The Janus Directive

August 2nd, 2223

Session 188: The Very Long Night of Slasher
President Slasher has just declared a truce with the Janus Forces and Ire isn't happy about it in the least. Terra, Dahok, and Silouette witness one of Ire's angriest moments - when he marches right to Slasher's office for a confrontation. But Ire never does anything without first planning all the stops - or has he? When Slasher pushes Ire too far, he attacks the President, which brings out Cheryl to defend him - and she's just a little bit too eager to fight. Ire brings out Eve, who battles Cheryl and keeps her off of Ire, while Terra and Sil hold back the guards. And when Wing shows up with a shuttle, allowing all of them escape, it becomes obvious that there's a major split going on in the division of Mega City forces - especially when Ire announces he's taking the war to Janus one way or another.

August 4th, 2223

Session 189: Wanted
Ire and Dahok must break back into their own building to steal supplies for the team before they make their way out to fight Janus. However, Kit Xeronia and recruit Nicolai are far from being on Ire's side and remain loyal to President Slasher. And when Ire and Dahok show up, the two aren't about to let them escape, especially Nicolai. However, Kit, sensing adventure in Ire, joins up with him, even while Nicolai and Dahok battle their way through the streets in vans. Ire quickly calls in Wind and him, Dahok, and Kit jump into the shuttle, with Nicolai leaping in after them. Deciding that these people are a lot more fun, Nicolai agrees to join them in their adventure. The four of them, along with Eve and Wind, travel to the hanger where Altros is kept, then steal it from Slasher. With the Altros, the team travels to the Rainforest, intent on liberating it.

August 8th, 2223

Session 190: Lost in the Rain
Junior returns from New Parnel once more, having needed to deal with a crisis on the planet, and learns what has taken place with the Alternate Unit. While not approving of Ire's means, he has no love for Slasher and agrees to join the team in their battle to defeat the Janus Corporation. Ire has Junior lead a team down into the rainforest to do some recon on the main city and learn what the situation is there, so Junior, Eve, Dahok, Nicolai, and Kit travel into the rainforest during a rain shower. Once there, they come across a rogue man named Kio Takemura who flees through the rainforest, elluding them. Once they arrive in the city, Dahok travels to see his fellow Brahnk Monks, only to learn that their leader is dying and the Brahnk monks are divided. Nicolai, Kit, and Eve search the rest of the city for clues, talking with the natives, and Junior does some searching of the premises himself. However, Janus forces begin to notice their appearance in the city and it's Kio who gives them the helping hand out of the city. Eve then convinces Kio to join their group and he agrees, much to his own dismay. And a surprise visit from Pope brings dark news - the Copycat is lose and looking to make his biggest splash hit yet against the team. But when will he do it?

August 9th, 2223

Session 191: The Janus Directive
Ire, Dahok, Terra, Silouette, Eve, Kio, and Kit Xeronia discover a mining base belonging to the Janus Corporation - it seems they are mining some sort of metal from the ground that is used for strong structures. They travel to the base and begin to work their way into invading it, having to deal with the various mining hazards and traps there. However, when they accidently knock out the mining structure under the base, it's only a matter of time before the entire structure collapses. The team is then forced to quickly yank the information out of the computer about Janus plans - which stems from the fact that Janus hired the 5th Column to start the war between Mega City and London the previous year and the fact that Janus got a large sum of cash from some unknown source around the time President Slasher was dethroned by the seven men 6 years ago. Just what is Janus? And what is the mysterious Skyhook that Janus is building?

August 11th, 2223

Session 192: Mother Nature's Fury
With the destruction of their mining base, it's only a matter of time before the Janus Corporation retalities, so the Alternate Unit has to come up with some way of defending the capital city of the Rainforest. Dahok travels to the Brahnk Temple and tries to get his fellow monks to fight in the battle, while Ire, Eve, Terra, Silouette and Nicolai prepare to do battle with Janus. When the battle starts, five of them battle hard while Dahok leads the monks into battle. However, when things begin to go poorly for the good guy's, Dahok taps into unseen force and destroys the simulated rainforest, instantly regrowing a real one that is exactly the same as the fake. However, the toll of doing such a thing puts Dahok into a temporary coma like state - but allows the team to defeat the Janus forces in the Rainforest.

