Inner Journeys

July 5th, 2223

Session 164: Going Where No Man has Gone Before
The Aquarius has been traveling for months into the Unknown Regions and the crew is beginning to get restless. As each crew member deals with the pains of the recent past, they come together in many ways - some in fighting combat simulators, others in their relationships, and some even find themselves at odds with one another - for one thing is certain. None of them know where they're going to end up when the Aquarius comes out of hyperspace.

July 14th, 2223

Session 165: Mirror, Mirror
When the Aquarius encounters some strange pocket in space, the entire ship is endanger - from too many crew members. As each of the Aquarius' people find themseles duplicated, fights break out for domination of who is real. But can even four Starks solve this crisis before the Aquarius' hits it's critical weight limit?

July 20th, 2223

Session 166: The Motenk Hunt
The Aquarius comes across a planet with what seems to be human life on it. Curious, they head down to investigate it, only to find trouble in demons and other crazies running around on the planet. But, the question is, how is it that humans are so far out here, away from Earth?

July 26th, 2223

Session 167: Inner Journeys
The team is forced to make a tough choice when they come across a planet about to be destroyed and they are faced with the option to beam up some of the natives. However, the Aquarius' food supply is extemely limited, way out in the Unknown Regions. If they beam the people onboard, it could spell the end for everyone. Yet, if they don't, they have to watch people die. The very issue will split the team down the middle, especially when they decide to save them.

July 31st, 2223

Session 168: Danger of the Unknown
The Aquarius is in critical condition with all of the Refugees onboard and tensions are rising, especially with the refugees begin to cause trouble. As Colephantus struggles with his anger at having them onboard, the others struggle to find reasons to keep them. However, a call from Death Star brings some hope and comfort to Ariel, Hotaru, and Katrina, while Colephantus seeks out Snipe and the Sim Computer for answers.

August 5th, 2223

Session 169: Lunar Skies
The Aquarius finds a planet where they can put the Refugees on, but the planet is already gotten other people living on it. They travel down there to find out if they can put the Refugees and get wrapped up in one wacky adventure after another when they find something that looks just like Catgons. What the hell is going on here?

August 11th, 2223

Session 170: The Abyss
When the Aquarius' crew travels to a planet that might have answers they are looking for, they find something entirely different - their own worst nightmares and fears. Can they face their inner demons and fears in order to overcome them, or will they bow down to them instead?

August 20th, 2223

Session 171: Snipe vs. Colephantus
Snipe has been training Colephantus constantly over the last few months, working on making him stronger and faster so that one day Cole can kill Snipe when the time comes. However, it seems that Colephantus cannot keep up with Snipe, no matter how much he is pushed. So, Snipe finally decides to give the ultimate push - in order to live, Colephantus will have to stop Snipe from killing him in battle with no holding back.

August 27th, 2223

Session 172: God in the Machine
Finally, the Aquarius finds what it's looking for - a planet with the Motenk technology on it. As they face the dangers there, they come across a room where it shows the Motenks and some race attacking them - it even looks like the Motenks might have been majorly damaged by them. And in addition, they find the ultimate cheat card - a life or death machine, where a user transfers life from one person to another. Snipe forbids the use of the machine, except for studying. And in addition, they find a new engine part they can instantly transport a ship to another location. But can they make it compatable with the Aquarius?

August 29th, 2223

Session 173: Hyperspace Travels
Dias and Colephantus work on making the Motenk engine compatible with the Aquarius. However, if they don't kill each other first, the engine just might, as it seems to take a liking to draining Dias' energy. Just what is the connection between Dias' alter ego, Dark Heart, and the Motenk technology? In any event, Snipe decides it's time to put the engine to the test after the two work on it and they make the jump. However, the engine ends up being damaged and unuseable again. Yet, they're home. They're finally home.

August 31st, 2223

Session 174: Test of Wills
When the Aquarius works it's way back into Known Space, they learn there's something gone on in the ruins of the planet Lunarius. Snipe, angered by this, heads to Lunarius immediately, and they land on the planet. However, they come across the spirits of the dead, or more specifically, the spirits of strong dead people. And these spirits aren't happy ones, but very angry ones. Can Snipe and the others put down the ghosts of the people that were once there - the ghosts of their loved ones?

September 1st, 2223

Session 175: New Alliances
The Aquarius learns that the Motenks have begun to make their moves, attacking on the border of Alliance territory and hitting smaller bases. And so far the Alliance has been unable to stop them. Plus it seems there's a possibility the Motenks might be trying to get the Alliance and the Tsivrixsh to fight each other again. Snipe, hearing about a scout ship in the area, decides to try to find it and see what they can learn about it, but when the Aquarius and the Motenk scout ship meet, trouble enters. The scout ship pounds in the Aquarius, taking out it's defenses and is about to destroy it, when suddenly two Tsivrixsh battle cruisers arrive and help destroy it. Then, the Aquarius is ecourted back to the homeworld, where the Council of 13 announce they are debating making Sardis the New Emperor, since he is the son of the late Emperor. As Sardis faces his huge task, Snipe realizes that if the Tsivrixshs join the fight against the Motenks, then perhaps there is a chance for the entire universe. Sardis manages to succeed in wooing the Tsivrixshs and becomes the new ruler of them, telling his people they will stand against the darkness, even if no one else will.