all relax at the base when it's attacked by CorSec, who followed the homing device on BJ. The Hunters scramble to escape, some taking to the shuttle while the rest escape on speedbikes. Now, the Hunters are on the run with CorSec right behind them...

April 21st, 2180

Session 56: Afterstrike 2 - When Wrong is Right
On the run and with fatigue setting in, the Ex-Hunters face one of their greatest challanges yet since the whole business of them being hunted has begun - from collasping internally due to not being able to see eye to eye with one another. Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Wiendigo, Darien, Seraphna, Cold Snap and Justin head to a EarthGov spaceport where "mavericks" are attacking. Upon arriving, Death Star attacks the humans to help his reploid bretheren escape, aided by Cold Snap, while Darien attacks the reploids, causing DS to attack him. Wiendigo also attacks the humans while the others watch. After the humans are dead, Death Star turns on the Ex-Hunters and curses them, leaving. The reploids, who were attacking the spaceport, inform the Ex-Hunters they are there to capture the shuttles to escape Earth for fear of their lives. Crucifixtion then appears and tries to reason with them, but is attacked by Darien and some of the others. Leaving, Crucifixtion accuses the Hunters of having to kill all the reploids in the world because none will see it their way, just like the group earlier if DS hadn't stopped them. Darien leaves the team and EarthGov quickly comes up and attacks, blowing their shuttle up. Crucifixtion returns and frees a shuttle up so the Hunters could escape and then left after attacking EarthGov. The Hunters returned home to find their equipment gone, stolen, and they blame Death Star due to his footprints being there. He appears and leaves the team due to their not believing in him better, but when Hodges comes, he returns to save the group, but is wounded in the process.

April 22nd, 2180

Session 57: Afterstrike 3 - Crucifixtion Plays his Hand
The Ex-Hunters travel to a Maverick HQ where they meet up Crucifixtion. They battle Crucfixtion after they provoke him into a fight and he thoroughly kicks their asses, but stops from killing them and offers them the base instead, leaving them behind. Upon entering, they find their stolen equipment and are attacked by North Star, who then leaves a RoboGuard behind to finish them off. The RoboGuard self destructs on Slasher and almost kills him. Then the base locks up and self-destructs with all the Hunters trapped in it.

Session 58: Afterstrike 4 - The Fury of Hodges
Justin, Garland, and Cold Snap arrive seconds too late to help their comrades and find only pieces of them left. But Azuls teleports in and drops off the Hunters, who are still alive and well. He then tells them CorSec has built a satalite called Eden to destroy every reploid on the planet by locking onto them. It's located on the Europe HQ's roof. So the Ex-Hunters travel there and fight their way through one of the toughest HQs they've ever faced. Upon arriving at the top, Hodges cuts them off and begins a battle that serverly wounds most of the Hunters and even kills Wiendigo. After serverly cutting into Justin's throat, he self-destructes and hurts Dominator, Slasher, and Garland serverly, plus causing the roof to collaspe as the satlite takes off into space. Azuls comes in and used his pet dog as a platform to save them and brings them to safety. He also revives Wiendigo from the grasp of death. Now, the wounded Hunters have no way into space to stop Eden, so it seems...

Session 59: Afterstrike 5 - The Ashes of Eden
The Ex-Hunters take off into space and head for Eden. Since they don't have any battle ships of any sort, they land on it's hull and enter it forcefully, planning on blowing it up from the inside. Joined by Slasher and Blackjack, they battle the forces on Eden and run into a new foe that has replaced Hodges... Fury. After running Fury off and entering the control room, they run into Spade, member of EarthGov. The Hunters attack him, but he puts a shield around the controls and leaves. Trying to attack the engines proves useless as Eden fires an attack that curves around and heads back towards the team. Azuls arrives and even he is powerless to stop the blast from hitting the station and damaging it, along with the shuttles docked. Eden then fires again and the Ex-Hunters must struggle to escape the station before the next blast kills them. Getting onto Azuls' shuttle, they escape the destruction of the station only to see a blast split off from the explosion and head straight for them. Blasting the blast causes it to explode in a brilliant light and creates a blackhole. The group then crash lands on Earth and must now solve the problem of what to do with the new threat....a void in space.

April 25th, 2180

Session 60: Afterstrike 6 - Into the Void!
Three days have passed since the Ex-Hunters have caused the blackhole. Changes have already begun to the planet's rotation and it seems every group - foe and ally - is desperately working to stop it. The mavericks' attempts fail miseribly. So, Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Slash, Wiendigo, Garland, Slasher, Ariel, and Cold Snap use their last shuttle and head into space. But the EarthGov/CorSec launch of a prototype weapon to fight it, made from the remains of Eden, and it smashes purposely into the Hunters' ship, sending them skyrocking into the void where the shuttle collaspes. Surprisingly, the Hunters survive only to fight some weird being called Void. Fighting in the blackhole, where they all slowly are being crushed to death, the prototype weapon fires and destroys the blackhole, causing it to begin to collaspe. The group barely makes it out and lands on Azuls shuttle where they escape to Earth. Azuls skywrites "The Maverick Hunters" to give the group credit, but credit is lost on them because everyone KNOWS it was the prototype weapon that saved the day.

