A search for answers...

... will lead to a fight with God.


Timeline: 2218 AD - 2224 AD
The Galactic Conflict ended in 2207 when the newly formed Alliance defeated the Tsivrixsh Empire and in 2217 when they finally managed to destroy the insane Xevil. However, when Earth is divided into seven zones after President Slasher goes missing, a police unit called the Alternate Unit must find out the truth and stop a Civil War from taking place, while the Aquarius, a ship in the Alliance, learns about a new, even more powerful threat approaching called the Motenks. In order to defeat this threat and the gods themselves, the Aquarius and the Alternate Unit must somehow stop a threat so old that it will take even stranger allies to beat it: The Tsivrixsh Empire. And when the final Maverick War breaks out, it will be the deciding factor of humans and reploids both.

The last part of the original trilogy of RPGs for TAW lasted 268 episodes, bringing the total for the first three TAW RPGs at 550 sessions. This concluded the story began in the first The Alien Wars and brought all the characters to an ending that was narrated by John McCormick, aka Snipe. Narrating the events of the third RPG, the character brought closure to all the characters, then died after finishing his story. Over a year later, Movie Year 9 Happy Endings would connect the original trilogy to The Alien Wars 4: PAX after that RPG had reached it's 150th session and the 700th over all.