The Hunters

March 17th, 2224

Session 250: The Maverick Hunters
Reploids are being murdered all over the city by the "Maverick Hunters" and it seems that it will be a sure bet that the reploids will be defeated. However, things begin to change as Death Star, leading a group of reploids, hit one of the Hunter groups and completely kill them. Colephantus and Blue quickly join him, even as Slasher rushes to try to stop DS from his mad quest of killing the humans for what they've done. When it becomes obvious it won't happen, Slasher lets DS go and focuses on trying to get to McCabe before the Hunters force him to make the attacks against reploids an offical war. Meanwhile, Death Star, Cole, and Blue continue to hit the human forces, killing them where they stand. And when McCabe finally agrees to make the war offical, the reploid forces are forced to retreat. But when Wind shows up, claiming DS kidnapped Katrina, the two begin to battle it out - in which DS takes the Wind's sabre and stabs him through the chest with it. Cole, unable to stand by DS' side anymore, leaves Blue and DS, grabs Wind, and teleports him to Snipe's house, who then gets him moved to a hospital with Slasher's help. Terra is forced to quit the Alternate Unit, Slasher pulls Chad off the team, and with everyone by Silouette gone, the unit is shut down. And after it's all done, Snipe's child is born - Andrea McCormick.

March 18th, 2224

Session 251: Extermination
The human forces are killing any reploid they find, which means Colephantus, with any allies, is forced to survive on his own. Hounded by death squads and unable to join DS' reploids, he has to find his own way out of the city before he's killed. However, not even Colephantus is smart enough to make it on his own, so a certain-phasing someone must disguise himself and help Cole out of the city. After it's over, he's left alone in the woods - weakened and alone.

March 19th, 2224

Session 252: The Trail of Tears
As Colephantus struggles through the forest outside of Mega City, he's being hunted down by Hunter Death Squads, intent on destroying him for good. However, lady luck is with him when a group of reploids protects him from certain death - a group of reploids led by Wiendigo and Gravedigger. Joining with Wiendigo, Cole seems to have found a group at last...only they then learn of terrible news.

Session 253: Massive Slaughter
When news that the humans are going to mass execute a group of captured reploids, Wiendigo and Colephantus must lead forces into the city to try to prevent the deaths. There, Wiendigo and Death Star encounter each other, both realizing they'll be enemies in the upcoming future. Leaving Grave and Cole to handle the rescue, Wiendigo then goes to see Wind, who's been in a coma since being stabbed. There, he mind-melds with Wind, trying to find a way to stop DS, while Grave and Cole use DS' reploids as a diversion to get into the building. However, all groups realize it's a trap, one they barely escape from. It seems the humans are playing hardball now - and so is Death Star, when he uses the entire mess to have Blue capture

March 22nd, 2224

Session 254: Scrapmetal
Colephantus, while on a scouting mission for Wiendigo, comes across Hunter Death Squads attacking innocent reploids. And he finds Blue leading attack parties against the Death Squads - and killing them in return. Torn about what he should do, Cole tries to stop Blue, but it becomes obvious that one of them is probably going to have to attack the other - when a certain mysterious individual, who likes to hide his face, interrupts them, by trying to plant a tracer on Blue. In the end, it all proves for naught.

March 25th, 2224

Session 255: Ragnorak
When Cole learns about a secret facility inside a military base, he tries to break in, joined by a human called Mac. Once inside, he comes face to face with a terrifying weapon called "Ragnorak" -- and a trap, devised by Mac - the Vice-President to McCabe. He informs Cole that the Ragnorak is a deadly device that can be used to wipe out all the reploids on the planet. Attempting to escape, Cole attacks the group with deadly force, but is shot and killed. ... only to wake up in a secret building, naked and repaired. Once he escapes, Katrina finds him and helps him to the city, where she tells him that a week has passed: in which Slasher has been put under house arrest and Wien's forces have been found out and hunted. Now Cole must find a way to stop Ragnorak alone.

March 31st, 2224

Session 256: Victory and Defeat
After stealing some weapons and escaping the law, Colephantus works his way across the city and the fields outside of Mega City to get to Slasher's home, attempting to get his aid in the fight against Ragnorak, which has been moved to a secret location. However, Sil attacks him outside the city, since he robbed a store. As the two fight, Cole just hands over the stolen goods and escapes to Slasher's house, where he finds Gravedigger leading a group of reploids to "kidnap" Slasher. There, Cole learns that Slasher knows about Ragnorak and is leading an attack group there to destroy it - an attack group that will also consist of the deadly Death Star.

Session 257: The Enemy Among You
As everyone attacks the base where Ragnorak is at, Slasher, Cheryl, Colephanatus, Death Star, and Grave work their way to defeat Ragnorak itself. There, they find Mac inside the terrible gear/tank, piloting it until the engines are warmed enough to activate the weapon. As they fight Ragnorak, Mac attempts to escape and activates a sleeper program in Cole to kill the group. As the team fights Cole now, Death Star and Wiendigo go after the Ragnorak. After Wiendigo returns with Mac, informing them that Death Star took the Ragnorak for himself, Mac is forced to turn Cole back to normal - then escapes. As the base self-destructs, the team barely escapes, knowing they have to stop Death Star before he re-programs the Ragnorak to kill all humans.

April 3rd, 2224

Session 258: What Goes Around...
Hiding out in Slasher's hideout, the group is unsure on how to find Death Star and the Ragnorak, then Slasher learns an army of humans are heading there to kill them - in fact, it seems to be the humans' main offensive force now. As they attempt to evade the group in the tunnels under the hideout, it becomes obvious that they're using Colephantus to track their everymovement. But before they can be found, Death Star attacks the forces with an even bigger army - an army of thousands of reploids that he got from the reploid homeworld, Roboticron. As they wipe out the entire human force, and across the world, have another group destroy the Janus Corporation from supplying more weapons, it's obvious the human forces have been crippled. And back at the hospital, Wind finally awakens from his coma.

April 5th, 2224

Session 259: ...Comes Back Around
Back in Mega City, the group hides out as around the world, Death Star's reploids are hitting supply lines and depots, and attacking military bases, leaving Mega City to be the only place the human forces can gather. It's obvious he's herding them toward the city for a final confrontation, so Wiendigo and Gravedigger set out to learn more about his operations, while Slasher holds the fort. But, the human forces, tracking Slasher through Cole, launch a desperate sneak attack and wipe out most of the reploids with Slasher, before they manage to drive them back. Weakened and battered, the heroes must find a way to not only stop Death Star's huge army, but get the humans to stop their senseless attacks.