June 9th, 2180

Session 61: Afterstrike 7 - Plain of Nightmares
Two weeks of pain and death for the reploids around the world continues as the Ex-Hunters are powerless to do anything about it, except to hit what bases they can of the mavericks and CorSec. But when Death Star splits the group in half, sending one to investigate something on the far side and taking Blackjack, Slash, Garland, GenjiMan, Ariel, and Cold Snap with him, they find an unknown anomaly that enters Death Star, causing the Commander to collaspe. Azuls then approaches the group and informs them that this is a demon made by CorSec. It takes over one's mind. He increases GenjiMan's mind skills so that GM can transport them all, except Azuls, inside Death Star's mind where they learn how the Reploid truly thinks. But while chasing the anomaly, they learn a little more about the Hunter than they planned. Even Garland, who witnesses how Death Star viewed the battle of UO and Crucifixtion months and months ago. Upon helping Death Star, the group manages to destroy the anomaly and returns to the normal plain.

June 16th, 2180

Session 62: Afterstrike 8 - Legends Reborn Part 1: The X-Factor
Another week has passed and the trials and tribulations for the reploid population continues. However, the Ex-Hunters face destruction once again as Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Slash, Garland, Ariel, Seraphna, GenjiMan, Justin, Ace Hunter, and Cold Snap are attacked by CorSec at their Mexician Camp and are runn out, barely escaping with their lives. Upon leaving, however, they learn that two legends of the past are leading a group of reploids called the Freedom Task Force. But the startling news is that it is X and Zero leading the reploids. They go to the CorSec based attacked by the group and find it totally deserted. While there, hundreds of ships fly by towards the Wastelands, but one ship turns back and lands. The Ex-Hunters take the CorSec officers out and steal the ship, calling it the Avenger. There they learn that World War IV has begun as the world is fighting the Alien Nation. Also, FTF begins to attack another base and the group heads off there to face them. They do, inside the tunnel that leads to the base. But X and Zero escape after a quick battle between the two sides, leaving the group with only questions.

June 17th, 2180

Session 63: Afterstrike 9 - Legends Rebort Part 2: Zero Tolerance
The Ex-Hunters - Death Star, Dominator, Blackjack, Garland, Ariel, Seraphna, Ace, Cold Snap, and Genji Man - plant watching devices on Cran Offices in Mega City, the battleground of the great Mega Man/Bass fight almost a century before. Upon there, however, they run into some interesting characters. When they finally do leave, they learn of FTF hitting another base and quickly respond on the call and see that the group has gone underground. Azuls appears and apparently is hunting the X and Zero, also. They enter the FTF's secert underground base that apparently can be move around. The group quickly begins to get split up in a deadly maze of hallways inside it. The two groups almost die, but finally meet up with one another. But when they try to blow the base, they get into a battle with X and Zero, only to find their attacks go through Zero. Azuls then appears and forces "X" to reveal himself and the Hunters learn it is really a reploid called Projector, trying to rally his troops to fight CorSec. He teleports the group outside, after they learn he will attack Cran Offices the next day.

June 18th, 2180

Session 64: Afterstrike Conclusion - Legends Rebort Part 3: Legends Never Die
The Ex-Hunters - Death Star, Garland, Ariel, Wiendigo, Slash, Cold Snap, Seraphna, and Justin - watch Cran Offices for what might be the final showdown between CorSec and the Freedom Task Force. But when the two sides start battling, the Ex-Hunters have to protect CorSec from it's attackers. But with CorSec attacking them, the group has to be double careful as it tries to take down the Projector, who is pretending to be X and Zero. When the Hunters stop the FTF and save the President of EarthGov, Cran becomes furious. It seems that the President has started to believe what they have been doing to the reploids the past month is truly wrong. When a CorSec officer attacks the President, the Projector takes the shot, killing him. That does it for the President, but Cran, who turns out to be Fury in disguise, tries to kill him. But the President himself manages to take him out and arrests him. He then reinstates the Maverick Hunters and informs them that their station was infact NOT destroyed. It was rebuilt, unknown to CorSec, and a cloaking device was added. Death Star orders a full Reploid staff to run it, with no humans, so what happened last time won't happen again. And he gets his proposal through of deleting the 1st Law of Robotics and giving reploids who kill humans the same treatment as humans who kill humans. Now the war has been turned over to the Hunters, though CorSec is still part of EarthGov... How long will the REAL Cran wait until his next move?