August 14th, 2223

Session 193: Mastermind
The time has come to put together the pieces of the puzzle and figure out just who funded Janus and just who Janus really is. Ire, Junior, Dahok, and Sil have to put together their heads and figure out just what is really going on. The facts are there: Janus came into creation a little under six years ago, just a few months after President Slasher went missing. The Janus Corporation intentionally hired the 5th Column to start a war between Mega City and London one year ago, which allowed them to sell more weapons and eventually sent themselves up for world takeover. However, it's obvious in that time, Janus and the 5th Column had a falling out. And it seems when Janus was created, a large sum of funding went into them. Junior has Ire contact Vice President McCabe in Mega City and asks him questions, suspecting that the only person capable of funding such a corporation would be President Slasher himself. And when McCabe checks, it turns out to be true that the funds did come from Slasher's accounts, shortly before his disappearance, and then replaced shortly afterwards. However, only three people have access to it: Slasher, McCabe, and Chip - Slasher's personal computer. Junior realizes that Chip is capable of doing such a thing and if he is, then he already knows that they all know he did it. And indeed, it seems Chip is infact Janus, running the entire operation - in order to achieve what he believes is "Slasher's ideal world." Junior and Ire quickly destroy the Altros' controls and evacuate everyone to shuttles as they send the Altros crashing into the ocean. Now that they know the face of their enemy, the treat factor just went up: Chip has been installed into just about every computer on Earth. Plus, the fact, they know that Chip plans to use the Paradise Program on Earth once again to achieve his ideal world for Slasher. But if the Paradise Program is used, it could mean disasterous effects for everyone.

August 15th, 2223

Session 194: Dead Like Me
Having made their escape to the Siberian Nation, the team must now decide their next course of action. Ire, Junior, Dahok, Silouette, Terra, Eve, and Wind travel to an old abandoned communication tower in which they find more than they bargained for. The old tower, once Tsivrixsh belonging, is now run down and out of use --- except for a hidden area under the tower. There they find young girls in tubes who have black oil with them in it. It turns out this is the lab in which Silouette was infused with the black oil and brought back from the dead, all in Chip's process of learning on how to bring back the dead in order to save Slasher when he dies in sixteen years. The team activates the self-destruct sequence for the lab to destroy the horrifying process, when Nyssa shows up and battles Silouette once again, intent on killing her. However, Silouette prevails and beats Nyssa, saving her life once again and letting her go. Now that they have learned more about Chip's plans, the team agrees it's time to go back to Mega City and confront Slasher.

August 17th, 2223

Session 195: Dangerous Days Ahead
Wind brings the team back to Mega City, where Ire, Dahok, Pope, Silouette, Terra, Eve, and Kio launch an attack against Slasher's main building. However, Chip isn't about to let them in without a fight and launches everything he has after the group. While the team is fighting, Shadow Mardonas witnesses the fighting from his lonely spot in the city and rushes to join them. As the team defeats a gear and other outer defenses, they head into the building, where Cheryl attacks the team. Eve takes her on, allowing the rest of the team time to find Slasher. When they do, it seems Slasher is trying to stop Chip as well, but the aggrevated group will have none of it - it's too little, too late. And Slasher seems incapable to them of stopping Chip at this point. Death Star arrives as Ire sets up a bomb to destroy the building, in an attempt to destroy Chip's main hub of activity and momentarily stun him. He convinces Slasher and Cheryl to join the others, telling Slasher it's time he got a change. Teleporting the two onboard Junior's personal shuttle, DS leaves. Now the team has to decide how to find the Paradise Program before Chip does.

August 19th, 2223

Session 196: Pope Fiction
Ire, Pope, Dahok, Silouette, and Terra investigate the gift that Copycat left behind for Pope at their old building. Once there, they find a box with Ayn's fingers inside it. Enraged, the team begins a game of cat and mouse with Copycat in an attempt to kill him for good and end the wicked legacy of Ghoul. And Shadow Mardonas joins Ire in an attempt to show him he can be useful.

Session 197: Search and Destroy
Junior, Slasher, Cheryl, Kio, Kit Xeronia, and Eve investigate a possible location of the Paradise Program when they find a large number of Chiere/Human hybrids heading there. However, once there, they are put through the ringer only to discover they have stepped into a trap by Chip, one in which Charon - who has switched sides - is there to kill them for good. Kit attacks Charon and in return, loses his eye just like he made Charon lose his eye a while back. And Eve is kidnapped by Charon in the end. Now the team has to find a way to stop Chip for good, no matter the cost - and it seems Slasher is beginning to relearn just what it takes to fight again.

