Raiders, Legends, and Tsivrixsh

August 15th, 2222

Session 84: When God Angers
The Aquarius learns that a planet is about to erupt with massive volcanic activity and kill the race of sentient beings on it. Their assignment is to go in and try to rescue as many of the species as they can. But when the team arrives and learns that the species worships the volcano as a god, a god about to come back to them... can they beat religion and save them?

August 25th, 2222

Session 85: The Respect of Captains
Is the Aquarius doing a good enough job? And is Captain Cardinal performing well enough to her duties? After months of change in the Alliance Command staff and the new President, Seraphna Vanguard, becoming more involved with running the Alliance, a change is in the air. A new captain is being assigned to the Aquarius. How will the Aquarius react with the nephew of the legendary Admiral Drake? And can this "Captain Drake" perform to the standards necessary? And what will happen between Cardinal and Drake when they meet?

September 1st, 2222

Session 86: The Rise of Reploids
When Irae comes back into the picture, the Aquarius is assigned to the case. As the team tackles a highly secure base of operations run by Irae, they begin to uncover a plan of his that involves a "legendary Reploid". The's located on the Tsivrixsh Homeworld. But can they escape with the knowledge when Irae arrives?

September 2nd, 2222

Session 87: Between Light and Dark
As the Aquarius heads into Tsivrixsh space, it faces a most dangerous mission. They have to avoid detection by the Tsivrixsh themselves and somehow stop Irae before he finds the legendary reploid located on the planet. Yet, even as they arrive at the homeworld near a prison camp, they are too late from stopping Irae and his plan to free the reploid. The reploid called Wiendigo.

Session 88: A Glimpse of Legends
The Alliance team must battle Irae and Wiendigo before the Tsivrixsh forces arrive. As things begin to look bad for the team, something occurs. Wiendigo turns on Irae suddenly and joins the Alliance side in driving the mad man back. Even as they run off Irae, though, they are surrounded by Tsivrixsh troops ... who recognize him as the son of the dead emperor. They allow the team to leave on order by Sardis ... but just who exactly is Sardis?

September 10th, 2222

Session 89: The Lost Tale
While visiting the Aquarius, Snipe tells the crew a tale back from the days of the team when they were on the battleship known as Fury. A tale of how things use to be and the old friends that use to be around. Of course, is it even true?

September 17th, 2222

Session 90: Wooing the Girl
Sardis seems to have a crush on Katrina Star. But his ways of expressing it are most Tsivrixshian...especially when they consist of them fighting each other in order to represent strength. And who is this ... Strife's a security officer? And while this is going on, Drake and Cardinal spend some time together investigating an asteroid field that could be thy final resting place of Garland?