November 21st, 2223

Session 226: Lizard Bashing
Snipe leads the Aquarius on an insane mission to board a Motenk Cone Ship in order to hack their computers, so that they might learn the truth about their Lizard opponents - are they Motenk or not? Snipe, Dias, Strife, Ariel, Katrina, Nicolai, and Kio board the ship, thanks to Nicolai's piloting skills in the asteroid field, and they launch an assault on the ship. However, the Lizards aren't about to go down without a fight and set the team up to kill each other. Not only must the team work past their own differences, they have to come together in order to retrieve the information. And when Kio gets the data, showing that something hit the Earth 65 million years ago, a mystery begins. But even more disturbing is the fact that the Tsivrixsh Empire is using Planet Killers to blow up any planet with Motenks on it.

November 25th, 2223

Session 227: The 65 Million Year Old Question
Dias leads an exploration into the sea to discover the crater left behind that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Tagging along with him are Kio and Strife, but their unlikely crew finds more than just a little trouble in the deep sea. Meanwhile, Snipe goes to visit his family, learning that Emily is pregnant once again and that he's going to father another child. But in the end, it's Katrina who comes up with the wild theory - that Earth is part of an experiment by the ancient Motenks and that 65 million years ago, they wiped out the species on the planet to change evolution, thus uprooting the Lizards elsewhere. And this means the Lizards are quite angry.

November 30th, 2223

Session 228: The Galactic Conflict
When a skirmish breaks out, the Aquarius decides to head into the matter. With the Tsivrixsh warmachine destroying more planets and the Lizards now doing the same, someone has to step up and help turn the tides of battle. However, the Aquarius finds itself in over it's head when they encounter powerful ships. Colephantus devices a plan to destroy them, but the procees leaves Snipe blinded from a hyperspace tendril and Terra's decision to follow Cole's orders leaves the Aquarius crippled. In the end, it's only Slasher's automatic repair systems in the Aquarius that can heal it.

December 5th, 2223

Session 229: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword
The Lizards' fleet is rising in the hundred and hundreds now and they are pushing the Tsivrixsh back. However, a defining battles comes down to an obsecure planet that has nothing of value - except it has a history of death about it. But the big news is that the Lizard Warmaster is there, personally leading the battle. The Aquarius, armed with Slasher's new hyperspace missiles, travels to the battle, only to find that the Lizard Flag Ship is too powerful, even for the new HSM. They are forced to retreat, but the blind Snipe personally heads off to the planet to fight the Warmaster - alone. The Lizards, harvesting the dead souls on the planet, begin to collect massive amounts, the feedback causing Katrina to faint and slip into a coma.

December 9th, 2223

Session 230: The Soul Drain
Dias is off meditating, Snipe is missing in action, and Katrina is in a coma. As the Lizards gain more power, Colephantus is left in charge, but he gains a helping hand when Wind shows up to visit his daughter. He then informs Strife, Cole, and Kio that the Lizards are taking souls of the dead for their warmachine and that there's one planet that they haven't harvested - Lunarius. The Aquarius heads there, where they use the HSM to destroy the planet before the Lizards can do their dirty deeds. However, the Flag Ship arrives and attacks the Aquarius. Kio and Wind device a way to use a HSM in hyperspace, causing it to collapse and take out the Flag Ship and it's coherants, gaining the good guys a great victory. But startling of all is when Kio reveals that the Lizard homebase is at the dead world of Parnel. And Katrina awakens from her coma, with more insight to her power to see and speak with the dead.

December 10th, 2223

Session 231: The Dead World - PARNEL!
The Aquarius prepares to lead the Tsivrixsh armada, Slasher's friends the Cartel, and Slasher himself in the new Emerald Flag Ship, into Parnel. Wind leads the way in the Aquarius, providing the safe course through the hazardous blackholes and wormholes that lead to the planet Parnel. Once they arrive, they find the Lizard battlefleet is waiting for them and it numbers in the thousands, outnumbering their own fleet by 20 to 1. Still, the united forces launch an all out offensive against the Lizards, fighting their way to Parnel. Wind gets Dias, Cole, Kio, and Kat onto the planet, then stalls for time by providign cover as they land at the fortress capital of the Lizard warmachine. The Aquarius then plummets into the city, blowing up brilliantly. Before the ground team can react, Lizards surround them, only to be killed when a possessed Snipe shows up.

Session 232: Revelations
The possessed Snipe is released and he quickly comes to his senses. However, before they can determine why, the Lizards show up to attack, but they are destroyed by Wind, Ariel, and Slasher, who all arrive to aid in the final battle assault. The team then fights their way to the elevator, where Kio goes on ahead to face the Lizard Warmaster. He engages him in combat, but loses to the stronger foe. Snipe, despite being blind, throws himself at the enemy, trying to help Kio survive. From there, an all-out battle against the Lizard Warmaster commences, which will determine the outcome of the entire Motenk War. In the end, despite heavy losses, the team defeats the Warmaster and impales him with his own Bone Sword. Then, though, Pathos, Logos, and Ethos show up with the three relics and they begin to summon Theos - God himself. Snipe, Slasher, Ariel, and Dias are possessed by the Motenk beings in them and they attack Cole, Wind, Kio, and Kat, preventing them from stopping the process. In the end, the 4 possessed people, though beaten, provide enough stall time for Theos to brought into the world.