Changing the Rules

September 6th, 2222

Session 76: A Deadly Battle
Flying in the stolen battleship Altros, the Alternate Unit learns that it is incomplete. Forced to bring it down outside the Rainforest Zone, Ayn argues that they must go back for Pope, who they were unable to bring, while Ire insists they must push onward. Either hoping the parts can be simulated once in the Rainforest Zone's simulation, or find actual parts, the team prepares to enter the simulated Rainforest Zone on foot to find one of the major cities. However, before they can begin, Cyborg #1 arrives to eliminate them, sent by Janus to destroy them. A deadly battle ensues, but Pope shows up to help turn the tide. However, instead of being happy to see Ayn, Pope and her begin to have a major fight, leading to frictions in the team.

September 7th, 2222

Session 77: In The Green
Splitting up through the Rainforest to make the trek easier, and to keep Cyborg 001from tracking them easier, Ire's team moves along a river, using it as a guide to Dahok's home. However, along the way, they find what appears to be a gaping void in the forest, and Ire and Junior make the assumption it is a glitch in the similator that gives "life" to the Earth after it was destroyed by the Tsivrixsh back in The Galatic War. Sticking their hands into it and throwing rocks and objects into it, all vanish and do not return, the items being deleted by the void. Ire theorizes that the simillator is a bad thing, since the more they rely on it, the more they will become become similations themselves, due to living on it's food and water, and that likely Dahok has never really communicated with nature, but the computer system. As they travel through the anaomly into the real Earth, going through the cave system, they find a buried city under the Earth, a gold city and temple.

As they travel further into the temple, they find pictures and images throughout the temple, as well as more riches. The images show sun worship, as well as warriors battling against some being, and a green gem. Finding room after room, the team travels deeper and deeper into the temple. The green gem responds to Dahok and leaps into his body, forming a tattoo on the palm of his hand. However the act causes the temple to begin to collapse as the pocket of reality begins to close. The team has to rush back out before they are crushed as the pocket collapses and they barely make it back out to safety, wishing they had managed to get their hands on the gold to pay off the bounty on their heads.

September 11th, 2222

Session 78: Brahnk's Way
The team arrives at Dahok's home city, and the capital of the Rainforest Zone, where they are greeted to the sight of the people who live like natives and one with nature - buildings in the trees, food stands along the grounds, wearing loin cloths or leathers, and many just going topless, including the women. Dahok leads them to the Brahnk Temple to rest there, where the team learns he has had a falling out with his old master after he speaks to Defal, the lone sentry outside the temple. Heading inside, they confront the temple head shaman, Sha'la, however along the way, all life around the temple seems to flinch from Silouette, avoiding her very presence. Surprisingly, Sha'la gives her blessing for them to rest there after sizing them all up but states Dahok is in charge of them. They conclude that those that haven't made it to the capital yet are likely still lost in the Rainforest or are dead, and will try to give them time to catch up.

Ire decides for the team to go to the public bathing area to wash up and question the locals to see if they know anything about what is going on lately. While bathing, they seeing the Cyborg 001 again and the team gives chase, losing it in the market place due to hecklers and people trying to sell them stuff. Ire curses himself for not setting up a meeting with Mydic Isreal Long, when Silouette wants to know more about the Cyborg. Ire explains it was built by Janus and bought by McCabe to send after them. Despite Silouette's objections, Ire takes Dahok's plan of using underground fighting to make money, which they sorely need to help buy repairs for the Altros, another group to get the shuttles they need, and the last group to recon a Janus base to get the parts they need for the Altros. Silouette however remains adamant there has to be better plan than making an enemy of Janus, even as Ire sends the groups off.

Session 79: Three Paths to Glory
Ire and Junior wait until night time and trek their way through the rainforest, heading for the Janus Corporation base together to recon it. The two agree that the Cyborg will likely go after Silouette and Stark than them, since this plan is crazy in itself. After observing the base's security is rather lax tonight, they decide to go for it, with Junior launching Ire over the wall. Lowering the generator just long enough for Junior to get in, Ire raises it again so it only looks like a hiccup, and the two decide to head in, figuring with the size of the base most of it is likely underground; Junior cuts a hole in the wall with his saber and they head in. Heading down in an elevator to the underground storage, they set fire to some crates to make fire alarms go off, and then move to use the gears down there to move the battle ship parts. They fly off, and plan to ditch the mechs outside the capital, giving Jerry and Jake the time needed to repair the Altros.

Stark and Silouette head for an area called "The Docks" in order to find shuttles, making their way through the markets during the evening. They discuss their needs for three shuttles as they move through the large market, and by the time night falls, they reach the launch port known as the Docks. Stark rents three shuttles for 1,500 gil, and they are told to wait an hour, leaving the two time to talk. Stark and Silouette discuss Silouette's unlife and what she plans to do about it, and Silouette seems unsure why she even tolerates it. Due to the annoying men preparing the shuttle, Stark and Silouette step outside to get away and run into Cyborg 001. A battle erupts between the three right there on The Docks, causing much damage and scaring the employees. After driving the Cyborg away, the employees try not to give he shuttle away, but Stark has Silouette give him belongings to him and uses voodoo until they comply, getting what they need.