June 21st, 2180

Session 65: Doomsday Part 1 - Countdown to Doom
The Maverick Hunters - Dominator, Wiendigo, Ariel, Seraphna, Cold Snap, Justin, and Ace - watch as Death Star leaves on vacation with Iceheart. The group, immediately afterwards, learns that there is trouble down in the Wastelands and they pack up into the Avenger and fly off there. EarthGov has them attack a single base that has been giving them trouble, located in the middle of a.....jungle!? They arrive and enter the base, where their nightmare begins. Upon entering the dark hallway, Xevil attacks the group and shreds Justin to bits, dropping his hand in Ariel's hair. He then attempts to capture the rest, but some of the group attacks him and causes him to attack the Hunters with all his toys inside the base. When he detects Blackjack outside the base, he teleports him inside, too. He begins to almost destroy Cold Snap, rip Wiendigo to shreds, and poison Dominator and Blackjack to the point of death. The Hunters barely manage to make it to the control room where they fight Xevil. Dominator, sizing the situation up, orders the team to blast him into the purple energy tanks, that seemingly kills Xevil. A Tsivrixsh known as The Elder arrives and taunts them, allowing them to go free. But before they can, Xevil reappears and mutates into a monster, knocking the group out in a mindless rage before heading off towards the nearest city. When the Hunter come to, they learn that they just created an even BIGGER problem, named Doom by the media.

June 22nd, 2180

Session 66: Doomsday Part 2 - Doomed!
The Hunters - Dominator, Wiendigo, Ace, Ariel, Slasher, Genji Man, Slasher, Garland, and Cold Snap - ponder on how they can possibly stop the massive creature known as 'Doom'. The group learns that Doom has just left the Wastelands and is heading towards his first city. The team enters the Avenger and flies down there, attempting to shoot him out of existance, but he knocks their electronics out and sends them crash landing. Dominator leads the team out of the ship to battle Doom in a deadly battle of might. But as the battle progresses and the efforts of Ariel, Wiendigo, Slasher, and Ace seem useless, Azuls appears to blast Doom with one mighty blast before the creature knocks him off his feet. Doom then arrives in the city where he rips Genji Man in two, instantly killing yet another Hunter. There, the battle became a slug fight as Doom began to slug the Hunters around, forcing Garland to use his last "safe" use of Hyper and battle the creature. But Doom quickly knocks him out and proceeds to knock the rest of the gang out too. When Dominator and the others awake, a maverick called Exodus challenges them, but Dominator forces him back. Now the wounded team must stop Doom before it's too late.

Session 67: Doomsday Part 3 - Doom is Here
The Hunters last stand might very well befall them later that day when Dominator must lead Garland, Slash, Ariel, Seraphna, Cold Snap, and new recruit Regulus on their last run on Doom. But before they do, he leads the Hunters to the base where Xevil became the monster and scans the purple substance that transformed him. Cheryl, Ariel's twin, uses her reasoning and comes up with how to stop Doom - freeze the speeding atoms which generate his power. The group then argues it out on how to do something like this when Cold Snap suggested getting him up North where it was colder. Dominator then leads the group to a newstation where he gives a newsreport to purposely trick Doom up there. After setting the bait, the team flies up there and begins to battle the weakened Doom, firing ice weapons until his atoms stop completely. He then becomes Xevil again. The Tsivrixsh quickly escapes before the team could stop him, threatening to return another day. Now the Hunters have beaten one of their greatest foes ever...led by Dominator to their victory.

June 23rd, 2180

Session 68: Smashing Pumpkins
The Hunters - Garland, Ariel, Seraphna, Cold Snap - are called to Antartica, where a Maverick group is attacking a colony. Garland, who shows a desire to lead the team, leads the Hunters by himself this time. Ariel and Seraphna are chosen to scout ahead and Ariel turns into a dragon, only to be stuck that way. They face "GigaCrush", a powerful, but odd, Maverick. Dominator, who was called in to help out, arrives. The Hunters then meet a new ally in the ice, Arono, who instantly joins the Hunter cause.

June 24th, 2180

Session 69: False Beliefs
Dominator, Blackjack, Cold-Snap, Ariel, Garland, Slash, and Wiendigo are contacted by an EarthGov officer. They learn that an embassy has been captured by maverick forces, who will kill all the officials inside. They are ordered to meet up with the other EarthGov forces there. Once there, they find that Spade is leading the EarthGov officials. They are given one hour to get the EarthGov vice-president, who is being held, out before Spade will destroy the embassy. After dividing into two teams, they search the base, finding dead human bodies. They meet back up and face off with Liberator, who was leading the maverick forces. Suddenly the building starts exploding after only thirty minutes. The Hunters exit through a shadow portal by Slash, with the vice-president. There they are met by Spade again, who reveals the mission wasn't all that it seemed to be...

June 21st - June 24th, 2180

The Alien Wars: Shooting Star
Death Star has gone on vacation with his love, Iceheart. But the trip quickly becomes that of a nightmare when North Star begins to hunt the two down, hoping to crush Death Star's world permentantly. And he also plans on blowing up the HQ to totally wipe out the Maverick Hunters that Death Star holds so dear. Haunted by dreams of death and destruction, Death Star, X1, and Iceheart struggle to escape North Star's grasp of evil as all three are hunted throughout the underground tunnels beneath his base. And the final, shocking climax will will rock Death Star's world as he sacrifises the dearest thing to him... And after the fall, can he possibly rise again from the rage?

