November 13th, 2223

Session 220: Earthbound
Back on Earth, McCabe is nearing the end of the election and is in the lead by a huge marginal of votes. As Slasher and Eve discuss the election and everything else that has happened, they are attacked by the Ark, who is piloted by Crescent. As both Slasher and Eve attempt to defeat the Ark in combat, Kit Xeronia and Emily McCormick head into the city in order to help, having seen the fighting. The Ark manages to defeat both Slasher and Eve's gears, then Crescent exits and enters the sewer system. The four of them head in after Crescent, only to find he's breaking into the vault where all the valuable items are kept. Crescent then steals the Spear of Destiny and the Holy Grail, but before Slasher can stop him, he's attacked by a ressurected Vile - who's just itching for some payback. Vile then exits, leaving Slasher wounded and wondering what to do. Then DS, now calling himself Wind again, arrives, telling Slasher that he and Eve will try to stop the Motenks from finding the third relic - the Ark of the Convenant.

Session 221: Tsivrixshs
Meanwhile, back on the Tsivrixsh homeworld, the team learns that the Tsivrixsh Empire is building three deadly Planet Killers and that Sardis seems to have aggressive plans for the upcoming war. Also, it seems Sardis has married a beautiful Tsivrixsh woman, much to Katrina's surprise. As Snipe, Kio, Terra, Strife, Cole, and Diamond leave, the shuttle malfuctions and Diamond then goes insane, heading to the Aquarius and using it to fire on the Tsivrixshs, then begins to wreck it. The team manages to get on the Aquarius and they have to fight Diamond, who has been faking his alliegence to them all along. After Diamond self-destructs, the group learns that the Motenks are now on Earth and decide it's up to them to save the day.

November 16th, 2223

Session 222: Trinity Part I - Fallen Angel
The Aquarius arrives in the Sol system, attempting to arrive on Earth and help defeat the Motenks located there. However, they are ambushed by a cloaked Motenk Cone Ship that can fire without revealing itself. As Kio desperately tries to hit it, Dias sense them out and together, the two manage to damage the ship and send it spinning away in pieces. Snipe, Kio, Dias, Terra, Phirax, and Colephantus then head down to Earth, meeting Slasher at the location of Building 38, the place the old Alternate Unit met. As Terra and Phirax recall their past adventures there, Slasher informs them that the Motenks are looking ark. As Slasher heads to the rainforest to communicate with nature - specifically, trying to conjure up Dahok's spirit in nature - the others head out to the middle east area, only to find a village on fire. As they learn, they meet up with Wind, who tells them that Crescent and Vile were there, slaughtering the people, and that Eve stayed behind to buy Wind time to get the innocent civilians out. However, as the group discovers, it cost them a great deal: Eve gave up her life to delay Vile and Crescent and died in the most brutal way imaginable. As Kio examines a pillar of light, he's sucked into it, just as Crescent arrives in the Gear Ark, intent on letting Dias join Eve in the afterlife.

Session 223: Trinity Part II - Crescent Moon Rising
As the Gear Ark attacks the group and begins to prepare to wipe them out, Kio returns from the pillar of light in a futuristic gear, attacking the Ark and buying the group time --- in which Vile shows up and attacks them. As they struggle to defeat Vile, Kio destroys his gear and the Ark in order to take down Crescent, who then escapes with Vile, after the evil reploid kills Phirax. The team then heads to the center location of the three pillars of light to find the Motenk Lizards standing around it, with the three relics, and attempting to do something. Slasher arrives, as does Ariel, and the group prepares for one more battle with the Motenks, when Crescent shows up again. Together, Slasher and Dias use Slasher's latest weapon to destrory Crescent for good, allowing the team the chance to fight the Motenks for the relic. As they arrive and begin to battle the Motenks, it seems they might lose when some new force arrives and crushes the Motenks with a purple aura. Hovering before them is the old Diamondback, who seems to have been taken over by some unknown force ... a force of rage.

Session 224: Trinity Part III - United Forces
Diamondback attacks the group with powerful psionic powers and seems to be being controlled by some spirit of rage. As he attacks the group, he begins to use the Enhanced link to attack the psionic's mind and Dias, attempting to take control of them, too. Kio and Slasher begin to battle Diamondback, attempting to defeat him, as Snipe prepares his psionic block. As Kio battles Diamondback, knocking him back, Snipe finally succeeds and allows Kio to knock out Diamondback. However, the fight is far from over, as a being called Pathos arrives, warning them that all of time is under attack and that they must stop it from coming to pass.

Back in 2180, Death Star, Slasher, Ariel, and Cheryl investigate a mysterious pillar of light in which a being called Logos arrives, warning them that a being from another time is arriving in order to take over this time. He tells them they must defeat it. Vile then emerges - and he seems to be holding the Spear of Destiny. This Vile is way more powerful than all of them combined and begins to break them down brutally.

In 2199, Snipe, Dias, and Spirit are startled to see a pillar of light form, in which a being called Ethos arrives, warning them that their time is under attack. Then Vile emerges with the Holy Grail, intent on destroying them all.

Back in the present, the team continues to battle Vile, attempting to defeat him for good. As the battle continues, with each person trying their best to take him out, Dias is knocked into the pillar of purple light and vanishes. As the battle continues, they manage to defeat Vile. As do their counterparts in the other time periods. The pillar of light is closed and Pathos, Logos, and Ethos arrive, taking the three relics and vanishing.

Dias, having been knocked out of the time stream, comes face to face with the Motenk spirit inside him, who gives him some information about the Motenks. Dias then leaps back into the time stream at the point before Eve's death, where the two talk, saying their goodbyes. Realizing he cannot change time, Dias exits, leaving Eve to her fate. Arriving back where he belongs, Dias joins the others and they head to the Aquarius, where they learn startling news from Katrina - the Alliance forces have fallen apart and each world has taken their ships back. Is this the end?

November 19th, 2223

Session 225: Fallout
The team must now decide what direction they will go in after the Alliance has fallen. As they argue and debate the course of action to take, Dias brings up the news that the Lizards killed the Motenks in the past and trapped their souls in the machines, using them to power all their weapons. The question becomes: do you free a race of undead beings who are unbelieveably pissed, or leave them trapped? Junior calls Slasher and asks him to join him on the Tsivrixsh homeworld for a new project, while Snipe, Kio, Dias, Katrina, and Ariel head up to the Aquarius, deciding to find a Motenk Cone Ship and sneak onboard for some answers.