Signs and Portents

November 8th, 2222

Session 116: War of the Bots
The Bots are heading for the Roboticron planet and they seem to be abducting reploids and assimilating them. The Aquarius orders them out of there, but Katrina, Sardis, and Cardinal come up with a plan to stop them. They begin to search for Irae in the sewers of the planet and find him. However, it seems the man has gone a bit insane in the head. After some talking to by Sardis, Irae finally agrees to join forces with them in order to stop "The Bot".

Session 117: Nothing Stops the Bots
Irae, Katrina, Sardis, and Cardinal enter a battle with the Bots in order to stop them. As their united front begins to tear the Bots apart, they find something quite odd about them --- they can adapt to weapons. As Katrina and Sardis provide cover for Irae, he manages to rip a Bot machine from the air and crash it. Realizing this is a hopeless battle, Katrina, Sardis, and Cardinal begin to escape on a shuttle while Irae steals the crashed Bot ship and escapes. Unable to do anything about Irae, Katrina and Sardis both agree on a plan to enter the remaining Bot ship and free the reploid prisoners.

Session 118: Machines
Katrina and Sardis inflitrate a Bot ship and begin to fight their way to the center of the ship where the Bot are turning helpless reploids into more Bots. As the two break in and free the machines, they barely escape to the Aquarius, which shoots down the Bot ship and destroys it.

November 11th, 2222

Session 119: Signs and Portents
Following the escaped Bot ships back to their homeworld, the Aquarius arrives to find the entire planet wiped out by some great force. What exactly could have caused such massive destruction? As they investigate, someone hacks into their systems and transmits all the data they found to Earth. Just what exactly is going on here? And in the meantime, Sardis brings up charges on Shiva in order to deal with her once and for all.

November 16th, 2222

Session 120: Where the Path Takes Us
When Alliance Command refuses to charge Shiva with her insubordination and instead puts her in Sardis' direct control, resentment begins to build between the two. Back on the Roboticron planet, rebuilding begins and Wiendigo has it in his head to go back to Earth. Just where is the future going to lead everyone?