June 25th, 2180

Session 70: Liberation
The Maverick Hunters are relaxing around the next day when their commander, Death Star, finally returns after five days of being gone. But something is different about him as he comes, all torn to shreds from some kind of battle. But before the Hunters - Dominator, Blackjack, Garland, Slasher, Cold Snap, Ace Hunter, and Regulus - can find out, they are joined by the begger from "Legends Reborn". The team then goes out on a mission to stop a group of mavericks attacking an island...led by Liberator. The team heads out, joined by Wiendigo, and they arrive on the island where they began to do battle with Liberator's forces. They soon arrive at Liberator himself and the group enters in final combat with him. As the harsh battles rages on, not all of them might make it out, as one of them is fatally wounded....

July 9th, 2180

Session 71: Unbroken Theories
The Maverick Hunters head out into Alien Nation to stop the forces of evil. Death Star, Dominator, Garland, Ariel, Wiendigo, Slasher, and Cold Snap all enter Alien Nation and attempt to attack a base. But, Death Star seems to have gained a cold shoulder when he sends Slasher, Cold Snap, and Ariel out on a suicide mission to allow the others to get inside the base. As a result, even after he uses the Avenger to help the three, Cold Snap is killed by a stray Tsivrixsh warrior. The others regroup, but Xevil transports them supposedly back to the year 2110. But, it turns out to be all fake when they break out of the holographic world and battle Xevil until the base blows up. The Hunters have now gained some more land in the Alien Nation region....But at what cost?

July 11th, 2180

Session 72: Past Revelations Revealed
Death Star's dark ways might just get Slasher killed, espically when Slasher steals a shuttle and heads to Earth. The Hunters are piled up in another shuttle and they go after him: Blackjack, Garland, Wiendigo, and Ace plus Dath. But, when they arrive, it seems Slasher has been his creator, Krevair. However, he is killed before he can reveal anything about Slasher - killed by Ultima, another Slasher so to speak from the project Slasher comes from. As the Hunters begin to battle him, he grabs Slasher as they grapple with each other. Death Star attempts to blow both of them up with the Avenger's missiles, but fails, and Slasher goes head to head with Ultima, winning. But Blackjack decides to leave for awhile, taking Garland and Slasher with him as Death Star and Wiendigo head off to a vacation planet.

July 15th, 2180

Session 73: Mystery on the High Sea
Four days have passed with some of the Hunters missing. However, Death Star, Wiendigo, and Garland all return at once. Death Star learns of a series of cruise ships vanishing, all wrapped up in a mystery. So the Hunters - Slash, Ariel, Arono, Garland, X1, and Regulus - head out to a cruise ship to protect it, but they learn as most of the crew is slautered and that they are helpless... When the cruise flips upside down, with little creatures running around trying to eat them, growing bigger after each person they eat, they try to escape with their lives. But when they do finally escape, the cruise ship and all aboard are gone (and X1, too), some of them feel the effects. Plus more of Slash is revealed and the tension between Garland and Death Star esculates.

July 16th, 2180

Session 74: Too Many Knights
The Hunters are gathered around in the control room of the HQ when the ice shatters between Garland and Death Star and the two battle it out in the control room. But the other Hunters get stuck in the middle of it, with Wiendigo cheering it on, and Dominator attempting to call the security. Cheryl, Ariel's twin, tries to stop the fight, but gets wounded big time by Death Star, who doesn't even realize it. Finally Garland and Death Star fire two strong blasts that snap them out of their fight and they realize a mission order has come in. There seems to be strange disturbances on Earth with...Knights. Arriving on Earth, Garland, Death Star, and Wiendigo stay on the shuttle as the rest head out to a castle. The Avenger vanishes from their sight and they are attacked by too many Knights. Ace duels with the Dark Kight and learns who he is before the castle and the Knights vanish from sight. The scary thing is....they were real. But another mystery manages to elude the Hunters...

July 23rd, 2180

Session 75: Face-Off
The moment most of the CorSec haters has been waiting for has finally arrived. EarthGov considers Cran too much of a risk to keep running CorSec so they send the all to eager Hunters to his front door to knock it down...and him. Death Star preps Slash, Ariel, Garland, Regix, Preacher, and Arono for the upcoming battle. And Cran's shocking background is revealed, as he has the genes of a certain mad man.... But as the Hunters are completely wiped out by CorSec forces over and over again, even Dominator - who joins - can't seem to help as they track through the Canadian woods, trying to stop Cran once and for all. But Cran certainly isn't going down without a fight and attacks the Hunters himself with his state-of-the-art technology, proving to be stronger than all the Hunters combined as he completely tears through Death Star, Slash, and Garland. Finally, when the battle begins to wear both sides down, the real question is: who is going to win it all? And who's going to die as the price...