August 23rd, 2223

Session 198: Eve
When Slasher and Cheryl get a false call for them to return to Mega City, Junior's shuttle is invaded by Chip, who promptly begins to drain the oxygen from the shuttle and attempts to crash it. Kio and Shadow and Junior help those more dependant on oxygen out of the shuttle and back to Mega City. Once there, the question becomes - who installed Chip into the shuttle? But there's no time to ponder it when Wind shows up and informs they has located Eve. The team travels to the capital of the Siberian Nation, where they have to battle their way through Chip's base of operations, working their way down to where they find Eve, who's been taken over by Chip. As Chip uses Eve's body to battle the others, Slasher and Cheryl work on a way to free Eve from her control while Junior battles her. And Kio has to deal with a crazy Dahok and Kit under Eve's control. In the end, they free Eve, but Chip elludes them once again.

August 27th, 2223

Time Out
As the team heads for the location of the Paradise Program, they take a moment to rest and reflect. Just how much of Kio's cold demeanor is an act? Just how emotionless are Ire and Silouette? And just how good is Pope's whiskey? All these must be answered before they can fight the good fight.

August 29th, 2223

Session 199: Paradise Lost
The team arrives at the location of the Paradise Program, meeting up with Death Star, who is waiting for them there. He informs them that this is the location, then opens up a secret passage for them to enter. Ire, Junior, Dahok, Kio, and Slasher travel into the depths of the old Tsivrixsh holdout, where they are faced with armies of Chiere/Human hybrids, intent on stopping them. Raven shows up and aids the team in their battle against Chip, but when they arrive at the computer console for the program, they find it's gone. A machine leaps down and Raven sacrifices his life to save Slasher from it. Kio, Ire, and Junior work together to destroy pieces of the machine while Dahok keeps it busy. Once they finish, the entire area begins to shake and they are forced to escape out of the mines - where they find a space station errupting from the mountain. Wind and Eve help the team out of the mines as they watch Skyhook - and it is heading into space and it has the Paradise Program onboard.

Session 200: Rise and Fall
The team comes up with the definitive plan to stop Chip. Now that Chip has centralized himself on Skyhook, Slasher will use a virus to weaken Chip and prevent him from leaping to another computer. Then the team will destroy Skyhook and Chip in one decisive attack. However, the plan rests on them reaching Skyhook in one piece, which is where Wind comes in - he'll have to fly them into Skyhook.

Ire, Junior, Dahok, Terra, Silouette, Kio, Slasher, Shadow, and Phirax (who has returned) will have to hit Skyhook and hit it hard. As they travel into space, Wind plays his part and uses the old Death Star hyperspace trick to get them into the station, where Chip begins to suck all the oxygen into space. Kio and Dahok throw Shadow across the hanger to the controls, which close the hanger doors and stop Chip's first plan.

From there, the team travels further into the station, where they come across an elevator that cannot be powered without the generator being started, and that's in a room full of radiation. Junior travels into the room and powers it up, then is helped out by Shadow, but both are radiated. The team quickly moves down a level and sends the two into the showers to get fixed, when an army of Chiere/Human hybrid soldiers attack the group. The team is forced to hold them back as Slasher discovers where Chip is located.

Once together again, the team heads down where Chip's next line of attack is even more vicious. A laser flies out and hits Silouette, causing massive head trauma to her body. Then drones mimicing Snipe and Dias show up. The team manages to defeat them and carry Silouette into the next area, where they find the controls to launch the Paradise Program to Earth. But Chip has created the ultimate body made up of Chiere, Human, and Eve's DNA. Once entering the body, he attacks the group with full viciousness, stabbed Silouette through the stomach with his sword and batting the others around. The team is forced to come together in order to bring Chip down, but Charon, who had been hiding, activiates all the missiles to fire at Earth in five minutes, then breaks the controls. After escaping, Ire attempts to stop the attack, but cannot - so his plan is to initiate the self-destruct sequence to blow Skyhook up before it attacks. However, this means the team will not have the time to escape. But before he can do it, Chip gets back up and shoots Ire through the stomach, giving him a fatal blow. Slasher is then forced to turn on the self-destruct sequence while Junior uses the Emerald Sword for a massive attack against Chip, along with Dahok and Kio. Kio then takes Chip's sword for his own use.

As Ire dies in Shadow's arms, Wind arrives in the shuttle and the team barely escapes Skyhook before it is destroyed, but the explosion accidently knocks the missile with the Paradise Program lose, sending it spiraling towards Earth. Wind reveals himself to be Death Star, who then attempts to stop the missile, but is at a loss. Dahok Fyro realizes his destiny, then puts on a space suit, jumping out onto the missile. Then, using his nature abilities, he begins to terraform the Earth with the missile, just like he did with the Rainforest. As Earth is finally restored, the process kills Dahok, taking too much energy from him.

Now, with Ire and Dahok dead and Silouette's body destroyed except for the black oil, the Alternate Unit's final mission has been completed. But now what?