September 20-21st, 2222

Session 80: Serpent's Bite
While staying at Dahok's temple at night, three assassins come in to kill them, but Ire, Stark, and Junior are waiting on them, ambushing the assassins and tying them up. Dahok reveals that they used to train there and that was how they got in so easily, with Ire muttering that he has been denied a meeting with the leader of the Rainforest zone so far. The next morning, Ire takes to the marketplace, refusing to eat with the monks, feeling an uneasy presence, while Dahok chases a girl through the temple, being lured in by her. She is apparantly called Isis and she talks to him while something attacks Ire in the marketplace. Apprantly Ire's attacker is after the girl and it leads to a major battle through the city with a chase leading to the forest, where Cyborg 001 shows up as well, drawn to the battle. As Dahok deals with Isis and a reploid gorrilla, Ire, Junior and Stark enter final battle with Cyborg 001 in the forest, finally putting him down; however he self-destructs, taking a large chunk of the forest and Junior barely gets Ire to safety in time.

However, the rampaging gorillia reploid, Guts, comes in to finish Ire and the others off, who try to escape but the shuttle. They do battle with it and begin to kill it off when the reploid girl Isis begs them not to do it. While they negotiate, Cyborg 001's hand comes to attack despite him being "dead". It turns out that Guts and the others are agents for Janus and they want Silouette back. While Ire bleeds out, and 001's hand is defeated, Silouette agrees to rejoin them for her team's capture, not death and it seems it's agreed on, when suddenly Stark shows up in a jeep and rescues them, driving off with those on the battlefield. As they head back to the temple to regroup and get the others, the monks surround them and announce they are to be executed.

Session 81: Wrongdoings
Monks begin to circle the jeep, with an injured Ire and Stark; vines beginning to entangle the wheels to trap them. Surrendering, they are brought to a jail where they find Pope and the others. They learn the vines of the prison grab anything they pull out, so Pope has it grab his cig and lighter while lit, setting the jail on fire since it is made of vines. Getting outside, the wounded Ire calls in for air support to escape when Cyborg 01 attacks the pursuing Monks, turning it's attention on the group. A battle breaks out with the Cyborg battling some and the rest of the Monks chasing the group. The team battles and runs through the jungle until Jerry arrives on a drop ship, picking them up and getting them into the air. Informing they still have 5 days until the Altros is finished, they land in it's hanger to get first aid and plot what to do next.

Mercenary attacks and a battle erupts for the Altros, with Pope, Stark and Ire defending it with what weapons are left. They manage to repel the Bounty Hunters and get a few of them to join them for the time being, though who knows how long before they stick a knife in their back.

Session 82: Reconciliation
Night falls over the Altros as it hovers over the sands. The crew wanders the hallways restlessly while Ire sleeps. Meanwhile on the ground, Ayn and Icebrand run into each other as they try to find the Altros and get back to the others. Ire is run into and Ayn tries to reach out to him but he seems withdrawn and like he can't trust himself, telling her she should give up on him. Ire leads them into the invisible ship, Icebrand and Ire seeming tense with each other. After planning, they decide to wait for Dahok a bit longer before leaving.

September 23rd, 2222

Session 83: Divided Loyalities

After the mercenaries have quit, Ire returns to the rainforest in a brand new tactical suit. Shuttles arrive belonging to Janus and Ire tells Silouette to decide her loyalities - them or Janus as the team moves in to rescue Dahok. As the battle begins to rage on, Silouette switches sides and joins them, helping them push back Janus. Jerry comes in and extracts them, but they are forced to land in the capital near the monk temple. Ire, suddenly, refuses to continue on to Altros and begins to question Dahok about why he went to Mega City, leaving his position as head priest, despite the team begging him to hurry. After getting his answers despite the shuttle about to explode from damage, they barely walk away in time before boom. Ire then claims he's going to meet the monks head on since they want to have the team executed as traitors.

They run into Dahok's friend who demands they surrender. Ire gives Dahok the same spiel, but Dahok surprisingly punches Ire in his gut and leans over Ire, whispering to him. Ire tells the team to surrender. They are brought to the leader, a white robed large fat man who snears at all the trouble they have given them to find President Slasher. Ordering their execution, he tells Dahok to kill them. Dahok frees his vines and the team knocks the advisor down, making him howl in agony. They are lead to the President of the area and Dahok is shocked he knows the power of the planet. They bring him down and Jerry brings the Altros in to bring them in, the ship finally finished. Once aboard, Ire informs them what he plans to do: Finish their original mission plan. The world's leaders came into power after Slasher's shuttle exploded.

Right after the speech, Junior asks Ire a question. Ire asked was there anyone on the team trustworthy, did that mean himself. Ire says he's not sure of that himself.