July 28th, 2180

Session 76: Odyssey Part 1 - Mining for Trouble
Death Star, crippled and confined to a wheelchair, leads the team to a planet to steal some minerals to put on the new Avenger so they can reach the Lost Armada that Slasher discovered awhile back. Before leaving, however, they learn of the new leader of CorSec...which makes them none to happy. But once there, the battle for the minerals proves to be a bigger problem than the group thought as they fly ships inside the mines, hunted by the aliens. And after escaping from the planets with the minerals, they prepare for the next phase in getting to the Lost Armada.

August 4th, 2180

Session 77: Odyssey Part 2 - Pirated
Garland leads the team into space where they are attacked by a bunch of familiar space pirates from the past.... As the Hunters try to escape the clutches of the pirates and destroy them or be destroyed, are things really what they seem and is Cortez back from the dead, ready to extract revenge? And when they manage to escape, they fly through a warp hole that leads them to a strange planet... Back home Death Star gathers a few Hunters and goes searching for the missing Hunters.

Session 78: Odyssey Part 3 - Family Matters
The planet is Parnel, Garland's home, and it could very well be the resting place of the entire group as Death Star's team meets up with Garland's team and they land on Parnel. Joining them is a mysterous female reploid called Crystal, who has connections with both Slash, Ariel, and Death Star. Still crippled, Death Star attempts to lead the team through the strange planet when they are attacked by Di'Mantha...and Garland, who she is controlling. As the team battles her, Death Star and Garland face off with one another. Managing to smack him upside the head with his holy sword, Death Star brings Garland back to normal while the team deals with Di'Mantha, who then attacks Death Star. He drives his saber through her throat, tearing it out and managing to kill her. Garland then takes the team to his house to have the Avenger upgraded and Death Star repaired to a degree. However, upon arriving home, with Garland's daughter as stowaway, Death Star collaspes due to the effects of a deadly virus implanted into him by Cran before he died.

August 5th, 2180

Odyssey Part 4 - Lost and Found
The team travels to pick up the Lost Armada while Death Star begins to recover, however slight, from the virus. But can Dominator, Garland, Slash, and the others possibly move sixty-five ships and bring them back to the station?

August 26th, 2180

Session 79: Infinity and Beyond Part 1
The Hunters are approached by a mysterous person calling himself Fade. He questions the Hunters - Dominator and Death Star mainly - to learn about why they go maverick. After learning what he wanted, he requestes scans of them that the Hunters naturally turned down. Sending someone to monitor them called Shell, Fade left. Death Star and Dominator managed to capture Shell and questioned him about Fade, learning that he runs Infinity Inc. Dath comes in and fights with Shell, causing Death Star to get out of his hoverchair and walk again, knocking them both out and sending Shell packing.

Session 80: Infinity and Beyond Part 2
Learning more about Infinity Inc. from Dath, the Hunters travel to one of their bases in the rings of Saturn, hoping to learn more about Darien's disappearance. However, upon arriving, they are thwarted by Shell, who also temporarily cures Death Star of his virus, and then notices Dath is missing. He sends the Hunters back to their HQ under quarintine. Why? Because of Dath...but the question is: what IS Dath that worries Shell so?

Session 81: Infinity and Beyond Part 3
Returning to the station, the Hunters immediately take off for the base again in Saturn, because Dath wants to find his son, Darien. Death Star attempts to go by himself, ignoring the upset Shell, and heads off. Slash rallies the team together and follows Death Star to the base and they both land, preparing to find out where Darien might be at...

Session 82: Infinity and Beyond Part 4
The Hunters travel through the scanners in their search for Darien, finally giving Fade the scans he needs to build the Mk. 2. They arrive on an elevator and ride around, meeting their first Mk. 2 model named GigaManX. After GigaManX leaves, Death Star goes blind due to the virus. Dakota attempts to learn of his condition, but is quickly told off. When the elevator stops, they arrive in a lab where Shell takes out the virus in Death Star, but then gets orders to kill them. Shell leaves and the Hunters arrive in time to watch Fade fatally wound Dath. Darien returns to see his father die and gets his ring, leading the team away as the station vanishes. But is the end of Infinity Inc?

August 27th - September 1st, 2180

The Alien Wars: Icy Fronts
With their encounter with Infinity Inc., the Hunters know they must defeat the new enemy at all costs. But with Death Star losing his touch, Dominator is forced to replace him as the leader of the Maverick Hunters. However, strange new events leads Death Star off on a quest to find Iceheart, who doesn't appear to be so dead after all. Accompanied by Garland and X1, the trio heads out on a dangerous mission to find Iceheart, only to have Garland's daughter, Sharlena, kidnapped from under their noses. Meanwhile, Wiendigo learns of a deadly new plot to ressurect the prison Hell, which could spell doom for reploids. Throwing together a team - Cheryl, Regulus, and Preacher - he sets out on a dangerous mission to bring the prisons down, and to get some revenge on the sidelines. Dominator himself sets out on a dangerous mission with the remaining Hunters to bring down Infinity Inc. once and for all, but the game itself by be even more difficult, as even Blackjack returns to the scene and joins the group in trying to overthrow the company. But can the Hunters hold up their own in a major space battle? Can Hell even be brought down? And can Death Star face his past - Iceheart - and make the right choice when a friend's life is put on the line? And can Garland defeat a much stronger version of Death Star in a sword battle for the life of Sharlena?

