The Old is New Again

March 12th, 2223

Session 136: A Mega City Special Report
Months have passed and the Alternate Unit of the Mega City forces is no more. Scattered to the winds, Ire having gone to help create new Parnel with Junior, Pope vanishing to deal with the takeover of the British Isles, Icebrand returning to college, and Silouette and Dahok being reassigned to different units, it seems as if everything has changed. When, one day, Vice-President McCabe calls Silouette and Dahok back into the fold, informing them a new unit is being formed with the old code name "Alternate" - their purpose will be to help spread the seeds of destruction for the 5th Column and Janus so that the army can hit them.

And the leader is none other than Warren Carmichael - Ire - come back from Parnel to lead them. Can the three stand up to the forces of darkness that threaten them or will they have to find some new blood to help?

March 17th, 2222

Session 137: "I'm Tired of this Shit"
Dahok Fyro is in charge of gathering new recruits, along with Silouette. However, not everything is going to go well for the two has they have to face the countless idiots who want a chance to join, especially after the Ad put in the paper by Fyro. However, one person above all the others seems to have a chance. Enter Phirax.

March 24th, 2223

Session 138: Stranger Things Have Happened
The Alternate Unit once again hits the paranormal, using it as training before they hit the 5th Column. However, sometimes things aren't quite what they appear, especially when they investigate a robbery that has something to do with a guy who can control rats. Throw in flying cats and this is the makings of a classic case.

March 30th, 2223

Session 139: Presidential Execution
Someone is trying to kill President Slasher once again, finishing the job that failed so long ago. However, Ire, Phirax, and Dahok aren't about to let that happen easily. Stepping up to stop the assassin, they quickly learn that it's none other than their old nemesis, Baberlus, back again to deal with them. And this time his tricks are even too much for them, forcing Pope to reveal that he's back to help save the team. Yet, the shocker comes when Baberlus reveals he wasn't there to kill Slasher, but is really gunning for Ire, under payment from the 5th Column. And he vows to return to collect the bounty.

April 5th, 2223

Session 140: Memories from the Grave
It's the anniversary of Captain Tikal's death and Ire isn't taking it well. In fact, it seems he's quite nearing postal. However, at the same time, strange murders and events are occurring at the graveyard and the rest of the squad, including new recruit Terra, must deal with it. However, with Ire out of commission, finding the killer will be especially hard - considering the killer is already dead.

April 13th, 2223

Session 141: Fun with Matches
When a strange fire occurs, the Alternate Unit is assigned to figure out who did it. Ire assigns Phirax and Dahok to search into the fire, but the two quickly learn that not everything has a paranormal aspect to it. And that if they can't use their heads, then they aren't cut out for this job. Can the two rejects of the team show they've got what it takes?

April 25th, 2223

Session 142: Ghoul
When a series of grizzly murders occurs, the Alternate Unit quickly learns that it's the work of their old foe, Ghoul. And it seems he's kidnapped some children in an ultimate bait/trap for the team. Pope storms off to deal with him while Ire works to locate the killer. In the end, all their efforts land them in an old factory where Ghoul comes out to play one last time. However, when they find the children already dead and the place is rigged to explode, the countdown until the end of the game is already set in motion. Who will win?

May 1st, 2223

Session 143: Night of the Living Silouette
When a freak accident causes Silouette and Dahok Fyro to switch conditions, namely him "Dying" and her now living, the two will have to adjust to what this means for both of them. Can Silouette deal with emotions, feelings, and breathing? And can Fyro deal with his lack of emotions and his inability to communicate with nature now?

May 5th, 2223

Session 144: The Clown that Laughed
Bimbo the Clown comes back, finally, and with his return could spell the end of the entire planet. Bimbo can no longer laugh at life and will destroy the planet unless someone makes him laugh. Can Silouette, who is now alive, and Dahok Fyro, who is now dead, make the clown laugh before it's too late? Or will it take some help from President Slasher to save the day?

May 7th, 2223

Session 145: Air Time
The 5th Column strikes and it strikes hard. Attacking a radio station where Ayn Lyons is playing her latest song, they lure the Alternate Unit out to play. As things begin to rapidly spiral out of control, with Dahok gaining control over nature and Silouette now once again dead, can they deal with the threat of Super Chiere warriors, who are more powerful than ever? In the end, it'll take help from a Chiere to beat a Chiere - when Junior arrives once again on the scene, ready to battle for Earth. But when the 5th Column poisons Ayn with a disease designed for Chiere specifically and when they take out key military bases in the Mega City area, it seems like the war effort might be crippled before it begins.