My name is John McCormick, but most people know me simply by "Snipe". It was a nickname I picked up when I was a younger man, before the days of The Galactic War.

I'm not a special man. Infact, most people who have met me usually come away with the idea that I'm an idiot, rude, and that I'm the scum of the universe. When I was younger, I might have actually taken offense at that. Now, I can see that I wasn't the best person ever. Infact, my faults sometimes out weighed my triumphs. I use to think I was better than some of the other "legends", but in reality, I was a fool. A fool trying to make a place in the universe.

And I finally did.

The Galactic War, which procedes the story I'm about to tell you, was really a growing up period for me. It made me question a lot of things that I normally would have never considered. But it wasn't completely my turning point in life. That came in the decades that followed, when a darker threat emerged from the depths of the Galactic War.

Looking back at that time period, I realize that I wasn't really aware of how serious things were. Though, I'm not alone in that folly. Maybe, out of some of the people who were still around from the war, I was one of the few who saw it coming. But it wouldn't have been brought to my attention if it wasn't for a great man, a man called Slasher. He was the President of Earth after The Galactic War. He was the leading force that began to restore the planet's wounds. He knew what was coming - he knew before any one else. And when he went missing from a shuttle explosion and the Earth was taken over by seven different men, I knew it was time to look into what he knew.

However, the story I'm about to tell doesn't begin with my search into the mysteries he knew. No, it begins with two different groups of people, both whom, at first glance, seem to play a little part in nothing. One was a police unit in Mega City, a unit assigned to find out what happened to President Slasher. The other was a crew onboard an Alliance starship called the Aquarius, upholding galactic peace.

Neither of these groups realized what they would be asked to do. They were young, as me and my comrades had been during the Galactic War. But, with the coming darkness, they would have to step up to fix the problems that we had caused by having the Galactic War. They would have to clean up our mess.

This is their story, just as much as it is mine. Without them, the events that began to transpire would have been very different. The story I'm about to tell you isn't just their story, or mine, but it's the story of many people, all who decided to stand up to the darkness and say they wouldn't bow down to it. They wouldn't allow themselves to be pawns.

I'd like to say this is a happy story, but everything is in the eye of the beholder. All my life I've been obsessed with a happy ending, realizing the Galactic War wasn't a conclusion, but merely another chapter. This is the ending to our story, a story that began almost a century ago.

It's up to your perception if it's a happy ending.

Act One: Signs and Portents

Year: 2222


"Of Pawns and Queens"
"Shakedown Run"
"The Joke Unit"
"Coming Of Age"
"Seasons of Change"
"The Paranormal and Beyond"
"Who We Are Part One"
"Who We Are Part Two"
"The Sims"
"Escape from Mega City"


Chapter 1: Wrongdoings

"Changing the Rules"
"Raiders, Legends, and Tsivrixsh"
"Odds and Ends"
"The Emerald Sword"
"The Fourth Reich"
"Mark III"
"The Land of the Rising Sun"
"Signs and Portents"
"The Conspiracy Theory"
"Crystal Exodus"

"The Christmas Special"


Act Two: The Final Countdown

Year: 2223


Chapter 2: Rise and Fall

"The Old is New Again"
"And So It Begins"
"In A Timely Fashion"
"Inner Journeys"
"The Reich Ends"
"The Janus Directive"

Chapter 3: War

"Trial by Fire"
"End of Days"


Act Three: Full Circle

Year: 2224


"The Hunters"
"Full Circle"


Movie Year 9: Happy Endings