September 8th, 2180

Session 83: Gears of Destruction Prelude
Death Star is back in command and leads the Hunters - Dominator, Blackjack, Garland, Slasher, Mirri, Ariel, Cheryl, Arono, and Seraphna - to Alien Nation. The weakened CorSec cannot seem to hold up their own end, so they send the group to take down a maverick stronghold. But once getting there, the group must go through sewage pipes and make their was into the base. With the group's talking problems, they are quickly placed in danger. But after activating the self-destruct sequence, the base's core goes into an overload and threatens to destroy nearby allies. Traveling down there, they are joined by Azuls who fights the leader of the base while the Hunters struggle to turn off the Core. But when they do, Azuls is injured and barely escapes. Slasher teleporters the group out before more can be learned, due to the self-destruct, and they escape. Traveling back to space, they are attacked by a cloaked enemy, though cloaking abilities are still under works for ships, due to the intense engine trouble caused by it. Unknown to the Hunters, the REAL challenge is about to begin.

September 9th, 2180

Session 84: Gears of Destruction Part One
The hard trail ahead begins when Death Star brings up all the facts about Azuls currently known and explains it to Blackjack, Slasher, Ariel, Cheryl, Arono, and a new comer named Paladin. They head off to Mega City, where the ruins of the old Light lab is, and hope to learn more about Azuls. But more puzzles are presented and the Hunters have to deal with Azuls himself. Exodus has other ideas and blows up the ruins of the lab, burying the Hunters alive. Struggling to get out, they attempt to stop him from blowing up buildings, but fail as he destroys some before escaping. And Azuls is missing, too, having teleported before the burying. Now the team must get ready for the upcoming fight.

Session 85: Gears of Destruction Part Two
The Hunters' HQ is attacked by invisible fighters and they scramble to attack it back. However, they are led to an invisible battle ship which they board in hopes to take it out. But the group might find the battle harder than any other mission before when they are captured and Arono left for dead. Dakota and Dominator arrive to help, but Blackjack leads the escape from the cells and the two groups meet up and search for the missing Death Star. However, Xevil has other plans and attacks them when they set bombs to the engine core. Winning the fight, he is fortuantly called away to handle something before finishing them off, and THE ELDER appears before them, taunting them with a device planted by Exodus in Mega City that will allow them to teleport there. Dominator sets off the explosions and runs the Elder off and the team escapes in time. However, the multiple battles are slowly wearing them out...

Session 86: Gears of Destruction Part Three
The weary Hunters - Death Star, Dominator, Garland, Ariel, Blackjack, Slasher, Dakota, Ridge, and Paladin - head off to Mega City the same day, night now, and search the city for the device. Upon finding it and Garland destroying it, Death Star scans a nearby ship at Light's lab. Arriving there, they see Exodus stealing the stuff in the lab. Azuls comes in and attempts to stop the battle ship by jumping aboard. The Hunters follow in the Avenger and arrive at the battle ship which Exodus self-destructs, teleporting the materials to the Maverick HQ, and teleports himself down below to an old Wily lab. There, the Hunters and Azuls attempt to stop him, but Exodus escapes with Wily's materials, turning some on to attack the Hunters. Azuls teleports after Exodus, leaving the Hunters to deal with the deadly toys, winning. The base begins to collapse and Blackjack and Ariel risk their lives to save Death Star and the three end up buried while everyone else escapes. Slasher, Dakota, and Paladin attempt to unbury the three and succeed. But with the mavericks busy with the old Light/Wily materials, the group must wonder what the Tsivrixsh are doing.

September 10th, 2180

Session 87: Gears of Destruction Part Four
The Hunters head out into space and attack a squadron of invisible fighters. But after they manage to defeat them all and X1 pilots the Avenger down to Earth where they attack Ireland, part of Alien Nation, they enter Xevil's Fighter Complex, where the ships are held. Upon arriving and Arono crash landing, the Hunters walk across the evil GRASS to enter the building, where they are amubushed by a rocket, that threatens to destroy them all.

Session 88: Gears of Destruction Part Five
The Maverick Hunters have the time of their lives trying to escape the rocket. And when they do so, the group must trek across the GRASS and enter the Fighter Complex, destroying it. However, this completely drains them and when Azuls calls them with the location of the Maverick HQ, they can barely stand up to the task. Heading across the Wastelands, they arrive and battle Exodus to the death, where they win and then must fight Mega Man/Proto Man clones. After winning, they face off against Crucifixtion, who loses, but manages to strike a fatal blow to Azuls. The HQ is destroyed and Azuls teleports away, never to be seen again. Ace then leaves the team, due to his mercenary background.

