Mark III

October 17th, 2222

Session 104: The Rise of the Mark III's
When Thedda goes completely insane, the Aquarius heads to a Starbase to drop her off - plus unload Wiendigo from their "care". While on the Starbase for some relaxation, Irae's forces suddenly show up and attack the station with a new type of reploid ... the Reploid Mk. 3. Wiendigo, having a bone to pick, launches into a fight with one of the reploids, scarring his face up horribly. But, as the battle continues, it's obvious that Wiendigo isn't going to win. Especially when the Mark III brutally kills him. Barely managing to recover Wiendigo's body, the team escapes with the aid of Cipher.

October 19th, 2222

Session 105: Return to Roboticron
The Aquarius returns to Roboticron to deliver Wiendigo's body to them. When they arrive, Gravedigger emerges, shocked to learn his mentor had made it out of the Prime Reality. However, it's not a happy reunion, as Wiendigo is no longer among the living. Taking his body away, the reploids of Roboticron ignore the Aquarius' warning about Irae and his strong Mark 3's...especially considering the fact that Irae first made his appearance attacking their planet.

October 25th, 2222

Session 106: Beam Me Up, Corvus
When Sardis, Katrina, and Doc Black arrive on an alien world and Corvus is unable to beam them back out, they must face the dangers of this deadly planet alone. However, the most danger may come from Sardis himself, who seems to be becoming more and more irrational and eccentric as time passes. But will his new behavior kill them all?

October 31st, 2222

Session 107: Ghosts
It's Halloween and the Aquarius is partying in style. But a problems begin to occur when it seems some haunted souls are on the ship from the previous crew and they want some revenge on the living. Can they deal with the spectres of death that lurk on this ship or will they be joining the previous crew in a firey death?

November 8th, 2222

Session 108: Drawing the Line
After weeks of hiding, Irae emerges and is heading straight for Roboticron. The Aquarius is the only ship in the area and they quickly race against time to warn the reploids of Roboticron. However, they arrive a little too late and Irae's forces begin to attack. Drawn into the seemingly hopeless battle, the team quickly discovers that the Mark III's are more advance they first imagined...especially when the Aquarius' team and the Roboticron citizens start to fall one by one.

Session 109: New and Improved
The battle against the Mark III's continues to rage on, but the Aquarius' team sticks to the sewer system, avoiding what battles they can. But, they are being hunted and the wounded members on their team is slowing them down. Even as they reach the Roboticron forces' HQ, they quickly learn the battle is not going in their favor. However, they do have one small window of opprotunity left to them -- all the Mark III's are in one area with Irae commanding them. The Aquarius is quickly sent in ... with some "new" weapon providing cover. Who is it?

Session 110: Upheaval
The final battle against the Mark III's breaks out. As the team is being battered, the "new" weapon shows up. Wiendigo seems to have been rebuilts and made stronger than ever. As the fighting begins to go into favor of the team, Wiendigo takes on Irae and manages to defeat the tyrant, sending him running off. Just as it seems all is well...a whole new enemy arrives, calling themselves The Bot. Resistance is futile.