The Paranormal and Beyond

May 30th, 2222

Session 38: Angels
When a man with wings is said to be killing people, the team leads an investigation into it. As they search, an unnatural storm picks up and they are forced to go into an old, abandoned church for shelter. Once there, they witness the ultimate battle between good and evil as two angels clash it out and Eve, wife of Dias, tries to protect the angel she considers good. In the end, some other mysterious being steps in and casts out the evil angel and sends the good one back on his way. Who is he?

June 10th, 2222

Session 39: Contagion
When Jerry brings the team's attention to when Mega City's drifters and slums begin to flood hospitals with an alarming contagion rate that seems to be eating away their flesh. The Alt Team begins to investigate various parts of Mega City, learning of a cult who worships disease. Heading to the hospital, they encounter the cult and must battle it and it's champion, TYPHOID. However, this might be one battle that could prove to be deadly.

June 15th, 2222

Session 40: College Days (1)
When people in Vesperton State University begin to turn up mindwiped, Ire sends Dahok, Steven, Silouette, and Infinity to investigate the college. However, the boys of the team might just lose track of their true objectives around females, booty, and beer.

June 17th, 2222

Session 41: Bad Blood
While the four hit the college, Ire leads the rest of the team into a vampire case. Joined by Silouette who gives a status report on the college situation, the team tackles what seems to be a vampire. However, all they find is an over weight man with false teeth ... while the real vampire sinks her teeth into one of their own. Dealing with the female vampire and curing their teammate, the vampire case is seemingly staked.

June 18th, 2222

Session 40: College Days (2)
Dahok and Steven get to the bottom of the mind-wiper at the Vesperton State University when more of their friends are hit. But, their primary suspect is Professor Chris Carter, Diamondback. However, somethings are not as clear cut and this time it could very well be a psionic energy, left over from the Psi-Wars, that is doing the killing. But can Steven, barely talented with psionic powers, and Dahok, who has no talent at all, deal with such a creature?

June 23rd, 2222

Session 42: Possession
When a man suddenly lights everyone on fire at Wildcat's bar, chanting in some weird tongue, the Alt Team immediately steps in to check the situation out. However, Unoria Paladith is the only survivor it seems, which opens up some fresh wounds between her and Firebird. Tracking the man to his house, they find him dead and see his journal talking about unearthing something in a dig. It seems the location was Salem, United States. Seeing a family burned to death next door, except for the mother - who is missing - the team puts together the target is after Unoria Paladith. Learning the being who is possessing people died for being a witch, they assume Paladith is an descendant of one of the people who set the witch on fire and the witch is now seekign revenge. The team shows up in time to fight the possessed being, but can they stop something that can inhabit their own bodies? It's up to the power of love to ensure that when Steven is possessed..that he can shake it off before he kills Unoria.

June 25th, 2222

Session 43: Hunger Pains
When the team learns of a cannibal who seems to be hitting people on his route, Ire leads the team to find who it could be. Unoria Paladith shows up and rejoins the team after asking for her old job back. Together again, the unit finds Mason, a cyborg with lots of tricks up his sleeve and a taste for human flesh. This deadly combination makes Mason a threat to be wary of.

June 30th, 2222

Session 44: Don't Look Under the Bed
The Alt Team is assigned the case of finding out who is kidnapping children. Heading to the latest house and interviewing the woman there, they find X2, who works with children and notes some of his kids are missing now. However, the only suspect seems to be...the Boogey Man. Heading under the bed, the team travels to Boogey Land, where they must face their greatest fears and find the children. But, evil never gives up easily.

July 2nd, 2222

Session 45: Interview with a Ghoul
Ire and Unoria are ordered to interview Ghoul and learn more about him so that they might use it against him in upcoming trial. However, interviewing the mind of a maniac might prove to be more dangerous than actually fighting him, especially when it begins to push Ire to the edge, leading him to force Ghoul to escape and engaging him in open combat.

July, 2222

Session 46: Food and War
The Alt Team is assigned to guard a shipment of food incase the British and Canadian forces attempt to attack it. And when they do, the team discovers they are shipping in materials to build a super battleship, mixed in with the food. Ire decides the only way to solve the situation is to launch an assault on the British forces and the team succeeds in capturing one of the British ships and damaging the other, allowing the food/weapon cargo to make it to Earth. However, their ship being damaged in the conflict, they spiral out of control towards Jupiter ... and are only saved by a mysterious benefactor, called Junior, who wants to make a new Parnel...and has come to find out if Infinity will join him.

Session 47: Chiere
Infinity, who seems to be shying away from the idea of a New Parnel, joins the Alt Team when they are forced to confront 5th Column forces who have begun to attack the city. Arriving, they meet Olga, Infinity's clone, who was made when Infinity lost a blood sample to Senreich (in Sessions 13-14). Olga takes down Infinity and then battles the team, while Ire attempts to save Mega City police forces by crashing 5th Column troops. And Junior steps up to beat back Olga while Dahok, Pope, Silouette, and others deal with Senreich. In the end, though, Infinity goes missing after Silouette takes her to the medical van. Who has taken Infinity?