September 24th, 2180

Session 89: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
When Darien paints the controls another color on the next mission, to destroy a Maverick sub in the Pacific, Death Star crashes, with some help of being shot down, into the ocean below, where the shuttle sinks miles below the surface. There, the Hunters wait for a death sentence to be carried out as they don't know if they're upside down or not. The shuttle is a sinking death trap with no way to escape and with Blackjack's dry "nice knowing you marks" and Arono's knight stories, there is no hope. But when the engine is destroyed when Darien and DS are working on it, it's up to Ariel and Seraphna to figure out how to get the shuttle out of the water. But with the pressure building and the water pouring in, the oxygen won't hold out forever...and if they do manage to escape, there's that sub that shot them down.

October 1st, 2180

Session 90: Knighthood
The Hunters' mystery with the Knights deepens when the distrubances pick back up again. But when the group heads out to find out, they find themselves back in the Dark Ages, surrounded by knights and dragons. But not everything is as it seems for the Hunters, as they will soon find out when Xevil shows them the arts of simulation....

October 5th, 2180

Session 91: It's Still No Laughing Matter
Death Star's birthday marks a day of insanity in the world of TAW as a strange virus turns people's noses into Red Clown Noses!? As the entire station is slowly infected and Death Star is one of the few sane people left, all hell breaks lose. But once you open the box of insanity, can you close it back?

October 12, 2180

Session 92: Offerings
Spade sends Death Star, Wiendigo, Ariel, Cheryl, Dakota, Ridge, Slasher, and Dominator to England to investigate a series of cult killings. The cult worships the Tsivrixsh it seems. Arriving there, they follow a trail of deaths, trying to link it to the cult members, late in the night. But with the brutal murders and the clever cultists, they find their hands to be full as they attempt to take down the group, from the woods to their castle hideout. A crisis of faith may break out for the Hunters as the fights continue, even to a car chase through the streets of London, to the clock face of Big Ben, and to their hotel. But the last battle might take place in the house of God when the Hunters find the cultist there, preparing to finish their brutal killing spree. There, true heros will be born as a storm picks up, hitting them all with it's fury.

October 17th, 2180

Session 93: Infinity Endings
The gang - Dominator, Death Star, Darien, Blackjack, and Paladin - head to the final battle grounds with Infinity Inc., hoping to end the company's reign of terror once and for all. Upon there, they learn that their enemies aren't really dead and neither are their Mk. 2 models. It's a battle against the newer breed of reploids when the Hunters attempt to bring the company down. And when they do blow the base up, they'll one day learn the truth about what happened that night - were all the models destroyed along with Fade?

October 24th, 2180

Session 94: Tour de' Mega City
The Hunters go on what may be their last vacation....ever. The group is treated to only the best by EarthGov, wining and dining the town of Mega City and visiting historical places. However, someone else who smokes a cigar has other plans for the group as they are constantly trying to be assinated. Who is the enemy in this game?

October 27th, 2180

Session 95: The Sand, The Base, and The Nation
The group heads to their final battle in Alien Nation. Blackjack, Death Star, Garland, Ariel, Cheryl, Dakota, Ridge, Paladin, and Arono head into the barren lands again, hunting down the last base of resistance in order to reclaime the land that was once Earth's. Though the territory zones there gave it over to the Tsivrixsh, EarthGov refuses to acknowledge this. The Hunter head out and manage to blow up the last base, with Slash piloting the Avenger, and head home. Now, the areas that allied with the aliens are beginning to cease to exist. With the Tsivrixsh off of Earth, what plot will they make now?

November 4th, 2180

Session 96: Failsafe
Cran counted on the fact the Hunters, or someone else, would kill him. Thus, without months of contact from him, his three huge robots reactivated and began to attack major cities in retaliation. The Hunters are sent there by Spade to stop the terrors from destroying New York City, reploid settlements, and Mega City. But the battle that ensures proves that the Hunters aren't as efficent as they should be and they are quickly put down after beating all three fail safe robots. Wounded and hurt, they failed to protect the areas from asstaining great amounts of damage

November 10th, 2180

Session 97: Shifting Grounds
A natural earthquake strikes the city of San Fransico, totally devastating it to the point of no return. Spade sends in the Hunters to help save the suvivors of the quake, if there any left in a city with the popultation of 10 million. But once in there and the two groups split up to cover the city, one led by Death Star and the other led by Dominator, both groups will come to know pain and death as they try their best to rescue survivors. And those who really care show their true colors as they attempt to help others and those who cared begin to harden, turning their back on humanity. But what IS humanity, some will begin to wonder when mobs attack and try to steal stuff. Plus hard decisions will rise when the Hunters have to decide on the lesser of two evils when trying to save people's lives.

