The Reich Ends

July 18th, 2223

Session 182: The Alternate, Alternate Unit
Ire, Dahok, Raven, Kit, Crescent, Phirax, Silouette, and Terra all have to deal with a deadly crisis that strikes close to home. It appears that Ghoul has struck again in the sewers near where he vanished last. Ire decides to lead the veterns - Dahok, Sil, and Phirax - into the sewers to hunt down Ghoul, while the others - Kit, Raven, Terra, and Crescent - stand guard at the base. However, as the newer members stay home, they quickly encounter a killer inside the building, who seems intent on taking them all out. Raven calls in back up in the form Shadow, but can the new members survive a serial killer? While in the sewers, the veterns discover Ghoul's dead body, realizing that someone else is being a copycat. Hurrying back, both teams will have to work together to take down the Copycat before he surpasses Ghoul's work.

July 21st, 2223

Session 183: Viruses
The 5th Column launches an all-out strike against Mega City in an attempt to take it over or die trying. With superior numbers going to the 5th Column, President Slasher has to coordinate a massive counter strike to stop them from taking the city, using the Alternate Unit as a free-floating fighting unit. Junior arrives from New Parnel, having been doing some work back at home, and is just in time to get swept up in the matter. As the team has to fight their way through the legions of 5th Column troops, even having to take over Gears and use them to their advantage, along with Eve, and using Wind's piloting skills the max, it's obvious it's a losing battle - until Slasher uses the Chiere killing virus on the troops. In the end, it works excellently --- only Junior has been infected and not even his superior Hianule DNA can save him forever.

July 25th, 2223

Session 184: The Day Ire Got Happy
With Junior dying and Eve working to find some sort of cure for him, the 5th Column decides to take a different approach to beating the team - they drug Ire with enough stuff to make him batshit insane happy. As the team tries to deal with the all new happy Ire, they have bigger problems - it seems their commander isn't what he use to be and they'll have to find some way to bring him back to his old moody self. But can they do it? The answer is yes.

July 30th, 2223

Session 185: Operation Broken Spear
Both Ire and Slasher agree the time has come to strike back at the 5th Column before it's too late. After having failed to take over Mega City, the 5th Column's forces are just weak enough to be hit. And the way they plan to survive the Spear of Destiny is to use the ring Raven, Kit, Shadow, and Crescent stole. As Wind uses some insane flying skills to get them into the city, the team splits into two groups. Ire, Dahok, Silouette, Terra, Junior, and Raven will strike the main tower where Senreich is located while Crescent, Eve, and Phirax will stop the support pillars from being destroyed and sinking London into the sea.

The main attack group is forced to fight it's way through Senreich's forces, finding a cure for the Chiere Virus along the way and healing Junior, who had begun to rapidly fade fast. But as they arrive in the main tower to face Senreich, it's obvious the Spear of Destiny is too strong for them all. Silouette, using the ring, works on getting the spear from Senreich, while the others use their strength and will to fight against the powers of the spear. Terra is the first to lead the assault, followed by the others. Eventually, Sil gets the spear and tosses it to Dahok, who breaks the spear in half and then, in a twist of irony, throws the spearhead into Senreich's chest. Grabbing the spear and using the Holy Grail to heal himself, Senreich uses the Spear to attack the group once again. Junior, his strength returned, waits for the others to stun Senreich, then charges him, slashing the Nazi in half.

Meanwhile, the bomb group encounters Charon once again. As Project Crescent keeps the soldier busy, Eve and Phirax work on defusing the bombs, but Phirax fails to defuse the main support pillar and it blows, sending the center of the city crashing into the ocean - which Charon uses as a means of escape.

In the tower, it begins to tip over and the Spear and Holy Grail begin to plummet toward the sea. Dahok reclaims the Spear as Raven grabs the Grail and they escape the tower before it crashes into the ocean. London has been reclaimed...but at what cost? And afterwards, Project Crescent goes missing - has he found enough battle data?

July 31st, 2223

Session 186: The Ultra and the Omega
As work crews attempt to repair London, Slasher gets a disturbing call from Janus, who makes him offer of a truce - that each side take their respective land and call an end to the fighting. He has two days to decide.

Meanwhile, the others are attaked by Baberlus, who stalls them while Junior, in another sector, discovers a hidden labotory of Senreich's. Inside, a body is accidently ressurected - it's the remains of Ultra Omega, repaired and rejuvinated by what was the 5th Column. As Ultra Omega fights Junior, mistaking him for Garland, the others manage to drive Baberlus off and rejoin their comrade in the fight. However, the team begins to learn they are sorely lacking in strength as the powerful Ultra Omega begins to defeat them. As they combine their strength, they managed, barely, to turn the tide, especially with Slasher's help of slamming and detonating a Gear into UO. In the end, Ultra Omega is destroyed - but is this the last of the old Hianule legacy?

August 2nd, 2223

Session 187: Winter Wonderland
Ire, Silouette, and Terra deal with a maniac who calls himself the Ice Master and who's goal is to freeze all of Mega City in a never ending winter. However, the biggest surprise comes not from defeating the enemy at the end, but a news broadcast from Slasher's office: Mega City is signing a peace treaty with the Janus forces.