Who We Are Part One

June 10th, 2222

Session 48: Eclipse Part One
Cardinal and Thedda arrive with news of the location of Gavin's Flagship. The Aquarius heads immediately to the location and is joined by the Titus. Together, the two ships pound on the Flagship until they finally have a small window to board it. Cardinal, Thedda, Nobody, and Sardis begin to explore the Flagship, but with losses. Thedda is blown up and only her head survives. And Cardinal is injured along the way. Plus, Sardis reaches the control room and finds out Skaad is still alive and now working for the Raiders. The two Tsivrixsh clash, but the battle is forced to halt when the flagship self-destructs. However, it's far from over when Gavin's super weapon uncloaks.

Session 49: Eclipse Part Two
The super weapon is a round ball, which the team nicknames "The Ball" and it's only purpose, it seems, is to park in front of a star, eclipse it, then drain it of all it's energy until the star is dead. Katrina comes up with a bold idea to get an away team inside The Ball and Cardinal agrees to let her do it. Corvus, Sardis, Katrina, Nobody, Somebody, Thedda's floating head, and Namarie manage to break their way onto the super weapon and begin to inflitrate it.

Session 50: Eclipse Part Three
Joined by Cipher, the team must deal with hordes of enemies and traps as they work their way to the top of The Ball, their time running out as it has already entered Alliance space and is planning on eclipsing the star that gives life to the capital planet. However, they run into Giga Man X, the creation of Infinity Inc. who is now working to build Mark III reploids. When he activates them, the team must battle a foe, though newly awakened, that is insanely powerful. Barely managing to stop a handful that have not yet achieved their full power, the team makes it to the control room where Sardis takes on Skaad in an ultimate battle of Tsivrixsh strength, while the others attack Gavin himself. Namarie makes the ultimate sacrifice by getting Gavin in a headlock and ordering Katrina to run them both through with her saber. She does so and kills them both, to her horror. Somebody comes up with a plan to destroy The Ball and the team heads back to the Aquarius. There, the Aquarius manages to overload the super weapon and destroy it, thus ensuring peace again. However, Skaad escapes with the Emerald Sword and the Raiders, though leaderless, are still out there. Weeks later, the Alliance holds a funeral for those lost in the conflict and the Aquarius' crew finally achieves the spotlight.

June 30th, 2222

Session 51: Raistlin - Battle of the Mind
Uh, Ensign 6.3 leads the crew through a merry trip of LSD that ends with everything getting serious mindbent due to thongs and shit.

July 2nd, 2222

Session 52: Thedda - Memories of the Past
The team travels to Roboticron, the robot/reploid homeworld, in order to get Thedda new body. However, the humans on the ship are met with extreme hostility. While Thedda explores her homeworld and meets her ex-lover, Chandy. However, a faction of Raiders, under new leadership of Irae, a guy trying to turn himself into reploid. He attacks the homeworld and steals vital parts to make Mark III's, then escapes.

July 5th, 2222

Session 53: Shiva - Sight Beyond Sight
Shiva's visions show her that the team in grave danger when they come across an unknown object in space. Despite her objections, Cardinal orders a scan which unleashes something on the ship. People begin to see weird things and Katrina is put into a coma. However, when the being manifests itself as a little girl --- it's up to Counselor X1 to stop it?! The fight of the year is right here as X1 vs. The Little Girl.

July 6th, 2222

Session 54: Doctor Black - Heal Thyself
Doctor Black, while monitoring Katrina's condition, chats with Molly, her assistant, upon various things in life. And her addiction to alcohol might be upsurped when she decides to go to the sim rooms for some sex -- chosing the Jared Carter, Blackjack, sim to do it with. How will this end for the good doctor?

July 10th, 2222

Session 55: Katrina - While You Were Sleeping
Thedd and Shiva, with Cardinal gone and Katrina in a coma, must deal with various outbreaks throughout the ship from fires, to barfights, to meeting a new race of aliens with a one word warning before they're destroyed - "Motenks".

July 15th, 2222

Session 56: Cardinal - Homecoming II
Cardinal gets a distress signal from her daughter that their new homeworld is under attack by Raiders. Katrina, freshly awaken, Corvus, Somebody, and Nobody join her in driving off the raiders and exploring the homeworld. But when they are ambushed by raider forces in the wild without any ships to aid them, it might be a battle they can't win --- or can Shiva and her Gear turn the tide?