November 14th, 2180

Session 98: Death Star's Lesson
With morale low, the Hunters find themselves at each other's throats and cannot control their emotions. With the team in chaos, Spade decides not to give them a mission, but the team - against Death Star's wishes - heads out, led by Garland, and meets a terrible defeat and is forced to retreat. Now Death Star has to whack some heads to get the team back in line....

November 17th, 2180

Session 99: Training with Instructor Wiendigo
After their defeat, Death Star begins to send the Hunters through a training course, running over some old missions in fact. However, he has a special plan up his sleeve which involves a certain Hunter and the woods. Can the Hunters defeat both Death Star AND Wiendigo?

November 20th, 2180

Session 100: The Climatic Showdown
The Hunters - Death Star, Dominator, Garland, Slash, Blackjack, Dakota, Ridge, Wiendigo, Seraphana, and Arono - destroy a maverick convoy in Alaska, carrying weapons for some secret space project by the Tsivrixsh. After quickly destroying them, they travel back to the HQ, where Slash goes his seperate way and Death Star begins to give a debriefing about the reason for the attack and about the chip, made by Venerator, Slasher found months and months ago. Then, suddenly, a single shot cripples most of the station, destroying the minority of it. The Hunters quickly learn it's by a huge ship, bigger than anything else the galaxy has ever seen before, and it's heading straight for Earth. The Hunters rush there and talk to the President and Spade, gathering orders since communication was knocked out back at the HQ. After being made a public display, the Hunters set out on their mission, using the Lost Armada as a diversion to find a way into the ship. After doing so, and not knowing that Darien secretly snuck aboard the Avenger, they crash land it into the ship and then set off into it. Now the biggest mission of their careers begins as they battle their way through a ship in which contains a planet in the center of it. They encounter Xevil and enter a big battle, managing to defeat him. In exchange for his life, he tells the Hunters that the ship isn't the weapon going to be used to wipe out Earth, but the planet itself is. After the ship's self-destruct sequence is activated, Xevil quickly escapes. The Hunters arrive at the hanger where the shuttles are in time to see an explosion wipe all but one out and they all can't fit on it! Darien hyperjumps to their location and a forced decision is made that one of them has to stay behind...and die. Death Star begins to volunteer, like Garland, but in the end it's Wiendigo who stays behind with the falling ship. The Hunters barely manage to escape the ship before it explodes. The shuttle crashlands on the planet below, where a maverick base is set up. Entering it, Death Star and Garland are cut off from the rest of the group by Crucifixtion, who promptly knocks Death Star out and begins to battle Garland to the death. Garland is quickly defeated, but Death Star intervenes and manages to get him not to do what his father, UO, did before him and Garland takes down the shield, the team taking on Crucifixtion. After a harsh battle, they managed to defeat Crucifixtion both times and the base destroys itself, a temple rising from the ground to take it's place. Entering the temple, the Hunters go into the final showdown for Earth, against The Elder. But in a battle of such dire porportions, can even the Hunters manage to win? After managing to defeat The Elder, a blast hits the self-destruct controls to the planet, forcing someone to stay behind and manually self-destruct the planet. Darien volunteers and the Hunters quickly scramble out, riding to the top where they wait for their own deaths, as they have no way off the planet. However, X1, managing to compress years of work learning how to work the teleportation system on the Venerator chip into a matter of hours, manages to arrive overheard, teleporting the Hunters up. Now, the Hunters have finally managed to defeat the aliens and most of the maverick groups, but at a great cost. Plus many are seriously wounded from the battles. What lies ahead for the wounded team, as they try to recover from the battle?

November 21st, 2180

Session 101: Burial for Hunters
The Hunters head out to give their respect to the dead at the Hunter Memorial Hall, only to find themselves attacked by a group of mavericks. The battle tears up the memorial grounds and destroys Death Star's body....who must now wait for a new one.

November 22nd, 2180

Session 102: Quick Rewards
Death Star's memory chips and personality is loaded into the computer while X1 repairs his body. Meanwhile, Dominator takes the Hunters to get rewards for their great battle a few days ago, only to have the ceremony interrupted by mavericks. Can they escape the ambush?

December 6th, 2180

Session 103: Hunting Mavericks
The Hunters head out to destroy the last of the mavericks, but the group might find their skills lacking since the battle on the Planet Killer, especially when the fight quickly turns against them and many become wounded.

December 26th, 2180

Session 104: Conclusions
The restored Death Star regretfully informs the Hunters that with the mavericks having been pushed back, finally, and the attacks becoming less frequent, the Hunters are now offical disbanned. The glory days of a Hunter are almost over...but how does the team react to it?

December 27th, 2180 - January 1st, 2181

The Alien Wars: All Good Things...
With the Hunters ordered to disban at the beginning of the year, Spade decides to learn all he can about the positions the Hunters are holding, hoping to perhaps debunk a few finally. And it seems that Paladin has been working all along with him as a spy within the unit. How will the teammates react to their last days on the station? How will they look back on what has happened? And when Death Star learns what Paladin has been doing, will the Hunter finally step into Spade's trap with his anger?